Unlearning Hurts!
Is There A God? >>> And Atoms!

  On a pinpoint there are millions of atoms.
So atoms you are! ~~ Forbidden Fruit!
What is it?

Impenetrable Secrets


Profound! Impenetrable Secrets!
Ultra Top Secrets Of The Universe
Now Revealed!

The Creator Source Of Universal Atom Is:

Omnipresent  Present everywhere throughout time, space, existence continuum.
Omnipotent  Limitless in power, ability, almighty.
Omniscient  Possessing all knowledge, infinitely wise, one universal mind.
Omnificent  Unlimited in creative black and white light nuclear energy light.
Omnibus  Providing the essence for all existence eternally. Spirit of God.
Omniinertia  Energy waiting in abeyance to be acted upon or harnessed.
Invincible  Incapable of being destroyed.
Indivisible  Incapable of ever being divided or separated from its mystical holy  trinity, the trinity of protons, antiprotons, neutrons, antineutrons, and electrons, antielectrons who are the Alpha father nature God principle of protons, and the Omega mother nature God principle of neutrons, and the Beta son of God nature principle of electrons.
Omnia Vincit Amor  Love conquers everything and makes everything possible. Love has many facets. Love is a perfect state of equilibrium, peace, harmony, balance.

The Omnipresent Divine Atom is the Mystical - Holy Trinity Of God -
the Spirit of God - Alpha - Beta - Omega
Who has no beginning nor end.

And I Am That I Am
The omnifarious atom possessing a great diversity.
Therefore I am the Hand of God of matter and antimatter.

No mortal man has ever unveiled me - the atom.
Unless that man has became the same atomic essence as God.
For the Holy Trinity of God and I are one.

Behold! This Is Within Your Divine Atoms!
Waiting In Abeyance To Be Activated!

For you are the atomic structure of God! created in the same image, likeness and limitless love as the Spirit of God, the Divine Atoms, 144 Cubits, 144 Atomic Elements

The Periodic Table Of The Atomic Elements

1. Hydrogen
2. Helium
3. Lithium
4. Beryllium
5. Boron
6. Carbon
7. Nitrogen
8. Oxygen
9. Florine
10. Neon
11. Sodium
12. Magnesium
13. Aluminum
14. Silicon
15. Phosphorous
16. Sulfur
17. Chlorine
18. Argon
19. Potassium
20. Calcium
21. Scandium
22. Titanium
23. Vanadium
24. Chromium
25. Manganese
26. Iron
27. Cobalt
28. Nickel
29. Copper
30. Zinc
31. Gallium
32. Germanium
33. Arsenic
34. Selenium
35. Bromine
36. Krypton
38. Strontium
39. Yttrium
40. Zirconium
41. Niobium
42. Molybdenum
43. Technetium
44. Ruthenium
45. Rhodium
46. Palladium
47. Silver
48. Cadmium
49. Indium
50. Tin
51. Antimony
52. Tellurium
53. Iodine
54. Xenon
55. Cesium
56. Barium
57. Lanthanum
58. Cerium
59 Praseodymium
60 Neodymium
61. Promethium
62. Samarium
63. Europium
64. Gadolinium
65. Terbium
66 Dysprosium
67. Holmium
68. Erbium
69. Thulium
70. Ytterbium
71. Lutetium
72. Hafnium
73. Tantalum
74. Tungsten
75. Rhenium
76. Osmium
77. Iridium
78. Platinum
79. Gold
80. Mercury
81. Thallium
82. Lead
83. Bismuth
84. Polonium
85. Astatine
86. Radon
87. Francium
88. Radium
89. Actinium
90. Thorium
91. Protactinium
92. Uranium
93. Neptunium
94. Plutonium
95. Americium
96. Curium
97. Berkelium
98. Californium
99. Einsteinium
100. Fermium
101. Mendelevium
102. Nobelium
103. Lawrencium
104. Unnliquadium
105. Unnilpentium
106. Unnilhexium
107. Unknown
108. Unknown
109. Unknown
110. Unknown
111. Unknown
112. Unknown
113. Unknown
114. Unknown
115. Unknown
116. Unknown
117. Unknown
118. Unknown
119. Unknown
120. Unknown
121. Unknown
122. Unknown
123. Unknown
124. Unknown
125. Unknown
126. Unknown
127. Unknown
128. Unknown
129. Unknown
130. Unknown
131. Unknown
132. Unknown
133. Unknown
134. Unknown
135. Unknown
136. Unknown
137. Unknown
138. Unknown
139. Unknown
140. Unknown
141. Unknown
142. Unknown
143. Unknown
144. Unknown

Now ask yourself these questions. Presently, which of these atomic elements are not serviceable in my RNA DNA biological chemistry? Which cubits or atomic elements do I need to harness and add to my stature to become the perfect divine measure? thus unleash the infinisonic nuclear energy light body of the Christos, the Christ, the quintessence, the Totality of God in me! Please listen!

Matthew 19:26. With men of science and world religions, this is impossible to conquer death and to know that there are 144 atomic elements within each atom and how to use these atomic elements constructively and according to the immutable nuclear physics law, but with God, all things are possible. Such as >>>

Unveil the impenetrable secret mystery of life and death! Then overcome the atomic enmity, defiling 1st original sin, conquer death, cease the recycling, reincarnation of mortal man, become a Christos, the Christ of crystal clear energy and much more. Billions of dollars is being spent on the research of gene sequencing and stem cell research, yet it is all in vain. Why? Because the revealing answer is in this presentation.

Absolutely Free! Here is the impenetrable secret!
Except you need to know how to use it, and it is Free!

Mithra: He who will not eat of my body and drink of my blood, so that he will be made one with me and I with him, the same shall not know salvation, the redemption from the 1st original sin; death.
Gospel of Philip 105:4. He who shall not eat my flesh and drink my blood shall have no immortal life in him.
John 6:54. Unless you eat my flesh and drink my blood, you shall never enter the kingdom of God that is within you, while alive.
John 6:51. I am the living bread that has come down from heaven.
52. If anyone will eat of this
divine RNA DNA memory milk and honey manna bread from me, he shall live forever; and the bread that I will give is my flesh and blood for the everlasting life of the world, through the XXenogenesis regeneration, transformation and resurrection of mankind from the mortal to the immortal existence.
57. He who eats of my flesh and drinks my blood, I will abide in him and he in me.
Then we shall all become the one body of the Christ, the one Spirit of God universal mind; through astrobiology.
Book Of Wisdom 7:2. ... my flesh and blood came from the seed of woman and man, and the pleasure that accompanies the bed.
Genesis 3:15. ... you, now as a mortal being shall have to lie in wait for his heel.

The enigma of heel is the promised redeemer from death, which is the separated psychophysical germ seed of immortality that the mortal mankind does not know anything about. That is why you are still a mortal, not reunited to the divinity.

Excerpts from the Universal Link News Letter No. 31, from England.
Received May 7, 1965.

Light and truth will descend among my people and all shall know that I live in their hearts and not in a far-off heaven. Yes, light comes to man in the change of world frequencies. The earth's frequency comes under the new cosmic influences.

You understand that a being cannot inhabit a place or frequency which is not within its capacity to operate in. Unless the mortal man has equated his equilibrium to the same corresponding ultra high frequency of the 4th Dimension.

Man will be so ripened in his Christ consciousness that he becomes that, of which one might partake, to be sustained and be fulfilled. For the fruit, the psychophysical Christ lunar germ seed, the redeemer from death has but one purpose, that it might be consumed, digested, assimilated and transmuted into the life-giving properties.

When you shall take the fruit of the vine into your physical systems, a marvelous process takes place, by which that fruit is assimilated, digested and transmuted into the blood stream of your bodies.

[The XXenogenesis fusion process involves taking the fruit of the vine into your physical system, just like in Christian Churches, the symbolic mystical ritual of consuming the body of Christ in communion and ingesting the symbolic wine - blood. Except this is only a ritual and it will never work. The ritual is informing how the real fruit of the divine is to be transmitted, enacted or established.]

This is, in miniature, the same thing which will happen, to my beloved children as you will partake of the fruitage of the Christ Spirit, the essence of immortality. As you will assimilate the Christ essence, digest it, and transmute it, it is absorbed into the bloodstream, creating, pulsating, fulfilling the life-force which becomes the motivation and fulfillment of the divine plan; which incorporates all of the universe and binds all together in oneness.

Beloved, you then become the one body of the Christ, each fed, vitalized and sustained by the living life-stream of the Christ essence, in and through you, each sharing the sustenance and fulfillment of all. For as the Christ essence, the Immune Hormone Substance, IHS of immortality courses through your blood, through your veins, it does not deny one organ or one cell, any of the sustenance which it must distill as the life-stream passes through it. When you are aware that you are all one in the divine cosmic body of the Christ, and that each of you may partake of the living stream of the Christ life essence, you will see the necessity for all to become aware of this.

From the ancient times, the meaning of the word manna is: father-son-mother nature; inferring to the creative principles of father-son-mother nature, which is the everlasting water of life containing the seeds of immortal life, the staff of life, the milk and honey manna, the bread of immortal everlasting life. The word manna is synonymous to the Christ substance that will manifest in every woman and man after the atomic enmity shall be overcome by removing the defiling 1st original sin. There are things in the universe that are too deep for mortal comprehension.

Did you ever think, contemplate the magnificence of your physical-spiritual body, the vehicle, how the Spirit of God functions in you?

Do you know how to use the 144 cubits to the fullest unconditional limitless love magnitude; without so much as your ego in the way?

The seed of love is the beginning of unconditional limitless love. It is the wildest emotion you will ever experience, if you are ever fortunate enough. Do you know what is this limitless love?

Do you realize the power that you hold in the palm of your hands?

How long will it be before you belief in the reality, that is now before you?

Time is the luxury you have been endowed with. Invest in it wisely!
Please don't waste time!

What do you think the Christ, redeemer from death was coming for
on earth? To maintain the status quo and the fantasia syndrome?

Remember, don't forget: Unlearning Hurts

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If you know me, don't be a Judas and betray me. Also if you value the planet earth, all mankind and you in it, surely you will not betray me. And when I am ready, I shall reveal myself to the universe through the medium of nuclear evolution.

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