Exposure II

This revealing of truth is not only about the powers of false world religions, which there are no exceptions, but is also about fanaticism
that ruins the lives of decent people.

1 Corinthians 13:10. But when that which is perfect has come, then that which is imperfect will be done away with.

And so it is, the time has come for the perfect, authentic, ancient, sacred knowledge, the truth to be revealed, understood and implemented in the every day life of every person on earth. Wherefore, the imperfect understanding, the false belief systems will be done away with.

In other words these words are saying: 2000 years ago it was already foreseen, that whatever sacred knowledge was available at that time, those that would follow afterwards, would counterfeit, mislead, deceive, falsify, alter the sacred knowledge of the Scriptures. Consequently, what you have at present in every world religion is only an insignificant resemblance of the sacred knowledge, and with the key missing.

Before you venture further, please be prepared to prove for yourself the origin and history of all World Religions that you are about to encounter. Go to your Libraries and Internet and search out the Encyclopedias, Encyclopedias of World Religions, The Secret Teachings of all Ages and any other books pertaining to any of the hereto mentioned religions, subjects, etc. Don't take my 51 + years research for granted. Because if you do, you will be in the same shoes where you are now, following blindly and foolishly. By that I am implying that you will be following another leader just like you have been following your leaders blindly in your religions, which lead you to the pit of self destruction, death. Death is not the goal of mankind, but the opposite, resurrection from the 1st death while you are alive!

Apollonius of Tyana, the Jesus of Nazareth, St. Paul and John the Revelator, of the Christian Scriptures: I Apollonius was born according to the Christian calendar, on the 16th day of February, A. D. 2, of wealthy parents; was educated, until my 26th year, in general philosophy and literature, when I served for six years under Eugene's, of Heraldic, learning the Pythagorean philosophy. After acquiring all I could learn from the teachings of that philosopher, I went to Antioch, and from there to Jerusalem. My entrance to that city was hailed, as it has been alleged the entrance of Jesus of Nazareth was hailed, with hosannas and songs of praise to one who came in the name of the Lord. This took place when I was thirty-three years of age.

In the New Testament nine epistles were made a present to me by Pharoses of Axial, India, or rather between Babylon and India, who was a satrap [a ruler] in those days. Those epistles contained all that is embraced in the present epistles claimed to have been written by St. Paul. I conclude that I am both the Jesus and St. Paul of the Christian scriptures. I retired to the island of Pathos voluntarily, for I was neither ostracized nor banished for anything I had done, said or written, to which, as is alleged, the St. John of Revelations went, in the years 69 and 70 A.D. On Pathos I wrote what occurred through me in a trance state, not knowing what I wrote; which was attributed to the so-called St. John the Revelator.

What is known to you as the anti-Nicene Library, contained documents, some of which are still extant [in existence], that fully warrant you in challenging the translators of today as to the correctness of their production. Let them examine, if they dare, the manuscripts referred to and they will find what is now being published erroneous in many particulars. They have followed too much what their ancestors translated, without having translated for themselves.

I, Apollonius of Tyana declare that the Christian Gospels were all preached by me, preached at Jerusalem, Ephesus, Athens, Philippi, Rome, Antioch, Alexandria, Babylon. In all those countries I preached and by certain qualities developed in me, I healed the sick, restored the sight of the blind and even raised the dead. I will try to make this raising of the dead plainer. If a child, a youth, or a maiden, whose body is fresh, full of vigor and perfection, and whose spirit has become detached from it, in that case I hold that one whose power is great and whose will is indomitable, while that body is yet warm, can cause the spirit to return and continue to inhabit that organism. In this way I know the dead can be restored to life. I was the person who was designed by spirits to fulfill that mission. I claim no pre-eminence [superiority] over any one. I only say that my mortal body contained more spirit than the average of men, or even the most highly developed among them, at the time I existed in mortal flesh.

My history, as it has come down to you was written by one Dames and by others afterwards. In regard to the main incidents of my life, it is correct, but in regard to the glamour, romance and mystery of the narrative, it has no relation to me whatever. The latter was the work of my disciples and followers after my death, and was promulgated by them.

Almost every picture that in modern times, is recognized as the likeness of Jesus, is the identical portrait of Apollonius of Tyana, painted in the reign of Vestavia. That emperor consulted me. I was the oracle [a person considered to be a source of wise counsel or prophetic opinions] in his camp. I was the means of saving the life of Flavius Josephus. The Jewish hierarchy of that day had a horror and dislike of even their best friends who were not of their faith, and Josephus being a Pharisee of the straightest sect was even more than usually prejudiced against a Gentile like myself. By this I do not mean that the Pharisees were bad people, but that they were so devoted to their religion as to be bitterly bigoted and prejudiced against those who differed from them.

The Christian Gospels are borrowed from, and in fact their origin was from the books that I brought from India, obtained in part from Pharoses, who was King of Axial. Those books were used by the Platonists, Eclectics and Gnostics of Alexandria, about one hundred and fifty years after. I died in the year A.D. 99, at Ephesus, and was 97 or 98 years of age, although some have enlarged the period of my earthly life to 150 years. The originals of the four gospels I obtained through one Hiram Armanda, of Taxila, who took me forward into Farther India. They were written in characters not unlike those used by the Chinese, on thin, tough paper. They treated the four stages of the life of Buddha. The first to his incarnation and birth, the second to his childhood and youth, the third to his mature life, and the fourth to his old age and death. These books I obtained at Singapore, at the extreme point of India, on the strait between India and Sumatra. Hegesippus made copies from my translations and modified versions of the originals in the Samaritan tongue, and Ulphilas copied from the manuscripts of Hegesippus. I wrote in the Hebraic-Samaritan tongue, which was the language of my country.


Damis the Disciple of Apollonius of Tyana: Apollonius of Tyana, my master or teacher, was the Jesus Christ of the Christians. The place where I was born was Ephesus. I was an Ephesian and not a Cappadocian nor a Ninevite. I was born in the city which was the chief seat of the worship of the great Diana of the Ephesians [Roman Mythology: The virgin goddess of hunting and childbirth, traditionally associated with the moon and identified with the Greek Artemis]. The bond of unity between myself and Apollonius was, that we were both mediums in whose presence materialized spirits appeared. Apollonius made two journeys to India, and not one as is generally supposed. The last of these was about from A.D. 45 to 50. It was, when on that journey, that he reached Farther India, whence he brought back the Indian gospels in relation to the Hindoo god Christos. The first journey to India, by Apollonius, was about from 36 to 38 A.D. On that journey he only obtained a few extracts from those Hindoo gospels. The first attempt of Apollonius to introduce the religion of Christos in Western Asia was made shortly after his return from India, at Nazarita, a small village near Gaza. He there formed a community according to the Gymnosophic ideas and practices. The principle of initiation is expressed in that famous text of what is termed the Scriptures where it is said, "Thou art a priest after the order of Melchisedec." The original meaning of that was: A priest after the order of the Sun. It was also the Parsee worship and was at a remote period derived from the Golden Rules of Hermes Trismegistus or from Hesiod. The last named was the author of: "The Seven Before Thebes and Agamemnon". The works of both those ancient writers contained the expression, 'Thou art a priest Mechel forever after the order of the Sun." Parsee worship: A member of a Zoroastrian religious sect in India, descended from Persians, now Iran.

The first works that my master brought from India contained the teachings of Christos, before their reformation by Deva Bodhisatoua, in the reign of the king of Asoka. Bodhisatoua was prime counselor of that king. His real name was Azabelle. He was a Tamil King. Azabelle meant the rising Sun. The books which Apollonius afterward used, he obtained on his second journey, when he went to visit Iarchus, the chief of the Wise Men, in Farther India, near Singapore. I went with him on his second journey and not on his first. I never saw Phraotes the King of Taxila. I was a disciple of Apollonius and remained at Ephesus and at Thessalonica while he was away on his first journey to India. The most important part of the life of Apollonius extended over the reigns of Tiberius, Caligula, Claudius, Nero, Vespasian, Titus, Domitian, Nerva and into the reign of Trajan.

I passed to spirit about 90 A.D. I wrote memoirs of Apollonius from about 34 A.D. to 80 A.D. The Greek followers of Prometheus mutilated those memoirs. They were greatly opposed to the introduction of the Indian Christos among the Greeks, and were exceedingly opposed to Apollonius and his teachings. Apollonius and myself were youthful companions when I was at Tyana. Apollonius was the real Paul, this is rendered plain by the Epistles to Timothy. I was called Timotheus by the Thessalonians. What you have received in relation to Apollonius of Tyana is all true. Apollonius was the founder of the Nazarite sect. The name Essene is Phoenician, and meant Sun baptism, or fire baptism. The initiation into the sect of the Essenes required the candidate to pass through two flames, one a bright and the other a pale one.

I was twice at Rome with Apollonius. I was there in 41 and in 62 and 63 A.D. I was at Alexandria in Egypt, where I died. I left my writings and other property to my sister, Samostra. After my death she came to Alexandria and carried my writings to Tyana in Cappadocia. Apollonius and myself, were all initiated in the secret order called the "Sons of Sun." The Emperors Claudius, Vespasian, Titus, Domitian, Nerva, and Trajan, were all initiated in that order, and it was therefore made a binding rule upon the members, that they should manifest no outward relation to one another, so that if the brethren of the order had occasion to favor each other, or afford mutual protection in times of trouble and danger to them, their secret relations to each other should not be known. Marcion and Lucian obtained mutilated copies of my Memoirs concerning Apollonius and used them in shaping their gospel tragedies.


Marcion, Father of Christianity: For my own benefit and personal aggrandizement, I brought to Rome the Pauline Epistles. I obtained them in Antioch. I changed or interpolated them to suit myself; because, being a scholar, and understanding those epistles to contain facts that were not known by the world at large, I thought that they presented a rare opportunity to make myself great. These epistles were written or copied from the originals by Apollonius, Apollos, or Paulus; and in order to disguise the identity of their author, Apollonius of Tyana, I interpolated that description of Paul that was afterward copied by Lucian. The principal foundation of those epistles was the sign of the zodiac known as Aries, the Ram or Lamb. The early Christians worshipped a lamb instead of a man on a cross. Those epistles were written in the Cappadocian or Samaritan tongue. I was the first person to introduce these epistles to public notice, in A.D. 130, and in the manner I have described. I was a native of Cappadocia, the country of Apollonius of Tyana.


Lucian a Greek Satirist: It was I who took the description of Apollonius from Marcion and used it as St. Paul. I never knew Apollonius. He was known as Apollos in the Greek tongue; as Paulus in the Roman; and it was understood by all scholars at the time I wrote, as relating to the life, travels and miracles of one Apollonius, the oracle of Vespasian. In fact I merely followed the statements of Marcion, although I knew his statement was incorrect, never for an instant thinking that my description of this person would be seized upon by Christians in after ages to perpetuate their fraud. I was of a satirical disposition of mind, and it made no difference to me if what I wrote was true or false. It was with me as with your dramatic writers of today; and it mattered not what events I sought to use, whether sacred or historical, so I could make them suit my purposes. All men are selfish so far as securing the necessaries and comforts of life are concerned, and gaining prominence over their fellow men. This is not so bad a quality of human nature as might be imagined. To attain prosperity and avoid adversity is a necessary incentive to human effort. At the time of the writings to which I refer, there was a new element introduced into religious affairs at Alexandria by the Gymnosophists, who, by comparing notes, with Grecian, Roman and Samaritan authors, found that one and the same idea ran through the religions of all nations, as to their gods having been born of virgins. In fact, in some countries, in Sicily, for instance this idea had become so common that death was imposed upon women who claimed to have been overshadowed or impregnated by God or Gods.


Clement Alexandrinus: I knew of the writings of one Marcion, not that he was the author of them, but he substituted a myth for a reality. That reality was Apollonius of Tyana. I received copies from him, and I followed his text as far as it suited me. But there was one great desire that animated me. That was to establish a fraternity of monks; and in this I succeeded, but I did not dare to let them know the light that I had received; so I used the name of Apollonius, which after my time was erased and the name of Jesus Christ substituted by Eusebius of Caesarea. All his translations of my writings are in the main forgeries. He took my communistic doctrines and used them to found a church. That is, the leaders of the Roman Catholic Church were to be Communists, but their followers were not allowed to become such. At Alexandria, the most renowned priests of the East and West, assembled to compare notes, and they formed that idea, which was afterwards put in operation by Constantinus Pogonatus, which was the body of the god Prometheus to which was attached the head of Apollonius of Tyana. The ancient Christians would not accept this change, so they continued to worship the first sign of the Zodiac, Aries, the Lamb or Ram. The former idea did not find its proper place until the sixth century. But the whole account of the decision of the Gnostics, the Gymnosophists, and other sects, who met in Council at Alexandria in A. D. 161, was written by me. And I hope that my writings, the true copies, as they originally read, are now in the possession of the Maronite monks, at Mt. Lebanon, Syria, and therefore may yet be forthcoming. These writings once in the possession of moderns, the whole fabric of Christianity will be stamped as a forgery. I am quoted as a father of the Christian Church. I deny it. I was a father of a socialistic community, of which celibacy was the principal tenet.

Communism: 1. A theoretical economic system characterized by the collective ownership of property and by the organization of labor for the common advantage of all members. 2. A system of government in which the state plans and controls the economy and a single, often authoritarian party holds power, claiming to make progress toward a higher social order in which all goods are equally shared by the people.


Deva Bodhisatoua a Buddhist Prophet: I will expound what I know of what are termed the Christian Gospels, more particularly those relating to what are termed Matthew, Mark, Luke and John. I am of a line of teachers or prophets from Buddha down. According to the Japanese Encyclopaedia of 1821, translated by Abel Remusat, you will be able to learn a great deal about myself. In the Sanskrit tongue my name was Deva Bodhisatoua; in the Chinese tongue my name was Phousa, and in the Hindoo tongue it was Ma-Ming. It was I who first taught, in India, long before the Christian era, the metaphysical-allegorical style claimed to have come from one who never existed, called Jesus of Nazareth.

These gospels were transferred to Singapore, where they afterwards fell into the possession of Apollonius of Tyana. Their original names, in your modern tongue, would represent the four seasons; but were afterward used, or misused, to typify a savior of men. The originals, as understood by the Hindoos allegorically were in this way. First, the preparation of the ground, second the planting of the seed, third the harvest time the gathering in, and forth the feast time from the harvest. This was what those books interpreted by the aid of certain stars, in what is now termed the zodiac, meant. The 'Star in the East' was simply a signal of seeding time or planting time in man. Now, these mysteries were used by Hindoos, to show certain things occurring in the life of man that personified the offices of nature, such as the infancy, youth, maturity and reconversion or immortality of man. You will see the beauty of these things when properly understood. First, the stars were used as an almanac, second the seed time and harvest, and third their analogy to the life of man.

These writings or gospels were given to me, first, as I have set forth in the beginning, by experiences in the way of trance; second, by my reasoning upon them and third by my intuitional nature coming in contact with the higher relations of spirit life. And here again, I must remark that in my time they were not original, but they were simply the reflex of spirits on my receptive organism. In an allegorical sense these writings can injure no one, but when used by priests to gain power, and as they keep the key to themselves, they end up in enslaving the intellects of their fellow-men.

We believed in reincarnation, we believed, in the language of Buddha, that as long as there was a decline of virtue in the world, a good man was raised up to reestablish morality; and that this man was either Buddha himself, or that at his conception, he was overshadowed by the holy spirit of Buddha. These epistles or gospels were brought from India by Apollonius. Much of the force and sublimity of language in them is lost in their translation through so many different tongues. As near as I can give you their name, they would be called in your language, translated from the Hindoo, "The Code of the Initiated." There was at that time in India, a sacred order in which all persons of good blood, not that there is anything in caste were to become pupils, and gradually go from one degree to another, similar to modern Freemasonry. No one was admitted as a pupil unless first examined to see whether he had any spiritual gifts, and this was tested in different ways. One of the principal tests was looking through a hollow tube on a piece of glass or piece of skin. If he discovered any sign on either, this was evidence of clairvoyance. Others were tested by a tube shaped like a horn placed to the ear. If they heard a voice, or any noise, or if anything was photographed upon their brain, they were admitted on the ground of clairaudience. By this method we were always enabled to have mediums that not only preached our philosophy, but proved it also.

Comment: The above words of: The originals, as understood by the Hindoos allegorically were in this way. First, the preparation of the ground, the preparation of the physical-spiritual body to undertake the second step, the planting of the seed, the psychophysical Christ lunar germ seed of immortality in the mortal body, third the harvest time, the accomplishment of the first individual and thus the gathering in, the calling upon humanity to undertake what has been prepared for you and forth the feast time, mankind's celebration from the accomplishment from the harvest. The 'Star in the East' was simply a signal of seeding time or planting time in man. Now, these mysteries were used by Hindoos, to show certain things occurring in the life of man that personified the offices of nature, such as the infancy, youth, maturity and reconversion or immortality of man. As you read on you shall have a more detailed explanation. For now, lock these words into your computer mind.


Plotinus, the Neo-Platonist: The school to which I belonged is known to you as the Neo-Platonic, by us it was called the Eclectic. The founder of this school was Ammonius the Peripatetic, but the person who really furnished the materials for this school was Apollonius of Tyana, and all the ideas that this school ever gave forth under Potamon, Ammonius Saccas and myself, were gathered from the originals of the school of that famous Hindoo, known to us by his Sanskrit name of Deva Bodhisatoua. His writings were the foundation, combined with some Platonic writings, which form the whole of what the Eclectic school taught. In the first place, the whole history of Jesus of Nazareth so-called, was started by that Hindoo representing the life of Buddha, and afterward taught by Apollonius of Tyana. In my mortal life I was a particular friend of the Emperor Gallienus. I had frequent conversations with those who claimed to know anything of this Jesus, and proved to them so conclusively that Apollonius was the real Jesus. But my works were destroyed by the Christians. I acted in precisely the same capacity to the Emperor Gallienus that Apollonius did to Vespasian, that is, I was his oracle. I had independent writing on copper plates, which were closed and sealed together and the writing was produced on the inside of those plates. I also taught in my own house on two days of the week while in trance or an ecstatic state.


Pope Gregory VII: I was known as Pope Gregory VII, and by my order, the Library of the Palantine Apollo was destroyed in the 11th century; which contained the whole of the writings of the School of Alexandria from the days of Potamon to the days of one Maximus. And what was my excuse for its destruction? Religious bigotry. I made the excuse for it, that I did not want the clergy to have their minds diverted from their holy work by studying heathen literature. But the real cause of my action in that matter was, that there were recorded in that library all the facts that would prove that no such person as Jesus of Nazareth ever existed. Consequently, feeling the weakness and insecurity of my position, I did all I could to strengthen it, by letting as few as possible know what the real contents of that library were.


Euthalius, a Greek Theologian: My name is Euthalius of Alexandria. I lived in the fifth century and was a commentator on the Pauline Epistles. Those epistles are those which were brought from India by Apollonius, and obtained through King Phraotes of Taxila. The Gospel according to Matthew is not original, but is of Armenian origin. The Gospel according to St. Mark, was left by Apollonius with the Thessalonians according to the text of the epistle to them. The Gospel according to St. Luke is but a modified version of the legend of Prometheus Bound as rendered by Lucian and Marcion at Rome. The Gospel according to St. John was written by Apollonius of Tyana toward the latter part of his life on the island of Patmos, where he retired to end his days, in isolation from the human race. That gospel is a blending with what the inspired seer hoped for, and the knowledge which he feared to impart in such terms as uneducated mortals could understand. The Acts of the Apostles relate the doings of Apollonius and his disciples, and this was fully understood by the Gnostics and Neo-Platonists up to the time of Eusebius of Caesarea. Ammonius Saccas, Plotinus, and their followers, were Gymnosophists, Gnostics and Neo-Platonists combined.

They had no idea nor intention of promulgating anything but what they regarded as truth. Truer or better men than were Ammonius and Plotinus never lived. This was made plain to me by the study of their writings. Apollonius, Ammonius and Plotinus were the purest and best of men, and their only desire was to elevate the human race. Their teachings had relation to the Brahmanical and Buddhistic canonical narratives concerning the Indian Savior Krishna. Krishna's story that he was of divine origin, persecution by the tyrant Kansa, and miraculous performances were exaggerations. His sole work was that of a moral reformer, and his only object to make the people of his country happy. For these services he was worshipped, and regarded as an incarnation of Brahma, or the spirit of the universe. Krishna was born 3333 B.C. in India, at the foot of a mountain near Mathura on the Junna. Krishna was not a myth. He was a man, and the original of all the world's modern Saviors.

The canonical epistles were all derived from the writings of Apollonius of Tyana, who, to conceal that fact, has been called Paul or Paulus. The names of James, Peter, John, and Jude, were attached to the other epistles sent to communities too insignificant to be mentioned. All these teachings were appropriated, either successfully or unsuccessfully, by Eusebius of Caesarea, to make good his theological Christian scheme. But Eusebius failing in his purpose to some extent, and I seeing that it was a grand opportunity for me to gain renown, I acknowledged their authority and set about establishing what Eusebius had failed to prove true; regarding from his standpoint. It was I who put these Indian writings of Apollonius into my own shape and eliminated them from every mention of Apollonius or Krishna, and substituted therefore Paul, and the Christ idea. This work of Eusebius and myself became the better assured in proportion as the original writings and the traces of them became destroyed.


Orogenes or Origen a Christian priest: All religions are founded upon untruths, and they must and will all go down together. I here declare that Christianity and so-called Paganism are identical, for the one is the outgrowth of the other. I could find no evidence as to the existence or place of the birth of Jesus Christ. There was not a scrap of authentic evidence to be found as late as the year 180 of the Christian era, that afforded any reliable information in relation to this so-called Jesus Christ. The whole of the narratives in relation to such a person, were derived from the Greek and Egyptian god-makers.


Flavius Joseph, Jewish Historian, 37-100 AD: There are things in the universe that are too deep for mortal comprehension. In the higher realms there are prepared for you such stores of milk and honey manna as you cannot conceive of, which will be poured down upon you as soon as you open up the conditions that will render this possible. The obstructions to this event is among mortals, on account of the density of your organism as compared with the spiritual organism.

Here is the Holy Quest for the Holy Grail, the Spiritual Race long since
forgotten for all mankind to strive for - the Union with the Divinity.

Comment: The reference to the milk and honey manna is to the mystical Holy Grail, which the Christ shall reveal upon his second coming. This is relevant in the book of:

Apocalypse 2:7. He who has an ear, let him hear what the Spirit of God says: To him who overcomes the atomic enmity and the first death, I will permit him to eat from the tree of life. And each of you is a tree of life.
17. To him who conquers
the first death, I, the Spirit of God that is within man will give to eat the hidden milk and honey manna. Within every woman and man lies the latent, dormant milk and honey manna, the Holy Grail.

Apocalypse 20:6. Immortal and holy will he be who shall have part in the resurrection from the first death! Over these the second death shall have no power over you. Did you know that the second death will have no power over you when you shall overcome the atomic enmity?

Comment: In the original Book of Apocalypse or Revelation, the word immortal was present. Then it was changed to blessed. Quite a difference. Why?


Eusebius, Bishop of Caesarea: I am known as the prince of interpolators, forgers and plagiarists. I am not the forger of the passage in relation to Jesus Christ, in Josephus. I merely copied it. Justin Martyr was the man who did that, in his epistle to Antoninus Pius, begging that he would not persecute the Christians, on account of the similarity of the Christian with the pagan God. In chap. ii of my Ecclesiastical history, you will find the sentence, as near as I can give you, that the Epistles and Gospels of the ancient Therapeutae, are the Epistles and Gospels of the present day. In my history I state that the Gospel of Jesus Christ was neither new nor strange. There is a book extant [in existence] that will settle this Anti-Nicene Library question.

There is no bishop, archbishop, cardinal, nor pope, that has not tampered with everything that could throw light upon Christianity. It had its origin with, and was founded by Apollonius of Tyana, and its principal exponent, or one who did most to spread it, according to the manuscripts that I copied from, was Ammonius Saccas. From my reading of them he added the Egyptian, Alexandrian element to the Hindoo originals. That is, he modernized them to suit the Egyptian schools of thought. All the Epistles and Gospels are, in reality, the creation of the Christian priests.  All the Gospels and Epistles of Apollonius of Tyana were in what might be termed the Syriac- Hebraic, or Samaritan tongue, and the Greek writers translated them, in those early ages, to suit themselves. That Christianity and paganism were identically the same, can be proven very easily by the feast in honor of Adonis or Adonai, which the Christians adopted, that is the Catholic Christians and which is now their Easter festival, and you can see this at Rome on any Easter day. It requires very little learning to see their identity.

The original myth Jesus Christ was a Hindoo god, known under the name of Christos, or Krishna, the modern way of spelling it, to disguise the real truth. According to documents that were extant in my day, this Christos or Krishna, was worshipped in the temple of Mathura on the Jumna, in the days of Sanchoniathon, 1200 years B. C.; positive evidence is to be found in some manuscripts, of the time of Alexander the Great, still extant, 330 B. C.

Comment: The Sanskrit word Christos came from the ancient Indic language of Hinduism and the Vedas; when translated is: Christ. The Christ is not a man. It is a title, a degree such as a president. Therefore the proper usage of the term Christ is: Christ Apollonius or Apollonius the Christ, not Apollonius Christ. This should shed some light on how much the history of the word Christ is known. The world uses the word Christ incorrectly, because it does not know what is the Christ.

The Sanskrit word Christos means: Crystal clear, pure, immaculate energy; crystal clear pure nuclear energy light body. The inference to the crystal clear pure energy is to the nuclear energy that is within the divinity of the omnipresent atoms. Within the nucleus of every atom, there is a wondrous brilliant liquid light, the non-consumable liquid fire, more illuminating than a thousand suns. That is the kind of power that lies unharnessed within the divinity of the atoms, the crystal clear nuclear energy, the Christos, the Christ, the precious milk and honey manna, the miraculous ingredients of the Milky Way, the food of the gods.

Within every woman and man lies the latent, dormant omnipotent power of the Christos, the Christ. The coming of the Christ, the pure crystal clear light body of the Christ is in the RNA DNA, in the flesh and blood of every woman and man. In the flesh of every woman and man there is the RNA DNA essence for the resurrection from the long since forgotten 1st death; while you are alive. And that is the unavoidable destiny of all mankind. Each of you are to become one of the Christs, same as the crystal clear nuclear energy of the sun. That is the true meaning of the words of the Christ: For the father and I are one. The father-son-mother nature is the Spirit of God, who and which is the nuclear energy, which is within the divinity of the omnipotent, omnipresent atoms.

Matthew 5:48. You, all of you when you shall become one of the Christs are to be constantly exalted and perfected even as your heavenly father is constantly exalted and perfected through the inevitable, progressive Nuclear Evolution, by which the nuclear energy, the food of the gods, the milk and honey manna is constantly exchanged, changed and interchanged among the angels of God, the sons of God and the sons of resurrection. That is what perpetuates the immortal time, space, existence continuum, from no beginning nor end.

You are invited to become one of the Christs.

Within the meaning of the word Christos or Christ is the hidden secret meaning of Sun Worshippers. It is not that you worship the sun, but that your atomic structure of your body becomes the same atomic essence as the nuclear energy of the sun. Thus is the meaning  of the Sun of God or the begotten from the Sun, the Son of God. And each of you are a Son of God, because you were created from the Spirit of God essence, after his image, likeness, harmony and limitless love; like the omnipotent, omnipresent atoms, like the atomic energy in the nuclear sun.

If you know me, please don't be a Judas and betray me. Also if you value the planet earth, all mankind and you in it, surely you will not betray me.

Please send an email to the news media, your love ones, associates, relatives, and friends. Invite everyone to read the knowledge that is now before you. Also print these pages for easy reference and reading. Thank you.

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"I Dreamed A Dream from Les MisÚrables"
[A Metaphysical Wake-up Call]
[Other beginning versions]

There was a time when men were kind
When their voices were soft
and their words inviting

There was a time when Love was blind
and the world was a song
and the song was exciting

There was a time
Then it all went wrong

Now beginning with Susan Boyle

I dreamed a dream
in time gone by
When hope was high
and life worth living

I dreamed that
Love would never die
I dreamed that God
would be forgiving

Then I was young and unafraid
When dreams were made
and used
and wasted

There was no ransom
to be paid
No song unsung
No wine untasted

But the tigers
come at night
With their voices soft
as thunder

As they tear your
hopes apart
As they turn your dreams
to sha-aaa-aaa-aaa-aaame

And still I'd dream
he'll come to me
And we could live
our lives together

But there are dreams
which cannot be
And there are storms
we cannot weather

I had a dream my life would 
be so different
From this hell
I'm living

So different now
from what it seems
Now life has killed
the dream I dreamed


The meaning of Les MisÚrables is: The poor one; the victim: the pauper, as in:

Panis Angelicus
Fit panis hominum
Dat panis coelicus
Figuris terminum
O res mirabilis! 
Manducat Dominum
Pauper, pauper
Servus et humilis

The above Latin words mean:

Heavenly bread
That becomes the bread for all mankind
Bread from the angelic host
That is the end of all imaginings
Oh miraculous thing!
This body of God will nourish
Even the poorest
The most humble of servants

Who is the Les MisÚrables, the poor one, the victim, the pauper? Humanity, who are mortals, with the 1st original sin, who do not have the heavenly bread, the milk and honey manna, the food of the gods.
The poor ones, the victims, the paupers.

There are no coincidences in Universe! This was designed as a message. Susan Boyle, in 2009 was 47 years. In 2009 I worked on XXenogenesis, 47 years. Susan had a cat named Pebbles. My wife's nick name was Pebble. I called her, my precious Pebble of the universe.

I hope you have learned
Never to judge a book by a cover
You can be fooled as mortals are
That is your wake-up call
And I Love all of you forever
Limitless Love

Les MisÚrables
Portrait of Cosette by Emile Bayard from
the original edition of Les MisÚrables 1862


This is from the spirit world in1986!

"Masters, at this moment there is a great master who is awakening, who is in the seat of power, of this your country, that close, who is awakening to a great truth, and have been now for a long time, in your time. And yet, it is not the power of the people, but the power of the God that is within, that this individual has always hungered for. And he would be the last one individual that you would think would do it; become the 1st Christ." Also: As I find a decline of virtue in this world, I [the Spirit of God] shall raise up one individual to reinstate it.

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Every religion from antiquity down is a man-made religion. The Spirit of God never sanctioned a religion nor ever designated any special chosen people. The Spirit of God is limitless love and knows no partiality! Also since the Spirit of God is limitless love, it does not punish anyone for any wrongdoing. It is man himself who punishes himself or another man. The Spirit of God never approved any act of self-killing or killing for Allah or God or whoever.

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