Exposure V

There is only one universal Spirit of God creator, one uncorrupted, genuine truth, one set of immutable laws of nuclear physics that govern the universe and every atom in the time, space, existence continuum; including precious, magnificent you. Since you do not know how the divine atoms operate in the father-son-mother nature and in you, where are you then with your truth?

Where are you now with your truth?

The Weeping Angel Prediction
Worthing, England 1960s

If I, the universal Christ were to return in peace on earth, no one would recognize me except my reincarnate. Meaning: No one would recognize the universal Christ except the reincarnate, the counterpart of him who is on earth.

The lifting of the veil means, the lifting of that veil which prevents complete universal sight, so allowing me fully to be perceived by all my universal units.

It is becoming necessary for me to interfere with the scientific devices of men and halt their progress. I will intervene in many matters of science. I have not embarked on this procedure for the purpose of preventing the manifestation of any or all scientific developments. A great many scientists are aware of an energy that is influencing their thesis, which is the incoming ultra high frequency of the 4th dimension.

I can halt all matter at any time and make the earth stand still, without giving reason or warning. Those words imply: The Universal Christ can inactivate all the electromagnetic electricity from the earth, so that nothing that depends on any kind of electrical power will operate, including your auxiliary generators, engines, motors, solar power and batteries of every kind, etc.

All are regarding my influence as a challenge. None will stop to reason until I have created a means for them to appreciate fully that their program, is limited in its entire objectivity.

It must be remembered that all must walk only in the light that reflects truth to them. These words are saying: Hold on to the present truth what you know your truth is, until you shall come to the crossroad of understanding the true ancient sacred knowledge, long since forgotten. Then when you shall come to the crossroad of the sacred knowledge, let go of the falseness, apostatize and rebel peacefully from the deceptive teachings of world religions and all organizations, which lead all mankind to the pit of self-destruction. Death is not the goal of mortal man.

No man can know the day or hour when my great Universal Revelation will be enacted. However, I must repeat, I will reveal myself to the universe through the medium of Nuclear Evolution. This is my plan, which is the absolute.

A major world conflict will herald the last stages of the universal progress. In the meantime, general world conditions will show evidence of a leading up to the introduction of a nuclear device that will bring about the final human level episode.

The major conflict I speak of will be between nations and it will be most sudden.

A human press-button device will be used and, simultaneously with the pressing of the button, instead of disaster, the universal revelation will occur.

Not everyone shall enter the Kingdom of Heaven

Matthew 7:21. Not everyone who says: Lord, Lord, shall enter the kingdom of heaven, but he who does the will of my Father.
22. Many will say on that great day
, the second coming of the Christ, Lord, Lord did we not prophesy and teach in your name and cast out devils in your name and work miracles in your name?
23. And then I will declare to them, I never knew you. Depart from me, you workers of iniquity.

Why workers of iniquity? Because you have worked in the name of Jesus, the Beelzebub, the dark forces and therefore your healings lasted only a short time, while you led more people astray to the pit of self-destruction; death. Oh what a false belief system, preaching that Jesus died for your sins and all you need to do is believe unto Jesus and you are saved. From what? the unforgivable 1st original sin, which brought on tribulations and travails of mortal life, including death?  Bah humbug. Now that you know, please stop, whatever you are doing to propagate the false teachings.

There are many things here you will not understand upon your first reading. However, you shall when you read every bit of the iota in these pages. Especially your successive readings! And now from my 4th book, few Prophecies of Nostradamus, from 1554-1558 >>>

C 4 Q 11

He that shall be covered with a great cloak
Shall be induced to commit some great act,
The twelve red ones shall soil the table cloth,
Under murder, murder shall be committed.

He that shall be covered with a great cloak, Pope John Paul I, following his election in 1978, shall start an investigation of the Prelates who are associated with the Vatican Bank operation. Fearful of what the Pope proposes to do, the Prelates >>>
Shall be induced to commit some great act, against Pope John Paul I. Therefore,
The twelve red ones, the 12 Prelates who wear the red cloak shall soil the table cloth, for the Catholic Church, when they shall murder the Pope in the night by giving him poison in his drink before he went to sleep.
Under murder, murder shall be committed by the 12 Prelates in the red cloak. There are many books on the market and libraries in many countries with regards to the murder of Pope John Paul I, and what goes on in the underworld of the Catholic Church. But here in the USA, things have been hushed up, so as not to create a scandal for the Catholic Church. If the murder of the Pope was not suppressed, you can imagine what falling away from Catholicism there would have been.

C 10 Q 12

Elected for a Pope, from elected he shall be mocked,
Upon a sudden, they shall move promptly and fearfully,
By too much sweetness, they shall cause him to die,
Stricken with fear, they will lead him to his death in the night.

Elected for a Pope John Paul I, from elected, the cardinals who elected the Pope, he, Pope John Paul I shall be mocked.
Upon a sudden, they, the 12 Prelates shall move promptly to silence the Pope, and being fearful that they will be discovered of the money they have embezzled, one billion dollars from the Church.
By too much sweetness in the Pope, they, the 12 Prelates shall cause him to die. The 12 Prelates in the red cloak >>>
Stricken with fear, they will lead him, the Pope John Paul I to his death in the night, by giving the Pope poison.

C 10 Q 65

Oh mighty Rome, your ruin is approaching,
Not of thy walls, but of thy lifeblood and substance,
The sharp letters shall make so horrible attack,
That the sharp iron shall be thrust in all the way to the hilt.

Oh mighty Rome, the seat of the Catholic Church, your ruin is approaching,
Not of thy walls, the true teachings of the Christ and the uncorrupted sacred knowledge of the Scriptures, but of thy lifeblood and substance, your livelihood and your monetary income that you derived from the poor people, who were your prisoners of ignorance, prisoners of death.
The sharp letters, the sacred knowledge of  ???? unveiled shall make so horrible attack on the false teachings of the Catholic Church, who have made a very profitable nonsensical business out of it, >>>
That the sharp iron, the 2 edge flaming sword in the stone, the sword in the Philosopher's Stone, the sword of truth of the Christ shall be thrust in all the way to the hilt, to the handle, to receive the final deadly blow to the erroneous teachings of Christianity, which shall bring final death to the corrupted teachings of the antichrists.

Who is the antichrist? The antichrist is one who is anti, who is opposite, who is against the true teachings of the Christ. The antichrists are the false prophets who prophesy that when a man dies, his soul shall go to heaven, paradise, purgatory, hell or limbo. How can the Spirit, the soul of man go to any one of those places when the soul of man is eternally divine, the omnipresent I am that I am Spirit of God, and the beautiful, remarkable Kingdom of God is everywhere within the macrocosm and microcosm, in the time, space, existence continuum? Furthermore, the antichrists, the false prophets teach that the Spirit of God rested on the seventh day from all that God created. If that was the case, who is now creating the new galaxies, star systems, forests, islands, people, etc.? God is a workaholic, who never rests, so his work is never completed in the progressive nuclear evolution.

C 3 Q 17

Mount Aventine shall be seen to burn in the night,
The Heavens shall be darkened upon a sudden in Flanders,
When the Monarch shall expel his nephew,
Then clergymen shall commit scandals.

In this quatrain Nostradamus uses a word of Nephew. I am so happy all of you know the meaning of the word, Nephew. Or do you? Please do not peek into your dictionary ahead of time.
Flanders: A historical region of northwest Europe including parts of northern France, western Belgium, and southwest Netherlands along the North Sea. For many centuries it enjoyed virtual independence and great prosperity as a center of the garment industry. Here Nostradamus, in this quatrain, is denoting the enjoyed virtual independence and great prosperity you shall have with the milk and honey manna wedding garment of the Christ. The wedding garment is indicative of the marriage, the fusion of the soul-ar and lunar seeds.
Nephew: The illegitimate son of an ecclesiastic who has taken a vow of celibacy. [Middle English neveu, nepheu, from Old French nevo, neveu.]

Mount Aventine, one of the seven hills where the Vatican is located, shall be seen to burn in the night, hence destroyed. Why? And When? After >>>
The Heavens shall be darkened, the cognizance, the conscious knowledge of religions, and all mankind shall become obscure, troubled, oppressive upon a sudden in Flanders, when the mortal man shall suddenly appear with virtual independence from death and great prosperity, the prosperity of having the wedding garment of the Christ, which is endowed with the milk and honey manna. Henceforth, the Christ shall commence with the following:
When the Monarch, the Christ shall expel his nephew, the inferior, disagreeable, illegitimate son of an ecclesiastic who has taken a vow of celibacy, the foolish vow against father-mother nature, a vow to abstain from uniting the soul-ar and lunar seeds of immortality. Why did the illegitimate son take such a vow? Because he is an antichrist, for he does not know the truth of God, the truth that shall render mankind free from all disease and death via ????.
Then clergymen, the expelled antichrists, the false prophets who are against the Christ shall commit scandals. Consequently the clergymen and all the other erroneous enslaving establishments shall rage a ferocious Armageddon World War III against the Christ, which shall cause extensive bloodshed. Whereas, if Christianity, World Religions and other misleading establishments would admit their errors and apologize to humanity, you would see the difference. But those are not the ways of intelligent, civilized men.

C 8 Q 98

The blood of churchmen shall be spilt,
As water in such great abundance,
And for a long time shall not be stayed,
Ruin and grievance shall be seen to the clergy.

The blood of churchmen shall be spilt, during the Armageddon World War III.
As water in such great abundance,
And for a long time shall not be stayed, held back, until the religions of the world shall give up their deception to humanity.
Ruin and grievance shall be seen to the clergy, for the reasons that are obvious.

C 2 Q 62

Malus shall come, and soon after shall die,
Of people and beasts shall be a horrible destruction,
Then all of a sudden the vengeance shall be seen,
Blood, hand, thirst, famine, when the comet shall run.

The anagram for Malus is Islam.
Malus, the fanatics of Islam shall come into play upon the coming of the Christ, because they will revolt against their religion and become the terrorist that will hold the world in horror and perplexity. These violent objectors and the Islam religion soon after shall die.
The Islamic terrorists shall bring so much devastation and death of people and beasts, that there shall be a horrible destruction, such as mankind has never seen before.
Then all of a sudden the vengeance shall be seen, and the Armageddon Word War III shall begin. People will rebel against the darkness, the very powerful antichrists. Also humanity shall rebel against the universal light, the invincible Christ. Vengeance will strike from the Islam when they will ascertain that the kind of Allah they envisioned does not exist. Vengeance will also strike against the Christian Churches, from the Christians when they will learn there is no Jesus of Nazareth, nor heaven, nor Fantasia God. Vengeance shall also strike against the World Religions and many other world organizations who lead all mankind to the pit of self destruction. Apostasy shall prevail! Consequently >>>
Blood from the dead and casualties shall flow like gushing water in the rivers, hand combat and violent fights shall be in force between members of the family, neighbors, relatives, friends, etc. thirst, famine, earthquakes, pestilence, plagues, etc. shall be in full progression when the comet shall run. 

C 1 Q 80

From the sixth bright celestial splendor,
Shall come very great lightening to Burgundy,
After which shall be born a monster of a most hideous beast,
In March, April, May and June shall begin great quarreling and muttering.

So that you shall see the light of the universe when it lightens up in the sky, you will need a light and a key to find the entrance to this one.

Burgundy: In the beginning of the 5th century, Burgundy was composed of several historic kingdoms, countries, duchies situated in Old France. At one time Poland was under the ruler-ship of old Burgundy, the Old France. My parents were of Polish ancestry. I am Polish American.

And being Polish American and since the word Polish is spelled the same way as polish, I have been using all the expressive Polish I can, to polish and illuminate the words into English, to such a magnitude that you will understand me. Now I will let Nostradamus turn the light on.

From the sixth bright celestial splendor, the sixth planet from the Sun, Saturn, which influences the astrological sign of Capricorn, the Tribe Judah, which the 1st Christ was born under,
Shall come very great lightning to Burgundy.
This illumination shall come to a descendent from Burgundy, which you shall read within these pages, how it will happen.
After which shall be born a monster of a most hideous beast.
The monster antichrist shall be born in the minds of the opposing, rebellious segment of people that shall be like a hideous beast, fighting to preserve the corruptive controlling power of the world, and the status quo. The Antichrist is, everyone who is anti or against the Christ. With the coming of the Christ, all erroneous, deceptive teachings shall vanquish from the face of the earth. Since the monster, the hideous beast, the Antichrist shall know that his days are numbered for his extinction, the antichrists shall fight the barbarous Armageddon World War III with all the might of ferociousness and anger. Consequently:
In March, April, May and June shall begin great quarreling and muttering
, amongst the people, the antichrists, who are not agreeable with the key to the sacred knowledge, the ???? time capsule, who shall fight like a hideous monster, who hate the Spirit of God and love the transitional carbon 666 subatomic death.

The Aquarian Gospel 113:6. A stagnant pool abides in peace. When mankind's sexual procreative waters cease to move, they are soon ladened with the seeds of death; corruption dwells in every drop.
7. The living waters
, which contain the sexual seeds of life, should always leap and skip about like lambs in the spring. The ovum and sperms behave in this manner, as observed under a microscope.
8. The nations are corrupt. They
, all mankind sleep within the arms of death, and they must be aroused and made aware of what they are doing and shown the sacred knowledge of ???, before it is too late.
9. In life we find antagonists at work
, ignorance, deception falsehood, illusion and the Antichrists. God sent me here to stir unto its depths the waters of the procreative sea of everlasting life.
10. Peace follows strife. I come to slay this peace of death in humanity. The prince of peace must first be the prince of strife.
11. This leaven of ancient truth
, the key to the sacred knowledge of ????, which I have now brought to men will stir the demons up, and nations, cities, families will be at war within themselves.
12. The five that have been dwelling in a home of peace will be divided now, and two shall war with three.
13. The son will stand against his sire; the mother and the daughter will contend
, argue and fight; yea, strife will reign in every home.
14. The self and greed and doubt will rage into a fever of heat, and then because of me
, the coming of the promised redeemer, the Christ lunar germ seed, the coming of the Christ again, the earth will be baptized in human blood, during the ferocious Battle of Armageddon, the World War III.
15. But right is king; and when the smoke is cleared away the nations will learn war no more; the Prince of Peace will come to reign.
16. Behold, the signs of what I say are in the sky; but men can see them not.
18. Lo, men can read the signs of the earth and sky, but they cannot discern the signs of the Holy Breath
, the Spirit of God pouring out its milk and honey manna, the quintessence upon mankind from the sign of Aquarius, the sign for the coming of the Christ; but you shall know when the true sacred knowledge concerning ???? shall be unveiled.
19. The storm of wrath comes on; the carnal man will seek a cause to hale you into court, and cast you into prison cells.
20. And when these times shall come let wisdom guide; do not resent. Resentment makes more strong the wrath of evil men.
21. There is little sense of justice and of mercy in the vilest men of earth.
22. By taking heed to what you do and say and trusting in the guidance of the Holy Breath
, the Spirit of God, you may inspire this sense to grow.
23. You thus may make the wrath of men to praise the Lord.

The Armageddon World War III that is now on the horizon is preventable, and it is entirely up to all mankind. If the war isn't avoided, more blood shall be shed during the 7 months of the Armageddon World War III, than all the wars put together. Is that necessary? If that is what it takes to destroy the Antichrist darkness, then it shall be! Or it could be longer!


Summachus, Grecian Statesman and Orator: You have a paper among you called 'Light for All.' I was the orator, also a writer, and I wrote against the Christians. Now when a man writes against anything it is a proper question to ask: What are your reasons for doing so? In my case they may be set forth under three heads. First, because I knew there was no learned Christian who must have known, on investigation, that the religion called Christian is but a duplication of the Eleusinian mysteries, and that those mysteries embody every dogma set forth by the Christian priests. Secondly, because I knew that these mysteries were remodeled by Ammonius Saccas, and the doctrines that the Christians were teaching were not the doctrines of their Jesus, but were the teachings of Ammonius Saccus; and were Therapeutic doctrines. Thirdly, Theodotius, a Christian emperor or Pope, after my time, had 27,000 rolls of papyrus destroyed that contained the very doctrines that prove that those mysteries of ancient Greece were the original parent of the Christian religion. Fear was predominant, truth was not considered then. Spies and informers were set to watch your houses at all hours of the day or night, and if they could catch you reading anything contrary to the prevailing faith, your life had to pay the forfeit.


Constantine The Great, Roman Emperor: I possessed a valuable library. When I became a Christian I destroyed it. I was a fanatic, and was governed and influenced by fanatics. The four gospels were originally Buddhistic gospels, and were written in an ecstatic state by Deva Bodhisatoua. They were mingled with Platonism by Potamon. This is the true account of the Christian New Testament; and the day will come when it will be openly acknowledged, for the evidence of it will be so great that the original Buddhistic gospels, which are in existence today, in spite of all the interpolating and destroying, will be discovered in India. I was known as Constantine the Great, Constantine the little, the nothing here today (in the world of the dead).


Velleius Paterculus, Roman Historian: I was a soldier under Tiberius. I was also a historian, and during my campaigns wrote most of the notes, from which I constructed the history of Rome and Greece  In my travels from A. D. 25 to 36, I closely observed the forms and ceremonies of the religions in each country I visited, and also took great delight in examining the ruins of antiquity; and I found upon those ancient temples and tombs exactly what I found at Rome, the religion of the Sun. Upon the oldest ruins in Phoenicia and in the Palmyrean desert; also in Sicily, Egypt, the Isle of Cyprus, and Greece; and throughout the then civilized world, all religions could be unlocked by one key, and that consisted of the signs of the zodiac.

He who understood how to use this key rightly could confound all the priests who were then living. This was the leading idea of them all, as each one of these signs had some particular symbol to represent; so each one of them had their followers or worshippers. In Egypt I found principally two signs which seemed to be the leading ones, they were what are called Taurus and Sagittarius, the Bull and the Archer; in Greece, the Ram or Lamb and the Fishes seemed to be the leading signs; in Rome the sign of the Lion for which was substituted the Eagle, and Aquarius or the man pouring water. All these signs were to be found upon the tombs and temples of my day. There were also a great many representations of the Goddess with the wheat, by some called corn. These I found in all countries. Soldiers were all tyrants. There was a great appearance among them of worship of the gods, but in reality there were very few who believed them. A god was only of account as long as he prospered their affairs. When he failed to accomplish anything useful for them, they did as the Chinese of your times do, burned him or knocked off his head.

I knew Apollonius of Tyana and his disciple Damis. I saw them at Alexandria. There they taught in the different temples, but I was so busy as a soldier, that I had not much time to listen to philosophy. This was about A. D. 36. Tiberius dying the next year, 37. I returned to Rome and there completed my history, of which only fragments have been allowed to come down to you; and the reason of this suppression of what I wrote was, that in it was a full description of the workings of miracles by Apollonius, and the Christians could not afford to let this be known. It would have ruined their scheme. It also contained a complete description of the doctrines and teachings of the Essenes, who had three colonies at that time, one at Antioch, one in Samaria, and one in the Isle of Cyprus.


Gregory, Bishop of Neo-Caesara: I was a collector of manuscripts and a bishop of the Christian Church. But I was by no means a destroyer of such manuscripts. I did however introduce new and incorrect material in them. My whole collection of manuscripts fell into the hands of Eusebius who destroyed all of them that he could not use. These manuscripts made clear the fact that Apollonius, the Cappadocian, was the true Savior, and was even worshipped in the temple of Apollo. I was a resident of the same place as Eusebius.


Q. Veranius Governor of Britain: I was a governor of Britain, under Nero, from A. D. 55 to 60. I found in Britain the same principle that governed almost all nations of antiquity, that is, they had a god who acted as a Savior. The antagonists of this system were what are termed Druids. There seemed to be a continual warfare between that order of priests and the Britons. These Britons had a god, who was much older than he is set down in history, called Odin. This Odin, was brought to Britain, two or three centuries later than he was, by the Norwegians. But that is simply a trick of priests, to throw inquirers off the scent. It came about in this way: Odin, in his teachings, characteristics, and forms of worship, was identical with the god of the first Christians; and this is admitted by all really learned commentators; but as they have been principally Christians, this fact has been concealed. Friga, a woman, in the teachings of Britain, instead of being the wife of Odin, was a virgin mother; showing that the idea was established among barbarous peoples, being saved by a man born of a virgin. All this I studied, and compared their teachings with those of the Roman priests of the temple of Apollo, and I found that those barbarians had established a religious system identical with that known amongst the Greeks and Romans. The Britons claimed that their god lived 600 years before that time.


Porphyry, a Heathen Philosopher:  Many people, may question the conduct or language of trying to uproot Christianity. These people may say: Are you going to deprive me of my Lord, what have I left to believe? Oh! foolish mortals; to rely so implicitly on that which never existed is not wise. Christianity is nothing more than the mistletoe on the oak of ancient religions. None of the early Christian Fathers were Christians. Any person who will attentively read their works will see that they did not know whether Jesus ever lived or not, and this was the case immediately after his alleged death. Those early Christian fathers never thought of establishing such a gigantic system of fraud as is practiced by the Christian priesthood today. In all the earliest books and manuscripts of the so-called Christian era, there was no mention of this Jesus Christ.

Out of astronomy or astrology, the gods of all religions have arisen, one after another. These Christian fathers, whenever they could alter those manuscripts during the first one hundred and fifty years of their era, did so; and then they began to shape their religion as you now find it. To do this they made use of all classes of writers, by them called heathen and pagan, to plant their religious fraud upon the earth. There is not a priest in Rome or elsewhere that is not fully initiated in the secrets of his church, who does not know that Christianity is a fraud; for in the Library of the Vatican, at Rome, is the evidence that makes that point certain. The ecclesiastical custodians of that evidence, will have to produce the documents that contain that evidence.

At Rome are most of the writings of the first three centuries of the Christian era, embracing the works of all of us, so-called, pagan writers. These have been mutilated but not destroyed. Why have they not been destroyed? Simply because there is a power that popes and cardinals fear. They know that spirit communion is all there is to religion, and they heed the warnings of materialized spirits who come to them in sťances and mediums, channeled messages. The priesthood know that the people have become too intelligent to be any longer blinded, by rites and ceremonies, to the simple fact of spirit communion. There are writings of Seutonius and writings of the emperor Trajan, in the possession of the Papal church, that would settle forever the question as to the personal existence of Jesus.

The Vatican also has the possession of letters of mine, in which they have altered the word Gnosticism into Catholicism, and on the strength of that have claimed me as a Christian. At the time I lived there was nothing but contention and strife; but there was not one-half as much contention about Jesus, as there was about who should attain ecclesiastical precedence in the new religion. All this was the outcome of each individual philosophizing and theorizing for himself, and giving these thoughts different forms. In fact it was at a later day than that in which I lived on earth, that Christianity fully settled down in its present shape.


Marcantonio De Dominis, a Heresiarch and Apostate: I was a Catholic prelate, and held the title of archbishop. I was a man of science, and never allowed my religion to interfere with my reason. I knew the identity between Christianity and Paganism, and that the former was only a copy of the latter. In fact, in the Library of the Vatican at Rome were all the documents necessary to prove that the old Roman gods, re-chiseled by the sculptors, are the apostles of the Christian religion; that the Christians robbed the Pagan temples of all these old myths, in the shape of sculptured forms and basso-relievos; and that all the rites and ceremonies and vestments are copied from the observances of the priests of Apollo.  The miter had originally twelve points, representing the twelve signs of the Zodiac; but as Catholicism increased, it was necessary to conceal this fact in such a way that the astrological significance of it would not be too apparent to the public eye.

[Basso-relievo: The projection of figures or forms from a flat background, as in sculpture, or such a projection that is apparent; a work of art featuring such projection. Also called relievo.]

If there is a "Prince of Lies," spiritually speaking, his home is in the Catholic Church. Some people may think I am hard upon them, but I do not feel so. It cost me one hundred and fifty years of misery, as a spirit, to get rid of a lingering desire, developed in me in mortal life, that held me to that myth of Jesus of Nazareth. And I speak plainly, because I wish my mortal brethren to steer clear of any faith or hope in any redemption but their own strength of character, their own love of truth, and to discard all worship of any book, except the book of nature [the book of nuclear physics]. I was located, in 1620, at Savoy in the Strand, London. My Italian name was Antonio de Dominis, Archbishop of Spalatro.


Ammonius Saccas: May the rays of the Sun of Truth never be obscured by Ignorance. At the time when I lived at Alexandria, in Egypt, there was a general inquiry into the religions of all nations, and the presentation of their different creeds and beliefs, and the object of this was to accumulate the utmost wisdom possible in the smallest space. Therefore Brahmans, Buddhists, and followers of Apollonius of Tyana and Potamon, and all the Roman schools, met to compare their ideas of God. The Gymnosophists, Gnostics, Eclectics and other schools were concerned in that comparison of religions, of all of which schools I became a teacher. Our principal guide-book, or symbol, as you would call it now, was a book compiled by one Marcion, and this man had taken its contents from a follower or disciple of Apollonius of Tyana, one Damis.

Apollonius of Tyana had a book of figurative revelations written by his hand while controlled by spirits in the Isle of Patmos, and this has become what is called the Book of Revelations. But if you could find another book of Apollonius, "The Key to the Initiated," that key would show you that the book of "Revelation" is not a prophecy of coming events, but was simply a combination of the teachings of the Brahman and Buddhist orders of priests, to express a kind of Masonry well known among themselves; and it was destroyed by St. Cyril at Alexandria. That is, the copy that fell into his hands, one of the only two copies that were extant in my time.

And I taught concerning these mysticisms, calling myself and followers Mystics. Potamon was my teacher; and he taught directly from the books of Apollonius of Tyana. These teachings were a combination of all the religions then known, out of which all the Christian gospels have been compiled. Christianity was not first taught at Antioch, nor was it taught in the first or second century, but about 225 A.D.; and was taught at first under the name of Gnosticism. But to sum up all these deceptions, and errors through a man who is entirely ignorant of them, is rather difficult. Gnosticism was taught by a Gnostic named Basilides, nearly similarly to what is contained in the Christian Gospels. He lived in my time, and his books came into the hands of those named, as the first Christian bishops, by Eusebius.

But you need give no credit to Eusebius or very little, except as to what relates to his time and fifty years previous. Apollonius of Tyana called his revelations by different names, in order to be understood in the different tongues he taught amongst. But his writings were altogether written in the Syriac-Cappadocian tongue and not in the Greek, as the translators of the Christian Scriptures pretend they were. It is difficult to sum all these things up on account of not being able to give you corroborative evidence of the truth of what I say. There are numerous books extant that cannot be reached, and we do not know how you can get at them, because the priests, both Catholic and Protestant, have them hidden in their libraries.

At Alexandria, in my time, there was a great deal of contention, some saying I am a follower of Potamon, others, I am a follower of Ammonius, and so on, and the contentions of these schools resulted in the destruction of a great amount of valuable manuscripts amongst themselves and their descendants. But I have stated enough to make plain the origin of Christianity. I was a mixture of Greek and Cappadocian. That is, I was born of a Greek father and a Cappadocian mother at Alexandria; and in my early life I was nothing more than a common porter. I taught under spirit influences at times. At times I was conscious, and at other times I was in a trance teaching. A great deal was written by my hand that was not dictated by my brain.

I left a half dozen scrolls containing a description of these teachings, of different bodies of men, such as the Brahmans, Buddhists, Gymnosophists and the Eclectics under Potamon; and commented upon them, writing my opinion as to how far they were correct, and how far they were erroneous. These writings were not all destroyed; some of them are extant, but they are kept by learned scholars for their own benefit. We see the motives of those who come after us, and we watch them. There is an affinity between us and our writings, and the consequence is, we want to see their effect for good or evil, because we feel that these effects are a justification of our opinions while living on earth.


Carneades, a Greek Philosopher: I attempted to combine the Christism or Christosism of that time, with the Pythagorean and Platonic systems of philosophy, and I met with great success, simply because Pythagoras was a worshipper of Prometheus. And the life, character and career of Prometheus were almost identical with those of the Christos of India, the story of Prometheus being nothing more than a plagiarism by the Greeks of that relating to Christos. The Platonic philosophy was derived from, and was a combination of the doctrines regarding Christos in the East and Prometheus in the West. As far as I was concerned, I knew that all the god-systems, or Christs born in the flesh grew out of the heathen idea of sacrifice as a propitiation [appeasement] for sin.

Man in his primitive state, first offered up the lowest reptiles for this purpose; in time he substituted beasts as offerings, and finally ended by human sacrifices as the noblest offering to offended deity. I so instructed the inner circle or school of my philosophy. After I was transferred to the spirit life, I found that Christosism was changed into Christianity between the 4th and 5th centuries by different bishops of the Christosite churches. The reason why they made this change was to meet the wave of western doubt, which flowed upon their teachings through the Hesus element of Western Europe, the two teachings meeting in Rome and Alexandria, about A. D. 250.


Lucius of Cyrene, the Secretary of Damis or Demas: My name, in the mortal life was Lucius of Cyrene. I was the disciple of Apollonius and one of the greatest propagators of the Apollonian Christosite religion. I had three different names, owing to the different languages in which it was written, Lucius, Lucas and Luke. I was the writer or transcriber of the life of Apollonius, as dictated by Damis or Demas. It was I, who helped him to write all those epistles in the New Testament. The four Gospels were translated from the Sanskrit by Apollonius, and they were sent out by him in four different languages, Greek, Roman, Armenian and Syriac-Hebraic.

The Apocalypse was written by Apollonius himself. The other books were in the form they were dictated to me by Damis and as transcribed by me. I copied them in the Cappadocian tongue, which was a mixture of Greek and Syriac. I am referred to at first as Lucius of Cyrene, in Acts xiii, 1. The second place I am referred to is, in Rom. xvi, 21. I am also referred to in Col. iv, 13, as, "Luke the beloved physician," and Phil. verse 24, as Lucas. I have been called by those different names. It was Lucian the Satirist who afterwards placed these things in their present shape. Lucian and Marcion were the St. Luke and St. Mark of the Christian Scriptures. Apollonius was deified by the Romans and his statue was set up in the Temple of Jupiter.


Innocent III, Pope of Rome: Myself and other spirits have been using the phase of psychology to defeat all efforts exerted in the direction of what you call progression. There never was a person in power who in the course of his mortal life, exercised his will more severely than myself. In fact I was known as the enemy of princes and heretics. A Pope, preceding my time had made all temporal power subordinate to the spiritual power, so-called of the Church; but in my time, not long afterwards, there was a united effort of princes and prelates to free themselves from the absolute power of the Church of Rome.

One of my most deadly enemies was Albert of Cologne, though he was a seeming friend. So artful was he in protecting himself, I could find no pretext by which I could convict him of treachery. This Albert of Cologne was the teacher of Thomas Aquinas, afterwards called Saint Thomas Aquinas.

There was a copy of the Scripture, sent by Cyrillus Lucaris, patriarch of Constantinople to the king of England. It is in what is called vellum and beautifully bound. It lacks just twelve pages of being perfect. The twelve pages were removed and copied by Albert of Cologne. Those twelve pages and the marginal notes, established the fact that the book was a Plotinian or Eclectic manuscript or scripture, combining the Apollonian and Christosite systems, in contradistinction to our sacred books of that time; which in reality were copies of the writings of Marcion and Lucian, in relation to the Greek god Prometheus.

The Apollonian system was so well supported by historical evidence in my time, that it could not be disputed. But the Marcion and Lucian system was in such a position that its enemies could bring nothing against it historically. It was this system of Marcion and Lucian that Hildebrand and myself sought to establish beyond any power to overthrow it.

I further state that psychology is the main instrument used by spirits to lead people astray; who seek to give the message of spirit intercourse, to mortals, to the world. By our psychological power exerted upon them, we confuse their senses, and thus cause them to act in ways that will lessen or destroy their influence. The fact is that as spirits, we are very skilled in the use of this power; and we use it for the purpose of propagating our ideas wherever we think it will serve our purposes. We often carry this power to the extent of obsessing and possessing those whom we feel can obstruct the propagation of our views.

Comment: *The above words are referring to the people that either channel, teach or believe the false knowledge of all world religions or anyone who leads all mankind to the pit of death. Death is not the goal of mankind.


St. Chrysostom, a Christian Father: Are ecclesiastics and theologians of any benefit to humanity, whatever? This is the question that is uppermost in my mind today. After thousands of years of contention about the truth of their respective systems, whether Pagan, Jewish, Mohammedan or Christian, what real benefit have those various systems of theology conferred upon mankind?

All those systems blend together and amount to one thing, and that is, misunderstood spirit-control. Men and women of all nations of the world have throughout all time, been mediums for spirit control. But their minds were so confused with the irrational belief systems of their day, that they could not channel what the controlling spirits really intended to give through them, to the world. Every person has the spirit of God within, and it is this spirit that controls each individual. The more tuned-in you are to the spirit of God that resides in you, the more the spirit can control you, and bring out the best in you.

The reason an individual goes against the principle of good is because he goes out of the control of the spirit that is within him, or another evil spirit can take control of the individual and posses him and then do the greatest degree of evil. Once possessed the talons of evil are so embedded that it is almost difficult to free yourself. Exorcism is one form of expelling the demonic spirit. Everyone is a tree of knowledge of good and evil and you have a free will to do whatever you wish.

You will never obtain the unadulterated truth through mediums whose minds are prejudiced. If the mediums leaned toward error, no matter how wise and truthful the controlling spirits are, the utterance becomes tinctured with their own mortal thoughts, as the thoughts of the spirits flowed through their brains.

But here and there, among the mediums of antiquity, there have been minds that were unbiased, and it has been through these mediums that you have received the gems of truth that constitute your treasures of knowledge today.

[Prejudice: 1.a. An adverse judgment or opinion formed beforehand or without knowledge or examination of the facts; a predilection. b. A preconceived preference or idea. 2. The act or state of holding unreasonable preconceived judgments or convictions. 3. Irrational suspicion or hatred of a particular group, race, or religion, a bigotry. Predilection: A partiality or disposition in favor of something; a preference.]

In my mortal life all was confusion and strife, and the conflict was fierce and heated, not as to how much truth there was in religion, but upon such useless topics as the Trinity, Baptism, etc., which I call foolish by-paths.

I will say this, upon all my hopes of an immortal life and the happiness to come from it, I found that the real Jesus was Apollonius of Tyana. This I know that there was no Jew named Jesus Christ, nor any such person as Jesus of Nazareth. The document that will prove this, is the Epistle sent to the Emperor Trajan by Potamon of Alexandria, which is in existence today, in the Ambrosian Library at Milan, but the Roman Catholic priesthood are far too cunning to let its existence be known. Why then do they preserve it? I will tell you why.

Every pupil of the Roman Catholic Church that becomes a priest is entrusted with these secrets of the church, and is sworn to keep them secret with strictest good faith, under the penalty of death, if he betrays them. By such means this compels the priests to cling together. I lived at the time the Christian religion was first taking shape, and I helped to found it. I passed to spirit-life in A. D. 406.

Comment: Can you imagine what control the Catholic Church has over their priests? Penalty of death by the Catholic Church! because a priest reveals how the false religions came into existence!

Comment concerning misunderstood spirit-control: During the history of mankind on earth, there were individuals who were and are controlled by misguided evil spirits, which induce the individuals to perform evils to humanity, not realizing or knowing that there is a Spirit of God in every human being. The root of this evil is, since the fraudulent religions of the world do not teach the truth, that each person is endowed with the wonderful attributes of a physical-spiritual body, namely that the Spirit of God resides within the mortal body, that is the reason for the evils on earth against his fellow man.


The Armageddon Antichrist World War III is preventable thus avoidable

Dante once said, life in this world is a tragedy and a comedy. Tragedy because of what people do to each other's Spirit of God that is within everyone, and a comedy, where everyone can laugh at one's own blunders. Since all mankind is in this unscrupulous, dirty mess together, please promote this liberation from being a prisoner of ignorance, prisoner of death on your website, email or any other manner.

Please send an email to the news media, your love ones, associates, relatives, and friends. Invite everyone to read the knowledge that is now before you. Also print these pages for easy reference and reading. Thank you.

If you know me, please don't be a Judas and betray me. Also if you value the planet earth, all mankind and you in it, surely you will not betray me.

Be kind to everyone, for whatsoever you do to another, you also do it to yourself;
only to a greater magnitude. That is a nuclear physics law.

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