Exposure X

Peace reigns today. It is the peace of death in the mortal man. Peace follows strife. I come to slay this peace of death in humanity. The prince of peace must first be the prince of strife. This leaven of ancient truth, the Key to the Sacred Knowledge of XXenogenesis, which I have now brought to all mankind, will stir the demons up, and nations, cities, families, peoples will be at war, the Armageddon World War III.

Hermas, an Apostolic Father: In order to be successful as a priest you must be influenced by one of two things. Either you must have zeal and really believe what you preach, or else you must be a dissembler and a hypocrite. These last two qualities were the motive power of my mortal actions. I was one of the founders of Christianity. I knew that this Christian religion and its god-man was nothing more than a new version of the old story of Prometheus dying on the Scythian Crags for the atonement of the sins of mortal man, and to appease an angry God.

The founders of Christianity took the whole story of Prometheus from a tragedy played upon the Grecian stage at Athens, five hundred years before the alleged Jesus. This god of mythology Prometheus was the principal one from which the story of Jesus originated. Why was this? you may ask. I will tell you. Because the birth, life, miracles and suffering of this Greek god Prometheus was set forth in such plain terms and was avouched for, in my time by so many pagan authors, that we could only hope to win them to our cause or religion by duplicating the old story; and none helped to do this more effectually than myself.

But in working for my own popularity I had no idea that this Christian religion would ever become as powerful as it is today. If I had seen or had the least conception of those long dark ages of blood which has been the result, I would have withdrawn in horror of such scenes as were enacted upon the mortal plane after my death. I would say to mortals, Oh! study well what you teach by word or pen, for you know not the awful injury you do to the unborn generations of the ages to come. I would ask all churchmen to pause and reflect, for the day will truly come when you will pray that the mountains may fall upon you, not to hide you from the face of God, but to hide you from the spirits of injured mortals, who look upon you as leading them astray, and whose spirit eyes accuse you of your damnable course of dissembling and hypocrisy in relation to the most sacred themes that concern humanity.

The time when I lived was about A. D. 30 to 90, and my name was Hermas, sometimes called St. Hermas. I left what is called an analysis of the various religions of my time. I made my home in many places in Mesopotamia. In fact I traveled over very much the same ground as did the Cappadocian Savior, Apollonius of Tyana, in Cesaraea and Phoenicia. I also made pilgrimages to Rome and Jerusalem. There was a sect then existing in those regions, similar to your Communists. They were called by a name Essenes that meant non-flesh-eaters. They were the principal founders of Christianity.


Iamblichus, a Syrian Philosopher: I was a follower of the doctrines of Ammonius Saccas. Those doctrines contained all the elements that are necessary for a true knowledge of what modern scientists call, the law of cause and effect.

Ammonius had found that the ethics contained in several different sacred books were founded on the universal experiences of mankind, but they were erroneous in attributing their teachings to certain men, who were imagined to have existed or really existed, called by the ancient gods; and whose deeds were magnified after death.

Those sacred books of different versions were blended, and something like the Christian New Testament was the outgrowth of the labors of Ammonius Saccas and his school. This book was never intended by Ammonius to be read in the way in which it is now read, but the key to the interpretation of it was the Sun's Annual Course through the signs of the Zodiac, or the twelve houses of the Sun as they have been called. This was the key, and it was given to those initiated in the secret meaning of the book. This exclusiveness was adopted to give greater weight to the learned, in the minds of the ignorant masses. If this fact were thoroughly understood by those calling themselves Christians, they never would dare again to preach Jesus Christ and him crucified. I lived A. D. 363.


Belzoni: I was born a Catholic. During my life, which was an eventful one, I had constantly upon me a desire to travel, and finally succeeded in so doing. I visited the ruins of antiquity, the Pyramids, Thebes, Berenice. I was an Italian, but severed my connections with my native country and went to Britain; and from London, I traveled to the Pyramid of Ghiza, and I was the second party that ever gained an entrance to that pyramid. I also visited Thebes where I found a great many statues and other ancient relics. I sent some of these to the British museum, and some to Florence, Italy. I also obtained paintings and engravings of the tombs, among which was one of Psammonthis, dated 400 years before the Christian era. 

I also flatter myself that I was the first traveler that discovered the site of the ancient city of Berenice. Each one of these discoveries utterly destroyed my mind, the truth of the Christian religion. Why? Because upon these ancient ruins, I found everything that I had ever seen in the Catholic churches. The cross, a man on a cross, the table, communion cups, a priest swinging a censer, St. Andrew's crosses, and it made me think when I saw these ruins from two to three thousand years older than Catholic religion. When I saw all these things that I had been brought up to look upon as sacred, it destroyed my faith in the Catholic religion. As a spirit, I find that all these mysteries which the Catholics call sacred, were also held sacred, long before there was a Catholic church, by the Egyptian priests. I died while attempting to explore Africa at Benin in the latter part of 1823.


Anastasius, Librarian in the Vatican Library: In my mortal life I was a Catholic, a Roman abbot and librarian in the Vatican between the eighth and ninth centuries. I knew that the various meetings or councils of bishops had for their objective, the suppression of all books that were in any way damaging to the Christian religion. Although they did everything they could do to destroy all accounts of deified men, called gods or saviors, yet enough is written upon the temples of antiquity to enlighten any inquiring mind as to the fact that the Christian religion was the outgrowth of the teachings of the schools of Alexandria from A. D. 50 to A. D. 200. This fact can neither be doubted nor questioned by any honest unprejudiced man.

Two books similar to those attributed to Matthew and John were bodily taken from a Greek author, commenting on or writing about Prometheus and the teachings of the followers of that God after his supposed death. This Greek book was well known and extensively read at Alexandria, and a few copies of it were yet extant in my day, but whether they are yet so, I cannot tell; for each pope who came after my time did what he could to interpolate or destroy such ancient works.

There are priests around me here today who gnash their teeth and howl as spirits to see me certifying to the truth, but as an honest spirit, I cannot stand back and endorse that religion that I know to be utterly and entirely false. There is no evidence, there was none in my day, not a scrap of authentic writing to show that such a man or god Jesus Christ ever existed. But there was the kind of evidence and plenty of it, to show that the real Jesus of Nazareth was Apollonius of Tyana, the Cappadocian Savior; and those priests who worshipped openly Jesus of Nazareth, were constantly engaged in collecting the sacred relics of this Apollonius.

All the portraits, pictures or statues of Jesus of Nazareth are but the copies of basso-relievos of Apollonius, and when you open your modern Bibles and see the pictures of your Jesus, you are looking upon the face of Apollonius of Tyana. No pope nor Catholic king, no noble nor scholar, that is well informed can truthfully deny what I here assert. The time has come when the world is ripe for the truth. The time is approaching when popes, emperors and kings must go down before the universal rights of humanity.


Jonathan Ben Uzziel, one of the Targum writers: I was one of the writers of what is termed the Targums. There was only one older than myself, whose writings have come down to modern times. His name was Onkelos. My information and facts is about an arraignment of the Old Testament. The legends and traditions of the Jewish people extend no farther than Ezra the Scribe. The marginal notes upon all the ancient manuscripts went positively to show that the whole of what is called Jewish history was stolen bodily from Chaldean history during the Babylonian captivity; and that is proven by the nativity of their great ancestor Abraham, whom their own traditions admit to have been of Uz in Chaldea. All the intervening characters between Abraham and Caiphas the high priest in my day, are so intermingled with Chaldean tradition, that it is hard to discriminate between what is Jewish and what Chaldean.

In astrology, Chaldea was one of the most learned nations in antiquity. How many of the Chaldean gods and heroes were borrowed from the stars I know not. I freely acknowledge this, though I am a Jew, that the Jewish Jehovah is but a modified and a bad modification of Jove, god Zeus or Jupiter. The Jewish Moses was simply used in a typical sense to signify a hero whose antiquity was so remote that there was no means of ascertaining the truth as to his origin. In short, Moses was a creation of Jewish priests, in order to gain power through ceremonial religion. There never was a man Moses. Coming down to my own time, I knew of no Jesus Christ except Jesus Malathiel, who was not exactly a bandit, but was executed by Roman javelins in the form of a cross, for what might be termed revolt. He was one of the disaffected toward the Roman government.

I would say to the Jewish people as a spirit, that they who wait for any Redeemer or Messiah to either restore the Jewish polity, or to save themselves from the consequences of their sins, will wait in vain. The aphorism of the spirit life is, 'Every man and woman is their own redeemer.'

Comment: Ezra: A Hebrew high priest of the fifth century B.C. who led many Jews back to Jerusalem after their Babylonian exile.


Saadias Gaon: I was a Jewish teacher and writer or what is termed a paraphraser on the Old Testament, at Babylon in the 10th century, A. D. These Arabic versions were copied from Onkelos, in what is known as the mixed Hebrew and Samaritan tongues. In copying them, they were purposely altered to suit the views of the Rabbis of the various Jewish sects. So much so, that the modern King James's version of the Old Testament is merely a patchwork of the Targums of Onkelos, Johnathan Ben Uzziel, Aquila, and myself. The Rabbis have mutilated the Old Testament to such an extent, that if an ancient Targum writer could now make his appearance in mortal form, with what he really did write, you would be ashamed to find how much of the Old Testament is the stolen history of Chaldea and Egypt, which have no bearing on the Jewish history.

The Jews have no history, or what may be termed real history, as a people to about 450 BC. Prior to that time, their so-called history is made up of accounts of Chaldean and Egyptian heroes and myths. In ancient times all religions were composed by men or principles, deified and transferred afterwards to represent some new star that had just made its appearance; or so alleged by the priests, about the date when the moral principle became understood, and its usefulness proven by test of mortal experience.


Arnold, Abbot of Citeaux: Long and weary has been my journey since leaving the mortal form. The curse of my spirit life has been remorse for being a fanatic and a bigot. May this fair earth never be cursed again by such things in human form as myself. Catholic Christianity has damned me deeper than the hell of the Grecian Pluto. Torments of conscience have been to me what no tongue could express. My deeper curses alight upon those who made me what I was in mortal form, and my everlasting hate abide with those in mortal form who continue to teach the damnable doctrines that I taught. You probably wonder who this is that speaks to you. I was one of the hell-fire bigots who murdered the poor innocent Albigenses, and who with an army of vindictive devils like myself spared neither age nor sex at Beziers, in the thirteenth century. I come back here tonight, to speak to all churchmen: First, to tell them that their doctrines are erroneous and their Jesus a lie. Secondly, if they do not wish to suffer for hundreds of years in a hell of conscience taunted by their victims, let them repent at once and accept reason instead of a myth for a Savior.


Charles Hardwick, English Theologian: In this mortal life I was deeply interested in the Christian religion. I came to my death on the 16th of August, 1859, while ascending the Pyrenees. The last title that I had in the mortal life, was archdeacon of Ely, England. I wrote many works, although dying at the early age of thirty-eight. They were principally devoted to showing that Christ and Christianity were superior to all other religions.

As a mortal I was too enthusiastically blind to consider the value of the testimony of ancient authors which I examined in my researches. I commenced by comparing the religions of India, China, Egypt, Medo-Persia, America and Oceanica, with each other; and after an examination of the whole of the religious systems of the globe, I showed in my work the foolishness of what I called paganism as compared with Christianity. But as a spirit I am compelled to say that I was altogether wrong in my geographical placements of religions. India is not the mother of civilization and the originator of all religions. Nubia, Kordofan and Ethiopia were the countries in which the most remote civilization arose; thence it spread into prehistoric Egypt. The most ancient monuments of Egypt go far beyond the age ascribed to Moses. Thence it passed to Chaldea and Assyria; and thence into India. I do not mean to say that those countries were not before inhabited, but their peoples were ignorant and barbarous. From India the tide of civilization flowed East and West. The first by way of the lands extending far in the Pacific Ocean to America, and the second by way of the Mediterranean and the Black Seas into Northern and Southern Europe.

There was two emigrations from Asia to America before those continents were historically known, one by way of Behring Strait and the other by way of Boro Bada, which was the ancient name of Java, across the Pacific to Guatemala. As the more southern emigrants had a finer climate than those who went by way of the north who landed in North America, they advanced more rapidly than did the latter. And to show you what we know to be the fact as spirits, there was intercourse between the Western and Eastern continents firmly established before the Mosaic period, we will call your attention to the fact that the Mexican god Quetzalcoatl was worshipped in Southern India, the latter country receiving him from the former by way of the islands of the Middle Pacific. Indeed there was more than one interchange of Gods between Asia and America, as in the course of time the one became more advanced in civilization than the other. Quetzalcoatl, Ibrahm and Gautama occupied with these kindred peoples the same position as Jesus Christ does to the Christians; and as no man could see the father of the Universe, they all resorted to an intercessor in the way of a Sun, not Son, which they represented in human form.


Meisrob, Armeniam Theologian: The Coptic or Egyptian version of the Scriptures, contained the Pentateuch, Psalms and Proverbs of the Old Testament and the New Testament to Revelations. I was a Targum writer and published an Armenian version of the Scriptures; and my particular guide in doing this was the Coptic version before mentioned. It went in my day under the title of "The Holy Invocations or The Actions of the Great Son of God, Apollonius of Tyana," the purpose of which, Apollonius said was to set forth the thoughts of the sages of the past, which he had obtained by the aid of books. But the actions and miracles therein set forth were his own. 

Apollonius, traveled over all the countries therein mentioned, and was well known in certain portions of India, Armenia, Abyssinia, Egypt, Cappadocia, Judea, Greece, Rome and Asia Minor; and he performed his miracles and preached his doctrines in all those countries. He was worshipped as a divine being as late as A. D. 275, under the abbreviated names of Apol, Pol and Lesbos. Pol was pronounced in the Armenian Paul. Apollonius was known as Lesbos in the Eastern countries. Lesbos signified nearly the same as is signified by the term grand Llama of Tibet, in your time. It meant the sainted Son of God, the Initiated one, who possessed the Father's secrets. My Armenian version was published under its proper title "Apollonius, the Son of God's Teachings and Morals": but this title was altered by Paulinus, the first Archbishop of York, 622.


Paulinus, First Bishop of York, England: He or she who tampers with truth shall never rest until they have rectified it. I am here with only one excuse, and that is that zeal and enthusiasm carried me away. In A. D. 645 I entered the spirit life, and from that day until A. D. 1700, I endeavored with all the perseverance of an enthusiastic spirit, to find Jesus Christ. But all these centuries of searching ended in finding the man, whom I ignored in my earth life, Apollonius of Tyana. Not that Apollonius desires to be considered the Savior of men, but he does desire that the truth shall be established. I tampered with the Armenian, Mesrob's version of the Testament of Apollonius and also one from Upper Egypt. I also made some alterations in the Latin version, that is the Council of Nice version. Because I was one of the first translators of the Scriptures from the Gallic into the Saxon tongue.

I translated from the Gallic, Latin, Armenian and Coptic tongues into the Saxon; and I did it simply because I thought this religion of Jesus was true, although the writings from which I translated showed that it was not true. But how many of your modern commentators are doing the same thing? They are doing this today, blinded by their zeal which takes the place of reason, and then follows bigotry and untruth. I substituted as did Eusebius, Jesus Christ of Judea for Apollonius of Tyana. I made all my translations to correspond with Eusebius's version. My Saxon version of the Scriptures was revised by Bede, and afterward by Thomas a' Becket, and it was afterwards put into its present shape by Archbishop Whately, which since his time, theological altercations have taken so many directions that it has been almost impossible to follow them. I am Paulinus, first archbishop of York, in 622. I was from Bretagno in Gaul, and it was very customary for Gallic priests to bear Latin names.


St. Germain, Bishop of Auxerre: Let us love, instead of hate each other; and we can only achieve this by individualization of character without regard to any prevailing beliefs. No one can save you but the saving power within yourselves. No spirit or mortal can make you what you are to be, but your own thoughts. Purity can only be obtained by right actions. I ask that all spirits and all mortals will forgive me for teaching doctrines in relation to a person so-called Jesus Christ, whom I have never yet seen. No more ardent follower had he than me, and yet honesty of belief is no criterion of honesty. Believe in anything you feel is right, but your actions will set in judgment upon you.

St. Genevieve, who was intimately related with me in the mortal life in the propagation of Christianity, who is one of the patron saints of the city Paris of the highest civilization and of deepest immorality, states that one good action is worth any amount of belief.

What I now know of Jesus Christ, I might have known if I had not been a fanatic. I held at one time a copy of the original remaining writings of one Moses Chorensis, and the original of it is now in possession of the Maronite monks at Mount Lebanon; but no one sees it, and it is guarded as a sacred work by their patriarch or chief. But those manuscripts once exposed to the world, will prove that the original Gospels were written in Cappadocia in the Syriac-Hebraic tongue, and not in the Greek, and were copied into the Armenian, by this Moses Chorensis.

These Gospels of the Armenians set forth St. Paul as Apollonius of Tyana, with Jesus Christ as a typification of Krishna, of India; that is they placed Krishna as living at the time of Apollonius of Tyana, and Apollonius as the disciple instead of the real master. All this I knew at the time I lived in mortal form, but I could never see it clearly until I became a spirit, on account of my fanaticism. And as I am anxious and willing to rectify the errors of my mortal life, so I am here to testify what I know of the truth; thanking you for the opportunity.


Montacute, Earl of Salisbury: In the year 1343, I conquered the Isle of Man from the Scots. My business here, today, is not concerning my military exploits, but about the religion I found on that island when I conquered it. According to their priests and teachers, in the year 400, or thereabout, the god Hesus was introduced on that island, and as that name sounded so familiar to me, I interfered but very little with it. I told the priests of my religion to let them have their Hesus, and to try to make that name identical with Jesus, which they gradually did. The native priests said the Hesus religion had been introduced amongst their ancestors from Ireland by a saint or priest named Columbkille. They said that St. Patrick, St. Columbkille, St. Declan, and a score of other Irish saints, who were called Christians, were all teachers of Hesusism.

The writings concerning Hesusism, when that worship was first introduced on the Island of Man, went to show that it was of Phoenician origin. If you seek Phoenician history, you will discover that it is almost impossible to find the work of any Phoenician author of note extant at this time. The writings of Sanchoniathon on religious subjects, if they are ever to be found, must be looked for among the relics of the ancient Irish, Scots and Picts. The round-towers and other ancient ruined edifices of Ireland and Scotland will throw a great deal of light upon that religious imposition called Christianity. As the Manx people, who inhabited the Isle of Man in my time, were very superstitious, you will find them so today. They have among them the relics of the ancient religion which they carefully conceal from the ministers and priests of the Roman Catholic and English Churches.


Jacob Capo: I was an architect and a designer and builder of Roman Catholic churches at Florence in the twelfth and thirteenth centuries. My job was to convert the stones of pagan temples into Christian churches, and pagan statues into the twelve apostles of Christianity. Those mute marbles of Florence will testify to what neither Catholic nor Protestant Christians can deny. Why is it that the ruins of Thebes, Ephesus, Athens and Rome have so few of the pagan gods standing in them today? The answer of the Catholic is this: they were destroyed in times of war. I will tell you the truth, that was well known in the Middle Ages, that no soldier nor at the command of his officers would wantonly have destroyed anything that represented a god.

Where then are those statues of the gods of antiquity? They are the finest representations of the twelve apostles; somewhat changed by the sculptor. Nevertheless, these pagan gods now represent at Rome, Padua, Florence, Venice, and Geneva, the disciples of Jesus of the Christian religion. I, myself helped in 1260, to mount at Florence, at their great church, the statue of Hesus of the Celtic Druids, which was brought there by the order of the ruling pontiff from northern France, or what is called Brittany. I am here today to testify to the identity of the materials of the statues of Jesus and his twelve apostles, which are all merely pagan divinities carved and modified to suit Christian wants and requirements. We architects and sculptors, together with the priests, alone knew this.


Cardinal Sancta De Caro: Let us use blessings instead of curses to those who disagree with us. It would have been well for me, if I had practiced that precept as a mortal. I was selected by a council of priests to prepare the Latin Vulgate in more readable form. I had five different copies to write from. The first was a copy of Marcion, copied by Chrysostom; the second a version by Ulphilas; the third a copy of the monks of Mount Athos; the fourth a copy similar to the Codex Alexandrinus; and the fifth was a Samaritan copy supposed to have been written by that great Essene, Ignatius of Antioch. All these copies can be traced back to the last named which was the original of them all.

This Samaritan copy by Ignatius of Antioch, said in a preface, that the writings that followed they were transferred by a disciple of Ma Ming to Apollonius of Tyana, and by him were given to Ignatius of Antioch. This copy had two distinct sections to it; first an explanation in the Hebraic-Samaritan tongue, tracing the whole to a God born of a Star, seen in a trance by Ma Ming. It was divided into four Divisions or God-spells, and they bore the names of the four different principles, truth, virtue, perseverance and equity. These four principles were to be understood only by the initiated, as to star-worship [12 constellations], with the Sun as the central pivot of the whole.

The secret teaching were, when the Sun began to make its appearance above the horizon, that commenced the reign of their God on earth, and when the sun began to decline below the horizon, then the God was going down into the grave; and as those ancients claimed that for about three days he stood still, before he began to arise again, this is the secret of the three days and three nights in the grave. All this was well understood, but became disguised more and more, because the priests saw it would let the masses know the truth and therefore were afraid of losing their power. [This statement is in reference to: The Sun A Universal Deity, as already defined earlier.]

And this Marcion of Pontus, instead of using the original writings of Apollonius, received the copy of Ignatius, with notes made by him, and Marcion managed to make St. Mark a substitute for himself; Luke is Lucian; Matthew was a man in the third century named Matthias, an Essene of Cappadocia, one of the last of that sect before it became absorbed in what is termed Christianity; and the original St. John was Apollonius of Tyana. It was said in the marginal notes of the Samaritan copy by Ignatius of Antioch, that Matthias had found a copy that had been lost. Apollonius gave it to his disciple Damis, and it became separated from the rest, and in that way came to be used by Matthias to propagate a religion. It was marked year 297.

This Matthias was a Cappadocian and connected with the Magi. All the other copies mentioned are nothing more than translations from the Hebraic-Samaritan copy. The other four were modified copies of that one, made to suit the views of the transcribers. The interpretation of the original Bible was a written copy by myself and it was the first Bible printed by Tyndale in the sixteenth century. As long as these things were written, they were held by the selected few. But once they were printed and given to the people there was danger that the masses would become too enlightened. I lived in the 13th century.

Comment: The first printed English Bible was by William Tyndale, in 1525. William Tyndale the exiled monk exposed the entire priestly code language, hence he inserted explanatory prefaces before all the books, gospels, epistles, and notes were inserted after every chapter, so that, even the plow-boy would know more about the truth than the priests. The Tyndale Bible was promptly branded by the Catholic church as heretical and ordered burned. Shortly afterwards in 1536 William Tyndale was burned at the stake, and his printer suffered the same fate two years later. That is how much power the Catholic church had.


Pope Nicholas IV, 1228: Egotism is ever the attendant of papal position, because those who venerate and follow you, make you think yourself great, whether you are great or not. The possession of power always makes you arbitrary, because you know that however far you may go, you will be supported by the ignorant masses.

My principal business here is to certify that the twelve apostles of St. Peters in Rome, are each and every one copied from the twelve gods, which were transported from Olympus to Rome in the days of the Emperor Hadrian. And on the back of these twelve apostles are the twelve signs of the zodiac. And as near as it was possible, the figures of those apostles were made to correspond to the twelve zodiacal signs. From those connections it is proven that they mean the same things; as was well known in my day, and as they were completely written out and described in all their details. But the descriptions were burned afterwards by Catharine de Medicis and Simon de Montfort.

At the time I lived, Christianity was what you might term strictly within the control and power of Catholicism. There is a place now in Rome known only to the priesthood, and not to the common people, called the tomb of the Palatine Apollo, which contains the scroll writings from the time of Marcion in the second century to Eusebius in the fourth century, which contain the secrets of the Catholic Church.

I renounce the Catholic Church. I go further than that, I curse that church for the slavery I have gone through in spirit. And in conclusion I will say that I desire all people to become free-thinkers, as there can be no progression without full and unrestrained privilege, to reason upon any and all subjects. I have never communicated before, and it is very difficult for me to talk in the English tongue. I could not have done so at all but for the help I have received from an English speaking spirit. I was known as Hieronymus Abescalo, otherwise as Pope Nicholas IV. I lived towards the latter end of the thirteenth century, and was Pope in 1288.


Aronamar: Kingdoms and empires have passed away since I was on earth, revolutions, bloodshed, wars and pestilence, and yet still the human race advances one step nearer to the great, I am that I am the Spirit of God. To come back to earth is difficult but nevertheless it must be done. I was a Persian and known in my time as an astrologer.


Zoroaster, the Daniel of the Jewish Scriptures: My name is Zarathustra, Zerdusht or Zoroaster, the Daniel of the Jewish Scriptures. I lived in the days of Nebuchadnezzar, Belshazzar, Darius Hydaspes and Cyrus. The Jewish book of Daniel, was stolen bodily from the books written by myself, or through me, concerning Ormuzd and Mithra.

The Hebrew book, called the 'Book of Daniel,' contains the account of the actual earthly experiences of Zoroaster at the court of Nebuchadnezzar, and the other kings whom I have already named. All that is mentioned as having transpired in the 'Book of Daniel' occurred through myself as a medium, and has no relation whatever to a Jewish Daniel, but solely relates to Zarathustra of the Persians. I want to commence with that part of that book where mention is made of Nebuchadnezzar eating grass, and explain what was meant by it. It meant nothing more than that, after years of a life of sensuality, that king was struck with a sense of the enormity of his personal conduct, and he was brought to a realization of this through me, not that I desire to exalt myself by mentioning this fact, for my sole object in doing so is the good of humanity. I was also known as Aronamar at the court of Cyrus. I want you to understand that at the court of that king, I was in the position of a philosopher, who, having reasoned upon the law of cause and effect, would stand at any court, or in any other condition of life.

In the reign of Darius Hydaspes, I went through the ordeal of being cast into a lion's den; but I was a medium, and was attended by a power that protected me from physical injury; but it was through what may be regarded as superior mesmeric and psychological power. I received this from spirits; and through that power I was enabled to calm the fury of lions. It was I, Zarathustra, who read the handwriting on the wall, in the days of Belshazzar, and I did this through the power of spirits. I assure you that I was the original Daniel, and the Jews appropriated my works.

There was a religious teaching promulgated in the age in which I lived on earth, which was attributed to Hermes Trismegistus, that a child should be born of a virgin. This was a common belief at that time. I was only a chip floating on the stream of time. Back of me and behind me lies what is known as the Phallic religion. That religion taught that the forces of nature express themselves in an individual unit. Back of, and beyond that was the philosophical religion taught by Hermes Trismegistus. This philosophical religion was derived from the planetary and stellar systems, and embodied the principle known to you as the law of cause and effect. Back of and beyond that was a Hindoo-Chaldaic religion which took its rise at the base of the Himalaya mountains.

Phallic: Relating to or resembling a phallus, which is an embodiment of generative power. Phallus: 1. Anatomy. a. The penis. b. The sexually undifferentiated tissue in an embryo that becomes the penis or clitoris which is the embodiment of generative power. In the ancient times, when a person was brought to the court of law to testify, he had to swear to God by placing his hand on the sexual organs, to tell the truth nothing but the truth, so help you God. Why the hands on the sexual organs? Because this is the seat of God power for procreating new generations.

Sixteen hundred years ago the Christian Church was organized with the purpose of presenting the old heathen mythological, theological, allegorical and priestly deceptions of all the preceding religions, in a new disguise, which should forever hold the human soul in priestly thralldom [held in bondage; intellectually or morally enslaved], and the human mind in the leading strings of the impious hands of priests. So well did these priestly schemers profit by the experiences of their great and truly wise and benevolent predecessors, that they managed to organize a system of suppressing inquiry, and perpetuating human ignorance, such as the world had never before known, and such as it will never know again in all the coming ages.

During the past sixteen hundred years, the Christian church has been sending to spirit life, thousands of millions of ignorant and bigoted spirits whose whole desire and aim has been to perpetuate the ignorance which governed and controlled them while on earth. These being the latest and most active in the promotion of sectarian bigotry [fraudulent, narrow minded teachings] on entering spirit life, have remained near the earth plane, and have operated as an almost impassable barrier to the return of the older, less selfish, and more advanced ancient spirits, who sought to inform mortals of the truths of the after life.

This barrier has at last been broken through by the combined power of the more ancient and advanced spirits. Therefore the knowledge that you have before you has been the result.


The ancient meaning of the word Apocalypse is: The ancient sacred knowledge unveiled, or the unveiling of the one and only truth, or the unveiling of Isis. On the ancient temples of Isis, the inscriptions were:

I Am That I Am, Isis, Am All That Has Been That Is Or Shall Be. No Mortal Man Has Ever Unveiled Me. The Fruit Which I Have Brought Forth Is The Sun. This fruit is relevant to the psychophysical Christ lunar germ seed of immortality, the promised redeemer, the savior from your death.

Isis The Queen Of Heaven: Isis is an Egyptian deity. She is known by many names and in various lands throughout the world. Here are some of her declarations. I am Isis, mistress of the whole land: I was instructed by Hermes, and with Hermes I invented the writings of the nations, in order that not all should write with the same letters. I gave mankind the laws, and ordained what no one can alter. I am the eldest daughter of Kronos. I am the wife and sister of the king Osiris. I am she who rises in the Dog Star. I am she who is called the goddess of women. I am she who separated the heaven from the earth. I have pointed out the paths to the stars. I have invented seamanship. I have brought together men and women. I have ordained that the elders shall be beloved by the children. With my brother Osiris I made an end of cannibalism. I have instructed mankind in the mysteries. I have caused men to love women. I have made justice more powerful than silver and gold. I have caused truth to be considered beautiful.

The face and form of Isis were covered with a veil of scarlet cloth, symbolic of ignorance and emotionalism which forever stands between man and Truth. Isis lifts her veil and reveals herself to the true and wise investigator who unselfishly, humbly and earnestly seeks to understand the mysteries, which surround him in the universe. Those to whom she reveals herself are warned to remain silent concerning the mysteries, which they have seen. The great admonition of the Wise Man was: If you know it, be silent. As to the vulgar and profane, the infidel, parasites and disinterested ones, she does not uncover her face, nor cast her pearls of wisdom before the swine, for they could not understand the secret processes of the invisible worlds.

And what are the invisible worlds? They are the omnipotent, omnipresent, invincible, indivisible divine atoms, the nuclear energy, the father-son-mother nature, also known as the creator Spirit of God, the source of milk and honey manna, that pervades in the all time, space, existence continuum.

The name Isis means: Knowledge and Wisdom; the Savior of Wisdom. Isis, the Egyptian deity appears as the principle among nearly all the religions of the ancient world. Isis was known as the goddess with ten thousand appellations [names, titles and designations] and was metamorphosed [switched over, recreated, remade] by Christianity into the Virgin Mary, for Isis, although she gave birth to all living things, chief among them was the Sun, yet still remained a virgin.

Isis is ascribed to be the goddess of the following statements concerning her powers and attributes: Behold, I am moved by thy prayers, am present with thee; I who am Mother Nature, the parent of things, the queen of all elements, the primordial progeny of ages, the supreme of divinities, the sovereign of the spirits of the dead, the first of the celestials and the uniform resemblance of Gods and Goddesses. I who rule by my nod the luminous summits of the heavens, the salubrious breezes of the sea and the deplorable silences of the realms beneath and whose one divinity the whole orbit of the earth venerates under a manifold form, by different rites and a variety of appellations. Hence the primogenial Phrygians call me Pessinuntica, the mother of Gods; the Attic Aborigines, Cecropian Minerva; the floating Cyprians, Paphian Venus; the arrow bearing Cretans, Diana Dictynna; and the Eleusinians, the ancient Goddess Cerus. Some also call me Juno, others Bellona, others Hecate and Rhamnusia. And those who are illuminated by the incipient rays of that divinity the Sun, when he rises, viz. the Ethiopians, the Arii and the Egyptians skilled in ancient learning, worshipping me by ceremonies, call me by my true name, Queen Isis or Queen of Heaven.

The Mysteries of the great Spiritual Truth hidden from the world by the ignorance of the world, and the keys of the secret knowledge of the ancient philosophers are all symbolized by the Virgin Isis. Veiled from head to foot, Isis reveals her wisdom only to the tried and initiated few who have earned the right to enter her sacred presence. Upon the entrance, remove from the veiled figure, the father-son-mother nature, the shroud of obscurity, and stand face to face with the divine reality, which is the original creation, the resplendent phenomenon Androgyne, male and female in one body.

The statues of Isis were decorated with the sun, moon and stars, and many emblems pertaining to earth over which Isis ruled. Isis was generally represented as a partly nude woman, who personified Universal Nature and unless a man be born again, he cannot see and enter the kingdom of God. These are also familiar words of the Christ. Isis was also the image of great works of the wise men: the Philosopher's Stone, the elixir of life and the universal medicine from all disease and death, the RNA DNA immune hormone substance in mankind, which is the milk and honey manna.

Isis is the virgin immortalized in the constellation Virgo, where the Queen of Heaven is placed with the serpent under her feet and a crown of twelve stars on her head. The Catholic church plagiarized this from Isis and in its place fabricated Mary the mother of Jesus. Isis in her arms carries a sheaf of grain and the Sun God. Isis is the woman in the book of Apocalypse or Revelation, who is clothed in the glory of solar luminosity. Isis often carries in one hand the Crux Ansata, the symbol of immortal life. The great wisdom and secrecy of Egypt are epitomized in the Sphinx, which has preserved its secret.

The ancients believed that the universal sperm proceeded from warm vapor, humid but fiery. The veiled Isis, whose covering represent vapor is symbolic of humidity, which is the carrier for the sperm life of the sun, the soul-ar seed, which is represented by the child in her arms. The universal seed, the promised redeemer who is the psychophysical Christ lunar germ seed of immortality is generated from the combination of influences of the celestial bodies. Hence Isis is represented as the virgin with the universal child in her arms. Isis is also represented as the symbol of justice, because nature and her immutable nuclear physic laws are eternally consistent, unchangeable, not subject to change. God is not a supernatural being, because God is Spirit.

Allah and Islam Religion: Here is a message to all those who believe, die and kill for Allah in some form of terrorist act or for whatever the purpose. As long as you are a mortal being thus subject to death, you are not going to some distant paradise. That kind of fanatical paradise does not exist. Why? Because since you are subject to the unforgivable 1st original sin, 1st original nuclear transgression, which brought on the death and the expulsion from your divinity, that is what you must overcome while you are still alive, not dead, thus reinstate your union with the divine creator Spirit of God, the source of everything that is, the infinite Isness.

The covered clothing that the women of Islam are forced to wear have been instigated by the fanatical powers of religious leaders. That kind of clothing does nothing to please Allah, who is the only one Spirit of God. Also the clothing that the nuns wear falls into the same fanatic religious concept. The sun provides Vitamin D and it helps to prevent many illnesses, including cancer. That kind of clothing is very unhealthy and it robs and shortens your life on earth. The time is here to apostatize from the fanaticisms that ruin the life of decent people.

The immutable law of the apple of the eye governs the nucleus of an atom. Within the nucleus of every atom is the father-son-mother nature God principles known also as the universal mind of the Spirit of God, the I am that I am, the all knowing and all seeing eye, the apple of my eye.

Wishing to become one of the Christs or wishing for anything is only a wishful fantasy. Whereas, wanting is a desire that is driven by the energy power of the universe. Knowledge without imagination and acting upon it, is of no benefit to anyone! You need to be a doer. Your mortal life is a limited time offer! So act now!

The power of your mind, your consciousness, your immortality is what you lost when originally you were created perfect. How did you loose it? Through your 1st original nuclear transgression, 1st death, the 1st original sin defilement. The power of your precious, differencing, magnificent mind was then withheld from you as a mortal; until once again you will learn and know how to use your mind positively, without any negative connotations or misuse. That means no hate, no wars, no killing the Spirit of God in another being, no jealousy, no social consciousness, no evil vices, etc. That is the true meaning of: Limitless love thy neighbor as thyself! And I Love each of you!

If you know me, please don't be a Judas and betray me. Also if you value the planet earth, all mankind and you in it, surely you will not betray me.

Please send an email to the news media, your love ones, associates, relatives, and friends. Invite everyone to read the knowledge that is now before you. Also print these pages for easy reference and reading. Thank you.

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Becoming one of the Christs is not a spectator sport. You need to be a doer. Be kind to everyone, for whatsoever you do to another, you also do it to yourself; only to a greater magnitude. That is a nuclear physics law.

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