Unlearning Hurts!
Is There A God? >>> And Atoms!

  On a pinpoint there are millions of atoms.
So atoms you are! ~~ Forbidden Fruit!
What is it?

I Am That I Am

Here is a portrayal of the atom, encompassed in the 7 eggshells. Within the 7 electron inertia energy levels is the symbolic serpent with the whirling, twisting electrons and antielectrons in the mouth of the serpent.

I am that I am from no beginning nor end, forever and ever and ever.

I am that I am >>> the omnipresent, omnipotent, omnificent, omnibus,
omnifarious, invincible, indivisible, omnia vincit amor,
the hand of God; atoms, the creator!

Oh creator Spirit of God, how much longer will you hold me in the bounds of death? I am so tired of constantly dying again, again, again, again, etc!

Who Is The Spirit Of God?

 I am that I am, the hand of God, the Spirit of God!
No mortal man has ever unveiled me, the Spirit of God,
unless that man overcame the 1st original sin; which
he did in 1970-71. Therefore, he speaks and writes the
truth just the way I, the Spirit of God has taught him.

How do you think all this uncorrupted true knowledge came about? everything fitting precisely just the way everything is in all creation? By some mortal mind? !!!Impossible!!! Why impossible? Because this key of sacred knowledge is beyond mortal comprehension, whereas, now it is translated in such a way that you shall understand, providing you will study every iota written. The word iota according to the Phoenician origin, from Hebrew is Yod, meaning Yod He Vah He or YHVH. The meaning is: I am that I am the Spirit of God.

Exodus 3:14-15. And God said, Ehyeh Ashar Ehyeh. Meaning, I am that I am the living God. This is my name forever, and I am the self preserving stone, the divine atom for all generations, from which all comes; for I am that I am, and I am you and everything, in the time, space, existence continuum. I am the omnipresence, the atomic energy!

Incidentely, the Hebrew Semitic language originated from the ancient Sanskrit. The Semitic language includes Arabic, Hebrew, Amharic and Aramaic.

From Hebrew the Living God means: He who is, who was, who will be, eternal; the self existent one, who was and will always be forever, the I am that I am Spirit of God. The word for word rendering of the original I am that I am is: I am, I was, I will be, because I am, I was, I will be the power to be eternally I.

You mortals think that you shall understand all this without first unlearning what you have been brain washed in falseness? Not so! From February 2, 1962, I took many years to teach this man? You need to put your time into this also! Although it will not take you that long.

Originally in the Catholic church, the sign of the cross was: In the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Ghost, Amen.

Who is the ghost? The ghost is a combination of two words: G for good and host for host, stating the God is the good host of milk and honey manna, the everlasting bread of immortal life. Now in the Catholic church the sign of the cross is changed to: In the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit, Amen. In Latin the sign of the cross is: In nomine Patris, et Filii, et Spiritus Sancti. Amen.

The word: Spirit of God is derived from the word "speirÍma" from pneu or pneuma, meaning to breathe, breath of life or serpent force or vital force of eternal life. Sprit is the to and fro, pulsating, vibrating, scintillating, pure, immaculate crystal clear nuclear light energy.

The word God is derived from the word, "good", implying to the good sustenance and substance of ether, the dynamic plasma that feeds and propagates the cosmic universes, including the Milky Way of life, which is the plasma of milk and honey manna, which is the food, the sustenance and substance of omnipresent, everything in existence continuum.

God is the nuclear light energy, the new immaculate pure virgin, crystal clear light energy, the food of the gods, which is by the action and reaction of constant, perpetual vibration, frequency modulation, homogenization of etheric plasma of milk and honey manna, which pervades, permeates and saturates with the God consciousness the omnipotent, omniscient, omnipresent atoms in the eternal, immortal existence continuum.

The Spirit of God is the unconditional limitless love, the perfect equilibrium of the ultra high frequency, the harmony, the balance of matter and antimatter, or positive and negative, or neither good or evil, the plasma, or germ plasm seed, the constant redeemer from stagnant death, which is the psychophysical mystical Christ lunar germ seed of immortality and unconditional limitless love, harmony, balance, joy, etc,

Matthew 5:48. You resurrected mankind, as one of the Christs, are to be constantly exalted and perfected even as your heavenly father is constantly exalted and perfected.

Yes, you are to be constantly exalted and perfected in the process of Nuclear Evolution. Meaning, you are to constantly exchange, change and interchange the nuclear energy milk and honey manna with each other atomic beings. Or you shall become stagnant and undergo carbon 666 death and reincarnation!

That is the atomic power of unconditional limitless love! Please never forget these words, lock those words into your incredible computer mind. Even the creator Spirit of God is always in the state of constant exaltation and perfection. Did anyone ever tell you that?  Why not? Because that is the way it is in Nuclear Evolution!

What is in the macrocosm is also in the microcosm. Or in other words, as above so is the same below. Subsequently, the cosmic universes contain the same make-up, conditions, requirements, prerequisites and necessity as resurrected humanity, as one of the Christs.

The words in the pathfinder Bible have been heavily veiled, until humanity became aware and know how powerful you are composed of, from atomic energy. Otherwise you could destroy yourself and planet earth. Even now the power of atoms is in the wrong hands that don't know how to use it correctly, efficiently with love thy neighbor as thyself.

Physician know thyself and heal thyself from the sting of mortal death! How? By removing the 1st original nuclear transgression, the 1st death, the 1st original sin defilement, that brought on the carbon 666 deaths and reincarnations. Consequently the ceaseless torture of mortal life.

There are things in the universe that are too deep for
mortal comprehension.

Your Destiny Now Awaits Each Of You!
Without Exceptions!

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If you know me, don't be a Judas and betray me. Also if you value the planet earth, all mankind and you in it, surely you will not betray me. And when I am ready, I shall reveal myself to the universe through the medium of nuclear evolution.

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