Unlearning Hurts!
Is There A God? >>> And Atoms!

  On a pinpoint there are millions of atoms.
So atoms you are! ~~ Forbidden Fruit!
What is it?

Few Reasons Why
Here Are Few Reasons Why You Are Here On Earth - Now!
Concerns Everyone!

Before you read about the Ultra Top Secret of the Universe, you will need to know how this bewildering deception will absolutely blow your mind! You will regret this! If you donít read this exposure! Discover how could such a world-wide deception occur and it is effecting you now! And all mankind!

At present, the astray wandering consciousness is like a "thicketĒ. The word thicket means, an impenetrability; a thickness. The thicket is the mortal, abnormal unreality, which is the thicket barrier between the 3rd dimension and the 4th dimension. This thicket barrier stands before the unreceptive minds and facts of life, the mystery of life and death.

It will take a lot of courage to step out of the social consciousness into the reality of what you are going to be now. With the knowledge that is now before you, it will be much easier. Why? You don't need to sift through the cobwebs and rubbles billions of years, birthing, sickness, dying, reincarnation again and again, the ceaseless torture of mortal life.

This has nothing to do with any religion!
World Religions, is what brain-washed you into this dilemma!

Punishment And The Promise Of A Redeemer From Death

Genesis 3:15. I, the indestructible omnipotent Spirit of God which is within every omnipresent atom and in woman and man will cause an enmity, a separation, a division, a mutation, which will result in the divine beings, the fallen angels, the expulsion from the allegorical, metaphoric garden of Eden, the realm of imperishable immortal existence, that is in the 4th dimension and beyond. Consequently the enmity shall be between you and the woman the fallen divine beings, the angels, also an enmity between your seed and her seed and he shall crush your head, mutate the perfect divine beings, the angels, therefore you, now as a mortal being shall have to lie in wait for his heel. What do these words mean?

The word heel is an abstract expression for the Promised Redeemer from death. The promised redeemer from death is not a man. The promised redeemer from death is the separated psychophysical germ seed of immortality that humanity does not know anything about. That is why you are still a mortal not reunited to the divinity.

Genesis 3:16. Because you, the original divine beings, the fallen angels have done this to your-self, created an atomic enmity and became mortals in the 3rd dimension, in pain you shall bring forth children. In toil you shall eat all the days of your life. In the sweat of your brow you shall eat bread, inferring you shall labor to make a living, till you return to the ground. For from cosmic dust carbon 666 atoms you came, unto dust carbon 666 atoms you shall return again and again, unless you will overcome the enmity, the temporary transitional separation from the divinity and the defiling 1st original sin. Why? Because you, mortal humanity are governed by the immutable laws of nuclear physics and thermodynamics. Please read on.

Yes, from carbon 666 mortal atoms you were born in the mortal 3rd dimension. Unto carbon 666 atoms dust shall you return. Unless >>

Luke 12:25. But which of you by being anxious about it, can add a single cubit, an atomic element to your stature, your physical-spiritual body? Therefore if you are not able to do even a very little thing like this, why are you so anxious or concerned about anything else you are doing on earth? Whereas:
Revelation or Apocalypse 21:17. 144 cubits
, 144 atomic elements is man's perfect measure, for that is the same measure as of a divinity.

What is a cubit? A cubit is a mystical, allegorical term used to express an atomic element in an atom. In plainer simple words adding the 144 cubits or 144 atomic elements to your physical-spiritual body means, knowing and understanding the function of your atomic spiritual-physical biological organism of your body. Thus implementing the mystical process that is now very much unknown, since you separated yourself from the divinity.

Matthew 12:30. And he who is not with me with God and in good health is against me, and he who does not gather his seeds, unites his soul-ar and Christ lunar seeds with me, scatters his seeds of life, thereby desolating his health and losing the priceless gift of life. Did anyone ever tell you that because you do not unite your seeds, you scatter your seeds either, in an orgasms or no orgasm at the time of the visitation of the first born germ seed from death?
31. Therefore I say unto you
mankind that every kind of sin and blasphemy shall be forgiven to man; but the sin of blasphemy against the Spirit when you relinquish, give up your physical-spiritual body to death is never forgiven to man, neither in this mortal 3rd dimensional world or in the world that is to come of the 4th dimension, the city of 4 square, the New Jerusalem, unless you will remove the defiling 1st original sin, overcome the atomic enmity and thus conquer death, while you are alive; not dead.
33. For I say to you, either make your tree of life good
, your mortal body free from death, and your fruit, your sexual seeds good, or make your tree bad, when you destroy the physical body unto death, because of lack of knowledge, and your fruit bad; for by the fruit, your tree of life, yourself shall be known.

In simpler words, man blasphemes against the Spirit of God when he becomes so insensible in his consciousness, that he himself defiles and destroys his physical-spiritual body, the temple in which the Spirit of God resides. Indeed, this is the unforgivable 1st original sin! Blasphemy against the Spirit of God occurs when man exiles the Spirit of God from within himself through death. Yes blasphemy of death is the unholy action against the divine.

It is amazing that humanity has been so mind-programmed on earth by religions that most of the people don't know and never heard of the 1st original nuclear transgression, which is the 1st original sin defilement. The imperfection in man is caused by carbon 666 deaths!

Job 14:1 Man that is born of a mortal woman is short lived and full of trouble, but a woman or man who shall be reborn from the psychophysical lunar germ seed of immortality, the redeemer from death shall inherit the kingdom of God, that is within you; that close; not after death.
2. Like a flower man springs up and fades, swift as a shadow that does not abide very long.
3. Even so mortal man wastes away like a rotten thing, like a garment that the moth has consumed.
4. Can a man be born who is clean of defilement?
5. There is none, however short are his days.
Even if a child lived for only an infinitesimal moment, his mortal presence is still unclean and defiled. Why? Because the defiling 1st original sin is present upon birth and throughout the entire lifetime. Why? Because there is an atomic enmity present in all mankind. And since the very, very busy man has no time to know himself, or the Spirit of God who is within him, nor how to remove the atomic enmity, he must suffer the ceaseless torture of mortal life.
10. But when a man dies, all vigor leaves him, including the Spirit of God
, the eternal soul. When man expires, where then is he?
11. And as his
sexual procreative waters fail from his life and his mankindís ovum and sperm seeds, the sexual river of life becomes desolates and dries up,
12. so man then lies down, does not rise up again; till the heavens are no more.
Yes, when man expires, where then is he?

Since the soul in mankind is eternal and can never be destroyed or condemned, the soul in the existence continuum goes to Sheol, the world of the dead. In the Sheol the soul realizes that the reason for mortal life was to undo the defiling 1st original sin and reunite to the original divinity. Consequently in Sheol the soul awaits again to reincarnate.

Isaiah 28:18 Your covenant with death shall be canceled and your agreement with Sheol the world of the dead and the abnormal 3rd dimensional mortal world shall no longer stand, when you shall conquer the atomic enmity and remove the 1st original sin defilement.

According to the Christian Bible, the Jewish Bible, Tanakh, Koran, Vedanta and various other scriptures, the covenant, the agreement from the Spirit of God was a promise to send a redeemer to the human race. Who is this promised redeemer? The promise of the redeemer from death is not a man. The redeemer from death is the psychophysical Christ lunar germ seed of love and immortality, impregnated with the consciousness of the Spirit of God, which comes to every mortal being after puberty, then every lunar month throughout the mortal lifetime. Do you know what to do with the Christ lunar germ seed?

The Christ is not a man. It is the promised redeemer from death!

The word Christ is derived from the Sanskrit word Christos, which comes from the ancient Indic language of Hinduism and the Vedas. Then the etymology of the word Christos found its way into the languages of Tamil, Greek, etc. The Christian Church acquired the word Christos, Christ from the Sanskrit and the Vedas.

The Sanskrit word Christos means: Clear crystal light energy; Crystal clear pure light energy body.

The inference to the crystal clear pure energy is to the nuclear energy that is within the divinity of the omnipresent atoms. Also to the nuclear energy of the creator, the Milky Way quintessence of the Spirit of God, the milk and honey manna; which is composed of the 5 elemental kingdoms of fire, air, water, earth and ether, the pure quintessence, the Christ seed essence.

Galatians 3:10. For those who are satisfied with the mortal life with what they are doing and rely on the works of the carnal law, are still under the curse of the 1st original sin defilement, 1st and 2nd death, Sheol, world of the dead, reincarnation, because of the Genesis 3:15 atomic enmity. Carnal mortal world: Relating to the physical body appearance, self-preservation, security, social consciousness and especially sexual appetites; carnal desire. For it is written: Cursed is everyone unto death and reincarnation again who does not practice everything that is written in the book of the universal law, the pathfinder Bible, book of nuclear physics, Jewish Bible, Tanakh and all other scriptures.
11. But because of the
immutable law, no mortal man is justified and free from the 1st original sin, the unforgivable sin of the blasphemy against the Spirit of God, which gives you life and energy, until you surrender your life upon death, because it is evident before God when you sever your silver cord and exile the Spirit of God from within you. But he, who lives by his trustworthiness in the promised redeemer from death, is lawful. Meaning the atomic fusion, the uniting to oneself of the psychophysical Christ lunar germ seed of immortality is necessary, which is the promised redeemer from death.
12. Thus the law
of XXenogenesis does not rest on faith or merely believing, but he who does these things that are written in the sacred scriptures shall live forever, when he will abide by the universal law.

As stated: Curse is everyone unto death with the 1st original sin.
Do you think you will not die in this world without the Christ seed?

Galatians 4:22. For it is written in the scriptures that Abraham had two sons, one by a slave-girl and one by a free woman.
23. The son of the slave-girl was born according to the flesh
, from ovum and sperm seeds, but the son of the free woman was born by the virtue of the promise of a redeemer from death, the Christ lunar germ seed of immortality; through XXenogenesis.
24. This was said by the way of allegory
, as is most of the Bible, the pathfinder. For these allegorical two sons of Abraham are the two covenants in all mankind: One covenant indeed is Mount Sinai, which brings forth children into bondage, unto the mortal transitional carbon 666 death and reincarnation with the 1st original sin defilement, which is Hagar.
25. For this Hagar is
the covenant of bondage and death, which is symbolized by Mount Sinai in Arabia, which is the disintegrating pineal gland, with the desert sand like particles at its base, due to the orgasms, no orgasms and negative living, which corresponds to the present Jerusalem, the abnormal mortal world, which is now in bondage with her children unto the carbon 666 death.
26. But the second covenant, that of New Jerusalem
of the 4th dimension, which is above, is free from the bondage of death, and is the mother of all those who shall free themselves from being a prisoner of death and defiling 1st original sin.
27. For it is written: Make merry, Oh you barren who do not bear, rejoice and cry from happiness. Oh you who do not travail any longer with
mortal child. For the mortal children of the one in disfavor, those who waste, squander the seeds of life in an orgasm, are more numerous, than the children of the one who is favored. Implying to those who have fused the Christ lunar germ seeds for the birth of the Christ in man.
28. Now we
, the self-elect, my brethren, are the children of the promise of the redeemer from death, as was Isaac, the second son of Abraham, which is allegorically representing the second covenant, that of immortality.
29. But as then, he
, the mortal man who was born according to the flesh, persecuted and abused him, the Christ germ seed through his orgasms and no orgasms at the visitation time, the Passover Sabbath time of, the one who was born according to the Spirit of God the Christ lunar germ seed; so also it is now the same, because of man's lack of understanding.
30. Nevertheless, what does the scripture say? Cast out
, put an end to the slave-girl and her son, the abnormal usage of the sexual power in the mortal mankind; for the son, that part of mankind born of the slave-girl, who are enslaved unto death, cannot be heir to the union with the divinity, with the son, who shall become one of the Christs, and is born of the free woman, the celestial virgin, the Christ germ seed substance immaculately conceived.
31. Therefore brethren, we are not to be children of a slave-girl, but of the free woman, in virtue of the freedom, wherewith the
psychophysical Christ lunar germ seed of immortality can make us free from death and immortal forever and ever in the infinity.

Did you know that? If not please read again!

Phillipians 3:20. Our homeland is in the divinity where we came from the crystal clear light energy, and where we are to return. For this to return to our divinity we require the promised redeemer from death, the Christ lunar germ seed of love to free mankind from the mortal enslavement to the atomic enmity and the 1st original sin, which causes the ceaseless torture of mortal life unto death and reincarnation, who, referring to the Christ germ seed of immortality will transform our mortal bodies unto immortal, celestial bodies, so as to alter the course of the entire universe, meaning change the destiny of mortal man unto the 4th dimension and beyond.

Did you mankind know that you are to return to your homeland, the creator Spirit of God, while you are alive, not dead in Sheol?

Luke 20:38. For the God is not the God of the dead, constantly dying people, but of the living; for all must live, be sensible and very much alive to know him and to love him.

The paradise, heaven, purgatory, limbo, hell and whatever are man's concocted dogma. The dogmas were skillfully designed to control man and to keep man a slave to the man made false religions, for power and money. Fear of God, is one of the best ways to control a mind; when you are a prisoner of ignorance. Dogma when spelled in reverse is, am god, meaning, attempting to play the part of God in religions, by teaching humanity that you are infallible, incapable of telling a lie.

The Mode of Resurrection

1 Corinthians 15: 20. But now we know that the Christ overcame the enmity between the carbon 666 atoms in his body, and therefore has risen from the living dead, the 1st death, not from a dead corpse, but from the nuclear fusion of the first-fruits who have fallen asleep in his mortal body.
21. For since by a man came death
when all of you were immortal, divine in the Garden of Eden, when you ate or consumed the forbidden fruit of the vine from your tree of life, thereby causing the atomic enmity and creating the 1st original sin, by a man must also come the resurrection of the living dead of all mankind who are subject to the 1st original sin; Death.
23. But every man will come into his own turn of becoming
one of the Christs; the reincarnate of the Christ as the first-fruit, then afterwards all those who will also become Christs, at the time of his coming.

Please, remember: At the time of the Christ coming again. Till that time, you will still be mortal with the 1st original sin. Why? Because you do not know how to overcome death! You do not know what is Cosmic Crucifixion! And it is not dying on a wooden cross, as man has misconceived!

26. And the last enemy to be destroyed by man himself will be death, after he will overcome the atomic enmity and 1st original sin.
39. All flesh is not the same flesh in every man, but there is one flesh of earth
, those born under the astrological earth signs of Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn, another flesh of beasts, those born under the fire signs of Aries, Leo, Sagittarius, another flesh of birds, those born under the air signs of Gemini, Libra, Aquarius, another flesh of fishes, those born under the water signs of Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces.
And when these 4 elemental kingdoms of earth, fire, air and water are united together into the biochemistry of man, meaning, when they are acquired-united from other-astro source, they will produce the etheric super-substantial crystal clear, pure, immaculate nuclear energy light of Milky Way milk and honey manna, the Christos, the Christ. That is known as: Astrobiology.
53. For this corruptible body must put on incorruption, and this mortal body must put on immortality
while man is still alive, before mankind exiles the Spirit of God from within himself through death.
54. But when this mortal body puts on immortality, then shall come to pass, the word that is written
in the scriptures, death shall be swallowed up in victory.
55. Oh death where is thy victory? Oh death where is thy sting?
56. Now the sting of death is in sin
, the 1st original sin, which is the one and only unforgivable sin of blasphemy against the Spirit of God, and the power of sin, the 1st original sin is the mortal law in the 3rd dimension, mortal world.

Please donít be like an ostrich that hides his head, thinking that the consequences of being a mortal will go away. They will not!

The universal law of becoming one of the Christ does no rely on only the faith, believing or your consciousness, but becoming a doer! Becoming one of the Christs is not a spectator sport! That is the only reason and purpose you are here on earth! If you think otherwise, that is your ego that does not exist. If this doesn't strike a fire under you with what you are now reading and what was presented to you, nothing else will! But --- maybe!

Do you have an inquisitive mind to know more? Fear is an illusion! And ego, which does not exist is a tremendous hurt to the pride.
That is why unlearning shall hurt, only for a short time!
And the time to unlearn, is all up to you. Now!

Infinity, is the incomprehensible existence continuum, from no beginning nor end. Originally, all of mankind, including trillions of extraterrestrial beings were created in the infinity, in the same image, likeness, limitless love, peace and harmony, as the creator, the source of everything, the Spirit of God. Yes you were created in a perfect, immortal, divine atomic structure, which is a beautiful, exquisite, crystal clear nuclear energy light body, the Christos. There never was a time that you were not in existence, and there never will be a time that you will ever cease to exist. For you are eternal forever and ever in the infinity, the eternal soul! And we are all equal.

And what is it that perpetuates the infinite time, space existence continuum? It is the unchangeable, immutable law of nuclear physics that necessitates and requires that you constantly exchange, change and interchange the nuclear energy milk and honey manna with each other atomic beings. That is the atomic power of Limitless Love!

Matthew 5:48. You mankind, are to be constantly exalted and perfected even as your heavenly father is constantly exalted and perfected in the process of Nuclear Evolution. Meaning, you are to constantly exchange, change and interchange the nuclear energy milk and honey manna with each other atomic beings. That is the atomic power of Limitless Love! Please never forget these words, lock those words into your incredible computer mind. Even the creator Spirit of God is always in the state of constant exaltation and perfection. Did anyone ever tell you that?  Why not? Because that is the way it is in Nuclear Evolution!

Stop here for a moment and think wisely, if Jesus is the only perfect begotten son of God and he died for all the sins of all mankind, and that is from the beginning to the end of the world etc., why is it that his father, the creator is in a state of continuous perfection? Don't you think that the story about Jesus is false?

We are all together in this, to the end of time in the mortal 3rd dimensional world. Why? The fragment from which each and every individual fragmented from the creator is a portion that must be accounted for in order for the balance of all to be maintained and restored. You cannot be simply written off. That would create a flaw that would cause unacceptable repercussions in the universe. All soul fragments must return to the God source from which they were projected in order for the source to remain in the balance of wholeness.

It is important that you gather into your awareness the wholeness of this situation. Why? We are all together in this, so that you can begin to contemplate the understanding that even those of darkest behavior patterns, are valuable to the source that you call God. Think, what is the unfathomable power of limitless love! Stop here for a moment! Contemplate on these words.

Luke 20: 34. The Christ said: The children of this world now marry and are given unto marriage.
35. But those
self-elect who shall be accounted worthy of the world that is to come of 4th dimension, and of the resurrection from the dead, the 1st death, neither will they marry nor put away their wives, the bride, the feminine aspect, the Christ germ seed, that comes to humanity every lunar month, to be united in holy matrimony, for the redemption from death.
36. For they cannot die again
when you shall become one of the Christs, because they are equal to the angels, and are therefore Sons of God, being Sons of Resurrection.
37. Now concerning the resurrection of the dead, even
, the fabled Moses pointed it out in the passage of the flaming bush saying.
38. And I am not the God of the dead
, constantly dying people, but I am the God of the living people; for all must live, be very much alive to know him and to love him.

Yes God is not the God of the dead, constantly dying people.

Matthew 22:29. The Christ said: You mankind all err are all in error in this abnormal world, because you do not understand the Scriptures nor the omnipotent power of God that is omnipresent in the divinity of every atom, and the RNA DNA in your body. That is the reason you all die because of the 1st original sin!
30. For at the time of the resurrection of the dead
from the 1st death, they, the self-elect will neither marry nor be given unto counterfeit marriage, but they will be as angels of God in heaven, eternally engaged in the worship of God in one another, so as to be constantly exalted and perfected, even as the creator is constantly exalted and perfected in the progressive Nuclear Evolution.

Self-elect will neither marry nor be given unto counterfeit marriage!

The Book of Wisdom was nestled in the Old Testament and it is found in the Catholic Bibles only. Why?

Wisdom 4:1. Blessed will they be who are with usefulness for XXenogenesis, for immortality will be the memory. Yes, those who shall realize the true purpose why they are here for on earth, hence overcome the enmity and death, the defilement of the 1st original sin.
17. They
, mankind who are blind see death of the man and do not understand what the Lord, the immutable laws of God intended for him to find, or why he made him. Yes, humanity is living in such darkness in his house of God, his mortal body that he does not realize his motive for being here. Yes mankind do not know that they are to cease death while alive, not after death.
18. They
, mankind see and hold the Lord in contempt and accusations that it is the Lordís fault that man is mortal and subject to all the travails of life, but the Lord, the universal laws laughs them to scorn.
19. And they
, mankind shall afterwards upon living a fruitless life become dishonored corpses when they shall die with defilement, with the unforgivable 1st original sin and an unceasing mockery among the dead. For the Lord, the universal law shall strike them down speechless, and prostrate, and rock them to their foundation. For they shall be utterly laid waste, and shall be in grief and their memory shall perish.
20. Fearful shall they
, mankind come, at the counting up of their misdeeds when the time has arrived to face death once again, because their transgression of blasphemy against the Spirit of God, the house of God they lived in shall convict them to their face, by their own hand when they die.

They, the mankind who are blind see death of man and do not understand that it is the 1st original sin that caused it.
Now is the time to remove the 1st original sin defilement!

Wisdom 5:1. Then shall the just one, the reincarnate counterpart of the Christ with great assurance, stand before all his oppressors who sat and did nothing to help him, except for a few, while he labored for 51 + years from 1962 with the quest of conquering death and to return mankind to the originality, to the Spirit of God.
2. Seeing this
that the reincarnate of the Christ here on earth united himself with his counterpart, the Christ that was to come, they shall be shaken with dreadful fear, and amazed at the unlooked regions for redemption from death, areas of search, where this man explored, where no man would ever think of searching for the mystery of life and death, the pathfinder Bible, plus.
3. Then they
, mankind shall say among themselves, with full of regret, remorseful things, and groaning through anguish of spirit: This is he whom once we held as a laughingstock and as a type for mockery.
4. Fools that we were! His life we deemed as madness, and his search for death dishonored
, meaning his XXenogenesis process of not dying as foolishness.
5. Now see how he is accounted among the Sons of God; how his lot is with the Lord
, the universal laws!
6. We
, humanity are the ones who have strayed away from the truth, and the light of justice did not shine for us, and the sun, the divine enlightenment did not rise for us.
7. We had our fill of the ways of mischief and of ruin
of our temple of God, unto death do us part; we journeyed through impassable deserts, meaning, mankind searched for the truth, through the literal, not metaphysical, understanding of the Scriptures, the pathfinder Bible, but the way of the Lord we knew not.
8. What did our pride and ignorance avail us? What has wealth and its empty boastfulness afforded us?
9. All of these passed away like a shadow and illusion, like a fleeting rumor
, like dust in the wind.
13. Even so, we once born, abruptly came with nothingness, and had no sign of virtue to display, but soon we were emptied
of the treasure of priceless sexual seeds of love, life and immortality in our transgressions against the Lord, with the defiling 1st original sin, thus subject to reincarnate again, again and again, the ceaseless torture of mortal life.

Furthermore, here is a message to those who have spent many years in the search of what is this all about. or what is this to be, etc.? If you are one who claims that you are in touch with the higher power, or spirit or worldly masters, teachers or the God that is within you and everyone, etc., you or whoever, should now be prepared to answer these universal questions.

  1. Why are you for on earth now?

  2. What level of understanding are you in? Rate yourself later.

  3. How were you created originally in the light energy?

  4. Who is God? Who created God?

  5. What was your atomic structure originally?

  6. Did you know the Bible is a book of nuclear physics? Why?

  7. What are the 7 lamp stands or 7 electron inertia energy levels?

  8. What is nuclear evolution?

  9. Who and where are the fallen angels, from perfection?

  10. Why are you now a carbon 666 structure that brought on the 1st original nuclear transgression, 1st death, 1st original sin?

  11. Why is it that now the 1st original sin needs to be removed before you shall overcome the carbon 666 death? While alive.

  12. How can you remove the defiling 1st original sin and the atomic enmity?

  13. How are you going to reunite yourself to the originality?

  14. What is the atomic enmity between you and the woman?

  15. What is the atomic enmity between your seed and her seed?

  16. How old is your soul? How old is your body?

  17. How and why did you fall from your divinity?

  18. What is the promised redeemer from death?

  19. What is psychophysical Christ lunar germ seed of immortality?

  20. What are you suppose to do with this germ seed of love?

  21. What does this mean: Constant renewing of the mind?

  22. What is the power of unconditional limitless love?

  23. What is, as stated in the scriptures, the pathfinder Bible: You have left your first love? What is the first love?

  24. What are the 7 seals or 7 chakras of your body?

  25. What is 1st death and 2nd death?

  26. Do you know how to add a cubit to your mortal body and then you need 144 cubits?

  27. What does this mean: For your bed shall be too short to stretch out in, and the covers too narrow to wrap in? Why?

  28. What is the true immaculate conception?

  29. What is: This mortal body must put on immortality? While alive; not dead?

  30. Do you know how to put on immortality now?

  31. What is: I can destroy the temple and I can rebuilt it in 3 days?

  32. What does 12 hours in a day mean?

  33. What does this mean: The concern for the physical comes first, then comes the spiritual. Why?

  34. What does: He who has the bride, is the bridegroom, mean?

  35. Did you know that you are to decipher the code number of the beast? What is the code number? Who is the beast?

  36. How are you to resurrect while alive from this mortal body?

  37. What is cosmic crucifixion? And it is not on a wooden cross.

  38. Did you know that: All flesh is not the same flesh in every man? And why do you need the 12 astrological essences fused in your body now?

  39. Did you know that every mortal man dares and robs God in tithes? And this nothing to do with money or donation!

  40. What is the etheric plasma of milk and honey manna?

  41. How is this milk and honey manna to be used? For what?

  42. Did you know that in these days many false prophets will rise? And they are this or that, misleading mankind further?

  43. What is: You shall have to lie in wait for the heel? It is something you need to do, not standing or on your knees, only lying down.

  44. Why is mankind so much in error now?

  45. Do you know how to differentiate the true sacred knowledge? What criteria needs to be used?

  46. What is the forbidden fruit of the vine that brings about death and reincarnation, again, again; unless?

  47. Did you know: This solar system, planet earth and all mankind is now traversing into the ultra high frequency of 4th dimension, and in the 4th dimension no mortal being can survive, unless? Why not? 

  48. What do these words mean: In the days of old, in the time long since forgotten? What did you forget?

  49. What do these words mean: I will open for you the floodgate of heaven, to pour down blessings of milk and honey manna upon you mankind without measure? For what purpose? What is it? Where does the transmuted milk and honey manna come from in your body?!

  50. Did you know that originally God created all mankind perfect, imperishable, immortal? What happened?

  51. Who is the parenting group? What for?

  52. Did you know that you are invited to something so extra special and inconceivable, that now you can't imagine!? What for?

  53. Did you know that when you die, the soul goes to Sheol, to eventually reincarnate again and again, until you do it right, remove the enmity and the 1st original sin defilement? You have been doing the same thing over and over again, born again, live, die and reincarnate for the pass several billions years, without any change and results. Why? Whose fault is it?

  54. Did you know that ignorance is no excuse before the universal laws? The laws work whether you understand them or not.

  55. Did you know that the dark force adversaries have studied humanity very well? And you are controlled by them, whether you know it or not?

  56. What is: You are now controlled: by the invisible dark forces; by low consciousness; by religions; by the organizations that take you to the grave sooner than you think; by your relations with wife, husband, daughter, son, relatives, friends; by the girlfriend and boyfriend relation; etc.? Excessively numerous to mention!

  57. Did you know that there is nothing more important you are doing in your current life experience, than to return to the originality, through the process; that is presently beyond your mortal understanding! If you think otherwise, then its your ego in full operation in you, that does not exist.

  58. Do you understand what is balance, harmony, peace through unconditional limitless love?

  59. Did you know that you are now faced with the possibility of complete extinction unless you make a cosmic leap into embracing the process? Of what good is this knowledge, if it is not acted upon?

  60. Do you know what this means: Birthing this conception involving the process is next on the agenda.

  61. What is: The finite mind is unable to fathom this process?

  62. What is: Without this process all creation would collapse into nothingness?

  63. What is Michael the Archangel battled with the dragon mean?

  64. Why did Archangel Michael come to earth as a mortal, now?

  65. Why is it that the coming of the 1st Christ did not occur yet?

  66. Do I need to go on with zillion more questions? I can!!!

Also, ask yourself this question. Where do you think all this exclusive sacred knowledge came from? A mortal mind? Impossible! And you don't wish to associate with him. This concerns everyone on earth!

If you don't know the cosmic universal answers to the sacred knowledge that is in this presentation, then either you did not read what is now before you, or your mortal judgment or ego (that does not exist) got the best of you. Please do not skip any pages.

Please accept my apologies to those who I perhaps ruffled-up with these words of wisdom. If you read in this presentation, you will know why  >>

Malachia 3:5. Therefore, I, the Christ will be swift to bear witness against the sorcerers, adulterers and all those who falsify the truth and do not respect this sacred knowledge; then you will know why.


Here is the latest flyer that was distributed after July 7, 2010.

>> Crystal Clear Light Energy <<

How would you like to be a part of the, Crystal Clear Light Energy? There is no cost involved. It is Free! Always Free! Why Free? It is Priceless! You could not afford to purchase it!

The Crystal Clear Light Energy is nothing like you have ever been exposed to. It is so different that the super consciousness is out of this mortal world.

At the beginning of your acquaintance to the matter of fact, you wonít even believe it! Yet, it is real and true, out of this world!

You will never regret this adventure. Eventually this will spread like fire and will concern every person on earth.

But now the new fiery nucleus is most important! And you can be part of the nucleus of, Crystal Clear Light Energy. Nothing that you have done before will accomplish a change in the world. But this will! It is dark here on earth. Now is the time to light up the world!

Are you now controlled by someone? Think hard, are you controlled? Such as fear, an illusion. One moment fear is here, next moment it is gone; an illusion.

In Crystal Clear Light Energy, you will conquer all controls, fear, ignorance and all vices beyond your expectations. Remember, the knowledge is out of this mortal world, which means you donít know what it is, but should know!

The energy of pure light is potentially more powerful than any nuclear bomb or weapon. We just have not yet learn how to harness the basic pure light energy.

How do you access the Crystal Clear Light Energy? You are composed of atoms! Trillions! And that Crystal Clear Light Energy is in the nucleus of every atom, in every woman and man, which is now unknown, unavailable.

Here you shall learn and harness the Crystal Clear Light Energy.

When you do, the radiant light shall go out into the mortal 3rd Dimension world, from your Crystal Clear Light Energy.

This will be the entrance, the gateway to the 4th Dimension, which is now on the horizon, whether you know it, or not.

The 4th Dimension is the entrance to the ultra high frequency and no one can prevent the coming. That is an immutable law of nuclear physics.

Many years of research and proof went into the Crystal Clear Light Energy. Guaranteed you wonít find this knowledge in any other place on earth. Why not?

You need an inquisitive mind, receptive organism and power of the mind to remember! If interested, donít let the illusive fear stand in your way.

Please call >>> Censored <<< Thank you.


I am the voice of the future. Bring me your peace! And my wounds they will heal! Answer my call, and you will be free from death!

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If you know me, don't be a Judas and betray me. Also if you value the planet earth, all mankind and you in it, surely you will not betray me. And when I am ready, I shall reveal myself to the universe through the medium of nuclear evolution.

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