Manny Mansions - Parallel Worlds

From humanity, the diversity of the 12 RNA DNA essences, the milk and honey manna from the 12 astrological signs of the zodiac, needs to be fused together through the long since forgotten unknown >>>XXenogenesis process<<< into one body of a human being, to bring about the coming of the 1st Christ.

In My Father's House There Are Many Mansions

John 14:2. In my Father's house, there are many mansions, if it wasn’t so, I would have told you. This is what those words mean. There are many parallel worlds in the existence continuum, in the infinity. These parallel worlds can be side by side, in front of you, operating in various frequency bands, yet invisible, unseen.

There never was a time that you were not in existence, and there never will be a time that you will ever cease to exist. Why? Because you are eternal, forever and ever! You are the eternal soul, the I am that I am Spirit of God that was created after the image, likeness and limitless love as the Spirit of God creator, the source of everything in all creation. You, your original light body came into the magnificent existence from divine atoms, the same infinitesimal moment the creator God came into existence. That is the complex, the incomprehensible, unfathomable, infinity of no beginning nor end in the time, space existence continuum.

Originally when you were created from no beginning nor end in the existence continuum from omnipresent atoms, you were created in an exquisite, most beautiful pristine, crystal clear nuclear energy light body. In order to maintain the pure immaculate crystal clear nuclear energy light body the universal law requires that you perpetually keep in existence the >limitless love process< of exchanging, changing and interchanging the milk and honey manna, which is the pure light energy of your body with one another. This is the true mystical
>process< that perpetuates the immortal time, space, existence continuum also immortality in the divine beings that did not fall from their divinity.

Since there was a time when the fall, the separation from the divinity of some of the divine beings occurred, now is the time to once again reunite the mortal humanity >while alive< to their original divine Creator; thus become once again the crystal clear light energy body, the Christos. At present this process has been forgotten by the fallen angels, who are all mortal mankind, and therefore is unknown in the mortal 3rd dimension.

Now is the time for all mankind to know, what is this mystifying >>process<<? And you need to participate in the >process< while you are alive, not dead.

Since all mankind is now mortal, you are the key to the lock
that now holds the planet earth in prison!

There are unchangeable universal laws of nuclear physics that govern the creation and maintenance of the universe. These laws have been withheld from you and you are left to discover them by trial and error. Right now, you are far into the error without the >process<.

Throughout this website, the >process< has only a slight veil of concealment. Read carefully and the God that is within you shall reveal you the >process<.

Kundalini Caduceus Serpents


The Sanskrit word Kundalini, is an energy in a form of 2 coiled caduceus serpents, that lies dormant at the base of the spine, until it is activated and lifted upwards, through the 7 chakras - 7 seals in your body; as related in the book of Apocalypse 5:2-5.
When the 2 allegorical caduceus serpents, the matter and antimatter are lifted upwards, thus criss + cross + for the final divine unification, the super genius consciousness bridge is formed between the pineal and pituitary glands.
When this transpires, the pineal and pituitary hormones criss + cross and unite together, and the RNA DNA Immune Hormone Substance IHS is transformed through the process of XXenogenesis spontaneous regeneration and transfiguration in the twinkling of an eye; in the immortal Christos, the Christ, the promised redeemer from death.
Man has now become the alchemist, the parent to his Christ. At that moment he is reunited with the divine creator; hence belongs to eternity. He has become matter and antimatter of crystal clear immaculate nuclear energy light, whereby he is now permitted to eat from the tree of life the milk and honey manna, the food of the gods.

7 Chakras - 7 Seals - 7 Bodies


From Greek Mythology, Hermes is portrayed with the caduceus healing wand, the 2 serpents coiled around the staff of life with the forbidden fruit of the vine on top of the staff. The fruit of the vine represents the Christ lunar germ seed of immortality. The wings represent the liberation of atomic energy from the divine atoms, whereby the exchanging of energy commences between the adjoining atoms. The medical profession adopted the Hermes Caduceus insignia, yet they do not know the true ancient meaning; which is the symbol of a physician, who in reality is: You: Physician know thyself, and heal thyself from thy mortal sting of death through XXenogenesis.

Every soul or person that comes to the mortal world, comes with 7 spirits or 7 bodies. The 7 bodies are: 1. Physical body. 2. Astral body. 3. Emotional body.  4. Mental body. 5. Etheric body. 6. Christ body. 7. Light Energy body. These 7 bodies are the 7 chakras or 7 seals, which govern your life in this mortal life. These are the 7 seals, 7 spirits that are relevant in the Bible. Since there is no permanent death in the universe only transitional death, upon mortal death of a person, it is only a separation of 1 of the bodies, the physical body from the other 6 bodies. This is the mystery of life and death! The mystery of immortal life is that you need to accomplish the transformation with the 7 bodies, while you are alive, not dead, to the ultra high frequency of the 4th dimension and beyond, the empyrean.

This is what the mortal transitional death is. Upon the end of time in the mortal world, the Silver Cord that is connected to the soul is separated from I of the bodies, the mortal physical body and the physical body is left behind either to be buried or cremated or left behind in various ways. Since the mortal body was created from solid dense gross matter, the mortal body cannot go after death any other place to higher frequency except from where it came from, the mortal matter world of basic carbon 666 atoms.

Although when you shall reunite yourself to the divinity by overcoming the enmity, which is the separation from the divinity, you will unite the 7 bodies, thus transform the 7 bodies, which includes your mortal body to the immortal physical-spiritual body, hence become one of the Christs, the Christos.

You then as one of the Christs can travel anyplace in the universe. Or you can cross the threshold barrier from the higher frequency dimension to the world of the dead, the lower frequency. Why is that possible? Because when you are functioning in such a high frequency as one of the Christ, you are united with the total omnipresent atomic oneness in all creation, the universe.

At this time there are many highly evolved souls that have incarnated on earth to help mankind. Therefore if they lose their physical body, they have no limits as to where they can go. Unfortunately if those highly evolved soul come to this mortal world, which they do, we cannot see them, only some individuals can perceive and sense their presence.

These are the days of great tribulations. This is the time when the planet earth is undergoing mega changes of cleansing, which is also traversing to the tilt of the axis. At the time of the tilt of the axis, no mortal being can survive the tilt. Therefore, just before the tilt, the massive assembly of universal spacecrafts that are here in the atmosphere invisible, will evacuate all mankind from planet earth. After the cleansing of earth, by inundations, fire, earthquakes, the tilt of the axis etc., the earth will be uninhabitable for quite some time, about a century until it is ready to receive the new inhabitants, to the new earth, new Jerusalem, the city of 4 square, the 4th dimension, which is already in existence. This is the mystery of the parallel worlds already in existence.

Where will mankind go when evacuated from earth? There are several places mankind will be transported to. Some will go as one of the Christs to the Empyrean, which is the celestial abode of divine illuminating light of the 4th Dimension and beyond. Some to a place where they will complete there transformation to the new earth, new heaven, new Jerusalem, the city of 4 square, the 4th Dimension. It is here where they will become one of the crystal clear energy light, the Christ.

Some will go to various other places where their consciousness has evolved to while on earth. Some to places where they are at the bottom level of their consciousness. Here they will contemplate and eventually regret their useless, unproductive status quo living of this present life. How long will they be here at this lowest level? That depends on each individual's soul, perhaps eons of time, millions of years or billions of years. But no one is ever condemned to hell, because hell does not exist. All creation is precious to the creator God, because the creator God created everything. Therefore that is the unavoidable destiny of every soul, whether it is sooner or later. So why not sooner like now!

At the time of evacuation from earth some will be evacuated in their Christ body and some in the physical mortal body to complete their transformation elsewhere. And some will perish in the tribulations, so when they perish the soul with the 6 bodies will be transported to their specific place for evolvement.

Here is what the consciousness is all about. There is a mountain situated in the midst, mini small and stupendous, soft and rocky, very dark and illuminative,  insurmountable and surmountable. This mountain is far off, and yet as near as your breath, but by the divine guidance, invisible. Within the mountain are hidden all the priceless treasures of the universe, which the mortal world is not able to behold and value.

If one does not reach the crown of the mountain, where the small entrance is, one will never become the master of the crown of life. Why? Because, by the envy of the invisible dark forces, which work through the darkness in mankind, who always oppose the glory of God and the happiness, love and joy in man, see to it, that man never sees the invisible mountain.

Each religion is based upon the secret esoteric knowledge of the preceding religion; although the key to the sacred knowledge is lost. Consequently every religion is guilty of Plagiarism. All religions are made by man, for man, not God. Please open your precious computer mind now!

The practitioners of the world religions make confident predictions and literal foolish meanings of the Scriptures, based solely upon the conventional word for word understanding of the Scriptures. Little do they realize that the days are upon them, when all the false teachings will lie in waste. And their profitable commercial business of deception shall disintegrate, at the time of the coming of the Christ essence into woman and man. Behold the time is at hand to wake up to reality!

Did you know that the original sacred Scriptures came from Atlantis and Lemuria, which in turn came from the preceding civilizations, dating back into millions of years and Mythology?

Prior to the Christian era, the most valuable sacred knowledge written upon parchment, papyrus, vellum, wax and also tablets of stone, terra cotta and wood, were gathered from all parts of the ancient world and housed in the Libraries of Alexandria. This included the original Scriptures from Atlantis, Lemuria, preceding civilizations and Mythology.

The magnificent repository of knowledge was destroyed by series of fires, in 389 AD, set by the Christians. As the fires were raging in Alexandria, the librarians, aided by several hundred slaves that were attached to the museum, succeeded in saving the most precious possessions of the sacred Scriptures.

The sacred Scriptures that were saved were buried in Egypt and India. Consequently, that is the reason the present world remains in ignorance concerning the great mystical truth, the mystery of life and death and the sacred knowledge of how to reunite oneself to the original state of divinity.

Did you know that the books of the Bible contain only small fragments of the original sacred knowledge in the Scriptures?

These Scriptures came from ancient Egypt and India, which were the original Scriptures from Atlantis, Lemuria, preceding civilizations and Mythology. These were the Scriptures that were saved from the burning of the Libraries in Alexandria.

I did not find the mystery of life and death that was buried in Egypt and India. But I found this wisdom in the mystical, invisible mountain, in the crown of life that lies within every woman and man. This is where the Spirit of God resides in the atomic structure in all mankind and every atom in all existence continuum.


Here is a glimpse of the long since forgotten >>>process<<<. This is an excerpt from my 2nd book: Immortality Unveiled. This bit of information came from the Universal Link, from England, from the Keeper of the Flame: May 7, 1966.

Light and truth will descend among my people and all shall know that I live in their hearts and not in a far-off heaven. Yes, light comes to man in the change of world frequencies. The earth's frequency comes under the new cosmic influences.

My light shall be evident to all those who have transmuted their body and mental frequencies to the Christ vibration; an enormous translation whereby old concepts yield to the realization of man's divine nature and God innate in all of creation. Flesh is the vehicle for Spirit and man is Spirit!

Those individuals who behold me in truth will be lifted into a wondrous world of expression. My world will not be destroyed. My glorious world is merely being brought to new light! This is the great cosmic plan of progression as the earth likewise evolves. As the earth's vibrations are accelerated, earthman must be in accord with its vibration.

Man Cannot Exist In The Frequency Of The 4th Dimension Unless

You understand that a being cannot inhabit a place or frequency which is not within its capacity to operate in.

[Unless the mortal man has equated his equilibrium to the same corresponding ultra high frequency of the 4th Dimension. And the woman said in one of my visions: Equate Equilibrium High Frequency]

So a new man is to be the inhabitant of the accelerated earth frequency, and as the earth's frequency increases, man's frequency must also increase, so that the earth shall be his habitation in harmony, peace and love.

A new day of light and love dawns for man as he realizes the futility of war and hatred. A new age takes many years to usher in the complete change of high frequency. As man is bombarded by these high frequency energies, he is uplifted by them.

There is great work to do. Be of such light that, as it emanates from you, it impregnates the auras and force fields of all, that they may be made strong enough to accept these frequencies. See yourselves as intermediaries stabilizing the vibrations of those who are as yet unable to respond to the light.

As you have been in direct contact with many of my lights, by your efforts, the links are forged together into a beautiful chain of light.

Forever you are under the mantle of my love as we reveal to man his real origin, his nature and his destiny. I leave you with my love, my peace and my light. So be it!

The following message came in the evening of the same day
from the Keeper of the Flame. May 7, 1966.

A great revelation heralds my coming. [The two books: Immortality Through XXenogenesis in 1982 & Immortality Unveiled in 1985.]

I have come in many forms and guises, but they have all been one in Spirit. I ushered in the last age in the form and through the mind of the one called the Christ, depicting through him the unity of man with God. This is the time not of one Christ, but of many Christs, the universal Christ in the consciousness of man, as it will be revealed to man through his own resurrection.

I shall not be the crucified Christ or the Christ which hangs upon a cross, for man will have stepped out of the materiality upon which he has been hung-up and stretched, to the unseeing of all of that which was divine within him. But he will have risen triumphantly in a glorious resurrection in the realization of his own divinity.

When this has come to pass, a new day will have dawned, for man will know that he is divine, that he is eternal. He will have transmuted all of that which is earthly into that which is heavenly.

The New Man Has Two Bodies In Which He Will Operate

The new man has two bodies, the physical body and a resurrected spiritual body in which he will operate in the new cosmic frequencies, recognizing himself as a universal being, not limited to time, space, circumstances or old mental concepts. He will behold the glory of God in himself and in his fellowman. This great transmutation is the coming of the Christ.

As the Christ, my mission was to plant in the hearts and minds of man the Christ concept and the seed of the Christ in man, the seed of immortality, revealing to him that which was potentially his to evolve into.

In this new age the seed will grow until it becomes the flowering shrub, which will send forth its flowering and its fruit. There now comes to man the full flowering of the Christ awareness. But beloved ones, this is not the end. Beautiful as the flower is, it is not the ultimate in achievement, for the flower is only the nucleus for the fruit, which follows the flower.

So, although you will behold a flowering of the Christed awareness, or Christ consciousness, in the hearts and minds of men, the fruit of that flowering will be my world in perfect harmony and beauty, love, peace and fulfillment.

[Please Concentrate! and use your Imagination! on what the following words are revealing! Here the veil is very thin for you to see and understand, the mystery of life and death that is now beyond your mortal comprehension! This is the process that has been long since forgotten by mortal mankind!]

When You Shall Take The Fruit Of The Vine Into Your Physical Systems!

Man will be so ripened in his Christ consciousness that he becomes that, of which one might partake, to be sustained and be fulfilled.

For the fruit has but one purpose, that it might be consumed, digested, assimilated and transmuted into the life-giving properties.

When you shall take the fruit of the vine into your physical systems, a marvelous process takes place, by which that fruit is assimilated, digested and transmuted into the blood stream of your bodies.

This is, in miniature, the same thing which will happen, to my beloved children as you will partake of the fruitage of the Christ Spirit, the pure essence of immortality.

As you will assimilate the Christ essence, digest it, and transmute it, it is absorbed into the bloodstream, creating, pulsating, fulfilling the life-force which becomes the motivation and fulfillment of the divine plan; which incorporates all of the universe and binds all together in oneness.

Beloved, you then become the one body of the Christ, each fed, vitalized and sustained by the living life-stream of the Christ essence, in and through you, each sharing the sustenance and fulfillment of all.

For as the Christ essence [the Immune Hormone Substance IHS of Immortality] courses through your blood, through your veins, it does not deny one organ or one cell, any of the sustenance which it must distill as the life-stream passes through it.

When you are aware that you are all one in the divine cosmic body of the Christ, and that each of you may partake of the living stream of the Christ life essence, you will see the necessity for all to become aware of this.

You will not deny anyone of my cells of life that life-giving essence of immortality. This means that you will give to all, irrespective of color, creed, race, or any other factor [providing you are ready to receive it].

You will realize that for the continued sustaining, growing and fulfilling of this great body, each must be equally imbued with the Christ essence, the immortal life stream of my being.

This is the analogy of the flesh and blood of the Christ, not the animal sacrifice, not the blood shed upon the cross, as man has so misconceived. The true body of the Christ is as your body, being sustained, revitalized, regenerated, perfected and fulfilled by the flow of the blood stream through it.

When my children become as one in the one body of the Christ, then my power, my Spirit, my light, my life and my love shall flow equally in and through all; with no restrictions, and all shall be united into the one body of my being, [the oneness with the Spirit of God creator, the source of everything].

Many have embodied now for this purpose and many who will see the vision, will grasp the torch and help to spread the light. So that each of you shall be the light bearers. Each of you have come, that this great plan might be unfolded and fulfilled.

As you go forward you must not only carry the light, you must be the light! For it is only what you are that speaks for you. It is not the words which you speak, it is that which you are which radiates and strikes the resonant chord in the hearts and minds of others.

So if you would truly be my light bearers, you must be light in every area of your being, giving of yourself wholeheartedly to each and every troubled heart and mind and spreading your light even to those whom you do not know in a physical way. Beam my light through you, sending it forth as a blessing to all of mankind everywhere.

When the great arms of love embrace all of humanity, then will my mission be accomplished. Then will the true fruit of the vine be mankind's to partake in loving brotherhood with all of my creation.

My love, my light and my life in you is my sign unto you. Be vibrant with my life, my light and my love. So be it!


Mithra: He who will not eat of my body and drink of my blood, so that he will be made one with me and I with him, the same shall not know salvation, the redemption from the 1st original sin; death.
Gospel of Philip 105:4. He who shall not eat my flesh and drink my blood shall have no immortal life in him.
John 6:54. Unless you eat my flesh and drink my blood, you shall never enter the kingdom of God that is within you, while alive.
Book Of Wisdom 7:2. ... my flesh and blood came from the seed of woman and man, and the pleasure that accompanies the bed.
Genesis 3:15. ... you, now as a mortal being shall have to lie in wait for his heel.

The enigma of heel is the promised redeemer from death, which is the separated psychophysical germ seed of immortality that the mortal mankind does not know anything about. That is why you are still a mortal, not reunited to the divinity.

This Message Is From The Outer World

Flavius Joseph, Jewish Historian: There are things in the universe that are too deep for mortal comprehension. In the higher realms there are prepared for you such stores of milk and honey manna as you cannot conceive of, which will be poured down upon you as soon as you open up the conditions that will render this possible. The obstructions to this event is among mortals, on account of the density of your organism as compared with the spiritual organism. [The milk and honey manna is the food for the immortal divinity.]

As I find a decline of virtue in this world, I shall raise up one individual to reinstate it. These are the days.

And I am that I am Limitless Love

If you know me, please don't be a Judas and betray me. Also if you value the planet earth, all mankind and you in it, surely you will not betray me. And when I am ready, I shall reveal myself to the universe through the medium of
Nuclear Evolution as the Christos, the coming of the Christ.

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God is not a supernatural being, because God is Spirit. Be kind to
everyone, for whatsoever you do to another, you also do it to
yourself; only to a greater magnitude. That is a nuclear physics law.

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