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Is There A God? >>> And Atoms!

On a pinpoint there are millions of atoms.
So atoms you are! ~~ Forbidden Fruit!
What is it?

Dust In The Wind

Now I am going to reveal to you: The greatest story ever told! It is a never-ending story!
The universal light piercing the entire being!

Hi! Open Sesame! Welcome Inquisitive Minds!

Thank you for coming! Guaranteed you won’t regret it! Dust in the wind, what is it? It is my years of experience that went by like, dust in the wind. Let me relate my resume of life in a brief.

I was raised as a Catholic and became an altar boy from 3rd grade on. In those days it was customary for the priest and 2 altar boys to go to the home of the deceased, to export the deceased to the church. In those days I saw hundreds and hundreds laying in the coffin dead. Upon seeing the dead person in the coffin, emotions would overpower me. Sometimes I had to, or tried to hide my cascading river of tears. So I cried for the dead person. Afterwards the priest or the other altar boy would ask. Is that your relative or friend? I said no. So why are you crying? I said because that person died. The words came back, why everyone has to die.

So deep in my mind I said, I don’t think so. So I made a promise to God that when I grow up I will find an answer why humanity is constantly dying. And when I do, I will give my answer to the world and it will be free, how to prevent death in the human beings. And a promise to God is a promise to keep.

During the World War II, I enlisted in the US Army Air Force. I flew on a B17 Flying Fortress bomber. As we were dropping bombs over Germany, it is then I realized that these bombs are killing innocent people. So I prayed for the German people. There were missions that I thought I would never come home alive. But I did. So here I am going to tell you about the greatest untold story ever told. That is destiny. But first, some pictures.

Black spots on the photos are from the antiaircraft flack shot from the ground.

Bombs Away!

Going to Bremen, Germany, caring propaganda leaflets bombs. Our plane was sabotaged. We never dropped the propaganda bombs. On the 2nd mission to Bremen, we lost our 2 engines and a lower ball turret, which is not clear on this photo. When the 3rd run-away engine spinning propeller came off, it could whirl any place or slice the B17 where the front of the plane was. Instead it cut the 4th propeller and then sliced the lower ball turret. Some day, I will relate this story. That is destiny.

World War II, B17 Flying Fortress Bomber going down. At that point,
the G force or Gravity is so powerful that nobody bailed out.  I know,
because I was tracking it, go down. It takes prolong moments to fall
from 26,000 feet to death!

And that is War, killing the Spirit of God within - and/or another!
It could have been us! But that is destiny!


B17 Flying Fortress Bomber

After the war I started a millwork, lumber business with only $4,000.00. Then I borrowed $19,000.00 from my mom, sisters and brother. In a matter of few years I was doing a multi million-dollar business. How did I do that? I started a cash and carry world’s first IBM computer shopping enterprise. In those days we had to communicate with the IBM punched card system. The bar codes were not invented yet.

I was doing so great in my business that now I was going to go public, meaning being listed on the Stock Market Exchange. I was going to build the IBM computer shopping center enterprise throughout the USA, just like Home Depot. Home Depot in year 2000 had over 1,100 stores, each one doing 30 to 100 million dollars in sales per year.

I became so fascinated with the computers that I was going to pursue that endeavor. And Bill Gates was only about 2 years old and maybe out of diapers already. That meant that I had no competition, even Bill Gates of Microsoft. When you don't have competition, you go sailing like dust in the wind. If I had pursued my adventure with computers and my lumber business, I would now be a multi billionaire and a philanthropist, and maybe Bill Gates would be doing something else. Kidding aside, it was Bill Gates mission to do what he was to do. Many of us beings in the other world, some 200 years ago agreed upon what we were to do at this time in the mortal world, to advance mankind in their consciousness.

In those days of whirling business, there were executives, business people of all kinds, that flew to view my enterprise operation. On 2 separate occasions about 8 months apart Armstrong Corporation flew on their private 30 seat plane 30 executives that would view what I created in the world of business. Also there were 2 executives that flew from Australia. Executive from all kinds of businesses came to view my unusual creative operation. And mind you I declined any publicity about my business to the business world. On 2 separate occasions IBM Corporation invited me to speak to their people that they would fly to hear me speak.

Then a great phenomenon happened from February 2, 1962! The universal light energy went through my entire being! Emerging from this light, I experienced a cosmic enlightenment. I did not understand where the prophetic visions and knowledge was coming from. When that happened I asked myself what is this all about? I was then 36 years old, and only an infant in this cosmic understanding. Once the universal light went through me, I had a lot to learn. Also, I asked myself, how can I serve 2 masters at the same time? One master was going to make me a very wealthy rich man and the other master was spiritual that would lead to the unknown, beyond this world. So I chose the 2nd master to follow the spiritual encounter, which brought me to the transcending greatest untold story ever told, of how I became what I am to the present  moment. Although not completed yet! More to come!

Then one day I was invited to hear trance medium messages from the other world. There were several messages, not all for me. My message was a confirmation message specifically for me, which was revealed to me that same day in a dream vision, to get rid of my excess baggage, implying get rid of my multi-million dollar enterprise, the excess baggage. So I chose to sell my business that I loved so much in creating. Originally my goal was to build a computer lumber empire throughout the USA.

I advertised my business for sale, in the Wall Street Journal, etc. Many business executives flew in to purchase my enterprise. They could very easily pay several million dollars for the business. I had 7 acres of prime property on a 6 lane super highway to go with the sale, plenty of parking space, plus a new 50,000 square foot free span building, which I designed, was a general contractor of it, several hundred feet of new railroad siding to accommodate 14 railroad cars for unloading, which I installed and of course the IBM computer shopping business. 

One by one when the prospective buyers saw the operation they didn’t have the courage, foresight and an opened mind to purchase the unusual IBM computer shopping operation. Some said that I created a monster, implying it was too much for anyone to control it. I had 35 people on the payroll also. I even offered to teach the prospective buyers everything about my operation for at least 6 months without any compensation to me. Still no one had the courage and foresight to purchase the greatest business. I even told them that this computer operation will change every facet of life on earth. And it did! Still no buyers!

Now I knew that I was running out of time to sell my operation, because I had more important work to do. So I decided to sell the property separately, dismantled my enterprise and sell it as a going out of business sale, which was pittance what I put into it. In those days I spent over $100,000.00 per year to advertise my operational business. In today’s money that would equal to about 1 million dollars per year. Incidentally, I never went to college and I never worked for anyone or anyplace. That means I had no experience. Although the most unusual experience came from the God that was within me, which was superlative. The moral of the story of the above resume that you just read is, that is the kind of mind power was, and is in me now, only more aware, conscious and alive.

Now I am an unusual philanthropist, more like a nuclear physicist, biologist, secret Santa Claus! Passing out the treasure, the ultra top secrets of the universe and the most precious IHS to all mankind, that neither thief steals, nor moth and rust can never consume!

To continue with my adventure in life, and since I freed myself from serving the master, that was going to make me a very wealthy rich man, I began another adventure to the unknown. Just like the dust in the wind. Now more to my destiny.

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Now lets begin with the greatest never ending story ever told: Unlearning Hurts! And that is my destiny!

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 If you know me, don't be a Judas and betray me. Also if you value the planet earth, all mankind and you in it, surely you will not betray me. And when I am ready, I shall reveal myself to the universe through the medium of nuclear evolution.

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