Thermodynamic Phenomena Of Energy

And You Are A Creation Of Atoms - Atomic Energy

The atomic energy in the universe is always constant in the existence continuum. Why? Because the ineffable, incapable to describe and define, unfathomable, omniscient, omnipotent, omnipresent Spirit of God, which is the trinity father, son and mother nature God principle, is universal energy. And the definition of energy is something like this. The most important properties of atomic energy is that it is governed by the law of conservation of energy, which means that energy is constantly converted from one form to another and therefore, energy can neither be created new nor energy can never be destroyed or put out of existence, for it is eternal, forever and ever, immortal, not subject to death. Now the black and white light, the nuclear energy is out of balance on planet earh.

The law of thermodynamics is relative to the eternal, constant expansion and contraction of energy in all creation; in the time, space, existence continuum. It means while one micro finite atom or macro infinite atomic energy is expanding being created, another is contracting and transitionally entropies, dying or being taken apart in the continuum. The thermodynamics law is governed by the everlasting on going process of constant conversion, re-conversion, incarnation, recycling, conservation of mass and energy, for nothing is ever wasted or put out of existence in the all creation, including priceless, precious you, your eternal soul, the I am that I am forever and ever and ever.

The relative mechanics of thermodynamics is in constant perfection which is dependant on the exchanging, changing and interchanging of light energy with other energy. And the universal energy is composed of the electromagnetic procreative reproductive plasma, which is where the fluidic life force of the universe is contained, which is the food of light, the milk and honey manna. That is what perpetuates the time, space, existence continuum.

Therefore the critical moment has once again arisen for you to consummate and return to the molecular consistency of the living everlasting light, which is your divine origin. Within the law of thermodynamics process this permits the mortal mankind to leave behind the law of transitional death, the entropy and therefore reunite himself to the ineffable intelligence and light of the divinity, thus once again become the nuclear energy light body of the Christos or the Christ, immortal, the living everlasting light.

The omni Spirit of God, the creator, the source of everything, which is nuclear energy manifested itself from no beginning nor end within the unchangeable, immutable physics laws of the universe. The omnipotent, omnipresent God reveals himself in the all that exists. Those who have ears to hear and do not hear and have eyes to see but do not see, are deaf, blind and unconscious, the living dead to the all that was, is and will ever be. Consequently, they are self-held-back and hindered in the comprehension of what and who is the creator God. Why? Because of the false belief systems, the fanatical fantasy fantasia, the controls that were instituted by the evil suppressors in power. Deception and greed for power and money lurks in every opportune niche on earth. In fact power and money are the god of worship. Now has come the time when the dominoes shall all fall and never to rise again.

Therefore, the Spirit of God, which is also your soul, is never created as a new soul. Your soul is governed by the law of: There never was a time that you were not in existence, and there never will be a time that you will ever cease to exist, for you, your soul is eternal, the I am that I am the Spirit of God, which was created in the same image, likeness and limitless love as the creator energy source God from no beginning nor end; from atoms, atomic energy. On the tip of a needle, there are millions of atoms. Subsequently, trillions of atoms you are forever and ever. So now has come the time to return to the divine Spirit of God energy that you have separated yourself when you fell from your divinity in the Garden of Eden. And you need to return to your originality while you are alive!

Incidentally, it is a scientific fact that when the soul, the eternal energy, the Spirit of God leaves the dead body, the dead body loses about 8 ounces of weight without the infinite everlasting soul.

Since the macro universe, including the galactic Milky Way is composed of the nuclear energy living food of light for the gods, which is the milk and honey manna, the milk and honey manna must be constantly exchanged, changed and interchanged with other atoms, atomic energy of milk and honey manna, in order to be constantly, perpetually alive, everlasting or rather immortal. That is what perpetuates the immortal time, space existence continuum.

The true kingdom of God is within all mankind, not somewhere else nor in the hereafter. For what is in man, in every divine atom of every cell of his body is everywhere the same; and what is not within man, is nowhere else to be found.

Within the nucleus of every phenomena atom, there is a nuclear reactor or an atomic furnace. And within the nuclear reactor, there is an eternal liquid light, liquid fire burning. There is a universal proverb about the omnipresent atom: Just because there is snow on top of my roof, it doesn't mean there isn't a fire burning deep within me.

In essence the proverb means: Just because it is colder on the outer perimeter, the covering, the outer egg shell of the atom, it doesn't mean there isn't a transmuting fire burning perpetually deep within the nuclear reactor of the nucleus.

Here is another universal law. The greater is the speed of the electrons and antielectrons that propel and orbit around the nucleus of an atom, the greater is the life force of an atom. Also within every nucleus of an atom there is a micro nuclear reactor. And the heat within the nucleus nuclear reactor is constantly influenced by the thermodynamic phenomena of heat and limitless love. And never forget you are trillions and trillions of atoms of atomic energy.

The meaning of thermodynamic phenomena is relative to heat, light, sound and other forms of energy. As you can excite the nucleus of the atoms you are structured from, you can increase the heat by engaging in perfect harmonious equilibrium of limitless love. As you engage in the magnificent limitless love you also increase the frequency, the energy, thus you are evolving upwards into greater heat, sound and higher form of existence, higher consciousness, thus unto the everlasting living light. Your atomic body is constantly emitting every kind and type of heat, light, sound frequency and all other forms of energy. The greater is the sound to the ultra high frequency, the greater is the life force of an atom, or the atoms you are composed from. And remember the electromagnetic like attracts the same magnetic like. The greater is the like or the greater is the limitless love, the greater is the life force of the everlasting living light, the omnipresent God in you. Now you are moving closer to the unity with God, which is the nuclear energy of milk and honey manna. That is the meaning of nuclear evolution.

Incidentally, the cause of global warming that is now going on in the world is the effect of mankind progressively evolving into the higher form of existence, higher frequency, into the Biblical city of 4 square, the 4th dimension. Also the entire solar system is undergoing an increase of higher evolution and therefore is experiencing an increase of heat and energy. And no one can prevent this or alter it. That is why none of the scientist know the real true reason of global warming. With this evolution the solar system, including planet earth is also moving into the ultra high frequency, higher hertz and tilt of the axis, which is preceded by the wobble of the earth. And the earth is now rotating with an uneven motion. Are you prepared to undertake this situation without the Christ germ seed? Without the precious Christ germ seed mankind is now facing the possibility of extinction, unless humanity makes a cosmic leap into higher consciousness, thus wake up to the reality of the Christ germ seed. You can read about the tilt of the axis on this website.

Here is an example of the thermodynamic phenomena law of energy. If you were to pick an apple or fruit from a tree at the time of its zenith ripeness, that apple or fruit would posses the optimum energy and have the greatest dynamic speed of the electrons and antielectrons orbiting around the nucleus in its atomic structure. Likewise that nucleus would posses the greatest amount of thermodynamic energy. Now if you were to leave that apple or fruit on a table for any length of time, that apple or fruit would commence losing its life force. Eventually the energy in that apple or fruit will lose all of its energy to support any life. Thus that lost energy undergoes a conversion of energy of transitional death or entropy. Since permanent death does not exist in the universe only transitional death, it is then only a matter of time that that energy in the atom comes to life through the law of conversion or re-conversion of energy. That is the principle of the law of incarnation or reincarnation of energy.

Since mortal mankind is also governed by the law of conversion of energy because all mankind is atomic energy, humanity is also subjected to the inescapable, immutable law of reincarnation. Whether you know or believe in the law or reincarnation, it does not matter. Nevertheless the immutable law of reincarnation does exist. Why?  Because it is governed by the unchangeable universal law of conversion of energy, which is also: Omnia mutantur nos et mutamur in illis, meaning: All things are constantly changing and we are changing with them.

Before you shall read the following, you need to know this. It wasn't the apple that was eaten as shown on the TV: Desperate Housewives. It was the forbidden fruit from the vine from the tree of life.

The mystery of life and death is this, originally the divine beings ate or rather consumed the allegorical apple or the forbidden fruit from the tree of life, thus fell or separated themselves from the divinity into mortal life. What do those words means? Each of you are the precious tree of life that in this mortal life you continue to consume the forbidden fruit from your own tree of life, till transitional death do you part. Since permanent death does not exist in the universe only conversion of energy, that is the reason that mankind undergoes the mortal transitional death and eventual reincarnation.

Why reincarnation? Because when you come back from the world of the dead, the Sheol to this 3rd dimensional mortal world, you are to learn how not to consume the forbidden fruit from the vine from your magnificent tree of life. And when you will learn and thus participate in the XXenogenesis process, you shall become the crystal clear nuclear energy of light, the Christos, the Christ, thus you shall return to your original state of constant perfection in nuclear evolution. Here is a partial proof of the universal thermodynamics phenomena energy law of physics in action and reaction, which can be either fast or slow.

Luke 12:25. But which of you by being anxious about it, the kingdom of God that is within you, the re-union with the divinity, can add a single cubit, an atomic element to your stature? Therefore if you are not able to do even a very little thing like this, add at least one microscopic cubit, why are you so anxious or concerned about anything else, whatever you are doing on this planet earth?
Apocalypse 21:16. And the city
, an expression for the kingdom of the Spirit of God stands 4 square, a term for the 4th dimension and beyond.
17. 144 cubits
, 144 atomic elements is man's perfect measure, for that is the same measure as of a divinity.

This exuberant pleasure is awaiting you once you become a Christ!

Matthew 5:48. You mankind, when you shall become one of the Christs are to be constantly exalted and perfected even as the heavenly father is constantly exalted and perfected through the inevitable, progressive Nuclear Evolution; by which the nuclear energy, the food of the Gods, the 144 atomic elements, the 144 cubits, the everlasting living light energy milk and honey manna is constantly exchanged, changed and interchanged among the angels of God, the sons of God, the sons of resurrection; as they partake in the veneration of angels on the ring of wonder.

Why does the ever living light energy, the milk and honey manna need to be constantly exchanged, changed and interchanged among the divine beings? Because if the milk and honey manna is not constantly exchanged, changed and interchanged according to the immutable universal laws, blockage occurs, clogs up the system, poisons the system with the cosmic impurities, thus prevents the smooth flowing of light energy throughout the atomic light body. That is how the fall, the deceleration of angels occurred into mortal life. That is the 1st original nuclear transgression, the 1st original sin. Need addition proof?

Apocalypse 2:4. But I have this accusation against you. You have left your first love. Remember therefore why you have fallen; thus reform, and return to your first love; or else I will come to you and I will remove your lamp-stand out of your place.

First Love: These words are saying, return to your 1st original limitless love of, love thy neighbor as thyself, in order to reinstate your divinity. What is the 1st love? And why did you fall from your divinity? You refused to engage in limitless XXenogenesis love, thus you did not exchange, change and interchange the nuclear energy milk and honey manna amongst the divine beings. Consequently, you mutated and created an atomic enmity in your atomic structure; thus you became a mortal. Now if you will refuse to return to the 1st original limitless love, while you are alive, not dead, I the Spirit of God that is within you, shall remove the Spirit, the soul, the atomic nuclear energy light out of your physical-spiritual body, hence bring the carbon 666 transitional 2nd deaths upon you again and again; until you return to me once again.

Your prime purpose and reason that you came to earth is to return to your original state of limitless love and divinity, and it needs to be accomplished while you are alive, not dead. So start learning to love everyone, even your worst enemies, who has the same atomic structure as the one and only indivisible, omnipotent, omnipresent Spirit of God, who created everyone after his image, likeness and limitless love from atoms, atomic energy, the pure everlasting living light. And trillions of atoms you are forever and ever in the electromagnetic thermodynamic plasmatic phenomena energy continuum! Which means >>>

You are all an atomic soul fragment from the creator so called God. Shall any of the fragments be destroyed? All fragments of the creatorís awareness must be accounted for. The fragment from which each and every individual fragmented from the creator is a portion that must be accounted for in order for the total balance of all to be maintained and restored. You cannot be simply written off. That would create a flaw that would cause unacceptable repercussions in the universe. All soul fragments must return to the God source from which they were projected in order for the source to remain in the balance of wholeness.

Psalms 82:6 I have said again and again, you are all Gods, for all of you are the Sons of God. No man ever was and is the only begotten Son of God.
7. But you shall all die like any other man, because of your first transgression
, the 1st original sin, and you shall fall to death like any prince.

Can those words be any simpler? You are all Gods! For all of you are the sons of the omnipresent Spirit of God creator, the divine source of all that is, the infinite Isness! Omnipresent means, everything is one indivisible composite divine Spirit of God. For which reason the Spirit of God created everything in his image and likeness, the pristine everlasting living light. Therefore the omnipotent Spirit of God permeates every omnipresent atom he created in the time, space, existence continuum, from no beginning nor end. And that is who the Spirit of God is, the everlasting living light energy, interwoven, intermixed with the milk and honey manna and priceless you.

Job 14:1 Man that is born of a mortal woman is short lived and full of trouble, but a woman or man who shall be reborn from the immaculate virgin conception substance of the psychophysical Christ lunar germ seed of immortality, shall inherit the kingdom of God that is within him and in the universe.
2. Like a flower
mortal man springs up and fades, swift as a shadow that does not abide very long.
3. Even so mortal man wastes away like a rotten thing, like a garment that the moth has consumed.
4. Can a man be born who is clean of defilement?
5. There is none, however short are his days.
Even if a child lived for only an infinitesimal moment, his mortal presence is still unclean and defiled. Why? Because the 1st original nuclear transgression, the 1st original sin is present upon birth and throughout the entire lifetime. Why? Because there is an atomic enmity present in every mortal woman and man. And since the very, very busy man has no time to know himself, nor the Spirit of God who is within him, nor how to remove the atomic enmity, he must then suffer the dire consequences in the world of sorrows, crying and death. Whose fault is it? And the foolish ritual of baptism does not and cannot remove the 1st original sin. The proof of that is that every mortal has to die and reincarnate again to undo the 1st original sin, 1st original nuclear transgression, the defilement, the impure atomic energy, the carbon 666 subatomic atoms he is composed of.
10. But when a man dies, all vigor leaves him
, which is the Spirit of God. When man expires, where then is he? In Sheol, the world of the dead! It is in Sheol the soul learns that it needs to reincarnate to overcome the 1st original sin.
11. And as his
sexual procreative waters fail from his life and his mankindís ovum and sperm seeds, the sexual river of life becomes desolates and dries up, so man then lies down, does not rise up again from the 2nd death; till the heavens, the Spirit of God are no more in him.

No man can resurrect from the 2nd death, only resurrect
from the 1st death, while he is alive, not dead.

Matthew 12:31. Therefore I say unto you mankind that every kind of sin and blasphemy shall be forgiven to man; but the sin of blasphemy against the Spirit when you lose your precious physical-spiritual body to 2nd death is never forgiven to man, neither in this mortal 3rd dimensional world or in the world that is to come of the 4th dimension, the city of 4 square, unless you will overcome the atomic enmity and conquer the 1st and 2nd death.

No man ever did or can ever die for all the sins of mankind. That is a fantasy created by religions. And the greatest fool is the one who fools himself, if he believes the fantasia.

Blasphemy from Greek means: Indignity or abuse offered to God; or the irreverence or disrespect toward anything regarded as sacred; such as when man desecrates, defiles and destroys the sacred temple of God where the Spirit of God resides, within his magnificent physical-spiritual body. Furthermore, blasphemy means to become insensitive in consciousness, because of excessive abuse and evil use of the senses. Additionally blasphemy means to degrade, defile or allow the body to decay or move away from a state of good health and toward a state of decline, deterioration adulteration, depravation and mortal death. In other words, man blasphemes against the Spirit of God when he becomes so insensible in his consciousness, that he himself defiles and destroys his physical-spiritual body, the temple in which the Spirit of God resides. Indeed, this is the unforgivable 1st original sin. Blasphemy against the Spirit of God occurs when man exiles the Spirit of God from within himself through death. And that is the 1st original sin that is not forgiven unless you overcome the enmity from your divinity.

Now ask yourself this question. How can saints be elected by mortal humanity, or how can man kill himself as a suicide bomber for Allah and go to paradise, when every person that is born into the 3rd dimensional mortal world comes with a defilement, which is the 1st original sin, which is never forgiven unless you will overcome the enmity, the original separation from the divinity? Islam religion was instituted by Mohammedan. In his teaching Mohammedan thought the way of peaceful way of life, never any violence and above all not to kill for Allah. Islam religion was altered by man many times just like the world religions. Religions were made by man for man not God. Mohammedan's life function did not include the purpose of life nor how to return to the original state of divinity.

So now lets get down to business and let bygones of what mankind did not know be bygones forever, lets fall in love once again what we now know and what we need to accomplish, thus reunite ourselves to the divinity, for that is the prime purpose of every mortal being.

Universal energy that has been converted from one form to another form is constantly in existence continuum. Why? Because of the immutable law of before or after the thermodynamic conversion process.

Which would you prefer to lose your involvement in the process of limitless love and no more hardship and dying in mortal life? Or would you prefer to remain in the status quo, your fantasia, sickness and death? Now has come upon all humanity to return to your original divine state, the way you were created before your 1st original nuclear transgression, the 1st original sin!

Why do I refer to God as nuclear energy? Because the Spirit of God, the creator of everything is the infinite - finite, macro - micro atomic nuclear energy. If the omnipresence everything oneness is not created from atoms, it does not exist.

In the next few paragraphs you shall read about nucleation. Here is an example of nucleation. The oysters must undergo nucleation before they can produce the magnificent cultured pearls. To produce the most precious pearls, oysters need to be imbued with the essence to produce the well-adorned pearls. That process is called nucleation. Without nucleation, there would be no pearls in the world. Also without the essence from the 1st Christ, through the nucleation process, it would be impossible to become one of the Christs. Why? Because there is no method in the universe whereby humanity can also become one of the Christs, which is pure crystal clear living light energy body.

Apocalypse or Revelation 21:21. And at the 12 celestial constellation gates, which are the 12 astrological signs of the zodiac, which correspond respectively to the 12 cranial nerves are the entrances for the 12 pearls, a single pearl, 1 lunar germ seed for every lunar month, for each gate, the opening at each cranial nerve. And the street, the essence from the Silver Cord of the city of 4 Square, the 4th Dimension was of pure gold as it were transparent glass, the purest crystal clear immaculate virgin substance, the nuclear energy milk and honey manna of the universe.

Here is a little bit of wisdom that should make you think profoundly. The most natural food on earth is Lactoferrin, which builds the immune system from any disease. Your immune system is the highway to the most healthiest life you can imagine. The function of lactoferrin is to build the immune system not destroy it the way conventional treatments do. Lactoferrin is found in the breast milk of mothers that feed newborn babies. This precious lactoferrin substance in the first milk provides very powerful immune compound to the newborn. And you can receive it only from mother nature. However when the child receives the lactoferrin first milk it is eventually short lived. Why short lived? Because that depends how soon the child is exposed to junk food, antibiotics, medicine, drugs, mind programming, etc.

Why the mind programming? Because you are how you think in every living moment. And whatsoever you think in every moment you are already that or you will become in what you think. And this process of thinking starts already when the child is in the womb of a pregnant woman. That is the universal law of magnetic attraction. And your body is electromagnetic. Since you are atoms, the atoms operate on the power of electromagnetism. That is what the Spirit of God is, the vital living life force of universal nuclear energy, the spirit that gives life!

On the other hand, the precious Christ germ seed immune hormone substance is far more superior, irrevocable and ever lasting than any other short lived lactoferrin. Why? Because the Christ immune hormone substance contains the immortal food of the Gods, the everlasting living light energy milk and honey manna and it comes from the mother nature, and can only be transposed or transferred from another Christ who is destined unto immortality, unto the very ultra high frequency of 4th dimension, the empyrean.

It is amazing that humans destroy what they desire the most! Why? Because humans do not know what they are destroying. If only mortal mankind knew that by engaging and participating in pure limitless love with the Christ germ seed essence, they would know that this leads them to the ultimate gateway of divinity. How is that possible? Through the nucleation, the XXenogenesis nuclear fusion of the Christ germ seed. When the Christ germ seed is ingested by another being into the live stream of their body, this then introduces the antigen into the living organism, which produces the IHS immune hormone substance from sickness and death.

Thus that infusion comes to fruition and transformation to become the pure crystal clear nuclear energy light body, the Christos, the Christ; thence onto the 4th dimension, the empyrean.

In the Christian ritual, the symbolical ceremonial act at the last supper with the 13 present, which also included a woman, and the holy communion ritual, are the revealing secrets how the Christ germ seed substance is to be ingested into the live stream of the body. You will never become one of the Christs by only elevating into higher consciousness or whatever you are attempting or doing. But please remember, you must have the Christ germ seed essence of immortality from one of the Christs to accomplish the mystical transformation. Without the immortal everlasting Christ germ seed, you will still die a mortal death. To become 1 of the Christs is not a spectator sport. You need to be a doer. That is the mystery of life and death!

The complete total of 144 atomic elements, which are the allegorical 144 cubits in the Apocalypse or Revelation 21:17. 144 cubits, 144 atomic elements is man's perfect measure, for that is the same measure as of a divinity, need to be assembled and fused together from humanity, from the 12 astrological signs of the zodiac, into the one biological chemistry of man, in order for that man to become the pure crystal clear nuclear energy of light or the 1st Christ.

The astrological symbol of Cancer denotes that it is the Mother of all creation. Why? Because the Cancer symbol of a horizontal 69 portrays the spinning, whirling, pulsating to and fro Milky Way galaxy of milk and honey manna, the star gate to the immortal everlasting living light.

Each individual regardlessly, is born under the influence of the 12 astrological signs and possesses and carries within, in their biological chemistry 1/12 of the 144 cubits, or 1/12 of the 144 atomic elements that need to be united and fused into the one body of the man who is to become the 1st Christ. Without this atomic XXenogenesis nuclear fusion process there cannot be the coming of the Christ.

And the total completion of the coming of the Christ has to occur in the man who has already undergone the atomic cosmic crucifixion in 1970-1971. The atomic cosmic crucifixion could not have been accomplished either before or after the cosmic window of opportunity in 1970-71. Therefore there are no substitutes. Why? Because the cosmic window was opened at that time to commence the XXenogenesis nucleation process. And it did. That is the reason why at the Last Supper there are 13 individuals, one Christ and a total of 12 other potential Christs, which included one woman, which portray the 12 astrological signs of the zodiac.

This has nothing to do that a man died for all the sins of mankind and that all one has to do is believe in the savior Jesus and you are saved. All that is a foolish fanatical hogwash, a lot of bull shine BS, the fantasia instituted by the invisible dark forces in religions for the control of unenlightened man, who swallowed the fish bait, hook, lead sinker and the BS line, without investigating if that is the truth. Nevertheless here is the truth. The fall of man occurred when he committed the 1st original sin, which brought on the transitional death to mortal man. This 1st original sin is still present in every mortal being who is destined to fall into the pit of his own self-destruction; death. That 1st original sin is never forgiven unless you overcome the enmity, the separation from the divinity.

That is the prime reason you are here on earth in this mortal body to return to the originality, the divinity, who created you, the Spirit of God, who is the pure crystal clear everlasting light energy, the Christos.

The time is now upon you when a deadly viral plague will be upon earth that will devastate the population of mankind. The virus will be so very lethal that humanity will be dropping and dying like dead flies. This is when the only antidote for this deadly virus shall be the immune hormone substance from the Christ. The immune hormone substance, IHS from the Christ shall create a Super Immune Hormone System, greater than mortal man ever had: Immortal.

The Weeping Angel Prediction
Excerpts From Worthing England 1960s

No man can know the day or hour when my great universal revelation will be enacted. However, I must repeat, I will reveal myself to the universe through the medium of Nuclear Evolution. This is my plan, which is the absolute.

A major world conflict will herald the last stages of the universal progress. In the meantime, general world conditions will show evidence of a leading up to the introduction of a nuclear device that will bring about the final human level episode. The major conflict I speak of will be between nations and it will be most sudden.

A human press-button device will be used and, simultaneously with the pressing of the button, instead of disaster, the universal revelation will occur.

Since once before mankind has abandoned the first love, now once again the cosmic opportunity has arisen to return to divinity through the first love. There is no other method whereby humanity can return, thus reunite to the original divinity except through the nucleation, the too deep for mortal comprehension magnificent nuclear fusion XXenogenesis process! Amen! So be it!

Albert Einstein once said: The consciousness of mankind dies at 18 years and at 69 years it is buried. That is why the Christ said: Unless you will be like little children with an open mind and engage in the XXenogenesis fusion process to become one of the Christs, you shall never enter the kingdom of God that is within you.

Please print or read this very short web page again and again, until you shall once and for all understand what and who is the omnipresent Spirit of God and what you need to do to reunite to the divinity. God is not some kind of an entity or a supernatural being, because God is the I am that I am omnipresent Spirit, the universal everlasting living light energy! Therefore always remember and never forget, God loves you limitlessly, regardless who you are. Why? Because God created you, your soul, is part of you, in you, loves itself and you the I am, forever and ever in the infinity!

And I am that I am Limitless Love

When the electron orbits decay, the electrons are pulled inwardly through the wormhole, the black hole, reverting into the nucleus of the atom, the bottomless nuclear reactor pit, the fiery smelting pit, for reconversion, re-compensation, recycling,  reincarnation of an atom.

God is not a supernatural being, because God is Spirit. Be kind to everyone, for whatsoever you do to another, you also do it to yourself; only to a greater magnitude. That is a nuclear physics law.

If you know me, please don't be a Judas and betray me. Also if you value the planet earth, all mankind and you in it, surely you will not betray me. And when I am ready, I shall reveal myself to the universe through the medium of
Nuclear Evolution as the Christos, the coming of the Christ.

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