Exposure IV

And the saga of truth goes on as the apostasy prevails. Time is of the essence! Why? Because the solar system, including planet earth and you in it, is now traversing into the ultra high frequency of the 4th Dimension, the City of 4 Square where no mortal being can exist. As a result, you will need to transform your mortal body to the same compatible, corresponding ultra high frequency of the 4th Dimension, the New Earth.

Pythagoras, the Samian Sage, 6th BC: There is an approach of the noblest, highest and purest intelligences in the spirit world towards this earth. But between you and these spirits lies the magnetism of ignorance, the mass conscious, which hampers every intelligent spirit and keeps the spirit from expressing what it really wishes to you or when it does control a medium. And this magnetism of ignorance [molecular expression to matter] is expressed daily by mortals, and it intercepts, prohibits and prevents progression. Although you stand forward in the strife, you will find only few at the present day with intelligence enough to comprehend what spiritual phenomena they receive. And why should mankind care for more, when they will not understand what was received in greater understanding? At my time 6th BC it was just as difficult to make a man understand truth, as it is today, that is we labored under the difficulties of superstition, the irrational belief systems.


Cardinal Caesar Baronius, Librarian of the Vatican: I was known as Cardinal Caesar Baronius, or Baronio. I was the author of an Ecclesiastical Annals, and librarian of the Vatican Library. In my search for information amongst the books and papers of that library, I was sworn that I would disclose or publish nothing that did not agree with the Roman Catholic creed. In my investigation of the old manuscripts there deposited, I found that Christianity did not have a beginning until the first half of the third century. These manuscripts all show that one Papius, who was a priest in Syria about that time, was the originator of that religion. Christian writers have made it appear that he lived much earlier than he really did. The Christian story as borne out by the facts, was derived from a Grecian tragedy the hero Prometheus of which was a dying god. And the first man who taught such an allegorical story was Apollonius of Tyana; and he, according to his own manuscripts, received the facts in India from the narrative regarding the Hindoo god Chrishna, which is in reality the Christos or Christ of the Christians. In fact  Apollonius was the Apostle Paul. These documents to which I allude, although opposed to their religion, the Catholics have not destroyed. Whatever originals they possess are in the hands of the Order of Jesuits, and no priest is allowed to read them unless he takes the oath of eternal secrecy. There is not a learned Catholic today that is in the priesthood, or that has ever been at Rome, knows that Christianity is nothing more than an old pagan idea revived, but as it gives them power, their lips are sealed. I was a librarian of the Vatican prior to A. D. 1607, when I died.


Pontius Pilate, Procurator of Judea: I was appointed Procurator of Judea in the commencement of the reign of Octavius Augustus. At that time the Jewish nation was in a very turbulent state. Many men were brought before me on all kinds of charges, for these Jews were the most bitter sectarian bigots in regard to their religious views that I have ever met. There never was brought before me such man Jesus or so-called God as the present Christian system claims. There was a Jesus Onanias who was tried before me for highway robbery and was crucified by my soldiers. But of the now renowned Jesus Christ I know nothing whatever. 

In the Jewish ceremonies, conducted at the temple in Jerusalem, they were just that kind of element to control, as are the Jews of the present day. They were divided into three or four different sects, and each of these was striving to become the master of the others. It required the whole military forces under my command to prevent them from murdering each other in their own temple. At the time of my procurator-ship in Judea, there was a great influx of visitors from all over the East, wise men, so-called, who came there for the purpose of trying to understand the Jewish rites and ceremonies; but they were so strictly guarded in their worship that they would allow none to communicate the secrets thereof.

You know from history that it was the Roman policy to conquer and rule all nations by allowing them to enjoy without interference their respective religious systems. We did this simply because we found that religious ideas had become so rooted in the minds of different people that they would be subservient to us, just so long as we would allow their religions free scope. Now I want to enter into further particulars. There was a sect of Jews called Essenes. They were what you call Communists. They believed in having everything in common. They were also guided by the same principles that now govern the Shakers. The whole Christian story was conceived and framed among the Essenian brotherhood, who were hermits and lived apart from society.

Christians today cannot prove anything about their man-made Jesus god. And all their hopes to find the truth would have been overturned, if it wasn't for the destruction of the Alexandrian Library by the Mohammedans [Islam Religion]. Christianity would not today have any foothold if it had not been for the Mohammedans. The forgers of Christianity can thank the bigotry of the Mohammedans for the success of their religion. I was Procurator in Judea in the fourth year of the reign of Augustus. I held the position nine years. In the latter part of my life I was banished for participating in a revolt at Rome, and I died at what is known to you as Trieste, Austria, on account of being banished. I can say I know nothing of any person, Jew or Gentile, of any Jesus, excepting the one mentioned.


Cyrillus Luchar, Greek Patriarch: No more ardent follower of Jesus Christ ever appeared upon this planet than I was. Vain is that hope that rests upon another's merits. Cultivate the purity of your own mortal spirit and rely upon nothing but a determination to do right. If I had today 1000 tongues, and as many transmigrations [reincarnations] as the Buddha of old, I would aim to teach the truth and realities of life.

Honesty in religion is no proof of its truth. Christianity has caused more blood to flow, more widows to weep and more children to be fatherless, than have all other religions on earth today. I ask, can infinite love conceive deeper infamy than Christianity has brought to this planet? Millions on millions of ruined souls in the after-life and untold numbers on earth weep, when they reach the finality of common sense and reason, over what they have reaped from the teachings of Christianity. Oh! my heart is sad today. I feel the weight of the years that have elapsed since I left the mortal state, and would ask mankind to pause and reflect, now; for the time will come when it will be far more difficult for them to act as a spirit than it is now to act as mortals.

Christianity is not from the Jews, but from the Greeks. It is a combination of the Platonic and Alexandrian doctrines, with the doctrines of Apollonius of Tyana, the Syrian Christ, about thirty-two years after the birth of the alleged Christ. Out of these, together with the forged letter to the Roman Emperor Trajan, from Pliny the Younger, A. D. 103, has grown Christianity. Deny these facts who can. In the British Museum, Library Department, you will find that I, Cyrillus, Patriarch of Alexandria, sent a copy of the scriptures, known as the Alexandrian manuscript, by Sir Thomas Rowe to Charles the First, King of England. That manuscript was transcribed from the writings of Potamon of Alexandria, about the year 475, by Thecla, an Egyptian lady, and out of that transcribed copy, has their celebrated Alexandrian manuscript grown. And as you will find that to be true after you will examine the historical facts of the case, they are indisputable by the advocates of Christianity. Let the light of truth shine and let it drive away all darkness from the human mind.


Every religion is based upon the secret esoteric knowledge of the
preceding religion. Although the key to the sacred knowledge is lost.
Consequently every religion is guilty of plagiarism.
All religions were made by man for man not God.


Potamon, the Great Alexandrian Reformer: There has never been a religious idea promulgated on earth in latter times, that has not had its counterpart in more ancient religious systems. The principal quarrels of the Christian church have been over the doctrines. This has been the occasion of a vast amount of bloodshed. In my day I tried to reconcile these creedal ideas of all religious systems, and to amalgamate them together; but the same difficulties met my efforts that meet yours today. Ecclesiastics have but one means to keep their hold upon the people, and that is the encouragement of ignorance and bigotry. Remove that from them and their power is gone. For trying to regenerate old ideas, for trying to make a better system or a more systematic religion, I was met by curses, and I ended my life in exile. I was banished because I tried to purify the then existing religious systems.


Vespasian, Tenth Roman Emperor: I commanded the forces at the taking of Jerusalem. I was afterwards an emperor. Amongst the Jews, at that time, there was no account of such a person as Jesus of Nazareth. But there were several Jesus' commanding the mutineers; yet neither Greek, Roman nor Jew knew not of what is now known as the Christian Savior. There was Apollonius, who was what you would term a great medium. By laying his hands upon a roll, upon which nothing whatever was written, communications would come from the spirits of our ancestors. In that way this man was of immense benefit to me. He was deified after his death. His features and hair resembled very much the statues of the God Jupiter. He was looked upon in our camp as the reincarnation of the God Apollo. By reincarnation, I do not mean it in the sense in which you understand it today, but that he was a god in flesh. The real truth of the whole affair was, that this man was a medium, and all his teachings were identical with those in the God-book of the Christians, the New Testament.

With all my endeavors to get possession of the old books of the Jews, I did not succeed in getting one; for the Jews destroyed them, rather than that they should be desecrated by heathens. How can Christians claim that they have copies of the ancient Hebrew prophets, when I could not obtain one. This is something I leave the present Christians and Jews to explain; because I searched their dead, their houses, their captives, but could obtain nothing of them except the acknowledgement that the Jews had such books, and none of them were allowed to fall into Roman hands. My main purpose in giving Josephus his life was, to get through him those books; but I failed even in that case. The reason why Josephus never mentioned this Apollonius was, because the Jews, and especially the Pharisees, would have nothing to do with a heathen prophet or philosopher. In fact the Jews were the lowest heathens of my time on earth. They worshipped everything they felt like worshipping. They had no especial code or system of laws. The man that succeeded in gaining the most followers governed everything for the time; and that was the reason we Romans were so severe with them.


Felix, Procurator of Judea: It is true that in the mortal life I was, morally, a failure. I combined within myself licentiousness, rascality, and what was worse than all these, I was an unjust judge. I was Procurator in Judaea from A.D. 32 until about 63. At the time I lived there were more spirits taking possession of mortal organisms than I think has been the case ever since. The country was overrun with demoniacs, and those of all nations, coming to Judaea at that time to live off the then ruined Jews. The Jews were at that time engaged in all kinds of spiritual forgeries, all kinds of tricks. There was an Egyptian priest, his name was Alcibides, who came to Judea from Alexandria. He was a good medium, but a most heartless trickster as well. He had an immense influence and many followers; and I looked upon him as one who was trying to persuade the people to revolt against the Romans. So I had him apprehended and brought before me, and he pleaded his case almost in the same manner as is set forth in the 24th chapter of Acts; and as he had so much influence I did not dare to kill him, as I had not enough Romans under me to quell a revolt; so I imprisoned him, and he was afterward turned over to Festus, my successor, and was sent to Rome, where he was crucified, head downwards, by Nero. This explanation will inform you just how far you can rely upon the Paul story, as it is my firm opinion that both Jesus and Paul were none other than that great oracle, Apollonius of Tyana. If you refer to Josephus you will find the proof of what I have said. You will not find the name but you will find the account to which I have referred.


Carra: I was well acquainted with Jean Jacques Barthelmey, and he succeeded me in the National Library at Paris. We had many consultations together about his alphabet of Palmyra, and the inscriptions upon different ancient ruins. In a town called Said, there is an inscription, which defines what is meant by the term Essene. "Es" means "fire," and "sene" means "worshipper," or passer through fire, which would be termed worshippers passing through purification by fire. The inscription was on a flat stone covering a vault, about two miles from Port Said, and in the Samaritan tongue. And from other writings, as well as being so assured by one Ignatius of Antioch, who was an Essene, both Barthelmey and myself have come to the conclusion that all converts had to pass through fire, termed fire baptism, in order to be initiated into Essenism. The inscriptions on the Adulian marble, after the first clause, ended by two arrows, one pointing toward the north and the other south, relate to the life and miracles of Apollonius of Tyana. Now the inscription have been chipped off so as to conceal its purport. Apollonius is nearer to earth, at this time as a spirit, than he has ever been, and will probably, materialize in form and be enable to claim to be the true Messiah, and in this way make a final end of Christianity.


1 Peter 1:23. For you can be reborn again, not from the corruptible seed, the united ovum and sperm seeds into one seed, but from the incorruptible seed, the Christ lunar germ seed of immortality, which lives and abides forever. 

Baptism of Fire: The mystical meaning of baptism of fire is relative to the immortal, incorruptible seed, the Christ lunar germ seed undergoing XXenogenesis thermo-nuclear fusion in the bridal chamber, as related in the Gospel of Philip. Also >>>

John 3:29. He who has the bride, the Christ lunar germ seed united, fused, married to the counterpart soul-ar seed in him is the bridegroom. And the friends of the bridegroom, who stand and hear this, the procedure of how to become one of the Christs, will rejoice exceedingly at the voice of the bridegroom. This joy therefore is made full. Please read on and you shall know what this means.

Prophecies of Malachy: The Prophecies of Malachy, supposedly written in 1138 were discovered in 1556, 418 years later. The Prophecies were written as Latin Mottoes, pertaining to the 111 successive Popes from 1138. The Benedictine historian, Arnold Wion, wrote about these prophecies in his book, Lignum Vitae, published in 1556.

The Prophecies of Malachy, according to some researchers, including the Encyclopedia Britannica asserts that Malachy did not write them, but that Nostradamus wrote the Latin Mottoes, hence concealing his identity in fear of foretelling the end of the Catholic Church.

Nostradamus wrote his Prophecies from 1554 to 1558, which during that time the Prophecies of Malachy were discovered in 1556 in the archives of the church. Nostradamus was always full of ingenious tricks and cunning words. So is it a wonder, he pulled that one off in front of the eyes of the papal church and managed to sneak this into the papal archives? Otherwise he could have been set on fire at the stake.

Pope John Paul II is the 110th Pope. Some books on Malachy Prophecies ascribe 112 Popes and attribute the following as the 112th motto. This is not a motto for the 112th Pope, but is only a message of conclusion. The following words in bold type are the original message with additional inserts.

In the days of extreme persecution, when the people will be apostatizing, rebelling, revolting against the disgusting, offensive evils of darkness Christianity has perpetrated, when the Roman Church will be occupied by Peter the Roman, the final Pope of the Church, the city of seven hills, where the Vatican is situated on will be destroyed by the Islamic terrorists*, who shall kill the clergy, plunder, sack, blow-up, and burn the Vatican. And the formidable, difficult to defeat, unconquerable, invincible Judge, the Christ shall judge, not judge, but the Christ shall interpret, explain and make authoritatively known the immutable laws of nuclear physics concerning God and man, and the one and only uncorrupted, genuine truth, the ancient, mystical sacred knowledge of ???? to the people. Amen So be it. *This prophecy of Islamic Terrorists was written in my 4th book in 1995, long before the event of 911 or September 11, 2001. This 4th book is still an Ultra Top Secret, thus not released.

The Vision Of Pope Pius X (1835-1914): “A confirmation of the end of the Roman Catholic Church was given to Pope Pius X in 1909. During an audience with the General Chapter of the Franciscans, Pius fell into a semi-trance and sat with his head sunk upon his chest. After a few minutes he came to and opened his eyes, a look of horror was etched upon his face. He cried out: 'What I have seen was terrible ... Will it be myself? Will it be my successor? What is certain is that the pope will quit Rome, and in fleeing from the Vatican he will have to walk over the dead bodies of his priests. Do not tell anyone while I am alive.’"

Comment: What the Pope Pius X saw was the departure of the Pope at the time of the second coming of the Christ; as foretold by Malachy and Nostradamus. This prophecy does not need to take place, as it depends on the circumstances that will develop.

The Illuminating Lady Of Fatima: Lucia Do Santos, one of the surviving 3 children of the apparition of Fatima, had prophetic visions of the days to come. The 3rd Secret of the Prophecy was to be revealed to the world either upon her death or no later than 1960.

“Great controversy surrounds the third of the prophecies of the Lady of Fatima. Lucia, it is said, turned white upon hearing it and cried out in fear. She refused to disclose the contents of the prophecy, but eventually wrote it down and sent it to the Pope via the Bishop of Leiria.

“Although part of the prophecy was released to the world in 1942 by Pope Pius XII, mainly that concerning the war, the rest of it has not been disclosed. There are fairly compelling reasons for believing that the rest of the prophecy predicts the persecution of the Pope and ultimate destruction of the Roman Catholic Church in about the year 2000. Is it any wonder that it is still suppressed by the Vatican, despite the Lady's instruction that it should be fully revealed to the public in 1960?

“A Stuttgart newspaper, The Neues Europa, had no doubt that this was indeed the content of the third prophecy from the Lady of Fatima. On October 15, 1963, the newspaper printed what they claimed to be the text of the prophecy:

"For the Church too, the time of its greatest trial will come. Cardinals will oppose cardinals and bishops against bishops. Satan will march in their midst and there will be great changes at Rome. What is rotten and corrupted will fall, and never to rise again. The church will be darkened and the world will shake with terror. The time will come when no king, emperor, cardinal or bishop will look forward to His coming [the Christ] who will, however, come, but in order to punish according to the designs of my Father."

Document from the Vatican

In 1963, a document from the Vatican was authorized and released by Pope Paul VI, and was sent to President John F Kennedy, Prime Minister Harold MacMillan of Britain, and Soviet Premier Nikita Khrushchev, prior to the Moscow meetings. From this document, an agreement resulted on the control of atomic testing, in August 6, 1963. The success of the nuclear testing agreement was attributed to the Lady of Fatima document that the Pope Paul VI sent to the above leaders of the world. This agreement was signed by ninety countries, and it was largely due to the influence of the 1917, Lady of Fatima prophecy.

Pope John Paul II, on his visit to Fulda, Germany. In November 1980, he was asked by the attending, about the 3rd Secret of Fatima. His response appeared in the paper, Stimmes Des Glaubens, after his visit. According to the paper, the Pope said the following:

“The Fatima Secret should have been made public in 1960, but because of its troubling content, and to dissuade [to deter from a course of action by] the superpowers from undertaking war, my predecessors in the papal chair have chosen the diplomatic way, not to reveal the Fatima Secret as yet in 1980. [To deter the superpowers from undertaking war against who? The aliens, the UFOs that are coming!!! This is part of the third secret of Fatima that was not revealed in June 26, 2000. And another part, the days are numbered for the termination of the Catholic Church.]

“On the other hand, it should be sufficient for all Christians to know this much: The oceans will flood entire sections of the earth; that from one moment to the other, millions of people will perish…. Therefore, there is no longer any point in really wanting to publish this Secret message.”

Furthermore, the following message was also a part of the Fatima Secret: “The great, great war will come in the second half of the twentieth century. Fire and smoke will fall from heaven, and the waters of the ocean will turn to steam, throwing their foam to the very sky. Whatever is standing, will be overturned. Millions of people will die. Those surviving will envy the dead.”

Later you shall know why this is delayed

This message is from an apparition; Akita, Japan: “The work of the devil will infiltrate even into the Church in such a way that one will see cardinals opposing cardinals, bishops against bishops. Churches and altars will be sacked and destroyed. The Church will be full of those who accept compromises.”

This message is from an apparition; Bayside, New York, May 28, 1983: “... The world will become devastated. The Third World War will leave no Earth ... there will be no human beings, but a grouping, the self-elect who would have been taken above to [Samarobryn to] await the terrible devastation that will fall upon mankind.” These words are relevant to:

Unless those days shall be circumvented,
no living creature shall remain alive on the earth

Matthew 24:22. And unless those days shall be circumvented, no living creature shall remain alive on the earth, not even the most microscopic microbe; but for the sake of the self elect those days will be circumvented, when the self-elect shall be taken aboard the Samarobryn.

Shortly you shall read about Samarobryn that is stationed one hundred leagues above the hemisphere for this purpose.

Malachia 3:17. And those people, the self-elect shall be mine, my special people, on the day the Lord, the universal nuclear physics law shall take action. And I will assemble them and have compassion on them, as a man has compassion on his son who serves him.
18. Then you will again see the distinction between the just and the wicked, between him who serves the Spirit of God and him who does not serve him.
19. For behold! The day is coming, that shall blaze like an oven, and all the proud and all who still commit the iniquity, the offensive blasphemy against the Spirit of God
, the forfeiture of the mortal body to death, shall be left behind like stubble, like the waste in a field after the harvest; and the day that is coming shall burn them up, leaving neither root nor branch to propagate.

At that moment, where is the humanity going to be, if the human race
will no longer be able to reincarnate here on planet earth?

Lasting Reward And Punishment

Isaiah 66:22. And as the new heavens and new earth of the 4th Dimension, which I will make shall endure before me, so shall your descendants, all of the self-elect who became one of the Christs and the potential Christs and your name shall remain.
23. Then it shall come to pass that from one moon
, one lunar Christ germ seed essence to another moon, and from one Sabbath Passover time of the promised redeemer Christ seed from death, to another Sabbath, all mankind who became one of the Christs shall come to worship me, the Christ seed essence in one another, says the Lord, the universal nuclear physics law.
24. And then they shall go out
of the Samarobryn, that was stationed one hundred leagues above the hemisphere, and will see the corpses of all the men who rebelled against me, the Christ germ seed essence; for their coals, the charred dead bodies reduced to cinder, the carbon 666 atoms shall not die, whereas, other versions of the Bible say: their worms shall not die, inferring to one of the dictionary meaning of the word, worm, such as a spiral, the cosmic hissing, coiling, spiraling, whirling electrons in the carbon 666 atoms, which have been set back in their nuclear evolution; but never die, nor their fire within the nucleus, the bottomless nuclear reactor pit of the carbon 666 atoms be extinguished; and they, the corpses shall be oppressive, difficult to bear to mankind, to those who were aboard the Samarobryn. Which one will you be? Please read on and you shall know what is the Christ lunar germ seed of immortality.

As you can see, the Spirit of God is not going to punish the human race, for the continuance of the blasphemy against the Spirit of God, the iniquity of the 1st original sin. But it is man himself, who is going to inflict the self-punishment upon himself. For that is the immutable law of nuclear physics, the father-son-mother nature, the Spirit of God. The Spirit of God is Limitless Love, and it stands firm in those words.

Monsignor Corrado Balducci, worked in one of the Vatican Congregations, and since has retired; claims to have read the 1917 Third Secret of Fatima. He confirmed in more than one interview that the Secret of Fatima predicts a Third World War involving nuclear weapons, in which the living will envy the dead, because of the effects of radiation, before the end of the century, and doctrinal crisis within the Church.

The Fatima experts like the late Fr. Joaquin Maria Alonso, the official Fatima archivist, Fr. Nicholas Gruner, Br. Michael of the Holy Trinity, etc. are all in agreement that the Secret of Fatima involves major crisis of the Church, the deficiencies of those in high positions within the Church, and a major apostasy.

2 Thessalonians 2:3. The second coming of the Christ shall not come unless it is preceded by an apostasy, and the man of the first original sin shall be revealed as the son of perdition.

This message is from an apparition; Bayside, New York, June 18, 1986

“Soon there will come upon you the great Chastisement. It comes in two parts. My child and my children, the Third World War, and also, the Ball of Redemption.”

Take note, it comes in 2 parts. The Destiny is now your choice. The Ball of Redemption, the celebration, is relevant to the extremely enjoyable time of becoming one of the Christs, when one shall be attending the Ball of Redemption from death. Therefore the Christos shall wear a formal wedding garment of the milk and honey manna, the crystal clear pure nuclear energy light body of the Spirit of God. You are all invited to the Ball of Redemption. And by now you should know what you need to do; become one of the Christs! Please No Wars. But listen to every bit of iota, of the whole complex, the sacred knowledge that is now before you. Everything is superior to all, beyond your imagination.

Here is the translation of the 3rd part of the Secret from the Lady of Fatima revealed at the Cova da Iria, Fatima, Portugal, on July 13, 1917; released by the Vatican on June 26, 2000, 83 years later. The following are the words of Sister Lucy [Lucia Do Santos]:

“I write in obedience to you, my God, Who command me to do so through his Excellency the Bishop of Leiria and through your Most Holy Mother and mine.

“After the two parts, which I have already explained, at the left of Our Lady and a little above, we saw an Angel with a flaming sword in his left hand; flashing, it gave out flames that looked as though they would set the world on fire; but they died out in contact with the splendor that Our Lady radiated towards him from Her right hand: pointing to earth with his right hand, the Angel cried out in a loud voice: ‘Penance, Penance, Penance!’.

“And we saw in an immense light that is God; ‘something similar to how people appear in a mirror when they pass in front of it’ a Bishop dressed in White ‘we had the impression that it was the Holy Father’.

“Other Bishops, Priests, men and women Religious going up a steep mountain, at the top of which there was a big Cross of rough-hewn trunks as of a cork-tree with the bark; before reaching there the Holy Father passed through a big city half in ruins and half trembling with halting step, afflicted with pain and sorrow, he prayed for the souls of the corpses he met on his way; having reached the top of the mountain, on his knees at the foot of the big Cross he was killed by a group of soldiers who fired bullets and arrows at him, and in the same way there died one after another the other Bishops, Priests, men and women Religious, and various lay people of different ranks and positions.

“Beneath the two arms of the Cross there were two Angels each with a crystal aspersorium in his hand, in which they gathered up the blood of the Martyrs and with it sprinkled the souls that were making their way to God. Tuy-3-1-1944”

In the translation, the original text has been respected, even as regards to the imprecise punctuation, which nevertheless does not impede an understanding of what the visionary wished to say.

Father Nicholas Gruner further states in: The Fatima Crusader, Issue 64, page 42: “This vision of Fatima Secret is quite consistent with the vision of Pope Pius X, who foresaw one of his successors stepping through a sea of blood, escaping from Rome, and then being killed himself.”

Comment: The 3 words Penance are a mistranslation. The 3 words are Repent. Penance means: To show sorrow for wrongdoing. And then what, go back to the wrongdoing? Repent means: To change the way of life mankind is living. Of what good is Penance if mankind goes back to the decadent status quo living as it is?

This reference is to the above statement by: Pope John Paul II: "... to dissuade [to deter from a course of action by] the superpowers from undertaking war." [Against who? The aliens, the UFOs that are coming!!! This is part of the third secret of Fatima that was not revealed in June 26, 2000.]

Psalms 67 or 68:18. The chariots of the God are myriad, thousands upon thousands. The Spirit of God rides with the host of angels. The Lord is among them.

The chariots of the God are the extraterrestrial space crafts, known to man as the UFOs. Please know this, there are good and bad aliens. These that are coming are the good aliens.

Isaiah 60:8. What are these that fly high amongst the clouds, and as doves to their portholes? They are the spaceships that fly amongst the clouds, and the smaller space crafts returning to their mother spaceship, to the port of entry.
9. All the ships are assembled, the armada of universal space ships, with the ship of Tarshish in the lead, Tarshish from Hebrew means: precipitant energy moving at very fast speed, with the Christ in the lead ship to bring the sons of God, the celestial beings from afar with their silver and gold, a mystical term for the milk and honey manna, unto the designate of the Lord, the God, and to the Holy one of Israel, because he has glorified thee. Did you know that the spaceship of Tarshish is coming?

Isaiah 66:14. When you shall see this the coming of the Christ your heart shall rejoice, and your bodies shall flourish like the grass, for the Lord’s power shall be known.
15. For the Lord shall come in the fire, in his chariots
the universal spaceships like the whirlwind.
22. And as the new heavens and the new earth which I will make shall endure before me, so shall the human race and your name also endure.
These words are describing the coming of the Christ.

And now Nostradamus >>

C 6 Q 5

So great a famine brings pestilent activity,
It will protract its flow over the arctic pole,
Samarobryn, one hundred leagues from the hemisphere,
There they shall live without law exempt from politics.

So great a stupendous, planetary famine is approaching, that it brings lethal airborne pestilent activity, from the millions of dead corpses, which will be impossible to bury.
It will protract its flow over the arctic pole.
Implying: The airborne virus will move like the emission of the electromagnetism, that flows from the arctic north pole towards the south pole, thus encompassing the entire world. The man of science does not have the antidote for this deadly virus. Neither can the man’s immune system overpower it. However the relief is near for this lethal virus, but the remedy is far away. Why far away? Because mankind refuses the coming of the Christ knowledge concerning the immune hormone substance that shall render mortal man free not only from all disease, but also death. The IHS from the Christ shall create a super immune system, greater than mortal man ever had: Immortal.

Samarobryn, one hundred leagues from the hemisphere
: The word Samarobryn has had the interpreters of Nostradamus confounded since the 15th century. The perplexity is, what kind of an object is Samarobryn that will be positioned 100 leagues above the planet earth? 100 Leagues is a distance of approximately 400 miles. From the Russian and Polish dialog, Sama and robrin or Sama robi means: works by itself or self-sustaining, self-operating, self-sufficient. Samarobryn is a Celestial Space Station that is stationed approximately 400 miles above the earth. Presently it is invisible to radar and telescope, because it is operating in a higher dimension, higher frequency.

Samarobryn, the Celestial Space Station has been prepared by the celestial beings for the self-elect who shall participate in becoming one of the Christs and some others. Samarobryn is ready just in case mankind rebels against the coming of the Christ. Thus the self-elect and others shall be taken aboard, if need be.

There they shall live without
the earthly law exempt from politics in the Samarobryn, for a time, until they shall return to the New Jerusalem, New Heaven, New Earth. Samarobryn shall be used only if necessary.

The intention of the disclosures that are now before you is not a purpose of fear. But it is important to realize that the degree of its repercussions can be lessened if mankind is mentally prepared and aware of the globally imminent, dangerous, menacing, nerve provoking circumstances. Knowledge of foresight is wisdom, whereas, darkness is fear.

The Armageddon World War III is preventable thus avoidable.

If you know me, please don't be a Judas and betray me. Also if you value the planet earth, all mankind and you in it, surely you will not betray me.

Always pray incessantly: Oh how I Love you Spirit of God! Thank you Spirit of God for everything that all creation has ever received from you from no beginning nor end in the time, space, existence continuum. Thank you! So Be It! Amen!

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l Why Are You Here On Earth? Now! l Why Are You Here On Earth? Now! Continuum! l Arguments & Quarrelling l Conflict Between All Nations l Dust In The Wind l I Am That I Am l Lunar Germ Seed l Few Reasons Why l Omnia Vincit Amor l True Christmas l Impenetrable Secrets l Crucifixion l XYZ Equations l Does God Exist l Points To Insight l Mystery Of An Orgasm l Astounding Exposé l Through The Subconscious Mind Comes Healing l Handbook For New Paradigm l Interpreter Of Dreams l Tilt Of The Axis & Japan l Entertainment And Information World l

l Exposure 1 l Exposure 2  l Exposure 3 l Exposure 4 l Exposure 5 l Exposure 6 l Exposure 7 l Exposure 8 l Exposure 9 l Exposure 10 l Fallacy Resolved l Does This Count? l Limitless Love l You Conventionalists l Were You Born Without Defilement? No! l Exposure 11 l Exposure 12 l Exposure 13 l Things Everyone Should Know l Mystical 13 Last Supper l Secret Mystery of RNA DNA l Weeping Angel Prediction l Oprah Winfrey l Who Is Coming l What Is Life Without Frolicking l Purity Men Do Not Comprehend l Thermodynamics Of Energy l Sarah Brightman l Charlotte Church l Handbook For New Paradigm l Tilt Of The Axis - Edgar Cayce + l Many Mansions - Parallel Worlds l Samarobryn Above Earth l Urgent l Refresher l Prophecies: Nostradamus, Malachy, Fatima + Others l

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