Exposure IX

Every religion is based upon the secret esoteric knowledge of the
preceding religion. Although the key to the sacred knowledge is lost.
Consequently every religion is guilty of plagiarism.
All religions were made by man for man not God.

Time is the luxury you have been invested with. Use is wisely.
The missing Key to the Sacred Knowledge! The Holy Grail!

Frederich Heinrich Wilhelm Gesenius, German Orientalist: Fools always oppose the truth, as the fools are in the majority, and those who are willing and trying to learn the truth, are in the minority. The Hebrew language is nothing more than the ancient Chaldean tongue. The proof of this may be had by a comparison of Chaldean and Hebrew alphabets, and in making such a comparison, to use one of their scripture terms, the wayfaring man though a fool cannot err therein.

The whole of the Jewish traditions in the Old Testament were revised and placed in their present shape about B. C. 450, and were taken from the Chaldean traditions. You will have the proof of this when you will see that the supposed ancestor of the Jews Abraham or Ibrahm was not a Jew, because the name is Chaldean. The letter "I" means, the one, and "brahm" means, the soul, the one soul of all things. Abraham was a native of Ur of Chaldea, and not a Hebrew at all. This was all set forth by Zoroaster the Younger, or Daniel, as the Jews have called him, at the courts during the reign of three or four Chaldean or Assyrian kings.

Ezra, sometime later made a revision of the account of Zoroaster to Daniel; and while the tradition in relation to Daniel, before the time of Ezra is adhered to today in the Greek Church, the revised version of the same tradition by Ezra is adhered to by the Roman Catholic Church. The Rabbies of the time when the New Testament was in course of taking shape, such as Gamaliel, Akiba and Onkelos, were so superstitious and imbued with the idea of what they termed Moses, that they regarded the Jews as the lineal descendents of Abraham, or Ibrahm.

Moses was not an individual, but only a combination of two names, Moab and Sesostris; Mo meaning the man, and ab meaning the father, or Moab the father man and Sesostris, a king of a people known in ancient times as Sethites. This is the derivation of the name Moses from Mo + ses, to Moses. There never was a Moses as it is said in the Bible. These people looked upon the combination of those names, and the traditions connected with them, as showing that they were lineal descendants from Ibrahm, or Abraham, as the name has been called by the Hebrews. So when Apollonius disputed the fact of Abraham and their traditions with the learned Rabbies, he defeated them in arguments. Because of that he had to flee from Jerusalem to Tarsus.


Ananias, Jewish High Priest: I was born in Jerusalem, in the year 2 BC, as it is now called. I was the high priest of the Jews, from A. D. 45 to A. D. 65. You will find a brief account of my doings in the twenty-fourth chapter of Acts. I was one of the accusers of Apollonius before Felix. The name should have been Apollos, instead of Paul. The charge that was set down against him was, that he was a seditious and pestilent fellow. That was not the charge made against him at all. The charge was that he had attempted and entered in the Temple the Holy of Holies place; claiming the divine right to do so. When the priests and populace attempted to restrain him and keep him from entering there, such was his power that he entered the Holy of Holies, and none present could stop him. We called this power, the power of God, but you people call it medium-ship. It was for this I accused him before Felix. He had violated and profaned the temple, and I accused him of it. As a spirit I must confess that I was more governed in this by a feeling of jealousy than anything else.

The Jews had sworn to destroy Apollonius but he had converted a great number of them to his faith, the faith of Christos or Chrishna. You read of Paul or Apollos having been let down from the walls of Damascus, in a basket; but that occurred at Jerusalem and not at Damascus.

From A. D. 35 to A. D. 65, the only account of the Christ that was preached in Judea was the Christos of Apollonius, which he was a member of the Essenes. The Essenes were not Jews, as has been wrongly supposed. Any person who followed their teachings could join the Essenes, no matter what his or her nationality. This Apollos or Apollonius, was summoned before Felix and his wife Drusilla, where he produced such extraordinary spirit manifestations, that as Felix could not let him go, not having the power to do so, he did the next best thing for Apollos, he kept him in prison until his successor arrived, where he was sent to Rome where he was liberated.


St. Francis De Sales, Bishop of Geneva: When I was on earth I never hesitated to preach in the presence of heretics. I wish to ask you how you, a small body of people and in so small a minority, expect, successfully, to beard the powerful Catholic Church? What does it matter, even if you know the truth in relation to Apollonius of Tyana, or in regard to Crishna Hesus, or the other gods? You forget that all the valuable manuscripts concerning them are in possession of our Catholic Church. You will need proof to show that your standpoint is correct; and like many of the Protestant Churches, all of which are nothing more than bastard religions, it will appear that it has nothing more to support it, but the sayings and doings of your work. You may know, when I tried to convert the famous Theodore Beza, on his death bed to the Catholic faith, that I was in earnest about propagating my religion when on earth, and as I am yet so in spirit life. The priests of my church have hidden their tracks well, and it will cost an immense outlay of time and money to prove that you are expounding the truth. You cannot do it, and I challenge you to the trial.


Aronomar: I will now communicate in relation to the Chaldean paraphrases. I had four different names by which I am known to history. Aronomar, which was Persian; Belteshazzar, which was Chaldean; Daniel, which was Samarito Judean, and Zoroaster, which was also Persian. At the time in which I lived at Babylon, there was what you might call a Council called together by Nabopolasser, the father of Nebuchadnezzar, the most learned man of the neighboring nations of the Chaldean empire. The object of this assembly of learned men was to record the traditions or unwritten histories of these various countries. I was the president or head of that Council. I understood seventeen different languages. The Chaldean, Egyptian and Phoenician languages were the most important of these. It was at this Council that the Talmud was first made, which is a collection of Rabbinic writings. The Jews had no history written up to that time. The Jews had nothing to do with it except to carry that compilation away with them when they returned from their Babylonian captivity.

It is this Talmud of Babylon, that is so revered and guarded with awe and devotion by the Jews of today, which their ancestors bore away with them in the reign of Cyrus. Now the most remarkable fact you will find to test the truth of my testimony is, that while you will find the Targums of all the other books of the Septuagint, you will find none of the books of Daniel, Ezra and Nehemiah. The reason for this was, that to have written the Targums of those books, you would have to show that they were of the Chaldean origin. And it was this point the Targum writers aimed to conceal.

From my time to the time of the history of Aristobulus, the tutor of Ptolemy Physon, there were seventy-two Mishnaic doctors, but the Jews made them run down to the time of Juda, or Jehuda, the Holy, the compiler of the Mishna, but this was only done to conceal the Septuagint of Aristobulus, which afterwards was revised by the learned man, Demetrius Phalerius, the distinguished librarian of Ptolemy Philadelphus.


Saint Declan, Ancient Sun-Worshipper: I am not and was no saint. I was only made to be a saint through the ignorance and superstition by Catholic Christians after my time on earth. My name was Declan, Saint Declan. That is how I became a saint. The place where I principally flourished was Ardmore, in the county of Waterford, Ireland. I lived in the fourth century of the Christian era. The doctrines that were taught by me embraced the secret meaning of all the round towers in Ireland. Our religion was the Druidic. Our books were all written upon scrolls, and embraced some of the finest specimens of illuminated writings that were then in the world. Our whole religious teachings and practices had their origin among the Phoenicians, from whom we derived them. The Phoenicians visited and traded in Ireland and Britain one thousand years before the Christian era. The sun was designated as IES, a designation we received from the Phoenicians, but it was corrupted by the Scandinavians into HES, meaning fire, fire-man, or sun-man, who afterwards figured as the sun-god, or Son of God.

It was not until nearly three hundred years later that some of Augustin's followers introduced into Ireland the Christos religion of the East. St. Patrick who was not a Christian taught the same sun-worshipping Druidical religion that I taught. When the Christosite priests gained a foothold in Ireland and Britain, finding that they could not destroy the respect of the people and our religious teachings, they called us saints and said that our sanctification had all come from Rome. But if you reference the writings of Herodotus and Pliny you will find that the Phoenicians were trading with Britain long before their times, and went there to obtain tin, on which account they called Britain the Tin Island.


Leonardo Bruni, Papal Secretary: The sign of the Greek Cross with the forefingers and the sign of the Latin Cross have condemned more souls to ignorance and perpetual contention and opposition to truth, than all other things combined. I was not a theologian, and yet I had to disguise my true sentiment, in order to gain favor with Catholics and obtain a living. I was engaged principally in literary matters, and by favor of the Medici family was promoted to the Secretary-ship of the Government of Florence. I copied and endorsed a half dozen of the most absolute forgeries, which are now among the secret archives of the Vatican Library at Rome. They were intended to make the edicts of Theodosius appear as part of the decrees of the Roman Catholic Church, when in reality this was not the case.

It seems there were two versions of the Christosite gospel. One was given to the Greeks and Romans by Apollonius of Tyana, and the other was brought by an Armenian; but unfortunately his name was erased from it. It appeared to me that the version of the Armenian was purer and had less forgeries than that of Apollonius. Since the followers of Apollonius were more numerous and constituted the strongest party, Theodosius sided with them, and massacred the other party. The second manuscript of the six that I copied bore upon the life of Apollonius and purported to be by Philostratus, but it was evident that Eusebius had changed the whole of that work to suit the Christos and Hesus doctrines, leaving such parts as it would not benefit his purpose to alter, and omitting such parts as conflicted with his views.

The third manuscript was an old Carthagenian document. This manuscript showed that the Council of Nice had appropriated the "Ies" from the Phoenicians and made it "Jes", prelude for Jesus.

The fourth document was an attempt to prove that Peter was the first pope, when in reality the word "pope" in that document clearly showed that the word pope was not known until the time of Constantine, A.D. 680, and that then the word pope was only used as applied to all bishops, meaning papa or father. Peter was not a pope, neither there was a Peter. The fifth manuscript showed that shortly before my time 1189 or 1190 Pope Celestine III destroyed all the documents he could find that gave direct information about Iarchus's or Apollonius's version of the Hindoo gospels; and that what he had not destroyed had been rewritten to suit the Christian ideas of his time. The sixth manuscript that I had in my hands was a copy of the Druidical religion. It was beautifully written and showed plainly and positively that the Druids were strictly sun-worshippers and had instituted certain rites of initiation peculiar to themselves. I passed to spirit life in 1444, in Florence. I was at heart, and secretly, a materialist.


St. Dominic De Guzman, Founder of the Dominican Order: I will begin by stating that I persecuted the Albigenses in my mortal life, in which I was afterwards helped by Simon de Montfort, and I founded the Order of Dominican Friars. There are tens of thousands of spirits who will curse me for what I am now about to say, and that is, I am sorry I ever helped to found such a society of fanatics, for in spirit life I see the sad results of superstition and bigotry. The worst part of my punishment results from the fact that I knew I was helping to uphold a fraud, for I had read the works relating to both the Christos of the East and the Hesus of the West, and so did all the popes who lived from eight hundred until my time.

The Catholicism in spirit life differs considerably from that among mortals, in the following particulars: The most uncontrollable Catholics we have in the spirit life are those who lived on earth between the eighth and fourteenth centuries. They are the persecuting class of spirits, who if they could, they would destroy everything that is truth in the Catholic church. My coming here today severs all connection with Catholicism for me forever. I made up my mind to do this some twenty years back, and this is my first effort to free myself altogether. In conclusion, my desire is to have the popes, bishops and priests cease to torment mankind with their false gods, whether as mortals or spirits.


Celestine III, Roman Pontiff: It was stated that I interfered with manuscripts relating to the Life of Apollonius of Tyana. It was not with that work that I interfered; but it was with the writings of Potamon and Plotinus. When on earth I was known as Pope Celestine III, about A. D. 1190. The manuscripts that I suppressed were a combination of the Apollonian, Gnostic and Plotinist schools. Plotinus was a medium. We called it inspiration. He was influenced by the spirits of Plato and Pythagoras. Those manuscripts, or what is left of them, can be found in the library of Florence. With what I just revealed, I will excite the rage of thousands of spirits who will curse me for what I have said, and charge me with having betrayed my trust. But I am weary of the monotony of Catholicism. I want something true, broader and more liberal; so I will search the heavens for other philosophy and science. I feel deeply indebted to you for this opportunity to free myself.

Comment: With the above statement of: I will search the heavens for other philosophy and science, is relevant what you shall read in this exposť. Please read on and you shall know, that no one knew the secret mystery of life and death except the lion of the Tribe Judah, a Capricorn the root of David, the son of light, the 1st Christ for this present time who has conquered the atomic enmity through ???? to open the scroll, the one and only truth and the seven seals, the 7 chakras in mortal man.


John Asser, Abbot of Sherburn, England: I was the companion, teacher and biographer of Alfred the Great. I passed to spirit life in 910. It required the greatest effort on my part to make the people of the diocese relinquish the Hesusism of their ancestors. At that time a majority of the Irish saints, and English saints, were more or less believers in this Hesusism. The best evidence of this now in existence will be found in Oxford College and also in the private library of the Duke of Cambridge. It is amongst Catholic peers and in their libraries that you must look for the most valuable information on this subject. They have taken more care of the ancient manuscripts which were left to them by their ancestors.

As Catholic Abbot, I know that the Catholics have the most perfect information in relation to all religions that were taught, from the time of Alexander the Great until the thirteenth century. At Sherburn, in my time and among the manuscripts of Alfred the Great, there were about fourteen crucified gods treated of, whose history had come from the north of Europe, from Cappadocia, Syria, Thessalonica, Greece and Rome. Each of these and other countries contributed their god or gods, who had died for the sins of mankind. The fabricated Jesus was not the only one. On examining into the lives of these various gods, I found there was a similarity between the histories of all of them. They were all performers of miracles, all born of virgins and all were crucified or killed in some other way. As for myself I was content to teach Jesus and Hesusism. One Sunday it was Jesus that I preached, and the next Sunday it was Hesus, in order to keep peace between the two parties in my diocese, and I must say that I was a hypocrite in teaching either of them, for in reality, I was a Platonist philosopher, and spent almost all my time in studying the Eclectic writings of the reformed Platonist or Alexandrian school of philosophy. So was my life spent.


Albertus Magnus, Albert the Great, Archbishop of Ratisbonne: During my mortal life I was claimed as one who was deeply versed in the sciences of my day, but my biographers, after my death, thought I had shown a weakness in regard to one science, which is called Astrology. They have however made a mistake as to what I understood astrology to be. As a priest, I had no other way to reach the minds of my people than by disguising what I sought to teach them. I therefore taught certain planets affected the life of man. If I had taught openly what I thus sought to impart to them, I would have been burned as a heretic. So I used that science in an allegorical and metaphysical sense, to convey important truth to the minds of those whom I wished to reach.

And I will say that the astrologers from the tenth to the fifteenth century, were of the utmost importance to humanity, in keeping science alive. Through astrology, I was enabled to teach who the real Jesus was and to show that the whole story was borrowed from the stars. To those who had my explanatory key, which I furnished to those whom I wished to understand me, the truth was known. By this means I helped to build up a system which was afterwards taken up by the philosophers and scientists of the seventeenth century, and which you of the nineteenth century are reaping the benefits of.

Many commentators of the present age say that some of the greatest intellects of the middle ages ruined themselves by advocating astrology; but to them I would say, they do not know what the real motive of the twelve signs of the zodiac was. Had they known it, they would have hesitated before they condemned. I know of no misery that can equal that of the life of a man who lives in an age when he can hardly find one mind with which he can hold converse.

Therefore I turned to the inner man for support, to the spirits, and long after every eye in the town was closed in sleep, I held communion with those spirits who had passed on before me; and through their teachings I gained such comfort as no mortal tongue can express. It is true that to the man of science there is no aid like that of the spirits. If the scientists of today would only place themselves in rapport with those spirit helpers, they would enter a domain from which materialistic science is ever debarred. I lived in 1280.

Comment: In these pages you shall read how the essences from the 12 signs of the zodiac relate to becoming one of the Christs. 1 Corinthians 15:39. All flesh is not the same flesh in every man, but there is one flesh of earth, those born under the astrological earth signs of Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn, another flesh of beasts, those born under the fire signs of Aries, Leo, Sagittarius, another flesh of birds, those born under the air signs of Gemini, Libra, Aquarius, another flesh of fishes, those born under the water signs of Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces. And when these 4 elemental kingdoms of earth, fire, air and water are united together into the chemistry of man, they will produce the etheric super-substantial crystal clear, pure, immaculate nuclear energy of milk and honey manna, the Christos, the Christ. That is how each of you shall become one of the Christs. For that is the immutable law of nuclear physics.


Socrates Scholasticus, an Ecclesiastical Historian: The Greeks, that is Pagan Greeks and Mohammedan Turks, held the Christians in derision [in ridicule] for their foolish aping [imitating apes] of the communion ceremonies of the ancient Eleusinian Mysteries; in which Ceres, the goddess of agriculture, and Bacchus, the god of wine, formed the principal figures.

There was no gospel like the gospel of Christos of India, which was translated into the Greek tongue and formed the worship of the Greeks, as it constituted almost the whole basis of the philosophic system put in shape by Pythagoras, the Samian Sage. In later years it was this gospel of Pythagoras that Apollonius of Tyana discussed with Iarchus. But the original manuscript of the Gospel of Christos, that was in possession of Iarchus, was so superior to the version of it by Pythagoras, that Apollonius became a Gymnosophist.

It was the custom in those days, when two of the most learned persons met to compare their writings, that they should have no witnesses; so no one knew what took place between Iarchus and Apollonius, except what either of them choose to tell.

That was the mistake of antiquity and it is the mistake of today. One medium thinks he or she has better and superior guides to those of others. There are many places today, if mortals had the time and money to visit and explore, where the positive proof of these spiritual communications could be obtained, commencing with Bodleian Library, Venice, and Rome, but principally among the Armenian and Maronite convents, more would be known.

And if the Christian missionaries do not succeed in destroying the manuscripts of the Grand Lamas, that were handed-down from one Lama to another, all the evidence that any scholar would want to have is that from Persia, the Zoroastrian wave that went to India and to the countries beyond. Crishna that served as the god who put Zoroastrianism in its proper shape; while Buddha does the same for the Gymnosophic Christos. But both these systems were more or less mixed with the teachings of Hermes Trismegistus. I know this contains too much truth to suit the time in which you live; but I hope that we, who are in the service of truth may, by sledge hammer blows upon the surface of error, put to rout [overwhelming defeat] the army of religious fools who would prolong that condition of fraudulent deception.


Gabinius, Roman Governor of Judea: I was governor of Judea about 57 BC. During my government of Judea I was constantly fighting the Jews of that time. There were two classes of them. They were not exactly divided into Sadducees and Pharisees, but their differences were mainly about what was called the Ezraite version, and another version of their sacred writings made by Onkelos. At this point I will have to correct the history of your time. Onkelos lived about seventy-five years before the Christian era. He had departed this life about twenty years before I was governor of Judea.

The most noted Ezraite advocates were Rabbi Aristobulus and his son Alexander. These two were finally subdued by me, after a cost of many lives and great expense to the Roman government. To consider these matters, I have assembled at Jerusalem two of the most learned Jews, two of the most learned Greeks, and two of the most learned Romans. I found that the history of the Jews as recorded by Ezra, consisted of the mixed traditions of the Chaldeans and Armenians, which the Jews became acquainted with at the time of their captivity.

If the Jewish books are critically examined, the evidence will be found in them that proves that the writings were appropriated from the two nations I have named. They state that the father of the Jews, Abraham or Abrahm, was a Jew. He was a Chaldean and not a Jew. Moses, their great law-giver, was an Midianite; when his alleged doings are carefully read. The council of which I have spoken, satisfied me that the Jews were nothing other than runaway Egyptians. I will say, if you have placed before me a Jew, a Copt, and an Armenian, and these should be dressed alike, you cannot distinguish between their ethnological characteristics. Their general attributes of form and feature proves them to be of a mixed race and not of a distinct race of men, and that neither of them have any claim to the antiquity they set up for themselves.


Marcellinus: There is nothing strange or concealed, which shall in the course of time, be revealed. All the bishops of my time leaned toward Unitarianism, and it must be distinctly understood, that they were bishops of Christos and not of Jesus. They taught Unitarianism. So much so, that you will find on reference to Dr. Priestly, a learned Christian critic, that according to Athanasius, the preaching of the second portion of the Trinity was almost unknown until the time of Eusebius of Caesarea.

We found that Christianism is heathenism of the darkest kind. It is the heathenism of heathenism. Brahm, Ibraham, and the precepts of Hermes Trismegistus were used in my day to lay the foundation of what is now termed Christianity. But much that they used was stolen from the works of Pythagoras, Plato, and the Alexandrian school. The two former had relation to Gymnosophism, the others to Eclecticism. These two systems were the foundation of Christianity. I was a bishop of the Armenians. I attended a Council of Bishops at Rome, but it was a council of Unitarians, not Trinitarians.


Lactantius: My subject will be to identify the difference between paganism and Christianity. The Christian writers have been the vilest interpolators of the pagan authors. They have stolen the writings of every good thing from the pagans that they could find, and claimed it as their own. They have simply forged a new system in imitation of the old, and the old is not very highly honored either. If the great infinite God ever wished to make a revelation to man, it is strange that he would take a system that is identical with the then known systems in existence. I refused to accept a high position which was offered to me if I would help to build up the religious system known as Christianity. It is one of the brightest jewels in my crown in spirit life that I so refused. All those men who lived between the second and third centuries identified themselves with Christianity, because its outlook was the most promising.

Christianity, in the first place its moral code is stolen from ancient systems and principally from the collection of manuscripts of Ptolemy Philadelphus. In the second place it is a combination of Neo-Platonism, the Gnoticism taught at Rome, Pantheism of Egypt and Greece, and the strangest thing of all is found in the doctrine of the Trinity. The doctrine of the Trinity is one of the first means to lead men astray and had its original formulation in India at least sixteen hundred years before the Christian era. There were documents extant in my day that were as positive as any historical manuscripts could be on the points herein set forth. As I said before, I refused to join that class of men who wished to lead future generations into error, by teaching the existence of a myth in the form of a Judean Savior Jesus; that never had an existence, and that was but a continuation of the story of Buddha, Chrishna and Pythagoras. It was revived by a college of Savants who met from different parts of the world at Alexandria, to compare notes about twelve years before the Christian era, and the positive proofs of this are still in existence at Rome and amongst the ruins of certain Christian churches at Ephesus.

We, in the future shall give the directions for excavations at Ephesus where these documents are now. They are what you call encased in the corner-stone of the temples and they are there intact. I lived in the first half of the third century.


Aloysius Lilius, an Italian Savant: I lived in mortal form about 1550, and was employed to do the work on calendars, by the popes and bishops of my time. The calendars had been so much tampered with that I did not know whether I lived in 1550 or 1350. There appeared to be about two hundred years so mixed up that it was almost impossible to rectify it or set it right. The different eras had become so mixed with one another, that great confusion in regard to time prevailed. I was set at the task of trying to make things straight.

On entrusting me with the books which were necessary for that purpose, the first thing that struck me was the fact, that the adventures attributed to Jesus Christ were nothing more or less than a legend in regard to certain stars. In fact the whole Christian story was derived from astrology, and the gods who were supposed to have lived before Jesus was said to have lived, such as Brahm, Buddha, Jupiter, Jehovah, etc.; and that the doctrine of the Christian trinity is based on the pagan trinity, which was nothing more than fire, water and earth, according to those old books and manuscripts that were given to me at that time. No pope, bishop, or man of learning, knew when Jesus did live; and when they were alone to themselves, they freely admitted that the whole story was mythical and intended to gain power for themselves. A great many of those books and manuscripts are still at Rome, but they are kept hidden from the world; but the time will soon come when they must become known; and I, for one, am doing all that I can as a spirit to bring about the destruction of Christianity and the triumph of reason over bigotry.

Days of Week: The days of the week were named after the gods of mythology.
Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
Sun Moon Mars Mercury Jupiter Venus Saturn

Sunday for the sun god, for sun worship, denoting the perfect state of rest, the equa-equal balance of justice, harmony, peace, love the balm of allness, through equating the universal equilibrium to a constant perfection in the progressive nuclear evolution, which is derived from: Matthew 5:48. You, when you shall become one of the Christs, the union with the divinity are to be constantly exalted and perfected, even as your heavenly father, son and mother nature Spirit of God is constantly exalted and perfect in the process of nuclear evolution. When you shall learn what all these words mean, then you shall know how the Spirit of God is to be worshiped. For that is the only way you can worship the Spirit of God who is within you and in the omnipresence. Please be patient and you shall know everything, through the key to the sacred knowledge.

Monday for goddess Diana, the virgin goddess of the moon and childbirth. The virgin goddess Diana of childbirth governs the birth of the psychophysical Christ lunar germ seed of immortality, the promised redeemer from death.

Tuesday for god Mars, the god of war, denoting the constant struggle of the immortal Spirit of God within the mortal man to maintain life as long as possible. Why? So the Spirit of God Soul within man can awaken the mortal man to his purpose in life, and thus find the mystery of everlasting life, the Holy Grail, the milk and honey manna for his redemption from death.

Wednesday for god Mercury, the god of sharing and trading its attributes, designating that the nuclear energy milk and honey manna is to be constantly shared and traded, that is exchanged, changed and interchanged among the divine Spirit of God beings. Mercury is also known from Greek mythology as Hermes, who conducted the souls of the dead to the underworld, the Sheol. Hermes is also portrayed with the Caduceus staff of life, the magic wand entwined with the serpents, which symbolized the healing insignia of a physician know thyself and heal thyself from the mortal sting of death.

Thursday for god Jupiter, the god of thunder and rain, ruler of the gods, the son of god Saturn whom he overthrew. Jupiter was worshiped in a temple on the Capitoline Hill, where now stands the Vatican on the Seven Hills. Jupiter is also identified as Zeus, the supreme god of the Greeks. Zeus presided over the gods on Mount Olympus. The Olympic games were celebrated in his honor every fourth year. Sounds familiar?

Friday for goddess Venus, the goddess of love, or for goddess Frigga, goddess of love. The inference to the goddess of love is relevant to the two greatest commandments:

Luke 10:27. Thou shall love the Lord thy Spirit of God with thy whole heart, with thy whole soul, with thy whole strength and with thy whole mind. Also thou shall love thy neighbor as thyself, and when you do this you shall live forever. Yes forever and ever as an immortal being in the infinity. But you must also abide to the following words.

Matthew 22:29. You all err because you do not understand the Scriptures nor the power of the Spirit of God in man.
30. For at the time of the resurrection of the
living dead, they, the self-elect who shall become one of the Christs, will neither marry nor be giving unto counterfeit marriage, but they will be as angels of God in heaven eternally engaged in exchanging. changing and interchanging the nuclear energy milk and honey manna, in the progressive nuclear evolution.
33. And when the people heard this, they were amazed at his teachings.

Saturday for god Saturn, the god of planting the seeds in the mortals, which is portrayed with the Horn of Plenty, that is filled with every kind of food, fruits, vegetables, goodies, etc. The Horn of Plenty is relevant to the food of the gods, the milk and honey manna that comes from the Milky Way, which is now unavailable to mortal man because of the atomic enmity. 

The enigma of gods Jupiter and Saturn is: Jupiter represents the Catholic church, who once before overthrew Saturn. Now has come the time for Jupiter to be overthrown by Saturn. Jupiter who dethroned Saturn, is portrayed as the dominating power of darkness, the antichrist, which is holding back all of humanity in the shackled chains of status quo; in the world of the living dead. As a result the living dead are the prisoners of ignorance, prisoner of death, and therefore cannot go onwards in the progressive nuclear evolution to become the nuclear energy light body of the Christos, the Christ.

Saturn, who was dethroned by Jupiter, represents the nuclear energy light of the universe and the capability of sowing the Christ lunar germ seed of immortality in the homo sapiens, the mortal beings, so that humanity shall never thirst nor hunger for the food that perishes, but partake of the milk and honey manna bread of everlasting life; from the Horn of Plenty, for the immortal existence in the never ending time, space, existence continuum. Saturn governs the astrological sign of Capricorn, the Horn of Plenty. That is why the 1st Christ is a Capricorn from tribe Judah.


Here is a very interesting email I received. Subject: Explaining Their Religion. The Muslim religion is the fastest growing religion in the United States. Allah or Jesus? by Rick Mathes.

Last month I attended my annual training session that's required for maintaining my state prison security clearance. During the training session there was a presentation by three speakers representing the Roman Catholic, Protestant and Muslim faiths, who explained each of their belief systems.

I was particularly interested in what the Islamic Imam had to say. The Imam gave a great presentation of the basics of Islam, complete with a video. After the presentations, time was provided for questions and answers. When it was my turn, I directed my question to the Imam and asked:

Please, correct me if I'm wrong, but I understand that most Imams and clerics of Islam have declared a holy jihad [Holy war] against the infidels of the world. And, that by killing an infidel, which is a command to all Muslims, they are assured of a place in heaven. If that's the case, can you give me the definition of an infidel?

There was no disagreement with my statements and, without hesitation, he replied, Non-believers!

I responded. So, let me make sure I have this straight. All followers of Allah have been commanded to kill everyone who is not of your faith so they can go to Heaven. Is that correct? The expression on his face changed from one of authority and command to that of a little boy who had just gotten caught with his hand in the cookie jar. He sheepishly replied, Yes.

I then stated. Well, sir, I have a real problem trying to imagine Pope John Paul commanding all Catholics to kill those of your faith or Dr. Stanley ordering Protestants to do the same in order to go to Heaven!

The Imam was speechless. I continued, I also have problem with being your friend when you and your brother clerics are telling your followers to kill me. Let me ask you a question. Would you rather have your Allah who tells you to kill me in order to go to Heaven or my Jesus who tells me to love you because I am going to Heaven and He wants you to be with me?

You could have heard a pin drop as the Imam hung his head in shame. Needless to say, the organizers and/or promoters of the 'Diversification' training seminar were not happy with Rick's way of dealing with the Islamic Imam and exposing the truth about the Muslim's beliefs.

I think everyone should read this, but with the media that we have in USA, there is no way this will be widely publicized. This is a true story and the author, Rick Mathes, is a well known leader in prison ministry. End of email. Comment: There are many different sects of belief in the Islam religion, thus many different interpretations of their scriptures. Many Muslims do not believe that Allah commanded anyone to kill.

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