Exposure III

It is fortunate for the controlling powers that the masses do not think. Why? Because the control, hiding of true facts, ignorance and fear has been implemented in every which way; thus dominates and controls your life. That is how your mind has been programmed, right or wrong, good or bad, true or false. Now all this shall change, providing you will yield and apostatize.

 Yes you were programmed that way!

The Sun A Universal Deity

The glorious adoration of the sun was one of the earliest and most natural forms of religious expressions. Complex modern theologies are merely involvements and amplifications of this simple aboriginal belief. The primitive mind, recognized the beneficent power of the solar orb, adored the sun as the proxy of the Supreme Deity.

Concerning the origin of sun worship, to the aboriginal man, the sun was the innate fire of bodies, the fire of nature, the author of life, heat and ignition. The resplendent sun was the efficient cause of all generation. For without the sun there was no movement, no existence, no form. The sun to the aboriginal man was the immense, indivisible, imperishable and everywhere present. It was their need of light and of his creative energy that was felt by all men. And nothing was more fearful to them than the absence of the sun.

The sun's beneficent influences caused the identification with the principle of Good; and the Brahma of the Hindus and Mithras of the Persians, and Athom, Amun, Phtha and Osirus of the Egyptians, the Bell of the Chaldeans, the Adonai of the Phoenicians, the Adonis and Apollo of the Greeks, became but personifications of the sun, the regenerating principle image of fecundity which perpetuates and rejuvenates the world's existence. [Fecundity: the creative power to produce abundantly, fertile offspring.]

Among all the nations of antiquity, altars, mounds and temples were dedicated to the worship of the orb of day, sun. The ruins of these sacred places yet remain; notable among them are the pyramids of Yucatan and Egypt, the snake mounds of the American Indians, the Zikkurats of Babylon and Chaldea, the round towers of Ireland and massive rings of uncut stone in Britain and Normandy.

Many early priests and prophets, both pagan and Christian were versed in astronomy and astrology. Their writings are best understood when read in the light of these ancient sciences. With the growth of man's knowledge of the movement of the heavenly bodies, the astronomical principles and terminology were introduced into his religious systems. The mythical tutelary, guardian and protector gods were given planetary thrones; the celestial bodies being named after deities assigned to them. The fixed stars were divided into constellations and through these constellations wandered the sun and its planets with their accompanying satellites.

The Solar Trinity: The sun as supreme among the celestial bodies visible to the astronomers and astrologers of the antiquity, was assigned to the highest of the gods and became symbolic of the supreme authority of the creator himself. From a deep philosophic consideration of the powers and principles of the sun has come the concept of the Trinity as it is understood in the world today. The tenet of a Triune Divinity is not peculiar to Christians or Mosaic theology, but forms a conspicuous part of the dogma of the religions of both ancient and modern times.

The Persians, Hindus, Babylonians and Egyptians had their Trinities. In every instance these represented the threefold form of one Supreme Intelligence. In Masonry, the Deity is symbolized by an equilateral triangle. Its three sides representing the primary manifestations of the Eternal One who is himself represented as a tiny flame, called by the Hebrews Yod.

The origin of the trinity is obvious to anyone who will observe the daily manifestations of the sun. This orb being the symbol of all light has three distinct phases: rising, midday and setting. The philosophers therefore divided the life cycle of all things into three distinct parts: growth, maturity and decay. Between the twilight of dawn and twilight of evening is the noon of resplendent glory. God the Father, the creator of the world is symbolized by the dawn. His color is blue, because the sun rising in the morning is veiled in the blue mist. God the Son, the illuminating one sent to bear witness of his Father before all worlds is the celestial globe at noonday, radiant and magnificent, the mane Lion of Judah, the golden-haired Savior of the World. Yellow is his color and his power is without end. God the Holy Spirit is the sunset phase, when the orb of day, robed in flaming red, rests for a moment upon the horizon line and then vanishes into the darkness of the night to wander in the lower worlds and later resurrect triumphantly from the dead, the embrace of darkness.

To the Egyptians the sun was the symbol of immortality, for while the sun died each night, it rose again with each ensuing dawn. Not only has the sun the daily activity, but it also has its annual pilgrimage, during which time it passes successively through the twelve celestial houses of the heavens, remaining in each for 30 degrees or 30.44 days. Added to these the sun has a third path of travel, which is called the Precession of the Equinoxes, in which it retrogrades around the zodiac through the twelve astrological signs at the rate of one degree every seventy two years. 72 years x 30 degrees equals 2,160 years per 1 astrological sign x 12 astro signs equals 25,920 years to complete one orbit around the zodiac. The Sun, as he pursued his way among the 'Living Creatures of the Zodiac', told a story in allegorical language; either to assume the nature or to triumph over the sign he entered.

The words of: either to assume the nature or to triumph over the sign he entered means. To assume nature means to take upon oneself or become the same atomic essence as the father-mother nature, the nuclear energy of the sun, the Christos, the Christ, which means, become the immortal crystal clear nuclear energy light body of the Christ, which is impregnated, transfused, transmuted, transubstantiated with the milk and honey manna, the food of the gods. Triumph over the sign he entered means; The nuclear physics law of father-mother nature creative principle, allows one person to become the Christ in the astrological sign the planet earth enters in the Precession of the Equinoxes. In simpler words it means that every time the solar system, including planet earth enters a different astrological sign in the Precession of the Equinoxes, the father-mother nature allows one individual to become the first Christ, immortal for the coming of the Christ. Prior to this age it was the Piscean age and that was the age when the Christ Apollonius came at that time. The present age is the Aquarian age. Therefore this is the age or time for the coming of the Christ again. Thereafter when the first person becomes the Christ, he therefore will teach others how to also become one of the Christs. As a result from this moment on, we need at least a minimum and more 144,000 individuals, 12,000 from each astrological sign of the zodiac to become one of the Christs, to launch the planet earth permanently into the 4th dimension, the city of 4 square, the empyrean.

Thus is the secret mystical meaning of Sun Worshippers and the Sun of God or the only begotten from the Sun, the Son of God, the divine light personified. There was no competition to become the first Christ. Anyone of you could have been the first Christ for the coming of the Christ in this Aquarian age. The Spirit of God is Limitless Love and therefore loves everyone equally without partiality. As a result, we are all created equal, because we have been created from the composite of trillions of divine omnipotent, omnipresent atoms. Consequently each atom is equal, not one above or none below, which and who is father-mother nature, the nuclear energy, the I am that I am the Spirit of God. The Spirit of God is not some supernatural being who is out in the universe, but the Spirit of God is Spirit your soul, inside of you, within your instant reach.

The Divine Light Personified: A careful analysis of the religious systems of pagandon uncovers much evidence of the fact that its priests served the solar energy and that their supreme deity was in every case the divine light personified. From as long as man existed, all the gods of antiquity resolved themselves into the solar fire, sometimes itself as god, or sometimes an emblem or shekinah of that higher principle, known by the name of the creative being or I am that I am the Spirit of God.

Many deities have been associated with the sun. The Greeks believed that Apollo, Bacchus, Dionysos, Sabazius, Hercules, Jason, Ulysses, Zeus, Uranus and Vulcan partook of either the visible or invisible attributes of the sun. The Norwegians regarded Balder the Beautiful as a solar deity, and Odin is often connected with the celestial sun, especially because of his one eye. Among the Egyptians, Osiris, Ra, Anubis, Hermes and Ammon had points of resemblance with the solar sun. Isis was the mother of the sun or the queen of heaven. Also Isis is the celestial virgin who brings forth the birth of the Sun God.

Christianity And The Sun: For reasons which the Christian fathers doubtless considered sufficient, those who chronicled the life and acts of Jesus found it advisable to metamorphose Jesus [change him] into a solar deity.

Among other allegories, Christianity plagiarized from the pagan antiquity the story of the beautiful, blue-eyed Sun God, with his golden hair falling upon his shoulder, robed from head to foot in spotless white carrying in his arms the Lamb of God; symbolic of the vernal equinox. This handsome youth Jesus is a composite of Apollo, Osiris, Orpheus, Mithra and Bacchus, for he has certain characteristics in common with each of these pagan deities.

The philosophers of Greece and Egypt divided the life of the sun during the year into four parts. Therefore they symbolized the Solar Man by four figures. When he was born in the winter solstice, the Sun God was symbolized as a dependent infant who in some mysterious manner had managed to escape the powers of darkness seeking to destroy him. The sun being weak at this season of the year had no golden rays [locks of hair]. The survival of the light through the darkness of winter was symbolized by one tiny hair, which adorned the head of the Celestial Child. The birth of the sun in the winter solstice took place in the astrological sign of Capricorn, and it was often represented as being suckled by a goat.

At the vernal equinox, the sun had grown to be a beautiful youth. His golden hair hung on his shoulders, and his light extended to all parts of infinity. At the summer solstice the sun became a strong man, heavily bearded, who in the prime maturity symbolized the fact that nature at this period of the year is strongest and most fertile. At the autumnal equinox the sun was pictured as an aged man, passing into the winter darkness. Thus, twelve months were assigned to the sun as the length of its life. During this period it circled the twelve signs of the zodiac in a magnificent triumphal march. When fall came, the sun entered like Samson into the house of Delilah [Virgo], where its rays were cut off and it lost its strength [symbolized the loss of sexual vigor].

The coming of the sun was hailed with joy, and the time of its departure was viewed as a period to be set aside for sorrow and unhappiness. This glorious radiant 'Sun' of day, the true light, which lighted every man who comes into the world, the supreme benefactor, who raised all things from the dead, who fed the hungry multitudes, who stilled the tempest, who after dying rose again, restored all things to life. This supreme Spirit of humanitarian and philanthropy is known to Christendom as Jesus Christ, the Promised Redeemer of the worlds, the only begotten son of the Father, the word made flesh and the hope of glory.

Why December 25th? Because It Is The Birthday Of The Sun

Saturn, Roman Mythology: Saturn is the ancient god of agriculture, the god of planting seeds, the god of plenty, which is portrayed with the Horn of Plenty that is filled with every kind of food, fruits, vegetables, goodies, etc. The meaning of the Horn of Plenty is relevant to the Capricorn's Horn of Plenty that is filled with the food of the gods; in every mortal woman and man; but now unavailable because of the atomic enmity. The food of the gods is the milk and honey manna for immortal life, and it comes from the Milky Way.

Saturn, after being dethroned by his son Jupiter, fled to Italy where he ruled during the Golden Age, a time of perfect peace and happiness. Beginning on December 17th of each year, during the festival known as the Saturnalia, the Golden Age was restored for seven days. All laborious work would cease. It was a period of goodwill devoted to banquets and the exchanging of visits and gifts. This is where the tradition of exchanging visits and presents originated, known in our times as Christmas. During the festival the slaves had their freedom and during this time had first place at the family table and were served by their masters.

Saturn, Saturnalia Festival: The Saturnalia Festival was celebrated from December 17th to 24th. And at midnight, of December 25, the festival of Natalis Solis Invicti commenced. The Natalis Solis Invicti is the Birthday of the Sun. Thus the birth of Jesus was invented, hence the holiday of Christmas came to be; all from Mythology. Saturn is also identified as the Greek god Cronus. Cronus in Greek Mythology is the ruler of the universe during the Golden Age.

Natalis Solis Invicti, Birthday of the Sun: Each year, the Birthday of the Sun takes place in the astrological sign of Capricorn, which is influenced by the planet Saturn. The pagans set aside December 25th as the Birthday of the Solar Man. Since the Winter Solstice, December 22, the shortest day of the year, the darkness was over, the glorious son of light was returning to the Northern Hemisphere.

On December 25th, the pagans rejoiced, feasted, gathered in processions and made offerings in the temples. Concerning this season of celebration, the Romans also had their solar festival, and their games of the circus in honor of the birth of the god of day. It took place the eight day before the kalends of January, that is on December 25. Servius, in his commentary on verse 720 of the seventh book of AEneid, in which Virgil speaks of the new sun, says that properly, the sun is new on the 8th day of the Kalends of January, which is December 25.

In the time of Pope Leo XI, 682-683 AD, the fathers of the Church said that the festival of Christmas, the birth of Jesus Christ was a lesser joy than the return and the new birth of the sun on December 25th. Why? Because Christianity was hiding a falsifying decree they didnít want humanity to know, as to what transpired at the EAcumenical Council in Constantinople in 680 AD.

December 25th was the day that the birth of the Invincible Sun, Natalis Solis Invicti, was celebrated at Rome, as can be seen in the Roman calendars, published in the reign of Constantine and Julian. The celebration of epithet 'Invictus' is the same as the Persians gave to the god, whom they worshipped by the name of Mithra, who was born in a grotto of virgin birth, just as Jesus Christ is represented as being born in a stable by the Christians. Annually the death of the sun occurs on the shortest day of the year, December 22, as it is laid to rest; just like the Christians have a myth that Jesus was laid in the tomb for 3 days. Then upon the resurrection of the sun, the birth of the sun occurs. For this reason the Birthday of the Sun is celebrated a moment after midnight of December 24th, thus December 25th, the Birthday of the Sun.

Mithra: The Persian [now Iran] Mithra preceded Christianity by 2,000 years, or 4,000 years ago. If the Mithra religion was not destroyed by Christianity, then there would be no Islam religion nor Christianity today. Some of the Christian churches in Rome are built on top of Mithra temples. The Mithra temples were built like a basement in a house and you can still visit them in Rome. One of the largest Mithraic temples now lies under the present site of St. Clemente Catholic church, near the Coliseum in Rome.

Have You Heard This Before? The faithful referred to Mithra [remember 4000 years ago] as 'The Light of the World', symbol of truth, justice, and loyalty. He was mediator between heaven and earth and was a member of the Holy Trinity. According to Persian mythology, Mithra was born of a virgin given the title 'Mother of God'. The god remained celibate throughout his life, and valued self-control, renunciation and resistance to sensuality among his worshippers. Mithra represented a system of ethics in which brotherhood was encouraged in order to unify against the forces of evil. The worshippers of Mithra held strong beliefs in a celestial heaven and an infernal hell. They believed that the benevolent powers of the god would sympathize with their suffering and grant them the final justice of immortality and eternal salvation in the world to come.

Mithra means, sacred union with the divinity: If you were Mithraic, you looked forward to a final day of judgment in which the dead would resurrect, and to a final conflict that would destroy the existing order of all things to bring about the triumph of light over darkness. Purification through a ritualistic baptism was required of the faithful, who also took part in a ceremony in which they drank wine and ate bread to symbolize the body, the flesh and blood of the god Mithra. Sundays, named after the Sun God worship were held sacred, and the birth of the sun god Mithra was celebrated annually on December 25th. After the earthly mission of god Mithra had been accomplished, he took part in a Last Supper with his twelve associates before ascending to heaven, to forever protect the faithful from above.

The Last Supper was not original in Christianity, but was plagiarized [stolen] from Mithraism and other preceding ancient religions. Mithraism, the mystery religion existed long before Christianity and was Christianity's chief competitor up until the time of Constantine. In Mithraism the central figure is Mithra, who died for the sins of mankind and was resurrected. Believers in Mithra were rewarded with eternal life. Part of the Mithraic communion liturgy included the words, 'He who will not eat of my body and drink of my blood, so that he will be made one with me and I with him, the same shall not know salvation.'

The familiar words of the Christ have the same implication as Mithra, which Mithra knew what he was teaching in his secret school of wisdom: John 6:54. Unless you eat my flesh and drink my blood, you shall never enter the kingdom of God. The superficial ritual of the communion in the Christian Churches is only an external ceremony. The Last Supper and holy communion represents the body of the Christ, which is a reminder how the everlasting Super-substantial bread of life, the milk and honey manna, the RNA DNA, immune hormone substance of the body is to be ingested then transmitted from one Christ to another Christ.

Last Supper and Holy Communion: The Last Supper and holy communion ceremonies were already known and implemented in the ancient Eleusinian Mysteries, which were introduces from the long before civilizations of Mythology, Lemuria and Atlantis. The day is now upon you that all humanity shall know the secret, mystical meaning of the symbolic Last Supper and holy communion, which is the key to the sacred knowledge.

Concerning the Catholic Feast of the Assumption on August 15th and its parallel in astronomy, it is the end of eight months when the sun-god having increased in power, traverses the eight astrological sign and thus absorbs the celestial Virgin in his fiery course, and the Virgin disappears in the midst of the luminous rays and the glory of her son. This phenomenon, which takes place every year the middle of August, gave rise to a festival which still exists, and in which it is supposed that the mother of Jesus Christ, laying aside her earthly life, is associated with the glory of her son, and is therefore placed at his side in the heavens.

The Roman calendar of Columella marks the death or disappearance of Virgo at this period. The sun passes into the Sign of Virgo on the thirteenth day before the kalends of September. This is where the Catholics place the Feast of the Assumption, or the reunion of the Virgin to her Son. This feast was formerly called the feast of the Passage of the Virgin, and in the Library of the Fathers (Bible. Patr. vol. II. part ii. p 212) we have an account of the Passage of the Blessed Virgin. The ancient Greeks and Romans fix the Assumption of Astraea, who is also this same Virgin on that day.

The Virgin mother giving birth to the Sun God which Christianity has so faithfully preserved, is a reminder of the inscription concerning her Egyptian prototype Isis, which appeared on the Temple of Sais: 'The fruit which I have brought forth is the Sun'. While the Virgin [Virgo] was associated with the moon by the early pagans, there is no doubt that they also understood her position as a constellation in the heavens, for nearly all the people of the antiquity credit her as being the mother of the sun, and they realized that although the moon could not occupy that position, the sign of Virgo could, and did give birth to the sun out of her side on the 25th day of December. Since the sign of the Celestial Virgin-Virgo rose over the horizon on December 25th giving birth to the Sun, the Christian Church fixed the birth of Jesus Christ. It is for this reason the Christian church set the birth of myth Jesus Christ born of a virgin on December 25th.

Among the Arabian and Persian astronomers the three stars forming the sword belt of Orion were called the three Magi who came to pay homage to the young Sun God. Also, in the sign of Cancer, which had risen to the meridian at midnight is the constellation of the Stable and of the Ass. In the north stars of the Bear are seen and called by the Arabians, Martha and Mary, also the coffin of Lazarus. The secret mysteries of the Bible were written according to the Stars of Heaven. Thus the esotericism of pagandom was embodied in Christianity, although its keys are lost. The Christian Church blindly follows ancient customs, and when asked for a reason, gives superficial and unsatisfactory explanations, either forgetting or ignoring the indisputable fact that each religion is based upon the secret knowledge of its predecessor.

Antiquity Of The Zodiac: Zodiac means: the circular house of animals and beasts. But these are not just simple beastly animals, but are the cosmic beasts that consume and grind everything to cosmic powder that is subject to mortal existence. For from cosmic dust, the atoms everything came, unto cosmic dust the atoms everything shall return that has not been purified and transmuted into immortal quintessence. This quintessence is the liquid light, the non-consumable liquid fire, the pure nuclear energy, interwoven with the essence of life known as the milk and honey manna, the Super-substantial bread of everlasting life, the food of the immortal gods.

The Antiquity of the Zodiac is much in dispute. To contend that it originated but a mere few thousand years before the Christian era is a colossal mistake on the part of those who have sought to compile data concerning its origin. The zodiac is ancient enough to go backward to the period when its signs and symbols coincided exactly with positions of the constellations, whose various creatures in their natural functions exemplified the outstanding features of the sun's activity during each of the twelve months. The concept of the zodiac is millions years old. It is one of the many things for which the modem world is indebted to the Atlantean and the Lemurian civilizations.

About ten thousand years before the Christian Era, there was a period of many ages when knowledge of every kind was suppressed, tablets destroyed, monuments torn down and every vestige of available material concerning previous civilizations completely obliterated.


Gregory, Bishop of Constantinople: I will tell you what I know about the Christian interpolations, Christian robbery, and Christian lying. I lived for the sake of popularity. I deceived, because it gave me power. I professed a morality that I never possessed. In fact, I was a materialist at the bottom. I had no hope nor idea of an existence beyond the tomb, and I thought the best thing that I could do was to secure physical comforts here. I tampered with the books that have been described. I substituted names in them that were not in the originals, and from these books, which taught only pure morality, I helped all I could to destroy the idea of man performing any good work of himself, and to induce people to rely entirely for the atonement of their sins on the mythological Jesus. I also destroyed many valuable books, for fear some one would discover my fraudulent conduct. I confess that I was one of the principal parties who placed the Christian Scriptures in their present shape, or very nearly so.

It is known by every Christian priest, today, who knows whatever of history, that Apollonius was the original Jesus; and the pagans in my day, in their answers to Christian bishops, said that those bishops positively knew they were lying when they claimed any other Savior than the Cappadocian Savior; and charged that, in their artfulness, when they could not destroy the knowledge of Apollonius and his teachings they inserted the name of Jesus, when by every principle of right the name of Apollonius should have been allowed to remain there. If you must have a Savior I do not see why you should not have the right one. It is better to build on a reality than on a myth. One of the most consummate villains that ever lived, and one that has done more to retard learning the truth regarding this Christ was Eusebius, for he spent his whole life in interpolating, mutilating and destroying everything that was against Christianity. And the first pope was also guilty of a similar destruction of those books. The first pope was not Peter the apostle, that never was, because the Catholic Church did not begin its formulation until the latter part of the 4th century and early part of the 5th century. Even in the 6th century there were no popes, bishop was the highest rank.


Caracalla, Bishop of Nicomedia: I do not believe that there were, at the Council of Nice, three persons present who believed in the truth of what was set down. If there were, it was on account of their ignorance. At the council, it was agreed among the bishops there assembled, to destroy all books that threw any light upon the mythological origin of the Christian religion. I was governed by the desire for earthly advancement. In fact, one-half of your priests, ministers and bishops, are today materialists at heart, and they only advocate the Christian religion because it is popular, and yields them a happy condition. Even in my day we resorted to bibliomancy to decide questions of church policy. That is, we opened at one page, then another, reading the first verses our eyes met, and by that means decided who should be bishop and who not. But this was only a deceptive device to cover the real object, for the priest who had the most gold to pay to become a bishop, bought the best bishoprics. There was at that time nearly one hundred different versions of the gospels, so-called, and each writer interpreted them to suit himself, as did the bishops likewise. Therefore, enlightened persons, today, must be fools to follow the teachings of such dishonest barbarians as we were.


Urban VIII Roman Pontiff: I was known as Urban VIII and having been educated fully in Catholicism, I am able to give facts in regard to the mingling of paganism and Christianity. As Pope I took from the Pantheon at Rome, 450,000 pounds of bronzes to decorate St. Peter's at Rome, and the bronzes were used with little if any alteration in their ornamental designs. There you may see the gods of antiquity converted into the Christian saints. Let those who have charge of that edifice deny this if they can. Most of the churches at Rome are built on the ruins of heathen temples and of the material of the latter. Christianity has borrowed everything from paganism, and there is no Catholic priest who holds any office of consequence in the Catholic Church who does not know the common identity of a ceremony of the Eleusinian mysteries in Greece and the Lord's Supper. They will not admit this as mortals but there will come a time to them in the spirit life when remorse for their untruthfulness will lash them into giving the truth. You can make the road long and tedious, or you can have the light. It is for you to choose. [Pantheon: A circular temple in Rome, completed in 27 BC and dedicated to all the gods of mythology.]


Cardinal Stefano Borgia: My name was Stefano Borgia, Cardinal at Rome, from 1806 to 1810, and died in Lyons, France. There is one thing before which everything else must bow, and that is truth. Any religion no matter what its power may be, if not founded on truth, must fail. The atonement of the Roman Church is approaching, and its power will go down in a night of blood. The persons or characters spoken of in the New Testament never had an existence, and this is well understood by us priests. I was the leader or head of the Catholic Church at Rome, at the time of the entrance of the French into that city. The first and principal thing done was to hide all the works of the Latin Fathers. Why? Because Christianity cannot stand the blazing light of the originals when placed in the hands of scholars and free-thinkers.


Ulphilas, Catholic Bishop:  You may succeed for many years in keeping back the truth, but a time comes when that which is hidden must be revealed. I was a bishop in the fourth century. I was also a writer, and I translated a set of gospels and epistles from the Samaritan tongue. They are now in the University, at a place called Upsal, and they are called the Codex Argenteus. It was written on what are called silver tablets. In truth, the fact is that I copied the gospels and epistles of Apollonius of Tyana, not originally written by himself, but brought by him from Singapore, India, in Asia. Apollonius wrote versions from the originals himself, but these teachings of his bore, not the names that the Christians have given them. I used the names that the Christians wished to have at the head of their different books. I was paid well for doing this, and managed to gain great popularity and preferment by it.


Abgarus, Grecian priest: I lived exactly at the time it is claimed that Jesus lived. Not only that, but it is claimed that I had correspondence with Jesus. Now for the facts. My name was Abgarus. I was a priest at Abdera, in Thrace, afterwards a priest in Rome, in the reign of Tiberius Caesar. I held correspondence with a Jewish priest who lived at that time in Jerusalem and whose name was Jesus Malathiel. This correspondence was taken advantage of by Felix, bishop of Urgel, in Spain, in the eighth century, in the time of Charlemagne, and was used by Christians after that time, to prove the real existence of Jesus Christ, when no such person existed; and I had no correspondence with any other person than I have named. The points at issue between myself and this Jesus was whether my god Apollo or his god Jah or Jehovah was the older. There was at that time proof positive in ancient books then extant, that the Grecian god Apollo under the name of Bel or Baal, was worshipped by the very father of the Jewish religion, Abraham, in Chaldea, before he became the so-called progenitor of the Hebrew nation. Concerning this controversy some of the apocryphal books, thrown out by the Council of Nice, contained accounts of my controversy with that Jesus; but the Christians have so mutilated the original argument, that it cannot now be understood. They have done everything they could to utterly destroy that truth. I departed from the mortal life about A.D. 60.


Sir Thomas Bodley: I was known as Sir Thomas Bodley. I was the founder of the Bodieian Library, attached to the Oxford University, at Oxford, England. In the 16th century, I collected manuscripts, and particularly those of a very ancient date, and I know that there was a collection deposited therein by me, called the 'Controversy against the Council of Nice.' It embraced writings of the Controversialists previous to and for a century after that Council, that are known to history; but how far the clergy have tampered with them since, I know not. I say this, because in the 16th and 17th centuries, if a priest saw a book or manuscript that was dangerous to Christianity, he did one of three things, stole it, bought it, or mutilated it. At Cambridge, you will find what is termed the Cambridge manuscript, of which sixty leaves were missing, ten of which have since been supplied. Supplied by whom, I would like to know! The marginal notes of ancient scribes were damning evidence of the authenticity of the originals from which they copied; and those lynx-eyed priests could not afford to let them come down to posterity. But if the manuscripts of this Anti-Nicene Library, or copies of them are now extant, I think you will find them in Robert Watt's Bibliotheca Britannica, published in 1824, 4 qto vols., as it is the finest catalogue in the English language, and a work of vast research.


M. Servillius Nonianus, Roman Consul and Historian: All the Christians that ever lived, or ever will live, will find their ideal Jesus but a phantom, a myth. They can chase it as a child would a butterfly through a meadow on a summer afternoon, and it will elude their grasp. The Christian Jesus is nothing more than the Chrishna of the Hindoos; the Beal or Bell of the Babylonians; the Apollo of the Greeks; and Roma or Romulus of the Romans; modified in forms and ceremonies suited to modern superstition. All this I have learned through the desire to be historically correct, when I was a historian. All the kings and princes of ancient times were worshipped at the same time the Christian Savior was said to be on the earth. There were no Christians nor Christianity in the time of Nero, from A. D. 45 to 68. We knew nothing of such a religion, nor was it in existence at that time. And I want it expressly understood that I was a historian at that time gathering all the facts I could. If there had been the slightest evidence of it, I would have acknowledged it. But in my day, nobody knew anything of the Christian Savior nor his apostles. There were two religions in the time of Nero that held supremacy, one was the 'Sun' and the other the 'Son.' You may ask me what was the difference between them. I answer, the first was the sun worshipped in a material sense, and the second was the same solar orb spiritually or symbolically worshipped, in the Ahnnian of Zoroaster of Persia. These were the first predominating religions, and all the priests understood them as I have stated. I lived about from A. D. 50 to 70.


Ptolemy Philadelphus: Humility is one of the attributes of true greatness. I was born and brought up in a way that developed in me a taste for literature. I was absorbed by a passion for books, and through my library-keeper Demetrius, I succeeded in securing about 280,000 rolls or books. What did all this vast mass of learning do to benefit humanity? There are no religious systems existing today that have not obtained the principal parts of their creeds and tenets from the Alexandrian Library. Learned men of all nations and religions resorted to Alexandria, and from them they brought the principal works relating to their religions. In the course of time those men after investigating the works on religion in the Alexandrian Library modified and remodeled their respective religions.

If you examine the ancient Egyptian coins of the date of my reign, you will find myself and queen represented as divine brother and sister; for in order to preserve the cast of features of the royal family unaltered, it was regarded necessary to marry your own sister; and Arsinoe was my sister. I always desired to receive the truth, come whence and from whom it might. I intended had not my life ended too early to accomplish the work, to have founded a system of morality and spirituality, to comprise all that was good, true and valuable in the religions of every people that I could reach. I would have saved untold numbers of human lives, and would have led the development of mankind to a point far beyond that which has been reached today. Spiritual medium-ship has been the light of all nations and all peoples through all time. The nation or sect that scorns medium-ship may flourish for a time, but they will soon perish beneath the wheels of progress.

I had another objective in making the vast collection of books before mentioned. I expected to be able to furnish to the world a legal code that would have established justice and abolished human slavery. It was this that caused me to liberate 100,000 Jews. But to accomplish this Herculean task, a mortal life was too short, amid the bigotry and ignorance of my age. The more you will search out and investigate the matter, the more positive will become the conclusion that the Christian religion is the outgrowth of the library of Ptolemy Philadelphus. You can then throw down the gauntlet and challenge the world to an investigation of the facts. I will also say that your chronological tables are not correct. The originators of the Christian religion were many, each contributing something to the aggregate of what it represents. Potamon, in the reign of Augustus, more than two hundred years after the enterprise of projecting a new religion has begun, that should have taken place in all previous religions, arranged the incongruous materials in what he called the Eclectic system of religious observances and maxims.

If you know me, please don't be a Judas and betray me. Also if you value the planet earth, all mankind and you in it, surely you will not betray me.

Be kind to everyone, for whatsoever you do to another, you also do it to yourself, only to a greater magnitude. That is a nuclear physics law.

For it is written, when the Christ comes, no man will know when the Christ will come. For the Christ shall come like a thief in the night when least expected.

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