Unlearning Hurts!
Is There A God? >>> And Atoms!

 On a pinpoint there are millions of atoms.
So atoms you are! ~~ Forbidden Fruit!
What is it?

XYZ Equations!
Are The Missing Links, The Key To The Sacred Knowledge!
Here is a short summary, a collection of various things
you should know, but you do not know; unless you read it.

What are the equations! Can you imagine a mathematical teacher attempting to teach you mathematics without an equation of say number 4 missing? Yes you could do a lot of math and get a lot of answers, but there would come a time that the answers would make no sense without the number 4 equation. That is what is happening in what you should know in your world religions, the equations are missing or out of context, mixed-up, mutilated, falsified teachings. There is no true continuity and full of foolish jargon loopholes that make no sense. The xyz equations - the key to the sacred knowledge is missing in all your world religions! Without exceptions!

Luke 11:52. Woe unto you conventionalist. For you took away the key to the sacred knowledge, you have not entered yourself into the kingdom of God that is within you, the reunion with your divinity, while you are alive, and those who were entering, you have hindered.

Oh you quotidian conventionalist! You can quote and copy, but you do not have the missing key to the sacred knowledge how to love thy neighbor as thyself, thus enter the kingdom of God that is within you, and every woman and man!

The XYZ Equations are the facts of life that you don't know and should know. Now if you yearn to be a true teacher or a follower, you should have the key to the sacred knowledge. A teacher is one who teaches, true or false knowledge, that is a teacher. And where do you think that teacher learned the true or false knowledge? From the preceding teacher. A follower is one who subscribes to teachings or methods of another, an adherent, a servant, a subordinate, or a fan. Or a successful campaign that have many followers, regardless if it is a true cause or false cause circumstances.  A blind follower is one that imitates or copies another. And coping is very dangerous that can lead you astray if you didn't take the time to research and investigate what you are now following. As the saying goes >>>

It is fortunate for the controlling powers that the masses do not think. Why? Because the control, hiding of true facts, ignorance and fear has been implemented in every which way; thus dominates your life. That is how your mind, your consciousness has been programmed, right or wrong, good or bad, true or false. Now all this shall change, providing you will yield and apostatize intelligently and peacefully.

It also means that in order to be a good, true teacher, you need to know all the questions and answers to what you are teaching all mankind to believe. And each answer should have no false, contradictory statements, no fanatical, fantasy phantom fantasia. And if your teachings have contradictions and only out of context, not smoothly flowing sacred knowledge, then the teachings are false and very much misleading all mankind. Such as >>

Did anyone could ever die for the sins of all mankind? Was that man ever the only selected begotten son of God? What are you then, a bastard, an illegitimate child, an irregular, inferior of dubious origin creation? The Spirit of God is Limitless Love and knows no partiality. There is no special one individual nor any special chosen people that God ever created differently. Also there is no individual or a nation that God does not love. Every person is a child of God. Why? Because God the creator, the source created everyone, everything, everlastingly in his own image and likeness in a nuclear energy light from omnipresent atoms.

There is no one, or a creation, or a nation, that the Spirit of God hates, like the mortals hate on planet earth. Think about these words! Why then do nations have wars? Why then individuals take upon  themselves to judge, to hate another? Why then the people of this earth do not understand: Love thy neighbor as thyself? Don't the people of this earth know, that the Spirit of God is within every human being? Why would anyone desire to kill or hate the God that is in another creation of God?
The true teachings is that the Spirit of God is everything and the true purpose of life is to reunite yourself to the divinity. You should not waste your time in the negative ways of life. You have no time to squander in hating, warring, etc. Why? Because shortly you will be in the ultra high frequency of the 4th dimension that no mortal being can exist.

And atoms everything is, including magnificent, precious you! And all atoms are equal, not one atom is above nor one atom is below. So here is another fallacy debunked. More falseness coming up. Each atom is equal in its make up, created in the same image and likeness as the creator Spirit of God who created all atoms, including exquisite, priceless you! Why and how can each atom be equal?

Because each omnipresent atom possesses the total of 144 atomic elements in it. These 144 atomic elements are held in abeyance in each atom until they are acted upon or put into use, like making molecules from atoms. Or in simpler words each atom has the potential to be harnessed to its totality of omnipotent power. Each person is created from these atoms and has the potential to become a totality of 144 cubits, 144 atomic elements creator Spirit of God. And God is the super-substantial bread of life, the food or energy of good substance, sustenance of the Milky Way milk and honey manna. God is the etheric plasma of the universes. God is the infinity and anti-infinity of matter and antimatter. The Spirit of God is spirit not some kind of a supernatural being, father time or whatever.

That is why the Bible is a book of nuclear physics, except you do not know how to read it and interpret it to make sense. Attempting to define the pathfinder Bible literally is almost useless. Why useless? Because the literal explanations lead you to make up stories and teach people the fantasy, the phantom fantasia that never existed. And that is how you then program the people your mortal will way, which is not the will of God that is within you. All the leading the people astray can now be forgotten, providing you will yield to unlearning hurts and apostatize intelligently and peacefully. To apostatize is simple and easy. How? Please listen to every bit of iota that is in the sacred knowledge that you are now encountering.

It is amazingly shocking that most people do not know what is the 1st original sin defilement? Or that it was the 1st original sin that caused mankind to be mortal and eventually live for such a short time and then die and reincarnate, again and again? Don't you know that the omnipresent atoms, which are God never die permanently? Why? All atoms are eternal and are used over and over again in the constantly perfecting nuclear evolution. That is a nuclear physics immutable law of thermodynamics, which is the law of conservation, recycling, reincarnation, reconversion of mass and energy. And mass and energy can never be destroyed and put out of existence. So the mortal carbon 666 atoms undergo a subatomic transitional carbon 666 dying. Why? Because those carbon 666 atoms need to be perfected until they can reunite to the original source, the creator God. That is the way the creator Spirit of God functions.

The death in the transition of carbon 666 atoms mean passing of time until the atoms are used again and again, etc., in the constantly perfecting nuclear evolution. And everything in the mortal 3rd dimension is composed of basic carbon 666 atoms that are always destined to decay and death. So what happened? Originally the Spirit of God created all mankind and you perfect. Why not? If you were the originator creator Spirit of God wouldn't you do the same? If it was otherwise, then it would mean that the creator Spirit of God is not so powerful. And that could never be, and that is why the creator God is omnipotent, omnipresent, limitless love.

So maybe you don't think God exists the atheist way? Don't you have eyes to see and ears to hear and other senses? What is all around you visible and invisible? Who created that? Who created you? That is the Spirit of God who created himself in you, in his same identical image, composition and likeness, as the omniscient, omnipotent, omnipresent, limitless love atoms.

Therefore, when you were divine as God and with God, the nuclear light energy, you consumed the forbidden fruit of the vine and consequently the 1st original nuclear transgression, 1st death, the 1st original sin defilement came into existence. That has been so long forgotten, that now you don't remember. As a result, the key to the sacred knowledge is now beyond your mortal comprehension. Please listen.

Punishment And The Promise Of A Redeemer

Genesis 3:15. I, the indestructible omnipotent Spirit of God which is within every omnipresent atom and in woman and man will cause an enmity, a separation, a division, a mutation, which will result in the divine beings, the fallen angels, the expulsion from the allegorical, metaphoric garden of Eden, the realm of imperishable immortal existence, that is in the 4th dimension and beyond. Consequently the enmity shall be between you the fallen divine beings, the angels and the woman, also an enmity between your seed and her seed and he shall crush your head, mutate the perfect divine beings, the angels, therefore you, now as a mortal being shall have to lie in wait for his heel.


What do the words in the pathfinder scriptures and inserts mean? Do you know what is an enmity? And that the enmity is presently between you and the woman? Who is the woman? Also an enmity between your seed and her seed? Also what do these words mean, he shall crust your head? What head? Whose head?

Did any teacher ever explained to you what these words mean that would make sense? No. Why? Because they don't know that you are to remove that enmity by yourself. No one can do that for you and no one can die for you and remove the 1st original sin. Why? You caused the defiling 1st original sin. Consequently you, yourself will need to remove it, and reunite yourself to the divinity.

Furthermore, do you know what these words mean, you shall have to lie in wait for his heel. If you try to understand these words literally in your pathfinder Bible, they make no sense. You could ask yourself, what am I suppose to do lying down in wait for the heel? Lying down? What for? Which heel? Left heel? Right heel? Both heels? And not only that but you shall have to lie in wait for the heel? Wait for what? How long? One day, two days, three days, some specific time? Do you know what these words mean: Lie in wait? What riddles in this sacred knowledge? Where is the code key to decipher all of this? It is missing, in the sacred knowledge!

How can anyone take upon himself to be a preacher or a follower of any religion, when you do not know the xyz equations of the sacred knowledge in the pathfinder Bible?  Please read on and you shall have an answers to every question. No one can remove that enmity for you, which was caused by the 1st original sin defilement. Here is proof of these words. 

Job 14:4. Can a man be born who is clean of defilement?
5. There is none, however short are his days.
Even if a child lived for only an infinitesimal moment, his mortal presence is still unclean and defiled. Why? Because the 1st original sin is present upon birth and throughout the entire lifetime. Why? Because there is an atomic enmity present in every mortal woman and man. And since the very, very busy man has no time to know himself, nor the Spirit of God who is within him, nor how to remove the atomic enmity, he must then suffer the dire consequences. Whose responsibility is it? And the ritual of baptism does not and can never remove the 1st original sin. Again you have been mind programmed to swallow the bait, lead sinker and the falsified line to believe such nonsense. And you are getting wet for nothing.
10. But when a man dies, all vigor leaves him, including the Spirit of God
, the eternal soul. When man expires, where then is he?

When man expires, his soul goes to the world of the dead, called Sheol. In Sheol the eternal soul undergoes learning of why did you die and other lessons, and then awaits to reincarnate again. Since you are a physical being and a spiritual being in one body, the physical body is dead when you die! But not the soul! The soul is the I am that I am the Spirit of God, eternal, immortal! Here is something that mankind is not taught these words of wisdom truthfully.

Luke 20:38. For the God is not the God of the dead, constantly dying people, but of the living; for all must live, be sensible and very much alive to know him and to love him.

Here is another falseness that mankind is brain washed that after death they go to heaven to be with God, angels and whatever. Did you know that the God is not the God of the dead when you die? Why? Because when you are dead you go to Sheol, the realm, the world of the dead. Consequently, God, which is the good substance - sustenance, the milk and honey manna is not available for your use in the realm of the dead. You need to be alive, immortal to use the milk and honey manna for exchanging, changing and interchanging with all those who are immortal and united with the creator God!

Also know this, when you experience the carbon 666 death and you find yourself in Sheol, the realm of the dead, it is here that you know that you will need to reincarnate again. Why? To undo the defiling 1st original sin that caused you to undergo the mortal life again. Now you can understand why no one can die for you to remove your defilement, your 1st original sin. In the following words the message is very clear.

Matthew 12:31. Therefore I say unto you mankind that every kind of sin and blasphemy shall be forgiven to man; but the sin of blasphemy against the Spirit when you relinquish, give up your physical-spiritual body to death is never forgiven to man, neither in this mortal 3rd dimensional world or in the world that is to come of the 4th dimension, the city of 4 square, unless you will remove the 1st original sin, overcome the atomic enmity and thus conquer the 1st and 2nd death. The word blasphemy needs to be researched first before you can understand and make sense of this parable.
Before you read on, ask yourself, if Jesus died for your sins, including all mankind how come the greatest 1st original sin is still with you, which is the cause of mortal death? Why do Catholics have to go to confession to confess their sins? Didn't the Catholic church teach that Jesus died already for the sins of all mankind? So why should anyone lead a good life to prevent the sinning, if already Jesus died for your sins? Please wake up to the false mind-programmed teachings!

Blasphemy from Greek means: Indignity or abuse offered to God; or irreverence or disrespect toward anything regarded as sacred; such as when man desecrates, defiles and destroys the sacred temple of God where the Spirit of God resides, within his magnificent physical-spiritual body.

Furthermore, the word blasphemy means to become insensitive in consciousness, because of excessive abuse and evil use of the senses. Additionally blasphemy means to degrade, defile or allow the body to decay or move away from a state of good health and toward a state of deterioration adulteration, decline, depravation and death.

In simpler words, man blasphemes against the Spirit of God when he becomes so insensible in his consciousness, that he himself defiles and destroys his physical-spiritual body, the temple in which the Spirit of God resides. Indeed, this is the unforgivable defiling 1st original sin!

Blasphemy against the Spirit of God occurs when man exiles the Spirit of God from within himself through death. That happens when each individual for whatever reason severs or cuts-off his silver cord. The silver cord is the invisible umbilical cord, that is made up of silver, gold and platinum etheric substance, which is the milk and honey manna, the pipeline that feeds you the Spirit of God life, the live energy. The indestructible soul is attached to the umbilical cord to the physical body throughout the entire mortal life. The other end of your silver cord is attached to the astrological sign you were born under or came to this mortal world.

And there are 12 astrological signs in the zodiac. That is why the biochemistry is different in each of the 12 astro sign of the zodiac. Now you are separated by the atomic enmity from the divinity. That is why you are here for in your mortal body to combine the 12 astro biological essences into one body of the Christ. Yes, blasphemy is the unholy action against the divine Spirit of God. The pathfinder Bible attests to this fact in the following words.

1 Corinthians 3:16. Do you mankind not know that you are the temple of God, and that the Spirit of God dwells in each of you?
17. And whoever defiles this temple of God, God will destroy; for the temple of God is holy, and that temple is you.

Here is further proof that you need to be fully consciously alive to accomplish the resurrection from your 1st death, while alive, not dead, to overcome and remove the 1st original sin. Why? So you can reunite yourself to the Spirit of God light energy. No one can die for your 1st original sin. This is a do it yourself self-elect process. If you are not interested now or don't believe in this, then perhaps in the next few billion years you will wake up to reality.

What Is The 1st Death And 2nd Death?

Now you shall know that you are living in the days of the resurrection of mankind from the living 1st dead!

Living Dead: When you the perfect androgynes fell from your divinity, you decelerated your existence into the mortal world of 3rd dimension, thus became the living dead. Why the living dead? Because when you were a divine being, and the 1st nuclear transgression, the
1st original sin occurred, the 1st death came to be. Within the 1st death, 67% of the perfection to be 100% alive slipped away from your presence, your consciousness.

Consequently, mankind is now 33% or less alive, and as you are now abusing and aging your body, you are decreasing the percentage, because you are progressively dying; some faster, some slower. The 2nd death is when you exile the Spirit of God, your soul from yourself, and relinquish your present mortal body unto death. That is the blasphemy against the spirit of God. That is the unforgivable 1st original sin defilement! Unless!

Furthermore, when you experience the 2nd death you are dead. No one can resurrect from the 2nd death, no matter who you are. Not even the hoaxed fraudulent man Jesus can die for all sins of all mankind that were ever and are in all mortal creation.

The man Jesus never existed. The proof is in The Akashic Records in the Book of God's Remembrance. Also how the man Jesus came about in the Christian church at the Sixth AEcumenical Council held at Constantinople, where Constantinus Pogonatus presided who was not even a priest. At this council prominent men, holding the highest positions in the Christian church assembled in 680 AD to fabricate the story of Jesus dying on the cross. At that time of history the highest ranks were only Bishops, no Cardinals no Popes. Go to the libraries or encyclopedias and research this for yourself.

Also where do you get the story that Peter was the first Pope? Peter and the 12 apostles is another make believe fiction, an analogy. The story about Jesus and the 12 other present, including a woman at the Last Supper is an enigma that you need to decipher. So is the confounded perplexity of holy communion in Christian churches. Within the Last Supper and the holy communion is the key to the mystery of life and death. As you read on you shall know more what is the missing key to the sacred knowledge!? Go to your libraries, encyclopedias, internet, etc., and research for yourself about 2,000 BC Mithra, 0 AD Jesus, 10,000 BC Eleusinian mysteries. Also go to the God within you and use your own God given intellect to determine what is a false teaching? Please keep on reading and you shall have more never ending true stories.

Does Unlearning Hurts? You bet it will. It did to me, when I was just awakening to the true reality. That is the reason I was born in this mortal 3rd dimension to experience everything you can imagine, like everyone else does. My father left my sick mother and 6 children when I was 5 years old. We were a very poor family. We were sleeping on a floor in below freezing temperatures with no heat. That was a hidden blessing in disguise, which I found later why all this? Then I became a very rich man and now if I would have pursued being rich, I would be a riches billionaire on earth. And if I did that, you wouldn't have the key to the sacred knowledge of Unlearning Hurts, nor the coming of the Christ! No man can serve 2 masters.

Then came a time when other Christian denominations followed blindly what the original Christian church fabricated. And that is the reason all mankind is still dying with the 1st original nuclear transgression, the 1st original sin. That is what happens when you accept freedom of religion on blind faith without researching for yourself the missing xyz equations. And of what good is the freedom of religion when every world religion do not have the key to the sacred knowledge the pathfinder Bible? Also what you are now reading is not a new gateway to religion. It is the world religions that brought you to this misunderstanding, what is the Spirit of God and why are you here for on this planet earth?

Apocalypse or Revelation 20:6. Immortal and holy will he be who shall have part in the resurrection from the first death! Over these the second death shall have no power.

Did you know that the second death will have no power over you when you shall overcome the atomic enmity and the 1st original sin? And if there is the second death, there certainly is the first death.

At present time, there are highly evolved beings, such as archangels, elohim and angels that volunteered to take on a mortal physical body to aid mankind with the transition process from the mortal 3rd dimension to the immortal 4th dimension, the city of 4 square. If for some reason they should pass away, then they go back to the realm where they belong to. There is more to this never ending story, but that will be for another time.

The Mode of Resurrection

1 Corinthians 15:20. But now we know that the Christ overcame the enmity between the carbon 666 atoms in his body, and therefore has risen from the living dead, the 1st death, not from a dead corpse, but from the nuclear fusion of the first-fruits who have fallen asleep in his mortal body.
21. For since by a man came death
when all of you were immortal, divine in the Garden of Eden, when you ate the forbidden fruit of the vine from your tree of life, thereby causing the atomic enmity and creating the 1st original sin, by a man must also come the resurrection of the dead of all mankind who are subject to the 1st original sin; death.

23. But every man will come into his own turn of becoming
one of the Christs; the reincarnate of the Christ as the first-fruit, then afterwards all those who will also become Christs, at the time of his coming.

Please, remember: At the time of the Christ coming again. Till that time, you will still be mortal with the 1st original sin. Why? Because you do not know how to overcome death! You do not know what is Cosmic Crucifixion! And it is not dying on a wooden cross, as man has misconceived!

26. And the last enemy to be destroyed by man himself will be death, after he will overcome the atomic enmity and the 1st original sin defilement. These words are also conveying to you that no man or Jesus can die for your sins. You need to do all the work yourself, to overcome death while you are alive.
39. All flesh is not the same flesh in every man, but there is one flesh of earth
, those born under the astrological earth signs of Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn, another flesh of beasts, those born under the fire signs of Aries, Leo, Sagittarius, another flesh of birds, those born under the air signs of Gemini, Libra, Aquarius, another flesh of fishes, those born under the water signs of Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces.
And when these 4 elemental kingdoms of earth, fire, air and water are united together into the biochemistry of man, meaning, when they are acquired-united from other-astro source, they will produce the etheric super-substantial crystal clear, pure, immaculate nuclear energy light of Milky Way milk and honey manna, the Christos, the Christ. That is known as: Astrobiology.
46. But it is not the concern for the spiritual that comes first, but the physical, and then comes the spiritual.
Here implying that the concern  of maintaining your health naturally comes first, then comes the concern and your awareness of the spiritual, the reuniting to your divinity. Why?
53. For this corruptible body must put on incorruption, and this mortal body must put on immortality
while man is still alive, before mankind exiles the Spirit of God from within himself through the 2nd death.
54. But when this mortal body puts on immortality
through the process of XXenogenesis, then shall come to pass, the word that is written, death shall be swallowed up in victory.
55. Oh death where is thy victory? Oh death where is thy sting?
56. Now the sting of death is in sin
, the 1st original sin, the 1st death, which is the one and only unforgivable sin of blasphemy against the Spirit of God, and the power of sin, the 1st original sin is the mortal law, which governs the mortal law of 2nd death.

How can you now overcome and undo the 1st original sin?
When the mystery of life and death is unknown to you!

The word Christ is not a man. The word Christ is derived from the Sanskrit word Christos, which comes from the ancient Indic language of Hinduism and the Vedas. The enigma of the word heel is the promised redeemer from death. It is not a man. The promised redeemer from death is the separated psychophysical Christ germ seed of immortality, as identified, stated in Genesis 3:15.

One of the ultra top secrets of the universe, the mystery of life and death is relative to the promised redeemer from death, which is the psychophysical Christ lunar germ seed of immortality.

This Is The Mystery Of Life And Death

This truly is Limitless Love and because of nuclear fusion I shall become immortal! The Christ!

Mortal Soul-ar Seed    Immortal Christ Germ Seed

Here are the two enmity, separated seeds moments before the XXenogenesis nuclear fusion within your magnificent physical-spiritual body. This is what goes on in your biochemistry every lunar month, once you reach the age of puberty. That is the time of the visitation of the soul, which is an inference to the I am that I am germ seed, the promised redeemer from death. If the fusion does not take place between your soul-ar and lunar germ seeds throughout your entire life, then the transitional carbon 666 death do you part happens. That is how mankind consumes the promised redeemer from death, which is the separated psychophysical Christ germ seed of immortality. The Christ germ seed is the forbidden fruit of the vine, that mankind consumes from the tree of life. Each person is the tree of life. The word Christ is not a man. It is the germ seed.

Then when you die, the soul goes to Sheol, to eventually reincarnate again and again, until you do it right, remove the enmity and the 1st original sin. You have been doing the same thing over and over again, born again, live, die and reincarnate for the pass several billions of years, without any change and results. Why?

The same goes if you are going for an entry on a computer. Omit one little dot or whatever, and your entry on the computer is denied. The computer or rather the God, the crystal clear nuclear energy, the immutable laws of nuclear physics that governs your life is awaiting  your return to the divinity. Either you do everything right or the entry to becoming the 1st Christ and one of the Christs is denied. Are you now ready to reunite to the Spirit of God that is within you for the immortal change? Or are you afraid of the change?

Isaiah 28:16. Therefore thus says the Lord, the universal law of God: Behold! I am perpetually laying a stone in Sion in every woman and man, a stone, the Christ lunar germ seed of immortality, the promised redeemer from death, that has been tested by this writer through XXenogenesis nuclear fusion and proven beyond doubt a precious cornerstone, a sure foundation; he who puts his faith in it shall not be shaken to death again through the carbon 666 death.
18. Your covenant with death shall be canceled, and your agreement with Sheol
, the world of the dead and the 3rd dimensional mortal world of the living dead shall no longer stand when you shall overcome the enmity, remove the 1st original sin defilement, conquer death and become one of the Christs. Becoming one of the Christs is not a spectator sport.

Words of Wisdom: Too much science or too much worship of money or too much mundane nonsense in the brain, but not enough  electromagnetic chemistry in the physical-spiritual body to love thy neighbor as thyself, is not equal balance. The balance comes from, equate your equilibrium to the ultra high frequency of the 4th dimension and beyond. And that is receptive organism.

Apocalypse 2:4. But I have this accusation against you, you have left your first love. Remember therefore why you have fallen; thus reform, and return to your first love; or else I will come to you and I will remove your lamp-stand out of your place.

First Love! What Is It? These words are saying, return to your 1st original limitless love, in order to reinstate your divinity. What is the 1st love? It is: Love thy neighbor as thyself! And why did you fall from your divinity? You refused to love thy neighbor as thyself. Meaning you refused to engage in limitless XXenogenesis love, thus you did not exchange, change and interchange the nuclear energy immortal milk and honey manna amongst the divine beings. Consequently, you mutated and created an atomic enmity and the 1st original sin defilement in your atomic structure.

Now if you will refuse to return to the 1st original love, I the God that is within you, shall remove the Spirit, the I am that I am soul, the lamp-stand, the atomic light out of your physical-spiritual body, hence bring the carbon 666 deaths upon you again and again. This is the time when mortal man will realize that he himself is his own worst enemy, destroying himself with his own mortal desires with his mortal will, his ego.

Luke 12:25. But which of you by being anxious about it, can add a single cubit, an atomic element to your stature your physical-spiritual body? Therefore if you are not able to do even a very little thing like this, why are you so anxious or concerned about anything else? Whereas:
Revelation or Apocalypse 21:17. 144 cubits
, 144 atomic elements is man's perfect measure, for that is the same measure as of a divinity.

A cubit is a mystical, allegorical term used to express
an atomic element in an atom.

These are the mysterious 7 wonders of a perfect atom!
The Mystery Of The Perfect Atoms
The Eternal Atoms - The Creator Sprit Of God
The 7 Wonders Of The Universe

The above cross sectional view is of 7 perfect atoms that have the 7 electron inertia energy levels filled with a full complement of 144  electrons, and 144 antielectrons. For each electron and antielectron there are protons, antiprotons, neutrons and antineutrons in the nucleus, a central, essential part of each atom. The electrons and antielectrons that orbit in each of the 7 electron inertia energy levels have the capability of crisscrossing each atom. As a result, the 144 electrons and 144 antielectrons gain entrance to each of the adjoining nuclei for constant exchanging, changing, interchanging the atomic substance, sustenance between each atom. That is what perpetuates the never ending time, space, existence continuum in the progressive, moving onwards Nuclear Evolution.

That is how your atomic structure, your nuclear energy light body was formed when you were originally created divine as angels. You were created with an exquisite nuclear energy light body, whereby you were able to exchange, change and interchange the atomic substance and sustenance, the nuclear energy milk and honey manna with all other divine beings.

Limitless Love: You can only love limitlessly when you will posses the totality of God in you. The totality of God shall come into full prominence when you will fuse to yourself the full assemblage of essences from the 12 astrological signs of the zodiac, which possess the 144 cubits, the 144 atomic elements. 141 or 142 or 143 cubits will not work, but 144 cubits, the 144 atomic elements is the key to unite to the divinity. That is the mystery of everlasting life, the immortality, the reunion to the source, the creator Spirit of God! 

When that happens, the movement of the 144 cubits-atomic elements throughout the 7 electron inertia energy levels commences. With that the 144 cubits, 144 atomic elements gain entrance to each of the adjoining nuclei in all of the atoms in total creation, for exchanging, changing, interchanging the plasma of milk and honey manna on the ring of wonder. Subsequently you are now united to the divinity, the Spirit of God, which is the full omnipotent power of the universe. Then these words in the pathfinder scriptures will mean more to you: For the Father, the creator and I are one and the same atomic essence. You are now the crystal clear nuclear energy, the Christos, the Christ.

That is Limitless Love when you shall become one of the Christs of crystal clear nuclear energy, the astrobioluminescent light of the source, the creator Spirit of God. Till that time the present tribulations on earth shall intensify and will effect every person on earth. No one will escape its cause and effect.

Yes, Unlearning Shall Hurt, but when the unlearning is emancipated, then the love for learning the truth is contagious and it transcends one to sacred knowledge, the key to the holy grail, and death shall no longer prevail. Healing is relevant to raising your consciousness.

If you know me, don't be a Judas and betray me. Also if you value the planet earth, all mankind and you in it, surely you will not betray me. And when I am ready, I shall reveal myself to the universe through the medium of nuclear evolution.

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learning in the 5th or 6th grade. 1st grade was the method.

l Why Are You Here On Earth? Now! l Why Are You Here On Earth? Now! Continuum! l Arguments & Quarrelling l Conflict Between All Nations l Dust In The Wind l I Am That I Am l Lunar Germ Seed l Few Reasons Why l Omnia Vincit Amor l True Christmas l Impenetrable Secrets l Crucifixion l XYZ Equations l Does God Exist l Points To Insight l Mystery Of An Orgasm l Astounding Exposť l Through The Subconscious Mind Comes Healing l Handbook For New Paradigm l Interpreter Of Dreams l Tilt Of The Axis & Japan l Entertainment And Information World l

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