Exposure VIII

Presently man is concerned about all kinds of endangered species on earth. However mankind has very little concern about the exceptionally, most endangered species. Why? Because he does not know who is the most endangered species? Please listen, for these days are upon you.
The missing Key to the Sacred Knowledge!

Psalms 82:6 I have said again and again, you are all Gods, for all of you are the Sons of God.
7. But you shall all die like any other man, because of your first transgression
, the 1st original sin defilement, and you shall fall to death like any prince. Can those words be any simpler? You are all Gods! For all of you are the sons of the omnipresent Spirit of God creator, the divine source of all that is, the infinite Isness! Omnipresent means, everything is one indivisible composite divine Spirit of God. For which reason the Spirit of God created everything in his image and likeness. Therefore the omnipotent Spirit of God permeates every omnipresent atom he created in the time, space, existence continuum, from no beginning nor end. And that is who the Spirit of God is, nuclear energy, interwoven, intermixed within the milk and honey manna plasma and priceless you.

Psalms 89:27. You are my father my God, the Rock of salvation, my savior, my Promised Redeemer, the Christos, the Christ germ seed from the mortal sting of death.
49. What manner of man shall live and not see death? But the man that will deliver himself from the power of the nether world
, the world of the dead, Sheol; through the conservation, preservation and fusion of the Christ lunar germ seeds of immortality.


Father Amiot, French Jesuit: At the time I left Europe for China, I was led to think the devil had put his servants in the livery of heaven. No man can today visit Canton, Hong Kong, Pekin, and other parts of China, and not discover that the further he can get away from the contaminating influences of Christianity, the more he will find that the Buddhistic doctrines and sacred observances are identical with those of Christianity, even to the eucharist. This much I discovered, and I said: The servants of God have given the devil power to duplicate their service on earth. But, as a spirit, it is my duty to come here and say, that Christianity owes its origin to Buddhism. It is useless for pseudo-philosophers to try to make it appear that Buddhism did not exist until six hundred years after the Christian era. Buddhism existed long before Christianity.

There is a time coming when this thing called Christianity will not stand before unbiased thought and reason. There are no Jehovahs, no creators on the other side of life.

The development of matter is one thing and the force of spirit or life is another. They are distinct. The expression of life in matter is an effect of spirit on matter. They are governed by some undiscovered law, the unchangeable nuclear physics law by which their amalgamation must produce expression in organization.

Buddhism, started out with the idea of one central power giving life, the sun. All religions are incorrect in one thing. They are all deistic. I have met spirits whose life on earth dates back all the way from the present time to eighty or ninety million years ago, who knew nothing but the central force of life as the cause of all things. These eventually diverged in their beliefs. Some finding that by asking particular benefits of one god, they have gained more from another god, so they adopted him; and this praying to these different gods is what caused the division among men that you see now. He who confuses or conceals truth, and seeks to tear up its very foundations, is considered as the grandest result of human progress; yet he is a miserable failure and a fool.


Herennius, Contemporary of Plotinus: By the combination of the efforts of spirits and mortals engaged in the service of truth, we will demolish all error. I was a materialistic Spiritualist. That is, while I believed in spirit life and spirit return to earth, I wanted to gain all I could on earth. It was well known in my time at Alexandria and to Ammonius Saccas himself, and to others, that the original or first writings or tablets of man's history were found in Ethiopia and not in India or Tibet. Such was the teaching of my time, and as far as I could find they were well supported by the descending line of Neguses in Abyssinia. The people of that country were taught by Jewish Rabbis in the third century, and the Ethiopian religion then became mixed with Judaism. These Jewish Rabbis went there about A. D. 290, and wanted the Ethiopians to accept their rites of circumcision, etc. But before that time the Ethiopians had a clear and positive doctrine that will yet come to light, extending back 14,000 years.

This will show that the civilizations of India had its origin there, of which the Buddhistic went westward by way of the continent, that existed and extended far to the westward in the Pacific ocean, but which is now sunk beneath the sea [Lemuria], except its higher portions, which form the islands of that ocean. From the extremity of that land, it passed to the Western Continent, near the Isthmus of Panama. This account of the current of civilization has all been explained to me in spirit life, otherwise I would not be able to give you this account.

Now the facts first mentioned were taught by Ammonius Saccas. We, the initiated always sat in circles in my time. Our organization was known as the Golden Circle. This term was intended to express the highest knowledge we had of brilliant mentality and untarnished honor. The neophyte, after he had undergone the probation prescribed by Apollonius of Tyana, a part of which was the seven years prescribed by Pythagoras, was admitted to membership. All candidates for admission did not fulfill the whole of it, but as far as they could. On being admitted to the circle, the neophyte was seated in a kind of centre piece and the rest formed a circle around him. In a short time spirits accepted him, by taking control of him in some way, either through a trance or not a trance. If the neophyte was not accepted by the spirits, and was not controlled by them to produce manifestations of a positive character, he was put out of the circle until such time as they could control him. That was the way we operated. There was about that time great disputing at Alexandria and Rome. Circles continued to meet in those cities. And the spirits through the medium-ship produced their manifestations as best they could. The party showing the greatest mediumistic power won the most favor for the time.

And that is why there were so many changes before the dawn of Christianity. Just as Christianity began to take its present shape, there was a great assembling of all the learned men of the world, who came from India under the name of Gymnosophists; who came from Singapore under the name of Buddhists; who came from Abyssinia as Geezaleze; and from Syria and Judea as Essenes, who mutually compared their religious systems to see which was the best. And these learned men set about formulating what would have been one of the highest and noblest religions that was ever conceived by the minds of men. But it was overthrown by that consummate scoundrel Constantine, and ever since you have been made to carry a weight that almost crushes you to the earth. There is no sense in the religion founded by Constantine. It contains all ceremonies of the ancient pagans combined with a god Jesus that never existed. There is a time coming when the gigantic, fraudulent Christian religion will be overthrown.


Amelius, Disciple of Plotinus: This is my prayer: Let the sun of eternal truth shine through the clouds of ignorance that now obscures the reason of the majority of mankind. I was a disciple and follower of the school of Apollonius, Potamon, Ammonius Saccas, and Plotinus; and was the friend of Porphyry. I looked upon Plotinus, my master as the God of my time. The manifestations of spirits through Plotinus and the grand developing power he possessed on those who were mediumistic, were of such great character that for a hundred years after my time, his disciples were murdered, because they would not yield to the falseness and they would do no sacrifice to either the followers of Jupiter or Jesus.

Why Eclecticism [employing individual elements from a variety of sources, systems, such as other religions] was not checked in its infancy, no one perhaps understands more clearly than myself. The pagan priests preferred to see their ceremonials kept up through the Catholic Church than to allow them to die out before the consuming effects of the light of eternal truth. But the absurdity of those ceremonials is now very plain. The encroachments of the Christian priesthood upon the domains of the ancient religions, such as Brahmanism, Buddhism, Parseeism and all the other ancient religions, gave them such power as to supersede all of them. The priesthoods of all those ancient religious systems have now become prepared to unite to strike a blow at that fraud on humanity called Christianity.


Strabo, Historian and Geographer: The truth must now be unveiled! We no longer can afford to have any 'Holy of Holies.' I will commence by saying: If the records of the past had been allowed to stand, there would have been no Christianity today. It was known and fully understood in my time, and it was taught, that the doctrines of Pythagoras, Plato, and the Gymnosophists, together with the doctrines regarding the gods and goddesses of Greece and Rome, were to be found in the most ancient inscriptions and writings, whether on stone or papyrus.

In Nubia, where there were evidences of a civilization so remote, that we ancients had lost all knowledge of it in the obscurity of time. I wrote upon this subject and put my work in shape by this title: 'Ancient Relics'. I wrote a book with that title, and it is now in the possession of the Greek Church, and it is in the hands of a Greek patriarch in Moscow, Russia. It was saved by the Caliph Omar, because of the singularity of its cover, which had upon it a representation of the ancient serpent worship. This cover was that of a book then extant; and I used it as the cover of my book. After my death it was sent to Alexandria, where it was stolen. It was on sheepskin dyed red.

About the beginning of what is called the Christian era there was a great revival among a class of people similar to your Shakers, who went by the name of Essenes; but they did not become a distinct people until about A. D. 60 to 75. Ignatius of Antioch was the first to bring them into prominence, but their teachings were nothing new and were almost the same as you will find in the New Testament from Pauline Epistles to the Galatians. But let me return to the point I want to make. Both in Sennaar and Abyssinia, and among the ruins scattered throughout Nubia, you will find inscriptions which are similar to those to be seen in the temple of Chrishna at Mathura, on the Jumna, in India. If you will compare the oldest inscriptions of the Temple at Mathura with those in Africa, to which I have referred, you will find that nearly all the letters of the ancient Sanskrit can be found in a pre-historic form amid the ruins of Sennaar and other ruins of Nubia.

During the last years of my life there was an extraordinary young neophyte who was preparing himself, by close communion with the spirit world, to become the god of his time; but I died too soon to see him commence his ministry and the performance of his miracles. He went by the name of "The Son of Apollo," or Apollonius. The nearest likeness of this man that you can obtain, is the one which was painted in 1874, by the artist medium N. B. Starr, who was inspired by Raphael. I passed away in A. D. 24.


Phraotes, King of Taxila: May the Sun of Truth ever shine upon your head! I have been fighting my way here for more than six months. The corroborating evidence that I shall give you today of the medium-ship and exalted character of Apollonius of Tyana is such, that millions of Catholic spirits would rather cease to exist than I should give it. I am Phraotes of Taxila. I was a member to what was termed the Diamond Circle, by interpretation it means, the Mountain Circle, and I was sworn to help to propagate the truth to the best of my knowledge. I recognized but one master on earth, whom I was expected to listen to, and he was enigmatically called "The Sun of Truth." He was the chief of the Gymnosophaestae, and his name was Iarchus.

The laws of the Gymnosophaestae, required all princes, in those days to take a journey to a sacred shrine upon a mountain in Northern India, and there they were instructed in all the virtues they were expected to practice. On leaving Babylon and Nineveh, for Taxila, the coming of Apollonius was announced by couriers, who had preceded him, who represented him to be a good and wise son of the Diamond Circle; not because he had been accepted and initiated, but because he performed all the signs required of a member. In other words he showed that the spirits were with him in great power. When he arrived, I introduced him to the learned of my court, and sent him forward to Iarchus. The place where Iarchus resided was called in our time the Mountain of the Wise.

At the Mountain of the Wise, he was initiated and received many theurgical rites, which are Divine or supernatural intervention in human affairs and the performance of miracles with supernatural assistance, and afterwards he returned to whence he had set out. At that time he was about forty-seven years of age. He received and carried back with him the sacred Testament of the Mountain of Light Circle. He received all the evangelical books except one, and that one he did not receive, simply because it was not available at that time, at the Mountain of the Wise. It had been taken south by way of Ceylon to Singapore. It was known in those days as the Hamadan. It was afterwards called the Book of Matthew, because it was written by a follower of Buddha, whose Hindoo name was something like that. This book was obtained by Armenian traders from Singapore, two hundred years before the time I speak of; and they never returned it. It is therefore in Armenia that you must seek for the true version of Matthew.


Abulpharagius, Bishop of Guba: You shall now have the testimony of a Roman Catholic bishop. A variety of testimony, all bearing upon one point is always calculated to strengthen it. My direction of research reaches the direction of the Armenian writers, Moses Chorensis and Meisrob. After a close examination of the Armenian, Greek and Latin Testaments, the Armenian version combined with the Coptic, was from the original Gheez, which showed a mixture of the idioms of Upper and Lower Egypt as they were found at Alexandria. The whole secret of what is called Christianity, is made plain by the New Testament and one book of the Old Testament, the book of Daniel. This Daniel is represented as teaching the doctrines of the New Testament, less the miracles; and is said to have lived at the courts of Darius Hystaspes and Cyrus, and he was there known as the younger Zoroaster. He taught the religion of the Sun, a modern version of which are the Shastras. All this I read and studied, but the commentators of my day led me astray, because my mind was prejudiced in their favor.

But now you are getting more knowledge than then existed. You are getting deeper into the meaning of all religions than you think. These ancient spirits are gathering their forces, and they are determined to show that Christianity is a fraud. I left this mortal life in 1284, and five hundred years passed away before I was willing to seek the truth. All that time in spirit life was wasted by me in trying to propagate Catholicism in the spirit world. The spirit who helped me out of my condition of ignorance and to whom I am much indebted was Apollonius of Tyana. Therefore in justice to him I promised I would return here and tell to set things right.

I now am a member of a spirit organization, known in spirit life as "The Illuminati." I will say to you that your enemies and opposers will resort to subtler and more desperate measures to obstruct you, than they have heretofore done, and you must be on your guard against them. Their proceedings will not be so apparent, but more dangerous. It is a great consolation to know that the truth will live despite one's earthly errors.


Haico, Great Armenian King: I am regarded as the founder of the Armenian nation, but in reality the Armenians existed as a people fifteen hundred years before my time. The Armenians of my day were worshippers of what is in your day called the Parsee religion [a Zoroastrian religion in India, descended from Persians now Iran], but in my day they were known as the votaries or followers of Zarathustra. They worshipped Sol, or the Sun. The reason why the Jews would not let our ancient manuscripts survive, those prior to A. D. 400, was simply because what they called their Old Testament, was originally my writing of our people. It is Armenian not Jewish and its historical characters are all nothing more than altered names and accounts of Armenian kings and heroes.

Let the most learned ethnologists of today be called upon to point out the difference between six Armenians and six Jews who are dressed alike and not allowed to speak, and I defy them to successfully show the difference between an Armenian and a Jew. Their forms, features and all their physical characteristics are the same in both, and so thoroughly have the Jews attempted to cover up or disguise it, that they have made Joseph a Jew, sold to the Ishmaelites or Midianites, in the so-called ancient Jewish Scriptures. It was to the Armenians that this Joseph was sold. He was a Midianite sold to the Armenians, and this whole story was set forth in old Armenian manuscripts, while the Armenians were Sun worshippers, and long before they became Christians.

The famous legend in the Hebrew Scriptures in regard to Solomon, grows out of the history of an ancient king, who was worshipped in my day as Solomonna, literally meaning the Sun born into human mortal life, of a virgin named Monna. Almost all of what is called the Hebrew Testament before Ezra, was stolen from Armenian sacred writings, history, or general literature. It was this Solomonna and not Moses who wrote what is termed the Decalogue, the Ten Commandments long before my time. So the Ten Commandments were set down in my day, partly by descriptive signs and partly in legendary lore.

It is well for me that with all the Jewish literary vandalism, they have not been able to conceal the name of Haico, and that there was the Haiken philosophy and teaching. The Haiken philosophy and teaching were too indelibly stamped upon the minds of the people, prior to the advent of Christianity to be obliterated. It has often been said that the temple Belus or the temple of Bel, was the original Tower of Babel. I will make clear to you what the purpose and use of that structure was. It was simply intended to store the king's tribute, which in those days was largely derived from the farming population and paid in grain. That temple or tower was used to store away the grain paid as tribute to the king.

The Assyrians of my time differed from the Armenians in this one particular. They were great astronomers, and they modeled a serpent deity after the great dragon  in the heavens [Constellation Draco], and worshipped it as the symbol of the all-pervading power. [The ancient serpent represents the ancient dragon, the sexual serpent power in humanity that deceives all mankind unto death.] It is claimed that Meisrob Medoza invented an Armenian alphabet. This is a false Christian misrepresentation, for Meisrob's Armenian alphabet was old when I lived. In the sixth dynasty after my reign, an Armenian king, Atharavin, placed the worship of the Samaritan god, Jehovah, in the Armenian manuscripts and this was the origin of the Jewish Jehovah.

My friend Ardilua Babekra was a great reformer of Buddhism, but the Christians in order to set investigators astray, have placed him in Persia instead of India, and represented him as a reformer of the Zend Avesta; and they called him Ardshir Babegan, the reformer of the Zend or Parsee religion, when in reality he was a reformer of Buddhism. Babekra was an Indian king not a Persian king.

I will also say that the great pyramid of Egypt was called Cheops, and was not built by Cheops. It was built in the beginning of the ante-historical period by Rameses Pharoth Phraath, and was in existence in my time. Its object was two-fold. Like the temple of Belus, it was used as the depository of the king's tribute, and also for astronomical observations. In the Geez pyramids in the upper valley of the Nile, there are secret vaults or chambers which have never been discovered by explorers. They will be discovered when Christianity has lost its power and not before.


Akiba, a Jewish Rabbi: The Sun of Truth never sets. It may be obscured by clouds of ignorance and error for a time, but it will finally burst through these clouds and cheer the whole world by the brilliancy of its light. I was born on earth about A. D. 22. I was a strict Pharisee; but you must not think that a Jewish Pharisee was of the ridiculous character he is represented to be in the New Testament. While we were too much inclined to ceremonial law, yet we were the true Spiritualists of our time, though not without a great deal of supercilious egotism. We were the party or sect who in those days were opposed to all idolatrous mummeries, in so far that we had but one God, Jehovah, and Moses as his prophet. 

I want to speak of Jewish history as known to me when on earth; and upon this subject I will be as clear and explicit as I possibly can. At that time there was a great struggle between different nations to prove their respective religions were more ancient than any other; but there was no learned Jew of my time who did not know that our religion, as founded upon the Old Testament, antedated my time by only about four hundred and thirty-two years; and to disguise this fact we resorted to all kinds of chronological forgeries.

The Jews having become pretty well scattered, at that time, we introduced into the Old Testament the sun worship of Zoroaster, and even one of his books which is known to you as the Book of Daniel. It was the younger Zoroaster who as a Persian Magician, figured as Daniel is represented to have done at the courts of Darius and Cyrus, where he was much respected and highly honored. But in the original book of Zoroaster, or the Book of Daniel, there was a table, or what you term an almanac, of the time in which he lived. This occupied the place of an appendix to the book, but it was destroyed by Rabbi Saadias Gaon, for fear that the Jews would take to astronomy, claiming that they were forbidden to do so by Moses.

That my pupil Aquila ever had anything to do with Targum writing I know to be utterly false, and that the Targums attributed to him, and placed in my time and in my school, by Eusebius, were but versions of the writings of Apollonius of Tyana made by a copier, and that copier was not Aquila, but Plotinus. Things have been so mixed by designing men, that it is very difficult to set ancient history in its proper light. When I was about twenty years of age I knew Apollonius of Tyana. I met him at Smyrna, where I listened to his teaching and became a proselyte to some of his ideas, but not to all of them. While he delivered his discourses he underwent that wondrous phenomenon of modern times, transfiguration of face and form, as it is described to have occurred with the so-called Jesus Christ. Rays went out from his garments, and his face became so bright that the eyes could not endure gazing upon him.

Upon my advent into spirit life, I became very anxious to seek out Moses, but with the very worst of results. I found that the ancient Chaldeans, under the name of Seth, and the Moabites, under the name of Mo, were the people from whom we Jews had been receiving our traditions and worshipping the hero of them, under the name of the prophet Moses who never existed.

Furthermore, there are learned Jews who are almost beggars in Jerusalem today, who know where there are concealed priceless manuscripts, which once in the possession of the learned, would prove the falsity of the whole Jewish religion. But these Jewish custodians of those treasures are so bigoted that they would rather starve to death than let the world know the truth about their religion.


Herodes Agrippi II, King of Judea: Those who would obstruct these communications confirm the saying, 'Fools rush in where Angels fear to tread.' I was born into the mortal life about A. D. 30, and departed to the spirit life about A. D. 85. I lived at the time of the great triumphs and renowned career of Apollonius of Tyana. I most positively assert that under the name of Paulinus, Polionos or Apollonius, was brought before me for disturbing the peace of the country; but nothing could be proven against him, except that he knew more about the Jewish religion than my own people did. In those days the Jews gladly killed any Gentile who knew more of their religion, and who could expound it better than their learned Rabbies. As I could find no harm in the man except what I have stated, he was discharged.

He was brought before me a second time about the time of the downfall of the Jewish state, which was about A. D. 67 or 68, when he was again charged with disturbing the country, by advancing ideas that were derogatory to the Jewish Jehovah. But again his accusers failed to prove their point. Apollonius was in fact, a disciple and initiated member of the school of Gamaliel, and so well did he argue with his accusers, that they failed in all their attempts to prove anything against him.

Apollonius was the St. Paul of the present Christian religion is plainly proven, by reading the various epistles attributed to him. Those epistles will show to any candid inquirer or thinker, that Paul was not a Jew. Everything therein goes to show that he was well versed in Greek. The last time during my mortal career, that I met Apollonius, was in the camp of Titus, Jerusalem about A. D. 70, where I saw such spiritual manifestations occurring through his medium-ship or in his presence, as Josephus relates as having occurred through Eleazar the Jew. Josephus was in the camp of Titus at that time. Those manifestations were similar to the various phenomena now well known to be produced by spirits through mediums and were such as to incite Vespasian and Titus to greater endeavors to overthrow the Jewish state. I have further to say, that there was no Jewish history or book, written in my time, that could prove that the Jews had no history extending over five hundred years before my time. The sacred writings all took their present shape in the days of Ezra, the scribe. This communication is not from a 'Jew of the Jews,' but is from one who despised them because they would never submit to be properly ruled, and were always in a state of anarchy. They were bigoted on all points, and it was their bigotry that destroyed them as a nation. My name was Agrippa Herodes the Younger. I was king of Judea.


Moses Maimonides, Learned Moorish Jew: My teacher in the mortal life was a follower of the Alexandrian or Aristotelian philosophic principles. His name was Averroes. I became deeply interested in what he showed me in writings that were then extant. But owing to the fanaticisms of my countrymen who were Mohammedans, I was obliged to disguise my real views through life. In reality I was a follower of Aristotle and Apollonius of Tyana. There were two Apollonian systems; one that passed toward the East, and the other toward the West. The Western system passed through the hands of Potamon, Ammonius Saccas, Plotinus and other men of that school. It was a strange position that I occupied as an Eclectic philosopher in a Mohammedan country. But my school was private. Our investigations had to be carried on very much as your investigations of Spiritualism are carried on now, in private apartments. In Cordova, in my time, about A. D. 1200, our investigation of alchemy and science, although not interfered with by the government, could not be openly exposed. There is one point on which I want to enlighten you. There are thousands of spirits who would kill me this instant if they could, of what I am about to tell you. It is this: The Augian Codex, which is claimed to have been written in the 9th century is now in the Cambridge Library, and it affords the clearest and most positive proofs that Apollonius was St. Paul. Another thing I want to tell you is, the Alexandrian Codex was well known and read among the Moors of my time, and was believed by many of them.


Sotion, Teacher of Seneca: We meet in peace only to prepare for war, the war to end the ignorance in all world religions. In my mortal life I was a philosopher and grammarian in the School of Alexandria; and was the teacher and preceptor of Seneca. I was of the school of Potamon, although I lived before his time, that is I helped to begin that which he carried out. I was engaged in the active affairs of this life, principally from between A. D. 15 to A. D 40.

I am here to prove that before the time of Eusebius, Christianity was Christosism, and that Christos of India was the god known as the Savior of men. You have heard it said that, 'Great was Diana of the Ephesians.' This Diana, in my time was supposed to be the Virgin who brought Christos into the world. The advent of this belief in Greece took place after the Indian conquests of Alexander the Great, and after B. C. 325. The Virgin Diana that occupies the relation to the incarnate god Christos, is the same relation of Virgin Mary, which occupies in your Roman Catholic Church towards Jesus Christ. But as for myself, I was not a believer in such doctrines. I was a Peripatetic philosopher, and a follower of the great Gymnosophist Calanus; and if you will read the moral essays of my pupil Seneca, you will find them full of Gymnosophic doctrines.

The learned men of my time all believed as your modern Spiritualists; but with the fatal mistake, that they walked and talked with God, and not with spirits who were once before humans. This has been fatal to Spiritualism in all past ages and even today. Through the machination of spirits, some of your most trusted lights are likely to ruin your cause by thinking they have a special mission to enlighten the world. Special missions have been the curse of Spiritualism in all countries and in all ages.


Jacob Joseph Von Gorres: Although I wrote on all the topics of my day, the principal point of my communication will have relation to my work Die Christliche Mystik. It is upon this that I wish to particularly dwell. I was a mystic follower of Boehme, Agrippa, and such writers on mysticism; but I tried to reconcile the mysticism of the 16th century with the mysticism of my time, and I would have told the truth, had not prejudice prevented me from doing so. All mysticism of previous times centered on the teachings of Hermes Trismegistus and Christos of India. That was the central or commencement point of all Christianity, as it was taught by Apollonius of Tyana, Potamon, Plotinus and the Alexandrian School in general; but afterwards it was greatly altered at the Council of Nice, to suit the views of Eusebius and those of his school.

There is one direction in which you must look for the evidence that will substantiate the truth of these communications and that is among the Catholics, not the Protestantism, because it is only a bastard Catholicism. The bishops and priests of the Catholic church know that what I here assert is positively true; and they have in different parts of the world, the documentary evidence to prove what I here assert. In the New Testament, Christianity has accused the Jews for the crucifixion of Jesus Christ, because they claimed to be God's chosen people, and that their prophets had direct communication with the deity, Jehovah. So Eusebius and his followers brought in a sharp stroke against the Jews to conceal the fraudulent proceedings in which they were engaged, at the time of the founding of the Christian church.

Almost all of the books that make up what is called the Old Testament or the ancient Jewish history, is taken from the writings of the elder Zoroaster, and were taught by the Armenians, Chaldeans, Moabites and Samaritans. There is no Jewish Rabbi of any learning today, who could prove that they had a literature extending beyond the Babylonian captivity of the Jews. All Jewish traditions prior to that time show that the Jewish narratives were taken from the legends of the people I have named. As a spirit I have investigated all kinds of sectarianism, and I find that the one common mistake of mankind in all ages has been, the mistaking of the communications from spirits, for the communications from God.


Each religion is based upon the secret esoteric knowledge of the preceding
religion; although the key to the sacred knowledge is lost.
Consequently every religion is guilty of Plagiarism.
All religions are made by man, for man, not God.

Mohammed 570-632 AD. Arab prophet of Islam. At the age of 40 he began to preach as prophet, the religion of Islam. Mohammed established a theocratic state at Medina after 622 AD and began to convert the Arabic Kingdom to Islam.

Christians today cannot prove anything about their man-made Jesus god. And all their hopes to find the truth would have been overturned, if it wasn't for the destruction of the Alexandrian Library by the Mohammedans [Islam Religion]. Christianity would not today have any foothold if it had not been for the Mohammedans. The forgers of Christianity can thank the bigotry of the Mohammedans for the success of their religion.

Once Upon A Time, A Search For Truth

Ghazni, Afghanistan was originally a Buddhist center. Then the Arabs swept in from the west in 683 AD, bringing Islam with them. Then the invader Yaqub Safari sacked it in 869. His brother rebuilt Ghazni, and by 964 AD the center was a rich Islamic empire stretching from Turkey, Afghanistan, Pakistan and India.

While Europe languished in the Dark Ages, Ghazni’s ruler Mahmud, 998-1030 AD was building palaces and mosques and hosting theological debates that drew Muslim, Jewish, Buddhist, Zoroastrian and Nestorian Christian scholars from all over East. Then Genghis Khan terminated Ghanzi’s power in 1221 when he ravaged the city. This ended the search for Truth.

If you know me, please don't be a Judas and betray me. Also if you value the planet earth, all mankind and you in it, surely you will not betray me.

When the electron orbits decay, the electrons are pulled inwardly through the wormhole, the black hole, reverting into the nucleus of the atom, the bottomless nuclear reactor pit, the smelting pit, for reconversion, recycling, recompensation, reincarnation of an atom.

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l Why Are You Here On Earth? Now! l Why Are You Here On Earth? Now! Continuum! l Arguments & Quarrelling l Conflict Between All Nations l Dust In The Wind l I Am That I Am l Lunar Germ Seed l Few Reasons Why l Omnia Vincit Amor l True Christmas l Impenetrable Secrets l Crucifixion l XYZ Equations l Does God Exist l Points To Insight l Mystery Of An Orgasm l Astounding Exposé l Through The Subconscious Mind Comes Healing l Handbook For New Paradigm l Interpreter Of Dreams l Tilt Of The Axis & Japan l Entertainment And Information World l

l Exposure 1 l Exposure 2  l Exposure 3 l Exposure 4 l Exposure 5 l Exposure 6 l Exposure 7 l Exposure 8 l Exposure 9 l Exposure 10 l Fallacy Resolved l Does This Count? l Limitless Love l You Conventionalists l Were You Born Without Defilement? No! l Exposure 11 l Exposure 12 l Exposure 13 l Things Everyone Should Know l Mystical 13 Last Supper l Secret Mystery of RNA DNA l Weeping Angel Prediction l Oprah Winfrey l Who Is Coming l What Is Life Without Frolicking l Purity Men Do Not Comprehend l Thermodynamics Of Energy l Sarah Brightman l Charlotte Church l Handbook For New Paradigm l Tilt Of The Axis - Edgar Cayce + l Many Mansions - Parallel Worlds l Samarobryn Above Earth l Urgent l Refresher l Prophecies: Nostradamus, Malachy, Fatima + Others l

Now you have the missing Key to the Sacred Knowledge! Although >>

There is another website awaiting you to read, once you shall complete reading 144cubits.com. As you read you will find the ???? link to the profound website. Just follows each and every link, and you will run into the obvious ???? link.

Becoming one of the Christs is not a spectator sport. You need to be a doer. Be kind to everyone, for whatsoever you do to another, you also do it to yourself; only to a greater magnitude. That is a nuclear physics law.

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