Exposure VI

You are what you think! And whatsoever you think in every moment,
you are already that, or you will become; law of nuclear physics. 

You are what you know! You are also what you don't know and
should know of prime importance; law of nuclear physics.

Every thought and word, audible or inaudible is a molecular expression to matter and antimatter and is always recorded in the Akashic Records, and simultaneously it also seeds the mass consciousness with love or hate, peace or violence, truth or falseness, intelligence or nonsense, good or evil, etc. And when the mass consciousness is seeded, the minds of the people feed upon what was seeded. Since humanity does not know how this nuclear physics law operates, they question, why do we have so much hate, violence, evil, etc.?

Furthermore, when the molecular expression to matter and antimatter is seeded by humanity's mass consciousness, eventually it brings on all kinds of catastrophes, such as hurricanes,  typhoons, famines, earthquakes, tornadoes, plagues, pestilence, global warming, earth's  huge fires, inundations, stock market and monetary collapse, which is coming never to rise again, tilt of axis, hardships or tribulations of all kinds, etc. For what you sow into the mass consciousness, so shall you reap.

Invisible Sparks Fly Upwards From Every Woman And Man!

Job 5:6. For mischief comes not out of the earth, nor does trouble spring out of the ground, but man himself begets mischief, as sparks, the molecular expressions to matter and antimatter fly upwards seeding the mass consciousness and later return to him.

That Is Molecular Expression To Matter And Antimatter

Indeed, every electromagnetic thought wave conceived, audible or inaudible and every act that does not contribute to the liberation of mankind from the mortal 3rd dimension, only perpetuates death and darkness on planet earth. As man innovates with his mind how to destroy his fellow man, in more ways than just nuclear weapons, he is praying for his own destruction, that is, through the molecular expression to matter and antimatter he is seeding the consciousness of the masses with destruction. Your violent entertainment is one example.

The mortal man is unaware of the true plight of their souls, and the darkness, which surrounds their consciousness. The greatest confusion and the lowest levels of awareness in the invisible mass consciousness, lie within the few feet above the race of humanity, and is very influential in areas of dense population. 

No mortal man has ever unveiled me! The man made fantasia falseness is for a moment, but the immutable, unchangeable laws of nuclear physics, which govern the universe and the unadulterated, immaculate, pristine truth, is for eternity.

The mighty genie, the Spirit of God, the nuclear energy, which the father-mother nature has forged, that is imprisoned within the divine omnipresent, omnipotent, omniscient atoms within man, when respectfully released and harnessed, shall return humanity back to his original state of divinity; the union with the Spirit of God. And you need to accomplish this while you are alive, not after death.

Originally, mankind was created deathless! Immortal! Divine! Consequently, when man fell from his divinity, he lost his divine perfection and the 1st death came to be. The 1st death is, man lost his ability to be 100% alive and immortal. Now he is less than 33% alive, and presently is subjected to the 2nd death, which is the subatomic carbon 666 transitional death. Cosmically speaking, the mortal man is the living dead, because he carries within him the constant dying cells, till 2nd death do him part.

A carbon 666 atom consists of, 6 protons, 6 neutrons, 6 electrons. Everything in the mortal 3rd dimension is made-up of basic carbon 666 atoms. The number 666 is not the devil. It is not the antichrist, but signifies the mortal carbon 666 atomic composition of gross, solid matter, that is subjected to decomposition, disintegration, decay of carbon 666 atoms to cosmic dust or subatomic particles. The word devil when spelled in reverse is lived, designating the past tense of being alive; dead.

The great obstacle to the divine perfection, the re-union with the divinity, is the 1st original nuclear transgression, which brought on the 1st original sin and the 1st death. As a result, the ultimate cause of death in the mortal man is the atomic enmity, the separation from his divinity, which brings on the 2nd death.

Since the unchangeable, immutable laws of nuclear physics govern every omnipresent atom in the time, space, existence continuum and in mankind, there is no ritual, nor words, nor prayer, nor power of the mind, nor any belief system that can remove the never before known, 1st original nuclear transgression, which is the 1st original sin; the separation from the divinity.


Pythagoras, the Samian Sage, 6 BC: To be a sage and philosopher in ancient times was not a very difficult affair, because it was always a spiritual affair. All sages in ancient times were more or less mediums. But in your day they are more learned materially, because of the different ways that you have to acquire knowledge. I received from a spirit the doctrine of metempsychosis [reincarnation], and I find that there is something in it, that is the spirit envelopment of the medium. I also devoted myself considerably to Euclid's works and was the first in the Greek history, to find the properties of the hypothenuse [mathematics: the side of a right triangle opposite the right angle], or fourth element; and it has been revived a great deal in the theory of the fourth dimension of space. [Zollner's theory], a lame attempt to find spiritual things by theory; metaphysics.

There is another point which we must admit is infinitely beyond our grasp and that is to understand the properties of life in matter. We can understand the materialized demonstration of it, but we cannot understand how it combines, and how surrounding atoms coming together produce thought [molecular expression to matter and antimatter]. There are spirits in my sphere who understand this thing; but the knowledge of it cannot be forced upon the minds of this planet as long as there is such a determined opposition to spiritual things. All the spiritual things of the present day as felt by the majority of mankind, are nothing more than adhering to all myths and stories of antiquity.

There is no way to find the elements of the mind in any better manner, than by seeking the Spirit of God principle within yourselves. In that way you draw to yourselves a combination of the brightest intellects from the spirit world. All morality, as taught by me in my "Golden Verses," was simply the result of observation and experience, I received from many of my precepts, from the poets before my time, Homer, Hesiod and others. All of these sages in those days taught their own doctrines to certain schools of men, who retired into their caves or gardens, and there all such minds were moved in trance. Sometimes they were conscious, and sometimes when the deepest thoughts were given, in a deeply unconscious state, a sleep stage.

All gods and goddesses have grown out of names, to signify certain qualities that exist within the human body, such as patience, perseverance and all other virtues; and even the passions are represented in Grecian mythology, and were so understood by the learned of my day. And as the cross is the symbol of the Christian religion, so these gods and goddesses were the symbols of certain appetites, passions and virtues.

There is an approach of the noblest, highest and purest intelligences in the spirit world towards this earth. But between you and these spirits lies the magnetism of ignorance, the mass consciousness, which hampers every intelligent spirit and keeps the spirit from expressing what it really wishes to you or when it does control a medium. And this magnetism of ignorance [molecular expression to matter] is expressed daily by mortals, and it intercepts, prohibits and prevents progression. Although you stand forward in the strife, you will find only few at the present day with intelligence enough to comprehend what spiritual phenomena they receive. And why should mankind care for more, when they will not understand what was received in greater understanding?

At my time it was just as difficult to make a man understand truth, as it is today, that is we labored under the difficulties of superstition, the irrational belief systems. Priest-craft always stands in the way of progression. The more ignorant is the listener of a priest, the less work the priest has to do to convert the listener to his ignorance and falseness. And the more enlightened you become, the more difficulty the priest has to maintain his position. Therefore you will always find these teachers, priests and doctors of superstition and belief systems, who are the enemies to progression.

[Superstition: An irrational belief that an object, an action, or a circumstance not logically related to a course of events influences its outcome; A belief system, practice, or rite irrationally maintained by ignorance of the laws of nature or by faith in magic or chance; A fearful or abject state of mind resulting from such ignorance or irrationality; Idolatry, a worship of idols, statues; A blind, excessive devotion to something.]

The ancient nations of the world at my time, had more communication with each other than you would suppose, and this was when I was living about the same time as Confucius the Chinese philosopher. I met with some of his disciples and compared with them our respective teachings, and you will find that the "Golden Verses" of Pythagorous, and the "Wisdom Precepts" of Confucius have a sameness in their teachings. The reason for the sameness was, Confucius and myself received the same knowledge from the spirit world.

You will also find that the first great teachers living more natural lives, nearer to nature, did not express themselves with the elegance of some of the younger poets and philosophers, but nevertheless expressed themselves in the very beauty of simplicity. Instead of using learned words to express your thoughts, it is best to put your ideas in the simplest form possible. You will hereby avoid misconception. You will also be better understood. It has grieved the spirits of my day to observe the students from their schools of philosophy in spirit life, and see the progress of those superstitions that kill the soul, all over this great planet. It is almost impossible to uproot the ignorance, unless you commence with the child from the beginning of mortal life.

There is another great difficulty with all spirits, Christian, Mohammedan, Jews and Pagan. They are so imbued with superstitions, the irrational belief systems, that even if they reason themselves out of the false belief systems at maturity, when they come to what is termed death, since the earliest impressions of childhood are the most vivid, and are marked deepest upon their spirits, it holds them in the meshes of superstition, the false belief systems for many, many years after in spirit life.

So there is nothing I know of that will begin redeeming mankind from ignorance so effectually as educating the child spiritually, properly from the beginning. Also this impression of falseness is marked upon the seed in the womb and as the child grows with the first root in the womb, it is here that this radical reformation must take place.

But a false modesty chains people's intellects at the present time in the mortal life. It is at the very commencement of life, the conception that the purification must begin, and out of this will grow such an intelligence that superstition will no longer find a resting place in any mind. Six hundred years before the Christian era, in my time, these points were well understood, but they have been lost in the confusion and Babel that followed after. The principal power in the fostering of mythical superstition has been ambition, men's ambition to rule by any means whatever. They cared nothing for truth and it was a set: "What I promulgate or die." Greed the ruler of small minds.

War is one of the grandest destroyers of progression. That is, it inflames men's passions and passionate reasoning is always wrong. Cool and calm deliberation is the best savior and one that I would recommend to all mortals.


Jean Baptiste Colbert, Prime Minister of France: I do not think that any person of modern times was more deeply absorbed in antiquarian lore than myself. You will find in August Wilhelm Von Schlegel's tragedy of "Arion," all the mythological allusions made by Aeschuylus in his "Prometheus Bound." He was one of the greatest Sanskrit scholars that ever lived, and was thoroughly versed in the analogies between the Sanskrit and Greek languages. He demonstrated clearly that the ancient Egyptian virgin, Isis, with the infant god Horus on her breast, and the symbols of the Isiac religion were identical with the Christian Virgin Mary and the infant Jesus.

In the library named after me, the Colbertine, there are about one hundred and forty miscellaneous manuscripts bearing upon the first knowledge concerning the Gymnosophists of India, in the times of Alexander the Great and Ptolemy Philadelphus. These go to show you that the Gymnosophists were fire worshippers. After the teachings of the Gymnosophists, the Essenes and Gnostics composed the originals of the Christian Gospels and Epistles, which afterwards were parodied as composing the New Testament.

Euthalius, lived in Alexandria in 485 A. D. He demonstrated by those manuscripts, that these manuscripts contained the writings of Moses Chorensis, which first became popular in Armenia, which fully proves that in his day, the Armenians were Parsees or fire worshippers, and that they adhered to the doctrines of the Gymnosophists combined with the Platonic and Pythagorean philosophies of Apollonius of Tyana. And he shows that about A. D. 280, and perhaps before that date, these Armenians inscribed upon the marble throne at Adulis, their doctrines and belief, in contradistinction to those of the people known as Abyssinians; the latter being the doctrines attributed to Ishmael, the supposed son of Abraham. They made that inscription at that point in order to convert the Abyssinians to the teachings of Apollonius, which proved fruitless.

There is a paragraph still extant, of the writings of Moses Chorensis, that shows that all the learned have made a mistake about the nature of that inscription, but its suppression was ordered by the Council of Nice. It is still in the Vatican Library at Rome. This paragraph shows that the throne or judgment seat at Adulis had no relation to Ptolemy Euergetes, but was erected to commemorate the exploits of an Asiatic king Hannes or Jannes. You will not find him mentioned in any English biography, and if at all, it will be in some other tongue. 

Following this I will skip from the sixth to the twelfth century, to the days of Cyrillus Lucaris, patriarch of Constantinople, and there you will find the commencement of the Targums in the Codex Alexandrinus, now in the Royal Library in London. The manuscript to which I alluded, shows that Eusebius of Caesarea fully understood these various tongues, and the combination of the Targums of Jonathan Ben Uziel, Aquila and others, with the writings of Apollonius of Tyana, called the Pauline Epistles, about A. D. 265, were altered to conceal their origin.

These matters were fully dwelt upon by Eusebius, which shows that the Armenians constructed out of all these, what is now called the Codex Alexandrinus. The proof of this fact is still to be found in some of the towns of Samaria and Mesopotamia, in the Vatican Library at Rome, in my collection of manuscripts in Paris, and in the paintings of Murillo, who painted a Jesus according to the Abyssinian idea of that God, and represented him as an African. By a thorough investigation of the facts related by Belzoni, concerning the statues of Apollonius in Upper Egypt, you can reach a conclusion that Apollonius was the Jesus Christ of today. I examined all these things thoroughly; and according to a modern writer Lamartine, you will find the most positive proof that the Christian religion is a fraud. You will also find proof of this among the Maronite Brethren in Syria, and also in the Indian Archaeological researches of Sir William Jones.


Flavius Philostratus, Biographer of Apollonius of Tyana: I wrote the life and adventures of Apollonius of Tyana, by the order of Julia Domna. And no reasonable person would suppose for an instant that she would have desired an adept in Oriental languages to have transcribed them for her, if the character to whom they related had not been of great note. Among the first and most remarkable discoveries of the Empress Julia, was the identity or striking resemblance of the sculptured features of the faces of the Roman deity, Apollo and of Apollonius of Tyana, as they were then represented at Rome. I took the facts of my history of Apollonius from the Memoirs of Damis and from Moeragenes to the time of Euasthenes. These men were the biographers of Apollonius before my time, and from their works I wrote the history of Apollonius. But every effort has been made by succeeding popes and emperors since the reign of Constantine the Great, to destroy what I wrote of Apollonius.

It is a fact that Apollonius was worshipped by the Romans in the days of Septimus Severus, as the great Prometheus or the savior of men, and this continued up to the time when I wrote his history. The feasts in honor of him were always celebrated in connection with a star. This star was in the constellation Aries or the Lamb. He was worshipped as the center of God's eternal circle, the sun.

Under the idea of propitiatory sacrifice, mankind had sacrificed every animal from a frog to a horse, and finally ended with human blood offerings; and this was deemed a necessity in my age to purify a soul. This was concurrent with the purification related by Euxenes. From his days to my time there was just as much of sacrifice observed as in previous times. The purest virgin of Rome had to die in honor of the god Apollo, and her soul passed to Apollo in Paradise.

I saw hundreds of persons kissing the Greek cross and offering up that last dying prayer of the Promethean savior, accompanied with the burning of myrrh and frankincense incense, the same as you see done in the Christian churches at your approaching Easter festival. In this world of the dead, the Catholic spirits are so shut up in their earthly acquired dependence upon their priests that they cannot advance as spirits out of that condition, and they are forced back to the earth. No advancement is possible for them, while thus held, and they react upon you mortals with disastrous force.

There was no such religion as the Christian religion in my day. There was a sect who worshipped the Hindoo Christos. Their religion was a mixture of Buddhism, Platonism and Greco-Gymnosophism, and their first and most important rite was circumcision. But they were not very numerous or widespread. They resided mainly at Ephesus, Cairo and Rome. The chief symbol of their religion was a circle within which were represented the human sexual organs. They were very secret in their movements and their teachings were very obscure. No one knew of such a person as Jesus of Nazareth at that time. The Nazarites were held in the greatest contempt by the Jews, and it was for that reason the Christian priesthood chose that obscure village of Judea for the scene of Christ's abode.


Jean Jacques Barthelemy, French Scholar: The great difficulty that an antiquarian and searcher into the mysteries of the past has to contend with, is the opposition to anything that will throw light on the origin of the Christian religion. In the first place, you are dependent upon the person who subscribe their money to help you in your researches into the mysteries of the past; and you must be careful, no matter what you discover, of not trespassing upon their religious beliefs. Because of that, no antiquarian that ever lived has ever discovered the truth about the Christian religion, under the different forms of symbolic worship, which is written upon all the temples and tombs of antiquity.

By not being able to disclose when I lived on earth, and to do as I pleased, I left a key for those who desired to use it, to show the subject of the Christian religion in its true light, and this was called the Alphabet of Palmyra. By means of which certain inscriptions are upon the ruins of the temples of the ancient city, to throw a flood of light upon all the ceremonies of Christianity. In the inscriptions, there is set forth the doctrine of the Trinity. There is the censor. There is the eucharist in the feast of Bacchus. There are the priestly robes, the miter and other insignia of popes, cardinals and bishops. There are officiating priests, all paraded on those ancient ruins and on other ruins in Kartoum, Egypt, and in what is known as the Abyssinian desert. All these inscriptions are present on these ruins. There also you will find the identical head that is found engraved in Christian bibles as the representation of Jesus of Nazareth, carved as the object of heathen veneration. On the tombs especially is found, the face and of head representation of Apollonius of Tyana. From the examination of writings made by Sir Warren Hastings, pertaining to the cave of Elephanta, India, the Jews wearing the robe or dress that is set down in history as having been worn by Herod, it was not Herod's, but was worn by the tyrant Cansa, representing the slaughter of the innocents, in the cave Elephanta.

In my search, the Adulian marble represents the life, adventures and miracles of Apollonius of Tyana and not of Ptolemy Euergetes, because the characters that are engraved or cut do not belong to the time or age of that king, but they do belong to an age about three hundred years later, which would bring them down to the time of Apollonius. I passed to spirit life in 1795. I was the author of the travels of Anacharsis the Younger.


Henry Salt, an eminent English Traveler: There is no antiquarian, no inscriptionist, no linguist that understands that all historic religions, either through relics, monuments or scrolls, have their origin in the sun; and that all the ancients, although their religions may be diversified, started on that central pivot, the Sun.

You will find that this word 'Abrasax' wherever written or carved, is claimed to have been derived from the Hebrew Ab Ben, and has been said to designate what might be termed in Hebrew, 'father', but in no case can the learned claim that this is true, for in reality it relates to the Persian god Mithras, and the Abraxas or Abrasax, means the amulet worn by the ancients, which is traced to Mithras, denoting, of the Sun.

You will also find in the writings of Belzoni, concerning the Oasis of Jupiter Ammon, that the whole ancient system is a combination of the Sun with the first sign of the zodiac, or with Aries, the Ram or Lamb. The same kinds of basso-relievos, only of a ruder character, are found in the bases of the temples of India; among the principal of which are the caves of Elora and Elephanta. This principle is just as much observed today as in the ancient countries.

About 12,000 to 15,000 years ago, the Sanskrit language was invented and introduced. In the Sanskrit is the real Sun worship, which has governed every system of religion since. If there is any religion without the symbol of the Sun in Aries, or in the first sign of the zodiac, I have failed to discover.

It is a well known fact that all the early Christians worshipped or manifested their adoration, by bowing toward the East, the counterpart of pagan Sun-worship. In Palmyra and Thebes, the principal object worshipped by the forerunners of Christianity, was Aries the Ram or Lamb; and the Therapeutae also worshipped the same symbol. You will find this proven in Sir William Jones' Asiatic Researches.


Quintillian, Latin Grammarian: I lived in Rome from about A. D. 40 to A. D. 90. I was the master and teacher of Pliny the Younger. I was a teacher in Rome at the time when there was not a single man of any education that was not engaged in making proselytes [converts] to some religious views of his own. All of their religious views had a pantheistic tendency. In fact Pantheism had set men crazy, each and every one desiring to add another god to his household idols. In such a state were the religions of my day. In regard to that celebrated personage Jesus Christ, whom the Christians claim once lived in Judea, there was no account of such a personage in my day. The real Jesus was Apollonius of Tyana.

The cross has been the symbol of various religions since the days of Ramses II, of Egypt. There is not a single rite, form of baptism, ceremony or prayer that has not been stolen from China or India, which any traveler in those countries can see for himself today.


Julius Lucius Florus, Roman Historian: I was in the height of my work about A. D. 125. In the time I lived in Rome was confusion. Mankind was struggling for more light. The spirit of progress was strong, but afterwards it became buried beneath Christianity. To that religion we owe the long dark night of mental slavery. In my day Christianity was in its infancy in Rome. I positively know, that not only did the man called Jesus Christ never lived, but also none of his apostles were known of at Rome. And there was no Peter as pope.

I was engaged in writing a history of the Roman emperors at that time, and all sources of information were open to me, so that I could investigate all existing evidence and write a correct history of what I had taken in hand. Only a portion of my writings have been preserved and are in existence today. The reason of this was that there were three pages devoted to the false Christian religion, which were condemned and destroyed by pope Urban IV [1378-89]. The Christian popes were cunning, but enough has escaped their destroying power to prove that their religion is founded on mythology, and that there is no so-called revelations in the Christian scriptures that have not been taken from works antedating the time of Christ. The so-called revelation of Jesus has nothing new in it. It contains nothing that was not known to the ancients before that time.

In spirit life, I find that the ancient pagan idolater has a better opportunity to progress as a spirit than a bigoted and self-willed Christian. There are millions of Christian spirits in spirit life, many of whom know that their religion is a fraud, and yet will not acknowledge it to be so. They seek to keep up that mental slavery in spirit life, which they maintained when on earth. The difficulty in reforming these spirits is, that Christianity is constantly sending fresh additions to the spirit world to swell their ranks. So long as this state of affairs continues, you must not wonder at the spiritual darkness that overshadows mankind. The enemies of truth that you have here on earth are nothing compared to the infinite number of spirits that are contending against you on the other side of life.


Rufus Quintius Curtius: I was intimately acquainted with Vespasian. I knew Apollonius and I saw Flavius Josephus at Rome about the middle of the reign of Trajan. Titus, the son of Vespasian, brought to Rome some of the Hebrew scrolls that were recovered by Judas Maccabeus, after the destruction of the Temple of Jerusalem by Antiochus Epiphanes. And most if not all, the Jewish legends are borrowed allegorical recitals taken from the Persian and Egyptian mythologies. Their identity with the latter was understood by the learned or initiated.

Here I wish to express an existing force, Odic. This force, which is termed by some as psychics, was merely the preparatory conditions for answers, discerning some physical representation of future events. All augurs or what are termed mediums when inquiring into future events, drew a circle around them at the time, and any interference with them, or any crossing of that circle, unless summoned by the augur or medium, brought death to the intruder. This circle was drawn, by those called the ancients, to keep out evil influences at the time these spiritual influences were in operation.

All religions known in my day, whether of India, Persia, Greece, Rome, Judea, or Egypt, were understood astronomically; but this was disguised from the masses, because all who had any learning whatever knew they had but one common basis to rest upon, and that was communion with spirits, whether brought about by invocation, trance, odic or psychic force physically manifested. But such manifestations were always called up by virtue of the mystic signs of the zodiac. These signs accompanied every circle. The breast-plate which Flavius Josephus wore and in which he was discovered in the cave, when his life was saved by Vespasian, was none other than a representation of the Chaldean signs of the zodiac. That breastplate has not been destroyed, but now exists, and is to be found in Paris, where a priest presented it to Charlemagne. It was among the spoils obtained at Rome by Alaric, king of the Huns. It cannot be destroyed. That mission is to prove that the Hebrew teachings and writings are nothing but a copy of Chaldean, Persian and Egyptian writings that preceded them.


M. Atilius Regulus: I was consul for the Roman Empire in the first Punic war [264-241 BC]. All religions in my day were copied from the Egyptian Osiris, with this great light that shines above your head, the sun as the central pivot; which the Sun has been corrupted into Son. Since the people would not worship or adore anything that was not covered by a veil of secrecy, the priests resorted to gods born of virgins, as the fundamental principle in nearly all religions now existing on this mortal plane. In my time there was a constant struggle between the learned politicians and wily priests for supremacy; and sorry am I to say that the priests almost always triumphed. There never would have been that decline in the Roman Empire and its final absorption by the Catholic church today, if the Roman people had listened to the voice of politicians and orators.

The famous Grecian God, Prometheus, dying on the Scythian crags, was acknowledged as the savior of man when I lived on the mortal plane. It was a pure invention, just as much as Jesus Christ was an invention, a myth. I feel as a spirit an earnest desire to lift this religious bondage that is now binding the human race. No spirit, however exalted, has any saving power whatever, except as it can impress spirits and mortals to do right.


Gaius Valerius Maximianus Galerius, Roman Emperor: I fought the Persians and fought them fearlessly, but of all the people that I ever met whilst in the material form, there are none whom I invoke the gods to curse more fiercely than those things called Christians. Why should I hate them so fiercely? You shall have my testimony. Oh! ye gods, what a patchwork this Christianity is. It is made up of the theories that they stole from all Pagan mythology and Pagan precepts, and combined them to construct that damnable refuge of theirs, to throw their sins upon an innocent person, they erected a myth, and then cheated their fellowmen with their god-man Jesus.

In spirit life, you can find all the spheres of all religions that existed, such as a nest of hypocrites, the so-called Christians. It was myself who through my powers as a general in the Roman army, made Diocletian issue, the famous edict against the Christians. The Christians were not open to controversy like the pagan priests, they shielded themselves behind that damnable mandate: 'Thus saith the Lord,' and wanted to combine church and state. I fought for my laurels. I gained them by overcoming the enemies of my country, and I wanted no meddling priests between me and legitimate power; won by my own good right arm.

The destruction of Rome was achieved through Christianity, and I, a Roman Emperor, feel it my duty to say that these scoundrels, the Christians, were begging favors for their religion in every court where they could get an entrance. For all men of intelligence knew the story of Jesus Christ was nothing but the old story of Christos or Chrishna of India revived. And when called upon to show what they believed they could show nothing but the writings of Marcion and Lucian, the Romans who stole the writings of Apollonius of Tyana. The Gospel of Marcion, in my day was stamped with the name of Marcion's heirs in a direct line. For at that time, be it known to you, when a man died and there was no name attached to the writings he left behind him, they were designated by his name. In fighting a Persian general and capturing his camp, I captured the writings of Zoroaster, and Diocletian submitted them to a comparison with the writings of the Christians. The Christian writings were declared to be fraudulent, and therefore there is a bloody decree against them. There is now an infusion of Spiritualized matter in the air you breathe upon this planet, that there is a warning beforehand, the destruction of Christianity is coming.


George Deyverdun: The Lawgiver, in the Eleusinian Mysteries, helped to make up Christianity as it is at present, and those Eleusinian Mysteries were composed of books commemorative of the Grecian harvest and at the harvest time they ate and drank the blood of Bacchus, which was symbolized in the juice of the grape in conjunction with eating the bread or body of Ceres, the goddess of agriculture. And here you have the real foundation of the last supper of Jesus.

In the mouth of the Aeneas [the Trojan hero] are put the words that signify: "I am the bread and the life." He acts as the hero in the tragedy or affairs of life. This book is one that the Christians have done all they could to suppress. The title of the book is: "Aeneas: the Lawgiver of the Eleusinian Mysteries." This book is still in existence and is very rare. It is one of Gibbon's works, but difficult to find. The clergy, after the death of Gibbon bought up all copies that were in the hands of a few individuals, to prevent it from becoming public.

Christianity is a combination of Indian, Persian, Egyptian and Grecian mythologies; and all that they set forth as being accomplished by their god-man Jesus, can be found in those ancient mythologies. It is just as necessary for us to give you the information, as it is for you to receive it; because it is a law of recompense for the mistakes of those who have lived before you.


Pliny The Younger: Time is nothing to a spirit. We never grow old; but we are cramped by our mortal conditions. I was appointed to the position of consul or procurator of Bithynia and Pontus about the last part of the first century of the Christian era, by Emporer Trajan of Rome. One of the greatest proofs that the Christians bring forward to establish the historical existence of Jesus, is my letter to Trajan. I did write such a letter but the name Christian was not to be found in it. That word is a forgery. The word I used was Essenes not Christians. The cause of my inquiry into the nature and customs of the sect calling themselves Essenes was, they were what you moderns call Communists, and Trajan wanted to know whether they interfered with the rights of other people. I found them a very quiet and inoffensive class of people, holding everything in common; and I so reported to the Emperor. I had no knowledge whatever of the so-called Christian religion.


Sigebert Havercamp: I was a Professor of Rhetoric in Leyden University. Died in 1742. No man that ever lived devoted more of his time to the close analysis of the Greek and Latin classics than myself. After all the study of the manners and customs of the East, I find that there is nothing in Christianity that did not exist before, that can not be found in any library without going to the trouble of searching for more proof, upon the real identity of such a mad creation of mortal man as Jesus Christ. I knew it when I was on earth. Although I was false to my trust. Why? On one hand stood honor and preferment; on the other hand stood disgrace and despair.

The further I went into the investigation of the claims of Christianity, the more I became convinced that it was a damnable imposition. First from the writings, as translated by the follower of Apollonius of Tyana, called Damis, which was extended at the Court of Tiberius Caesar, and was there written by one who has no historical name, called Allosius. This man received it from Damis himself; and this was in the possession of the Societe Biograpique, and it was submitted to me at Leyden by the French Ambassador. I examined it and returned it to them, which I marked in German with this sentence: "No stronger proof could be had that Jesus Christ was Apollonius of Tyana, and also St. Paul and St. John, than is set forth in this manuscript." I never saw it afterwards nor any one else; but it was submitted to me simply because I was the only one at the time, that held the key to the writings there expressed or set forth. It was the original writing of Apollonius' disciple Damis. Now, I have no doubt that this manuscript exists, for the one that was entrusted with it was of such an ambitious character that he held it and left it to his heirs.

I do not know whether you will find the heir's name extant or not, but he was known as Pierre Durand, and he kept the manuscript to extort money from the Christians or Catholic clergy. At that time he was Secretary in the diplomatic corps and he was a messenger. He was a good scholar himself, and he understood the emphasis that I made in those writings, therefore it was necessary to buy his silence. All those annotations [explanatory notes] of mine which I made upon the characters in the Hebrew Bible, in the Old Testament were generously paid for by parties interested in the propagation of Christianity. That is they bought me to falsify and to write in such a manner as to conceal the truth in as clear as possible manner, in order that they might be a standing reference to future generations.

All these notes and comments have been a burden on my shoulders as a spirit; and I wish to add that I have something further to say, but I cannot get the proof, and I want to furnish you with the absolute proof. On some future occasion, I can give you direct information that will tend to make all priests, both Catholic and Protestant, think; to use an old-fashioned term, that "A hornets' nest has broken loose."

Comment: Yes, when the hornets' nest has broken loose, the hornets shall apostatize and sting very badly with the sting of death against all world religions and the neighbor that shall follow next. That neighbor has not been announced yet, but you shall know soon. 


Christian Thomasius, Jurist and Philosopher: After a thorough study of the Latin and Greek classics, I determined that the German people should have the benefit of reading these in their own language, and I was the first that really brought this about. But I was struck with a copy of Martin Luther's revision, a copy from the Latin which I read. Martin Luther  was a great priest and philosopher and none knew better than he, in spite of his exhortations to the contrary, that Jesus Christ was a myth, and that Apollonius of Tyana was the savior in the Christian New Testament. But as the century was dark in which he lived [1483-1546], he shaped a reform as best he could under the circumstances. For if he would have revealed the truth, he would have been instantly sacrificed to popular fanaticism and to his death.

Martin Luther left papers certifying to what he really did know, in regard to the Christian Scriptures, and it was these papers that made the various schisms after his death. But from the days of Eusebius this Christian myth Jesus had such a hold upon the popular mind that it was impossible, for fear of death, to offer any fact in relation to that myth; or in rebuttal of the life, adventures, and character of Jesus. These reformers not only Lutherans, but also all other Christian religions seeing very little difference between Apollonius of Tyana and the myth Jesus, said it made no difference whether the myth was accepted or the other, that is, it would all be rectified in the future spirit life. Therefore, this has been a fatal mistake for centuries, and one which will require all the gigantic efforts of materialists of the present day to free themselves from, because they have been cheated, defrauded and deluded by those who should have been the true friends of mankind, namely the priests.

But I, in my day could not reveal to those who came under my instruction, what I really knew in regard to the astrological formation of all religions and other things. Therefore as I spoke several times, my hope was that it would be understood in an allegorical sense. Unfortunately there were only a few who had the patience to follow out what I suggested to them. As a spirit I will say to the German materialistic, that the Christian religions of today, would have never met with the success they have if the myth of Jesus of Nazareth, had been revealed to the people and in its place they would have the true teachings and adventures of Apollonius of Tyana, who was never crucified on the cross, dying for the sins of mankind. If that was the case, today the people would have had a substantial knowledge to relate to, while now the Christians have none; and therefore they throw themselves open to the opposition of materialists and the destruction of the Spirit speaking through man, not religions speaking to man with their falsified, not true teachings.

Comment: For many years, since I came to the realization of the key to the sacred knowledge, I had encountered tremendous opposition of what I was revealing to the people of this world. It was like talking to the living dead. Many times after a seminar or a conversation on a one to one basis, I said to myself, what do these people use for brains to think? No one has time to listen. There is more to these episodes, but that will be for another time.


If you know me, please don't be a Judas and betray me. Also if you value the planet earth, all mankind and you in it, surely you will not betray me.

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