XXenogenesis: Spontaneous Regeneration And
Transfiguration Of The RNA DNA Generations,
thus the unique production of an organism that
is altogether and permanently unlike the parent.

Frozen In Time - Long Since Forgotten - Immortality!
The reunion to the Spirit of God!

Welcome! To the gathering of the Phoenixes and the
rising of the Phoenixes from the chrysalis!

Phoenix: A renowned bird that lived in the prodigal land for 666 years and then consumed itself by fire, later to rise renewed from its atomic ashes, and undergo the resurrection unto immortality. Also a divine person or a thing of unsurpassed beauty, perfection, quintessence, an empyrean. The mystical significance of the Phoenix bird is the mortal being, who lives in the land of spiritual darkness, the world of oppression, control, cruelty, torture, corruption, greed, tyranny, dominance, ignorance, war, sickness, death, reincarnation and all the rest of the vices one can-not imagine. Now has come the time to rise from death, unto immortality.
Human Chrysalis: A pupa, a cocoon, the stage in metamorphosis during which the complete transformation transpires from the protective covering, that humanity has been sealed up until the redemption from death.

Luke 17:24. As the lightening when it lightens flashes from one end of the sky to the other, such will be on the day of the coming of the son of man-na!
Empyrean - City of 4 Square - 4th Dimension

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There are no religious systems existing today, that the principle parts of their creeds and tenets were not obtained from the Alexandrian Library. Learned men of all nations and religions resorted to Alexandria. In the course of time those men, after investigating the works on religion in the Alexandrian Library, modified and remolded their respective religions. Therefore, the more you will search out and investigate the matter, the more positive will become the conclusion that the world religions are the outgrowth and plagiarized from previous religions.

You Are A Magnificent Phenomenon And Infinite Energy!!!

All matter, macrocosm - microcosm is a composite of infinite energy, which is nature and is composed of the same substance, omnipresent atoms, be it star, stone, fire, water, sand, tree, air, light, magnetism, electricity, woman, man, it possesses same properties. On a pinhead of a needle there are millions of atoms. Therefore, atoms you are, trillions upon trillions! And the potential to harness these atoms in you is limitless, knowing no bounds!

Furthermore, there are perfect atoms that mankind is not aware of, waiting for you to harness within yourself!. These perfect atoms have the capability to exchange, change and interchange the infinite energy, the omnipotent life force from one atom to another to another, etc. That is what perpetuates the incredible time, space, existence continuum in the constant, never-ending progressive nuclear evolution.

Since February 1962, I have devoted all these years of research to bring you frozen in time, a new scientific breakthrough, of how to restore your atomic structure and the RNA DNA to your original state of perfection, the perfect presence. The intricate discovery is arousing, appealing, incredible, shocking and beyond compare. Up to now, what I am about to confide has been long since forgotten, thus hidden from the eyes of the world. The RNA DNA in you is as old as no beginning nor end; older than the universe. The sequencing of this RNA DNA has been passed on to you from the infinity.

Here you shall learn that not only you need to add 1 cubit or 1 atomic element to your phenomenal, priceless body, but 144 cubits-elements, which will reinstate you to the perfect presence, your original RNA DNA and perfect atomic structure.

Also you shall learn how to develop a super immune hormonal system that will render you free from all disease, sickness, pain, aging, death and reincarnation. You are invited to something so extra special and inconceivable, that now you can't imagine! The Knowledge is Resplendent! Majestic! Ancient! Mystical! Unknown to the mortal man! Please come! Discover the infinite energy, the adventure of the true world and the ultimate secrets of life in you! Guaranteed results! Prerequisite: Exceptional inquisitive open mind; plus.

Since the solar system and all mankind are now traversing closer and closer into the ultra high frequency of the 4th Dimension, the City of 4 Square, the New Jerusalem, the next course of action is to acquire all the knowledge in what to do, concerning Immortality Through XXenogenesis. Please visit this website periodically and stay in touch.

The Christ Is Not A Man
The Sanskrit word
Christos is derived from the ancient Indic language of Hinduism and the Vedas, and when translated is the: Christ.

The Sanskrit word Christos means: Crystal clear, pure, light energy.
Crystal clear pure nuclear energy light body.

The inference to the crystal clear pure light energy is to the nuclear energy that is within the divinity of the omnipresent atoms. Within the nucleus of every atom, there is a wondrous brilliant liquid light, the non-consumable liquid fire, more illuminating than a thousand suns.

That is the kind of power that lies unharnessed within the divinity of the atoms, the crystal clear nuclear light energy, the Christos, the Christ, the precious milk and honey manna, the miraculous ingredients of the Milky Way of immortal life.

Within every woman and man lies the latent, dormant omnipotent power of the Christos, the Christ. The coming of the Christ, the crystal clear light body is in the RNA DNA, in the flesh and blood of every woman and man. Now has come the time for each of you to become one of the Christs, for that is the inevitable destiny of all mortal mankind, who are the fallen angels.

You Are
Invited To
Become One Of The
A Crystal Clear Light Energy!

As I find a decline of virtue in this world, I shall raise up one individual to reinstate it. These are the days.

A Great
Of The

This 60 foot high, 40 ton Obelisk signifies a superlative
achievement in the world, that has been accomplished in 1970-1971.

Unfortunately, no one knows why the unexplainable Obelisk was set up for!

Here is the ancient riddle for the mystery of life and death for the profound XXenogenesis thermonuclear fusion of the 2 enmity seeds that I found. See if you can solve it?

The nearer then that you approach the flame, the more intense is the heat. The nearer you approach the light, the more intense is the heat. But know that the earth's purest gems are those, which have felt the earth's intensest heat. Try it in the fire until it can go into the lion's den, without so much as the smell of fire on your garment, that you will stand.

With this riddle, the trial and error experiments commenced  in early 1970. Later in 1970 in the Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius time to Capricorn time in 1971 plus 10 days, the most crucial event to bring about the method how to become the first Christ for the second coming of the Christ was encountered and successfully accomplished. Through this the preliminary mystery of life and death was solved.

XXenogenesis: Spontaneous regeneration and transfiguration of the RNA DNA generations; thus the unique production of an organism that is altogether and permanently unlike the parent. And each of you can be the parent, the alchemist within your magnificent, precious physical-spiritual body. Pure Love and XXenogenesis shall unlock priceless treasures, and bring an intimate link with the divine creator and the universal mind.

XXeno: A combining form, or essence of a guest, visitor, stranger, foreigner, plus genesis: to be born. 1 Peter 1:23. For you can be reborn again, not from the corruptible mortal ovum and sperm seeds, but from the incorruptible seed, the psychophysical Christ lunar germ seed of immortality, which lives and abides forever.

Accordingly, the Christ lunar germ seed is the guest, a visitor, stranger, foreigner, similar to ovulation, who visits every mortal woman and man, every lunar month for the liberation, redemption, resurrection from the 1st death. According to the great: Nurses Handbook, ovulation is the discharge of an egg from the ovary, and it is referred to as: the visitation of a guest, a stranger, about every 28 days. What I am speaking about is from my actual experience, the XXenogenesis thermonuclear fusion of the Christ lunar germ seed of immortality, to the soul-ar seed within my physical-spiritual body.

In assembling this exposure of truth, numerous perspectives were used, also many different Bibles, ancient scriptures, my God given intellect and my ability to enter the Spirit of God's universal mind, thus read the Akashic Records, the Book of God's Remembrance. That is what is known as receptive organism.

Also know this, each religion is based upon the secret esoteric knowledge of the preceding religion, although the keys are lost to the sacred knowledge. Consequently, without exceptions, every religion is guilty of plagiarism. You will never obtain the unadulterated truth if your mind is filled with preconceived programmed false belief systems, prejudice and hatred.

In Judaism, the Tanakh, which is the Judaic Bible, and all other Bibles, the book of Wisdom is not present, but it is only in the Catholic Bible, in the Old Testament. It was written by Apollonius of Tyana, who is Paul. In the book of Wisdom, the visitation of the souls refers to the designated time when the soul-ar and lunar germ seeds are to be united in the bridal chamber on the bed of love through the XXenogenesis nuclear fusion marriage.

Wisdom 3:11. He who despises wisdom and instructions is doomed. Vain is their hope, fruitless without the psychophysical Christ lunar germ seed of immortality are their labors and worthless are their works in whatever work you are engaged in.
13. Blessed are they who know not the transgression of the marriage bed at the time of the visitation of the souls, for they shall bear fruit.

Why is your mortal life worthless? Because when you eventually destroy your physical body, you will know in Sheol, the world of the dead that you will need to reincarnate again, so as to undo the atomic enmity, the original nuclear transgression, the 1st original sin, the 1st death.

Luke 19:44. ... because you did know the time of thy visitation of the psychophysical Christ lunar germ seed every lunar month for the liberation, redemption, resurrection from the 1st death.

Job 10:12. You have granted me life and favor, and your visitation of the Christ lunar germ seed has preserved my spirit my soul.

Jeremiah 8:12. Now they, all mankind are ashamed because they have committed abomination. Therefore they shall fall among them that fall, because they did know the time of thy visitation of the psychophysical Christ lunar germ seed every lunar month.

Jeremiah 10:15. They are vanity and the work of errors, and because they did know the time of thy visitation of the Christ lunar germ seed, they shall perish unto the 2nd death.

XXenogeneic: A hormonal substance derived from the originator's biological chemistry, to produce an antibody for immunity from all disease, aging and death; thus, Immortality Through XXenogenesis.

XXenogamy: Cross-fertilization; the combining and fusion of essences; the transfer of essences from one person to another; comparable to cross-pollination, immunization, inoculation, crossbreeding. XXeno: A combing form, plus gamy: a marriage, coupling, union, fusion. Thus, XXenogamy is the process of exchanging, changing, interchanging the Immune Hormone Substance, the IHS from one being to another.

Matthew 5:48. You are to be constantly perfected, even as your heavenly creator is constantly perfected in Nuclear Evolution. Implying: You can not be constantly perfected when you are dead, a corpse, for you need to be very much alive, Immortal! The XXenogamy, is what perpetuates the immortal time, space, existence continuum in the process of nuclear evolution.

Do you know what happened to the biologist, who discovered the ovulation in the woman, and that the ovum and sperm germ seeds need to be united sexually, to procreate a child?  Prior to this discovery, it was unknown. Did you know that this biologist who discovered ovulation and the union-fusion of the ovum-sperm germ seeds was originally condemned, ridiculed and laughed to scorn, by his colleges and mankind? The same goes for Louis Pasteur, a well known French chemist, physicist and biologist who founded the science of microbiology and proved the germ theory, and inoculation of germs. He was also condemned, ridiculed and not believed at first. Do I need to go on …?

Proficiency! How does a renowned musician or a singer remain proficient? By constant practice. Inferring, if your desire is to become proficient in what is now before you, you will need to devote the time to read, read and study the priceless knowledge again, again, again, etc.; that is now before you. In doing so, you shall see what will transpire in your consciousness, your magnificent, precious mind, your brain, whereby you will develop beyond your imagination the new illuminating, electromagnetic, vibrating, miraculous synapses. A synapse is the junction across which a nerve impulse passes from an axon terminal to a neuron, a nerve cell, a muscle cell, or a gland cell. Axon: The long process of a nerve fiber that generally conducts impulses away from the body of the nerve cell. These are the nerve transmitters.

When you shall commence to undergo the newly developed synapses, observe the unique vibration, pulsation, the flow of electricity, that shall transpire in the overall well being in your physical-spiritual body. That is the beginning of restoration, regeneration of your vibrant health! A brilliant, illuminating brain is the foundation, the beginning of superlative, energetic health.

1 Corinthians 15:46. For it is not the concern for the spiritual that comes first, but the physical, and then comes the spiritual.

Please reread those words once again, and you shall know that these words did not say, that all you need to do is to believe and you will be saved, or all you need to do is go to church, be baptized, believe, etc. On the contrary, these words are informing you that the concern for the physical health comes first, before the spiritual. Why? Because you need to be very much alive, to be reborn again through XXenogenesis, from the incorruptible psychophysical Christ lunar germ seed of immortality. Furthermore, please lock the following words very carefully into your precious computer mind.

Luke 20:38. And the Spirit of God is not the God of the dead when people are dead and go to the world of Sheol but of the living; for all must live, be discerning and very much alive to know him and love him when undertaking XXenogenesis. Love is the balm of allness, the healing force.

I love you mankind so dearly, that it took me all these years, from 1962 to bring to humanity, what will be yours to behold! The exception is, now it will be easy for you to attain, and you shall! in a very relatively short time; providing you desire, self-elect yourself, and work for it.

How much is your destiny and all this worth to you? Is the time you invest too much? Remember, practice makes everything perfect. Practice shall make you a professional in the sacred knowledge and XXenogenesis, not a stagnant mediocre.

Do you know what is a bowling ball brain? When the brain of the great Albert Einstein was removed from his skull after death, it was full of synapses, rills, groves, ridges. Those came from being an intellectual, a super genius. However, when the brains are examined after death of a person who had very little knowledge, or outlet of expression, or a down-grade, limited mind, shallow thinking and living, he had a brain that had almost no synapses, rills, ridges. It was smooth, very smooth, like a bowling ball. Now you have an unlimited challenge!

Please listen to the ancient words of wisdom. Health and healing means, to remember the prime pleasures of life. Disease, sickness and aging means, to forget what it was like in the prime pleasures of life. The only sad part about the prime pleasures of life is, that all mankind do not know what to do in overcoming the atomic enmity, in his best years of life. The atomic enmity I am inferring to is the separation, the electromagnetic repulsion between the two seeds, the mortal soul-ar seed matter and the antimatter psychophysical Christ lunar germ seed of immortality. These words are relevant in >>>

Punishment And The Promise Of A Redeemer

Genesis 3:15. I will cause an atomic enmity, a separation between you and the woman, between your soul-ar seed and her lunar seed... The psychophysical Christ lunar germ seed is the promised redeemer from death.

Since mankind does not know what the above words mean, the human race becomes the prodigal sons of perdition; till death do him part. Yes all mankind, the prodigal sons of perdition, presently squanders, spends foolishly their most priceless, precious possessions, the super-substantial substance of their body. What is that miraculous, majestic substance that can bring on the liberation, redemption, resurrection from the 1st death unto immortality?

In the exposé of the XXenogenesis sacred knowledge you shall know. On the other hand if you shall read the exposé, the secret teaching of all ages haphazardly or only once, that kind of dedication to the ancient sacred knowledge of XXenogenesis, shall not let you attain, what should be yours to behold! So please, lets start from the very beginning, a very good place to start, so that you can become proficient in XXenogenesis, not a stagnant mediocre.

Luke 4:23. You will surely quote me this proverb: Physician know thyself and heal thyself in the most astounding ways; from the mortal sting of death.

The above words are inferring: the state of your spiritual health, physical health and a lot more, depends on you alone through the sacred knowledge, not someone else, not the preachers or doctors, etc., but on you! You are an independent soul. One soul in many lifetimes, many reincarnations. So please don't be controlled by whatever and whoever. Therefore, ask yourself these questions. Why do I trust another man concerning my priceless, God given magnificent life? Would I trust that man with a million dollars if I had it? And yet I trust another man with my priceless life! What does another man know that I should know better? What is wrong with me that I don't know that I should love myself, with my whole mind, my whole heart, my whole body, my Spirit of God who is within me, to find the time, to know myself and heal myself from the mortal sting of death.

Knowledge, without imagination and acting upon it, is of little help!
Physician know thyself and heal thyself, from the mortal sting of death!

Every sickness, aging, dis-ease, body not at ease, is under cosmic stress, which is caused by the cosmic nuclear energy of the universe, and the nuclear energy of the carbon 666 atoms a mortal being is constructed from. And since the mortal man is constantly exposed to the cosmic enmity, the separation from his divinity in the mortal world of 3rd dimension, there is no panacea cure in the prescription drugs or whatever; nor will ever be one!

And nature sooner or later follows the path of least resistance in every mortal physical body. Consequently, it is in the weakest part of the body that the abnormalities, the abnormal way of life here on earth, manifest as sickness, dis-ease, aging and the eventual carbon 666 subatomic transitional 2nd death.

John 16:25. These concealed things concerning the sacred knowledge I have spoken to you in parables, mystical metaphors, enigmas, analogies, cryptograms, symbolism, allegories, etc., but the time will come again and is here now at the 2nd coming of the Christ when I will speak to you in parables no longer, but will reveal the authentic, uncorrupted truth. Therefore, I will speak to you very plainly about everything concerning the Spirit of God. Like for an example:

Luke 12:25. But which of you by being anxious about it, the re-union with the Spirit of God, the creator, the source of you being in existence can add a single cubit, an atomic element to your stature your physical-spiritual body? Therefore, if you are not able to do even a very little thing like this add a cubit, an atomic element to your biochemistry, why are you so anxious or concerned about anything else; whatever you are doing? Whereas:
Apocalypse or Revelation 21:17. 144 cubits
or 144 atomic elements is man's perfect measure, for that is the same measure as of a divinity, immortal.

When the XXenogenesis shall be implemented in humanity, the everlasting peace, joy, happiness, love ecstasy is awaiting humanity.

1 Peter 1:23. For you mankind can be reborn again, not from the corruptible seed, the united mortal ovum and sperm seed into one upon the 1st original sin conception, but from the incorruptible seed, the psychophysical Christ lunar germ seed of immortality, which lives and abides forever in the everlasting infinity.

How can you be reborn again if you don't know what is the
1st original sin? Also, how to remove and overcome the
1st original sin, the cause of death and reincarnation.

The following meanings are from the Cuneiform writing, derived from the very, very ancient sacred knowledge.

Meanings Of Marks From Ancient Cuneiform Writing

Sin: Falling short of divine perfection by missing your mark of + , or missing your mark of x. Or in other words sin means, missing your mark of +, your time for criss+cross+ing and uniting the 2 enmity seeds. When these two marks are superimposed, it signifies missing your mark of a divinity à, the divinity mark for your constant perfection in nuclear evolution.

Passover: Passing over the mark of a + or x to spare from death.

Sabbath from Sabbatu: To criss+cross+breed, to unite, to fructify, impregnate and incubate the germ seed. Denoting, to impregnate the immortal, antimatter Christ lunar germ seed with the mortal, gross matter soul-ar seed at the time when the germ seed is passing over the Passover mark of a + or x to remove the 1st original sin defilement, 1st original nuclear transgression, 1st death, thus overcome the enmity that is between them. With this accomplishment, at this specific lunar time, this then brings about the immaculate virgin conception of the Christ in the mortal being. Please memorize the above what is 1st original sin defilement!

The Cuneiform mark of the cross + signifies the criss+cross+ing the 4 elemental kingdoms of fire, air, water and earth, the immortal spiritual antimatter, with the mortal physical matter, to overcome the enmity. These also represent the 4 components of the universe, which are the 4 astrological signs of the zodiac, which are the 4 elemental kingdoms. Please listen to the secrets of the universe.

Luke 14:5. Which of you shall have an ox fall into the pit on Sabbath, and will not immediately lift it up?

The enigma: The astrological sign for Taurus is a bull, an ox. Taurus governs the pituitary gland, which issues forth the antimatter, psychophysical Christ lunar germ seed of immortality every lunar month for the liberation, redemption, resurrection from the 1st death. When the Christ germ seed descends down through the spinal column, through the 7 chakras, into the pit, the fire, the sexual, sacral chakra on the Sabbath-Passover, the Kundalini sexual energy is to be lifted up through the 7 chakras, the 7 seals, to your crown of life, the 12 pair of cranial nerves. The words Sabbath-Passover are terms used to describe the specific time, when the 2 enmity seeds, the soul-ar and lunar seeds are to undergo nuclear fusion in the bridal chamber on the bed of love.

Who Is The Real Santa Claus?

Thus is the metaphysical meaning of Santa Claus coming from the cold expanse of the universe, the Milky Way stars, the North Pole star, down the chimney into the fireplace, the fiery seat of passion in woman and man, who brings you every lunar month, a precious Christmas present.

This gift is, the everlasting life, the psychophysical Christ lunar germ seed of immortality. And when the majestic, priceless Christmas present is used wisely, according to the nuclear physics laws, it shall return you to your original state of divinity, the union with the Spirit of God, the creator. That is what the coming of the Christ unto woman and man means.

The words Santa Claus comes from the word Santa, meaning, Holy, Sacred. And from the human anatomy the word Claus-trum. Claustrum is the cluster, a group of elements, the sacred hormonal substance gathered together around the 12 pair of cranial nerves, the crown of life. Yes, Santa Claus is coming to town to each of you every lunar month and the Christmas tree represents you, the Tree of Life, decorated with the divine fruit of the vine.

John 8:28. And the Christ said to them: When you mankind will have lifted up the Son of Man, the Christ germ seed essence to the 12 pair of cranial nerves, the crown of life in mortal man then you will understand that I am he, the Christ, and that of myself as a mortal man I can do nothing, but since I fused the Christ germ seed within myself I speak as the Spirit of God has taught me, so I speak just like him.

I speak as the Spirit of God has taught me.

John 3:13. And as the allegorical Moses lifted up the Kundalini, Caduceus serpents in the desert, so must the son of man, the Christ seed also be lifted up through the staff of life, the spinal column, the 7 chakras, to the 12 pair of cranial nerves, the crown of life in mortal man. Then you shall really know how to celebrate Christmas every moment of your immortal existence. Merry Christmas! So be it!

Which of you knew that this is the foundation of the teachings of the World Religions and the Christ? None of you know this, who are not aware of the XXenogenesis process! So where are you with your corrupted truth, the Fantasia Syndrome? Don't think that I am being hard on you, but that is the genuine truth!

The time is now upon all mankind to reap the harvest, and become one of the Christs. For this is the last time the Christ is coming upon the earth. Why the last time? Because shortly, we shall be in the ultra high frequency of the 4th dimension, the City of 4 square, the New Heaven, New Earth, New Jerusalem, where no mortal man can exist. So where will you be able to reincarnate if you pass-up this opportunity, to return to your original state of perfection, the union with the Spirit of God, the creator? And you need to do this while you are alive! So come to the gathering of the Phoenixes! You are invited to your resurrection from death while you are alive!

You no longer have the time to lollygag, beat around the bush and fight with the status quo control business; humanity constantly dying and reincarnating. You had 4 1/2 billion years to do it. Your method does not work and will never work. Now it is my turn to reunite mankind to the divinity, the crystal clear light energy, the Spirit of God.

Fear, the greatest enemy in woman and man, yet only an illusion. When you are living in fear, how can you love yourself and your neighbor? And your neighbor is everyone, even your enemies! Fear is the deficiency and lack of love. Illusion, one moment here, gone the next. Master every fear, and you will master everything. And in mastering everything, you will master immortality. And when you master immortality, you will enter the Kingdom of God that is within you, thus become Limitless Love with the creator, the source of you being in the existence continuum. That is your prime purpose and reason for being here on earth, which is your destiny. Nothing else matter more than to fulfill this most important objective; purpose!

What you are receiving now, please spread the electrifying, motivating news to everyone, your love ones, relatives, friends, associates, etc. Email your friends and direct them to: www.144cubits.com . This is only a sneak preview of more sacred knowledge to come. This ancient, mystical sacred knowledge is priceless, beyond compare: Free!

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