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Islam Religion, Prophet Mohammed 570-632 AD And The Koran: Mohammed in the Koran places the woman on a perfect and complete equality with man. His teachings often place the woman in a superior position to the man. Here is proof from the original Koran, from the 35th verse of the 33rd sura.

"Verily the Moslem of either sex, and the true believers of either sex, and the devout men, and the devout women, and the men of veracity [truthfulness], and the women of veracity, and the patient men, and the patient women, and the humble men, and the humble women, and the alms-givers of either sex, and the men who fast, and the women who fast, and the chaste men, and the chaste women [morally pure in thought and conduct], and those of either sex who remember Allah frequently, for them hath Allah prepared forgiveness and great reward." Furthermore here are more excerpts from the very ancient old book.

"On the day of his death Mohammed told Fatima, his beloved daughter and Safiya, his aunt: 'Work ye out that which shall gain acceptance for you with the Lord: for I verily have no power with the Lord to save you in any wise.' The Prophet advised woman not to rely upon the virtues of her husband nor in any manner did he indicate woman's salvation to be dependent upon the husband frailty of her spouse. Concerning the character of Mohammed there have been great gross misconceptions. No evidence exists to support the charges of extreme cruelty [such as killing for Allah or beheading or chopping a hand of anyone] and licentiousness laid at his door. [Licentious means, lacking moral discipline or ignoring legal restraint; having no regard for accepted rules or decent civilized standards.]

"[Insert: Neither does Allah condone the Islamic terrorist actions nor reserve a place for those in paradise. Here Mohammed clearly states that he has no influence with the great Allah and that even his beloved daughter Fatima is to lead a very good life to gain acceptance, and that everyone is individually accounted for his deeds. Then how can a terrorist leader promise a place in paradise to the suicide bombers?]

"Everything to the contrary notwithstanding, Mohammed is not responsible for the contradictions and inconsistencies in the Koran, for the Koran was not compiled and did not assume its present form until over twenty years after his death. In the present state the Koran is for the major part, a jumble of hear-say through which occasionally shines forth an example of true inspiration."

Points of interest. Ogmios from Celtic Mythology: Ogmios is the powerful Hercules, who draws a multitude by the beautiful chains of gold and an amber light attached to their ears, and they follow him with exceeding joy. The other end of the chains is affixed to his tongue and he always turns to his captive audience a smiling countenance.

Hercules from Greek and Roman Mythology: Hercules son of Zeus is the god of extraordinary strength, who won immortality by performing the 12 labors demanded by Hera. Hercules is also regarded as the god of wisdom and eloquence because he has accomplished his greatest achievement through wisdom and eloquence. The golden chains are indicative of the bond between the orator's tongue and the ears of enraptured listeners. Hercules, as almighty as he was, believed that his most powerful weapon of wisdom and eloquence was more powerful than any other physical strength.

The above message about Mohammedan was written for the purpose of having this true message forwarded to all the Islamic terrorists and people, such as through leaflet messages dropped from the sky or on the international TV channels, radio, etc. The mind is very powerful and can be very productive if used as a powerful weapon. What do you think the terrorist leaders are using to program the minds of its followers? The sharp well aimed swift most powerful weapons of brain programming to pierce the mind of the uninformed! We should do the same, counteract with the above truth that is relevant in the original Koran, from the 35th verse of the 33rd sura, etc. Also what is written on this website in: Thermodynamic Phenomena Of Energy, which the complicated scientific/Deity subject is written in quite a simple way.

Furthermore, here are more excerpts from the very ancient old book. To ignore the opulent heritage of culture received from Islam would be an unpardonable oversight. For nearly eight centuries under the Mohammedan rulers, Spain set to all Europe a shinning example of a civilized and enlightened world. Art, literature and science prospered as they then prospered nowhere else in Europe. Students flocked from France, Germany, England and other countries to absorb from the fountain of learning, which flowed only in the cities of the Moors. Women were encouraged to devote themselves to serious study and a lady doctor was not unknown among the people of Cordova. Mathematics. astronomy, botany, history, philosophy and jurisprudence [study of law] were to be mastered in Spain and in Spain only. This brought the Arabian race to their highest development and raised the position of women in the East.

The science of the Mohammedans laid the first foundations of chemistry and made important advances in mathematics and optics. Their discoveries never had the influence they should have had upon the European civilization, but this was because Europe was not enlightened enough to grasp and make use of them. We must never forget that the dark ages in Christian Europe, were the bright ones of the Mohammedan world. While the Islam in Spain flourished the rest of Europe languished and deteriorated in the Dark Ages. End of excerpts.

Why did Christian Europe live in darkness in the Dark Ages? Because the Christians, the crusaders, popes, etc were too busy destroying every vestige, evidence of knowledge there was. Again you have the great tyrannical problem of religion that deceives, desires to control the ignorant people of the world. Again the same principle of Ogmios, Hercules used; mind programming.

The above is only one example how all world religions without exceptions have gone through mutilations of their scriptures. Throughout the original Koran, Mohammed never advised anyone to kill for Allah or be a suicide bomber or that women should wear the costumes they wear. That has been instituted by fanatic Islam religious leaders. In his teaching Mohammedan thought the way of peaceful way of life, never any violence and above all not to kill for Allah. Islam religion was altered by man many times just like the world religions have. Religions were made by man for man not God. Mohammedan's life function did not include the purpose of life nor how to return to the original state of divinity.

Can you imagine how the Islam religion has now deteriorated because of the mutilations of the interpretations of the Koran by the fanatics? Allah or God is limitless love and therefore does not inflict any harm to any of his people. It is the dark forces that operate through the unbalance sick minds of man.

Is this necessary? Wars never solved the problems of the world, but Love will!

April 4, 2007. The young son of Marine Staff Sergeant Marcus Golczynski
accepting the American flag from Marine Lt. Col. Ric Thompson
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Judaism - Hanukkah - Chanukah - Menorah: In Judaism the Menorah is a ceremonial seven-branched candelabrum of the Jewish Temple symbolizing the seven days of the creation. It is used in the celebration of the Hanukkah. The true metaphysical symbol of the Menorah, which is portrayed with the 7 candles on fire is the basic carbon 666 atom, which everything in the mortal 3rd dimensional world is composed of; including the mortal humanity.

Now if you were to remove the lampstand from one menorah and place another menorah upside down on the one menorah and join them together, you would have the symbol of the carbon 666 atom. The 7 fires in the menorah represent, the nucleus in the middle of the atom and around the nucleus you have the 3 electron inertia energy levels, containing the electrons and anti-electrons orbiting, whirling around the nucleus of the carbon 666 atom. This truly represents the creation of the mortal world in aeons; but not in 7 days.


The Mystery Of The Carbon 666 Atoms: This cross sectional view is of 7 carbon atoms that have an electromagnetic repulsion or an enmity between each atom. The 3 rings that are around the nucleus of the atom are known as the electron inertia energy levels. Within these electron inertia energy levels the electrons and antielectrons whirl and coil around the nucleus of an atom. In the 3rd dimension, the mortal world, everything is composed of basic carbon atoms. Presently, that is the way the carbon atoms are structured in the mortal physical body of mankind. But there is a way to restructure the carbon atoms to the perfect atoms, to once again reunite to the divinity.

Here is an insert from the magazine: Astronomy, October 1996. Astronomers have known for more than a century that tidal interactions cause the moon to slowly drift farther from earth, causing earth's rotation to slow down. Now, a team of geologists led by Charles Sonett of the University of Arizona has discovered fossil evidence of this effect. By analyzing 900 million-year-old rock deposits that recorded the advance and retreat of tides, the geologists found that a year back then had 482 days, meaning each day lasted only 18.2 hours.

As to the conflict that God rested on the Sabbath day, which some observe on Saturday or Sunday, here is something for you to know. In the history of the calendar, the calendar has been changed so many times that now no one truly knows which day is what day? It really doesn't matter. Why? Because the true meaning of Sabbath comes from the word Sabbatu. And Sabbatu means: To criss+cross+breed, to fructify, impregnate and incubate the seed. Denoting, to impregnate the immortal, antimatter Christ lunar germ seed with the mortal, gross matter soul-ar seed at the time when the germ seed is passing over the Passover mark + to remove the 1st original sin, thus overcome the enmity that is between them. With this accomplishment, at this specific lunar time, this then brings about the immaculate virgin conception of the Christ to the mortal being. The Christ is not a man. The word Christ comes from the Indic Sanskrit word Christos, and it means crystal clear pure nuclear energy light body, which is how you were created originally, in a crystal clear nuclear energy light body. 

Episodes From American History: Many times the question has been asked: Was Francis Bacon's vision real of the Atlantis a prophetic dream of the great civilization which was soon to rise upon the soil of the New World? It cannot be doubted that the secret societies of Europe conspired to establish upon the American continent a new nation, conceived in liberty and dedicated to the proposition that all men are created equal. There are few incidents in the history of the United States evidence, the influence of that silent body which has so long guided the destinies of peoples. By them nations are created as vehicles for the promulgation of ideals, and while nations are true to these ideals they survive; when they deviate from them, they vanish like the Atlantis of old, which has ceased to know God.

This incident involves a mysterious man. Did General George Washington and Dr. Benjamin Franklin recognize this mysterious emissary of the mystery school, which has so long influenced the destinies of this planet? It was during the evening of July 4, 1776, that the second of these mysterious episodes occurred. In the old State House in Philadelphia a group of men were gathered for the momentous task of severing the last tie between the old country and the new. It was a grave moment and not a few of those present feared that their lives would be forfeit for the audacity [their boldness]. In the midst of the intense debate a loud shrieking voice rang out. The debaters stopped and turned to look upon the stranger. Who was this man who has suddenly appeared in their midst and transfixed them with his oratory? They have never seen him before, none knew when he had entered, but his tall form and face filled them with awe. His voice ringing with a holy zeal, the stranger stirred everyone to their very souls. His closing words rang through the building: "God has given America to be free!"

As the stranger sank into a chair, the wild enthusiasm burst forth from those present. Name after name was placed upon the parchment: The Declaration of Independence was signed. But where was now the man who had precipitated the accomplishment of the immortal task, who had lifted for a moment the veil from the eyes of the assemblage and revealed to them a part at least of the great purpose for which the new nation was conceived? He has disappeared, nor was he ever seen again or his identity established. This episode parallels others of a similar kind recorded by ancient historians attendant upon the founding of every new nation. Are they coincidences, or do they demonstrate that the divine wisdom of the ancient Mysteries still is present in the world, serving mankind as it did of old?

The Christ is not a man. Christos: The Sanskrit word Christos came from the ancient Indic language of Hinduism and the Vedas; when translated is, Christ. The Sanskrit word Christos means: Crystal clear, pure, immaculate energy; Crystal clear pure nuclear energy light body.

The inference to the crystal clear pure energy is to the nuclear energy that is within the divinity of the omnipresent atoms. Within the nucleus of every atom, there is a wondrous brilliant liquid light, the non-consumable liquid fire, more illuminating than a thousand suns. That is the kind of universal power that lies unharnessed within the divinity of the atoms, the crystal clear nuclear energy, the Christos, the Christ, the precious milk and honey manna, the miraculous ingredients of the Milky Way, the food of the gods. Within every woman and man lies the latent, dormant omnipotent power of the Christos, the Christ. The coming of the Christ, the pure crystal clear light body of the Christ is in the RNA DNA, in the flesh and blood of every woman and man. Here is also something that everyone should know >>>

Mass Consciousness Resonates Magnetism Of Ignorance

Job 5:6. For mischief comes not out of the earth, nor does trouble spring out of the ground, but man himself begets mischief, as sparks, the magnetic molecular expression to matter and antimatter fly upwards seeding the mass consciousness and later return to all mankind.

As a result of the above immutable universal law, the molecular expression to matter and antimatter, the magnetism of ignorance, the materialistic, foolish, mindless, shallow thinking mass consciousness, is produced by the absurd, nonsensical, unconscious, unreceptive, injurious, uncooperative, harmful mind power of mankind. Yes that is what is in the magnetism of ignorance mass consciousness, the preoccupied with material way of life, instead of with the spiritual, intellectual things, the true purpose of life, which is how to reunite oneself to the original divinity.

This message is from Sheol, the place of the dead - departed souls

Pythagoras: There is great difficulty with all spirits, Jews, Christian, Mohammedan and Pagan when they depart from the mortal world. They are so imbued with superstitions, the irrational false belief systems, that even if they reason themselves out of the false belief systems at maturity, when they come to what is termed death, since the earliest impressions of childhood are the most vivid, and are marked deepest upon their spirits, it holds them in the meshes of superstition, the false belief systems for many, many years after in spirit life.

So there is nothing I know of that will begin redeeming mankind from fanatic ignorance so effectually as educating the child spiritually, properly from the beginning. Also this impression of falseness is marked upon the seed in the womb and as the child grows with the first root in the womb, it is here that this radical reformation must take place.

Doing what is right in bringing forth this knowledge, how to once again reunite to your divinity, is not easy, and doing what is easy and to let you remain in the status quo, is definitely not right.

It doesn't matter how many people you will send this in an email or the URL link to this page, just remember if it made you to know what you didn't know, it will do the same to everyone. God bless you and I love you.

And I am that I am Limitless Love

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If you know me, please don't be a Judas and betray me. Also if you value the planet earth, all mankind and you in it, surely you will not betray me. And when I am ready, I shall reveal myself to the universe through the medium of
Nuclear Evolution as the Christos, the coming of the Christ.

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God is not a supernatural being, because God is Spirit. Be kind to everyone, for whatsoever you do to another, you also do it to yourself; only to a greater magnitude. That is a nuclear physics law.

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