Unlearning Hurts!
Is There A God? >>> And Atoms!

 On a pinpoint there are millions of atoms.
So atoms you are! ~~ Forbidden Fruit!
What is it?

Does God Exist!
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And the Spirit of God created everything from omnipresent atoms, including exquisite precious you from trillions of atoms! This is really enchanting, fascinating - it's rather dazzling to see it presented this way.


All stars are self-luminous suns, and are round in shape, not jagged like they are portrayed otherwise. Antares is the 15th brightest star in the sky. It's distance is more than 1000 light years away from earth. How big are you? How big are the atoms in you? On a pinhead there are millions of atoms. So trillions of atoms you are! So is all creation, created from divine omnipotent, omnipresent atoms! That is the I am that I am Spirit of God, the nuclear energy creator, the infinite source, atoms, who created everything in his same atomic image, likeness and limitless love.

Without nuclear energy light, heat, sound, there would be nothing, no Spirit of God, no creation, no exquisite you! How marvelous is all creation, the omniinertia, omnibus,  omnifarious, omniscient, omnificent, invincible, indivisible, micro, macro, omnia vincit amor, omnipotent, omnipresent God in every atom! That is Spirit of God in its limitless love splendor, great light, luster, brilliance, visible, invisible, etc., the music of the spheres, atoms! Does the source Spirit of God, the creator exist? Do you understand now?


This is a Hubble telescope ultra deep field infrared view, of countless galaxies billions of light years away. Of course no map could display more than a fraction of the hundred billion stars in our Milky Way
Galaxy, or the quadrillions suns shining visibly in power telescopes.

And that is omnipotent, omnipresent God in the black and white light, the pervasive-permeating-saturating energy! In Nuclear Evolution!


The above close-up image is one of the darkest regions in the universe. 

Humbling, isn't it? Yet, the omnipresent Spirit of God in you knows how to add the 144 cubits, 144 atomic element to your measure, thus reunite yourself to your original nuclear energy light, God! Does your mortal instinct, the will know this? Why not? It is the defiling 1st original sin that brought you the cause and effect of carbon 666 death. Therefore no one can die for your unforgivable 1st original sin, which causes you to constantly experience your ceaseless torture of mortal life unto the transitional subatomic carbon 666 death! That is a fantasia that you have been mind-programmed by the false belief systems. The everlasting immortal life is a natural do it yourself XXenogenesis resurrection process! And you need to self-elect yourself to accomplish the resurrection from the living dead, while you are alive, not dead! No one can do that for you.

And God created you equal in his own imagine without any conditions or discrimination, of love thy neighbor as thyself. You can only love another to the same degree you love yourself. Why? Because of the limited capacity to love in you. If you don't love and hate someone, that means you don't know how to love yourself. Your selfish. You don't know the many facets of compassion. Your concerned chiefly with oneself. You are all mixed-up, helter-skelter, you are living out of balance, harmony with father-son-mother nature. You are not fully aware of  requirements of others.

Also you do not know what and who is the omnipresent God? Limitless Love is omnia vincit amor, meaning, love conquers everything and makes everything possible, such as being healthy, wise, full of sacred knowledge and not submit to the subatomic carbon 666 death. At the rate mankind is constantly reincarnating, living and dying, ask yourself, am I going without limitless love to the pit of self-destruction, death again?

You can start by living limitless love or if only saying in your incredible mind: I love the Spirit of God unconditionally in all mankind. Thank you God for everything. So be it! Amen! The closing statement is a method used to send your desire to the ethers for manifestation. That is a wonderful molecular expression to matter prayer for fulfillment. It only takes 4 to 5 days to form a bad habit of hate, then it multiplies. Also it takes 4 to 5 days to form a habit of love thyself as your neighbor, then it multiplies. Who is your neighbor? Every person on earth, including your worse enemy. It takes the same amount of time to hate, as to love. So why not take that same time that you are expanding for hate, and use that same time to become limitless love always!

Do not judge another by your own criteria, your limited standards, for you can be all, or partially wrong in knowing what is in the other mind you are judging. And always understand, you are not the infinite God to judge! And even the infinite God does not judge. So who are you as a mortal to judge? Furthermore, in the misjudging you can always find a hidden blessing in disguise. Master no judgment of another and you will see a tremendous difference in your health, life and peace on earth. These are the unchangeable laws of nuclear physics in the universe.

Limitless Love has many facets, such as, harmony, the harmonics of peace, equating equilibrium balance to the ultra high frequency, in the no beginning nor ending constantly, perfecting nuclear evolution. Albert Einstein said, God does not gamble or play dice or a roulette game with the universe. Can you imagine what would happen if God operated in chaos and confusion in the universe? The not playing of dice is an inference that the universe operates within the unchangeable laws of nuclear physics of harmony, balance, peace, limitless love, etc.

No one can change these unchangeable laws of nuclear physics, including the law of the coming of the ultra high frequency of the 4th dimension. The 4th dimension frequency is a progression of nuclear evolution where no mortal being will be able to sustain and survive the ultra high frequency energy, unless you become the same atomic essence, the same frequency as the 4th dimension.

Who do you think created all this creation and magnificent you, from the divine omnipotent, omnipresent atoms, which were created in God's same atomic image, likeness and limitless love? So does God exist? Did you think that the Spirit of God is some supernatural being, old father time or whatever? God is none of those things. God is Spirit, the fruit of the vine, the divine omnipotent, omnipresent atoms! The Spirit of God is the ever-bearing immortal plasma, the absolute total composition of 144 atomic elements, the super-substantial bread of everlasting life, the good substance, good sustenance, the milk and honey manna from the Milky Way of immortal life!

And that is Nuclear Evolution, in constant perfection!

Revelation or Apocalypse 2:7. He who has an ear, let him hear what the Spirit of God says within you, to you: To him who overcomes the atomic enmity and the first death, I will permit him to eat from the tree of life. And each of you is a tree of life. Did you know you are a tree of life?
10 ... and I shall give thee the crown of immortal life
, the newly regenerated 12 pair of cranial nerves, in your crown of life.
11. He who overcomes
the atomic enmity, thus the resurrection from the first death shall not be hurt by the second death. Remember the second death. And if there is a second death, there certainly is the first death, which I described in what is now before you.
17. To him who conquers the first death, I
the God that is within every woman and man will give to eat the now hidden milk and honey manna from your everbearing, evergreen Christ-mass energy tree of life
Within every woman and man lies the latent, dormant power of milk and honey manna, the Holy Grail.

Holy Grail? Now if you, woman and man were to read the above words in your pathfinder Bible with your own thinking, and I mean your own open mind thinking, you could ask yourself this >>>

Where does the milk and honey manna come from in my body since I am the tree of life? How am I to eat, digest and assimilate this milk and honey manna? Is this the mystical immune hormone substance IHS from all sickness and death? Is this the unknown Holy Grail? What is the means to enable me to accomplish this?

You need to remove the atomic enmity and the 1st original sin!

When you shall take the fruit of the vine into your physical systems, a marvelous process takes place, by which that fruit is assimilated, digested and transmuted into the blood stream of your bodies. The process involves taking the fruit of the vine, the milk and honey manna into your physical-spiritual system. These words are stated clearly in the pathfinder Bible.

And each of you is a tree of life that the Spirit of God, your nuclear energy life force is contained within you. For you are the incarnation of the Spirit of God. Therefore do not leave everything to the spirit, the life force in you to do it for you, but you need to be a doer. Becoming one of the Christs is not a spectator sport. Please become a doer, one of the Christs now!

Apocalypse 20:6. Immortal and holy will he be who shall have part in the resurrection from the first death! Over these the second death shall have no power.

Did you know that the second death shall have no power over you when you will overcome the atomic enmity? The resurrection from the 1st death can only be accomplished, when you are alive. As to the resurrection from the 2nd death before conquering the 1st death, it is impossible. As we go along I shall not only tell you everything concerning the ancient sacred knowledge, the genuine truth, but I will also teach you how humanity can overcome the 1st and 2nd death and thus become one of the Christs. The Christ is not a man, but it is the crystal clear nuclear energy that is now contained in abeyance, in every nuclei of every atom in your mystical physical-spiritual body. The essence of the Christ is now laying dormant in every atom, every cell in your body.

This is what happened long since forgotten by all the fallen angels. Originally you were created in a very beautiful nuclear energy light  body, just like the Spirit of God. As an angelic divine being, you ventured and decelerated and lowered your light being frequency existence. Consequently, you fell from your immortal divinity by consuming the forbidden fruit of the vine from your tree of life, squandering the milk and honey essence wastefully. You then became a mortal being. Here is the enigma, the parable.

Tree of Life - [You are the Tree of Life]

Genesis 2:16. And the Lord God commanded the man: From the tree of life, the forbidden fruit of the vine, you must not eat, for the day you eat of it, you must die.

Yes! You Must Die! And Become Mortal! - Why?
Because You Committed The 1st original Nuclear Transgression.

Since the original divine beings consumed the forbidden fruit from his own tree of life, death entered the world and is still here.

That is the 1st original sin that is not forgiven!
Unless you overcome the Genesis 3:15. Enmity!

Shortly after you became a mortal being, you remembered only a part of how you were immortal, which is why you became a mortal being. The part you remembered was that you squandered the sexual forbidden fruit of the vine from your own tree of life. You remembered, that falling from the divinity had something to do with sex. And true seXXenogenesis  is, you must constantly maintain the nuclear fusion, the union with the immortal seed of love, by exchanging, changing, interchanging the milk and honey manna with other beings; that contains the immortal germ seed of love. That is the divine law of: Love thy neighbor as thyself.

For those who think you can accomplish the reunion with the divinity, with only elevating your consciousness, are badly mistaken and are living with illusion. Although that is a very good start with elevating your consciousness; and there is the other part of: You must have the seed of love fused in you to bridge super Christ consciousness, the reunion with the Spirit of God, who is within the milk and honey manna immortal germ seed, the promised redeemer from death.

Consequently, as a mortal you reproduced man-kind by propagating the mortal sexual way, where the ovum egg is impregnated by the sperm reproductive cell. By reproducing as a mortal being, you were attempting to reunite the two enmity seeds and to the divinity. Well, it didn't work. You didn't reunite yourself back to the divinity. You were not successful. Why? Because you, your solar soul didn't know how to remove the atomic enmity, the separation between the two atomic seeds and the stigma of the 1st original nuclear transgression, the 1st original sin defilement, that is still present with every mortal being, till death do you part.

When the mortal impregnation occurs, the first onset in human development takes place, when the fertilized egg begins to divide, also called cell division. At conception there are 46 chromosomes, which are linear strands of RNA DNA; 23 chromosomes are from the female ovum and 23 chromosomes are from the male sperm. The cell division produces an assemblage of stem cells, which is the beginning formation of an embryo. The stem cells are the master cells or the original cells, which also carry with them the 1st original sin defilement, which are destined to death, unless a reversal cycle can take place through XXenogenesis. The XXenogenesis reversal needs to take place before you use up all your nuclear energy in your life and eventually destroy yourself again; because you did not know how to use and harness the atomic energy in you.

These original early stem cells are so omni-powerful, tote-potent, tote-potential that they become various kinds of cells in the embryo, such as the cells for the liver, kidneys. eyes, organs, tissue, etc. Then the cell cycle sequence commences with growth, RNA DNA replication, cell division, etc. Stem cells are cells that continually renew themselves through cell division. As the body begins to lose health and ages, the cell division decreases. So does your life force.

Additionally, it is here in the RNA DNA replication that your original immortality has not been forgotten. What was not forgotten? That you originally were created equal in the same image, likeness and limitless love as the creator Spirit of God, immortal. Therefore, you are to return and reunite yourself to the divinity, the Spirit of God. That is the reason and purpose why you are here on earth. The God within you knows this but you as a mortal being do not know this? Why? You have ears to hear, but you do not listen in silence to that inner voice, let it be thy will God not mine. You drum-out the voice of God within you, with every disturbing sound one can imagine.

That is not living in your equilibrium balance, not living according to the unchangeable laws of the universe. Ignorance of the universal laws in no excuse in violating the laws. The laws work, whether you understand them or not. It is up to each individual to learn, how the atomic universal laws function. That is why you are here --- now on earth as a mortal!

In error you have been taught that hell, purgatory, limbo and heaven exist and that God creates a new soul for every new-born child. None of these things exist. They are only man made by religions to have control over your ignorance and to extract money from you. How can a soul of man go to a hell, limbo or purgatory, when the soul is divine, and is the infinite omnipresent I am that I am the Spirit of God? Infinite means, the soul was created from no beginning nor end. It is forever!

Within the immutable, unchangeable laws of reincarnation, everyone has the capability to change sexes, nationalities, color of skin, religions, wives, husbands, children, etc.; not as any animal, tree, plant or inanimate objects. Why? Because everything operates on a different frequency. And mankind has the highest frequency.

In the marvelous process of Nuclear Evolution, you were a diversity of people over a period of many, many lifetimes. Therefore, it is foolish for any man to persecute or war against any race, creed, sex, or nationality, for you have been a part of what you are now hating or loving. And whomever and whatever you are hating now, you will reincarnate with that in the future lifetimes; until you will learn: To love thy neighbor as thyself.

Now ask yourself: How many different wives did I have? How many different husbands did I have? How many daughters and sons did I bear throughout the last several million years? And you did! What about the laws of marriage? What are they? Where did they come from? Do the laws of marriage really exist, since humanity is subject to reincarnation? Also the diversity of the 12 RNA DNA essences is necessary for the plasma of immortality in order to become one of the Christs. And you being a mortal, possesses only 1/12 of the total 12 essences from one astrological sign of the zodiac. Being the circumstance, the Spirit of God does not recognize the mortal man-made counterfeit laws of marriage or divorce.

Read your pathfinder Bible concerning the laws of marriage, relative to the time of the resurrection of man from his 1st death? And know this! You are now living in the days of the resurrection of mankind from the living dead!

Why the living dead? Because when you were a divine being, and the nuclear transgression, the 1st original sin defilement occurred, the 1st death came to be. Within the 1st death, 67% of the perfection to be 100% alive slipped away from your presence.

Consequently, mankind is now 33% or less alive, and as you are abusing and aging your body, you are decreasing the percentage, because you are progressively dying; some faster, some slower.

Prior to conception, the soul selects the parents. And it can enter in and out of the womb anytime after conception. Usually the soul stays with the same family to learn. Although, the soul can venture to learn other lessons, therefore changes the family reincarnation pattern. Just remember you are always 1 same soul, with many different bodies, many lifetimes, many, many reincarnations, a new mother, father, relatives, etc

Finally the soul enters the newly born upon the first breath of life, when the umbilical cord is cut off from the mother. Till that time the embryo or after eight weeks the fetus, is only a growth without the soul in the womb of the mother. Up to the birth, the soul of the mother controls its function. It is upon the first breath of the newly born that the infinite soul enters and the mortal life begins for that soul. Abortion never kills the soul. You cannot harm the infinite soul, which is the I am that I am the Spirit of God. In the higher realms or higher dimensions of existence continuum there is no need for propagation, because everyone is immortal and does not go through the birth canal and then the process of reincarnation, birth, mortal life, carbon 666 death and reincarnation again.

The Mystery Of The RNA DNA

Here is the mystery of the nucleic acids, the RNA DNA. Nucleic acids are extremely complex molecules produced by the living cells. The names come from their initial isolation from the nuclei of living cells. The two classes of Nucleic Acids are the Ribonucleic Acids (RNA) and the Deoxyribonucleic Acids (DNA).

Two of the functions of the RNA DNA are to transmit or pass on the hereditary characteristics and factors from one generation to the next. Also, to trigger the manufacture of specific substances. The memory or the code pattern within the RNA DNA communicates to the cells how to reproduce either a duplicate of itself, or the substance it requires for going onwards in life.

All living cells embody and contain the genetic material of the RNA DNA. When XXenogenesis occurs, there is a specific RNA that has a slightly different function from that of DNA. These XXenogenesis Christ germ seeds or cells RNA reproduce by forcing the host cells to produce more germ seeds for reproduction. 

The new germ seeds in-turn inject its own XXenogenesis RNA into the host cell, and the host cell obeys the code of the newest incoming XXenogenesis RNA, rather than that of its own. Thus the cell produces the substance, that are in fact, XXenogenesis Christ germ seeds.

The parent host cell is then overpowered and destroyed by the newly form XXenogenesis Christ germ seeds, and are now free to inject their RNA into other germ cells that become the new memory XXenogenesis parents or host cells. 

This is exactly what transpires when the RNA DNA XXenogenesis Christ germ seeds of immortality are transmitted from the 1st original Christ then into another and another and another potential Christ.

Here is the analogy of the RNA DNA Christ's milk and honey manna bread of immortality. I bake my own delicious sour dough bread from a culture, which I developed many years ago. The germ seeds came from the airborne bacteria. It is the same germ seed culture, same bacteria that makes my bread rise. I keep the culture alive and healthy in the refrigerator, and have used the same culture for many years. To feed and extend the culture, I just add more flour and water, mix it, cover it with a cloth and refrigerate it.

I make my luscious sour dough bread from spelt, rye, kamut or any other whole grains. I grind my own grains into flour, add natural raw honey or natural molasses (from a Health Food store), few grains of natural salt, water and a culture of the germ seed bacteria. All I need to have my bread rise is a very small amount of the bacterial germ seed culture, which I add to the potential bread.

In the process of experimenting with the germ seed culture for the bread, at first I added 2 cups of the culture to my ingredients. Then it was 1 cup, then less and less to 1 teaspoon, and then even less. Then I took a toothpick and inserted only a little bit into the culture to pick up the essence of the bacteria germ seeds. Then I inserted the germ seed essence to transmit it to my potential bread ingredients. The transmission of the bacterial germ seeds to the potential bread was successful. The repeated toothpick  process worked the same.

The function of the bacterial germ seeds (like the RNA DNA) is of transmitting or passing heredity characteristics from one generation to the next, thus this triggers the manufacturing and replication of identical bacteria as they multiply in astronomical numbers; to have my bread rise. After I mix all the ingredients, I cover it. In a matter of overnight hours my bread rises, due to the cultured bacteria germ seeds; ready to bake.

Just a note here, use only a wooden spoon and glass mixing bowls. Do not use any other utensils because the contact with other material will destroy the bacterial germ seeds. Even my hands never touch the potential bread. No need to, the mixing is done with the wooden spoon. The dough is quite moist when you are done mixing. This is not a messy ordeal. But that is only for making this bread, as to XXenogenesis Panis Angelicus bread, that is a different story. 

The making of my delectable sour dough bread is equivalent to the same action and reaction of the RNA DNA Christ germ seeds of immortality and limitless love, when the Christ germ seeds are transmitted or passed on from my biological chemistry of the Christ to another and another and another potential Christ.

The acquisition of the initial Christ germ seeds of immortality and limitless love came into me in 1970-71, at cosmic crucifixion. Then it took me 14 years, from 1971 to 1985 to test this out how the unknown Christ germ seed is transmitted. Please remember, I came as a mortal being, to experience everything as a mortal. There is more to this story. As you go along reading you shall know how the cosmic window of opportunity was opened for this great event. The cosmic window is now closed. Therefore there are no substitutes to take my place. And there is a reason for that. As you read on, you shall know why.

There are 12 different kinds of RNA DNA strands that are attached to humanity from the12 astrological signs of the zodiac. Why? For your answer, read in these pages: 1 Corinthians 15:39. These 12 RNA DNA strands need to be united into one essence to produce the 1st crystal clear nuclear energy in the 1st Christ. How do you unite these 12 RNA DNA strands into the 1 body of the 1st Christ? That is the enigma, the mystery of life and death that you shall now know in this presentation!!! That is known as: Astrobiology!!!

Mithra: He who will not eat of my body and drink of my blood, so that he will be made one with me and I with him, the same shall not know salvation, the redemption from the 1st original sin; death.
Gospel of Philip 105:4. He who shall not eat my flesh and drink my blood shall have no immortal life in him.
John 6:54. Unless you eat my flesh and drink my blood, you shall never enter the kingdom of God that is within you, while alive.
Book Of Wisdom 7:2. ... my flesh and blood came from the seed of woman and man, and the pleasure that accompanies the bed.
Genesis 3:15. ... you, now as a mortal being shall have to lie in wait for his heel.

The enigma of heel is the promised redeemer from death, which is the separated psychophysical germ seed of immortality that the mortal mankind does not know anything about. That is why you are still a mortal, not reunited to the divinity.

From the very ancient secret teachings, the pineal gland is known as the All Seeing Eye, The Third Eye. Why? Because it knows and sees everything what goes on in your body, as well as what goes on outside of your body, through your consciousness, awareness, perception and sensitivity. The pineal gland is the seat of the soul, the throne of God in man and it controls the 7th chakra.

 Matthew 6:22. The eye, the pineal gland, the all knowing all seeing eye is the lamp of your body. If your eye, your pineal gland, the carbon diamond philosopher's stone will be sound in a perfect harmonious equilibrium with father-son-mother nature, your whole body will be full of light, astrobioluminescent light.
But if your
pineal gland eye is diseased, not a receptive organism, which is soft, flabby, defiled, limp, corrupted and markedly slower in frequency and vibration movement, then your whole body will be full of darkness. If therefore the light that is in you now is darkness, how much greater is darkness by itself in death, when man becomes dust through the carbon 666 subatomic transitional death?

Why originally the wedding march was >>>

Originally the wedding march was known as the march of death. As you understand the all that is now before you, you will know why it is the march of death and the honeymoon that follows. The word honeymoon was derived and is an inference to the milk and honey manna, and the moon, implies to the psychophysical Christ lunar germ seed of immortality, the fruit of the vine that is consumed till death do you part; because in believing that you are married. You believe that a mortal man has the power to unite 2 souls together. That same goes for a divorce. That is all nonsense and a fantasia. How can you be married, celibate or otherwise, and exchange the milk and honey manna with other beings under these controlled mortal conditions? There is more to this never ending story of why you are here, the holy grail. Please read on.

And that is how the creator God works everlastingly within you without rest. God never rests or rested on Sabbath, as falsely stated in the Bible. If God ever rested then God would become stagnant and eventually would die like all mortals do. That is what happed when you were originally divine, immortal, you ventured not to exchange, change and interchange the light energy Immune Hormone Substance IHS of immortality, the milk and honey manna with one another. That is the principle of limitless love thy neighbor as thyself. Consequently now as a mortal, you destroy yourself, and then you yourself sever your own silver cord, which is composed of the mystical etheric silver, platinum and gold. When you sever your silver cord, you then undergo the transitional subatomic carbon 666 death to the pit of self-destruction. From Cuneiform writing, Sabbath from Sabbatu means to criss+cross+breed, to unite, to fructify, to impregnate and incubate the lunar germ seed.

In plain simpler words, Sabbath means to take a rest from sexually destroying your-self on Sabbatu/Sabbath day through orgasms or no orgasms. The words Sabbath Passover is the term describing the time when the fusion of the Christ germ seed is to take place. If the fusion of the germ seed does not transpire, that is how the forbidden fruit of the vine is wasted, squandered, aborted, consumed till death do you part. The Sabbath Passover is an inference to the visitation time of the psychophysical Christ lunar germ seed of immortality. This germ seed is the promised redeemer from death. Sabbath has nothing to do with what day of the week it is. The calendar has been changed so many times that nobody knows what day is what day, and it makes no difference if you know it or not what day it is.

Why is death called the pit of self-destruction? The pit is in reference to the nucleus, the nuclear reactor of the atom when eventually all the allegorical serpents, the electrons and antielectrons from the atom are stripped from the electron inertia energy levels and fall into the anti-infinity pit, while consuming, eating dust on their belly as stated in the book of Genesis. That is what is called an implosion of an atom, which was caused by the atomic enmity as related in Genesis 3:15, whereby every invincible, indivisible omnipresent atom is governed by the unchangeable law of thermodynamics, which is the universal law of conservation, reconversion, recycling, reincarnation of mass and energy in the constantly perfecting nuclear evolution. In plain words, nothing is ever wasted or put out of existence. For all mass and energy is recycled forever and ever in nuclear evolution.

Matthew 5:48. You immortal beings, are to be constantly exalted and perfected when you become one of the Christs, even as your heavenly father is constantly exalted and perfected in the process of Nuclear Evolution. Please never forget these words, lock those words into your incredible computer mind. Even the creator Spirit of God is always in the state of constant exaltation and perfection. Did anyone ever tell you that?  Why not? Because that is the way it is, the isness  in Nuclear Evolution!

Stop here for a moment and think wisely, if Jesus is the only perfect begotten son of God and he died for all the sins of all mankind, and that is from the beginning to the end of the world etc., why is it that his father, the creator is in a state of continuous perfection? Don't you think that the story about Jesus is false?

Now the opportune time for the resurrection from the living death is upon you. The resurrection is the XXenogenesis of spontaneous regeneration and transfiguration of the RNA DNA generations; thus the unique production of an organism that is altogether and permanently unlike the parent. And each of you can be the parent, but you need to self-elect yourself to accomplish this process.

That is what perpetuates the total immortal infinity in the time, space, existence continuum? It is the exchange, change and interchange of nuclear energy, the milk and honey manna through limitless love, through the constantly perfecting nuclear evolution of mass and energy. This is governed by the immutable, unchangeable laws of nuclear physics! There is no other way or method to return and reunite to the divinity! This is limitless love of love thy neighbor as thyself.

The word Om comes from Sanskrit and it consist of three sounds (a), (u) and (m) or aum. These three syllable sounds are the implication to the universal trinity of the father-son-mother nature God principle, the holy trinity of God. The word Om implies to the universal seed, vibrates to the ultra high frequency of the universe and is the prefix for the word Omni, which encompasses everything, everywhere, everlasting, the immortal infinity, meaning God without a beginning nor end, forever and ever, the omnipresent, omnipotent atomic energy, the one infinite soul: God.

Toti word comes from Latin meaning whole or total, inferring to the omnipotent or totipotent or total potential, that is within the totality of 144 cubits, which are the universal 144 atomic elements of the omnipotent, omnipresent atoms, which is an inference to the I am that I am, the Spirit of God, the good or God substance - sustenance milk and honey manna of the creator of the total atomic mass and energy, the atomic source of the macro and micro infinity.

Luke 12:25. But which of you by being anxious about it, can add a single cubit, an atomic element to your stature your physical-spiritual body? Therefore if you are not able to do even a very little thing like this, why are you so anxious or concerned about anything else, whatever you are doing? Whereas:
Revelation or Apocalypse 21:17. 144 cubits
, 144 atomic elements is man's perfect measure, for that is the same measure as of a divinity.

Yes the greatest nuclear physics book on earth, the pathfinder Bible tells you explicitly that you need the total of 144 cubits, the 144 atomic elements to have the same perfect measure as of divinity, the I am that I am, God! Are you now ready to shed the fantasy that some man died for the sins of all mankind, including the 1st original sin? Whereas every human being comes to this mortal world with the stigma of the 1st original sin defilement, which causes the ceaseless torture in mortal life unto the carbon 666 death. Are you now ready to become the totipotent or total potent or a totality, the reuniting to the divinity that once before you mankind, the fallen angels possessed? You think this is fun being mortal? Wait till you become immortal, that is when you will know once again, what is peace, happiness, limitless ecstasy of love, enjoyment, etc., beyond what you can now imagine!!!

John 11:9. Are there not 12 hours in a day, 12 astrological signs in the solar and lunar cycle, the 12 biological strands of RNA DNA in humanity when one must do the work, when one must fuse the Christ lunar germ seeds of immortality and the 12 strands of RNA DNA from humanity to oneself? If a man walks in the daytime, meaning while he is alive, fusing his seeds for immortal life and thus becomes one of the Christs he will not stumble unto carbon 666 death, because he shall see the light of the world forever and ever, the foresight of the 4th dimension and beyond, the Empyrean.
10. But if a man walks in the night
, in the darkness of a closed mind, and believes only what someone else has taught him, instead of seeking the truth for himself, he will stumble and perpetually fall into the bottomless pit of self-destruction, the transitional carbon 666 subatomic death, because the light, the awareness of the universal omnipotent, omnipresent Spirit of God is not in him.

The universal law reads: You must have the 12 seeds of immortality from the 12 astrological signs of the zodiac fused within you to bridge super Christ consciousness. How is the final bridge formed to produce the 1st Christ and future Christs? When the 12 essences from the 12 astrological signs of the zodiac are united into the one body of the mortal man to become the first Christs and future Christs, the purified Immune Hormone Substance (IHS) from the pineal and pituitary glands enter into the hypothalamus part of the brain.

In the hypothalamus there are a pair of two small organs called, supra chiasmic nuclei where the hormones from the pineal and pituitary glands enter, criss+cross and unite. Greek khiasma, cross-piece, from khiazein, to mark with an x or +. Chiasma: From Greek: Crosspiece + or x; an anatomical intersection x or + or decussation, meaning the crossing of nerves or hormones; to mark with a chi. The Sanskrit word chi means universal energy.

That is the true meaning of crucifixion in the man, not the crucifixion of man on the wooden cross as man has so misconceived.  At that instantaneous moment of the criss+cross+ing of the hormones from the pineal and pituitary glands to the supra chiasmic nuclei, the resurrection from the living dead occurs, which is: XXenogenesis spontaneous regeneration and transfiguration of the RNA DNA generations, thus the unique production of an organism that is altogether and permanently unlike the parent. You are now reunited with the divinity to the I am that I am the Spirit of God.

You are now as related in the Bible, "the Father the creator and I are one", meaning, the universal crystal clear nuclear energy of all that there is in creation is united permanently with you and you are the 1st Christ. Thereafter the Christ essence is transmitted, liken to inoculation or pollination, which is the introduction of Christ's antigenic substance to each of the future potential Christs to become also one of the Christs. This antigenic substance shall produce the immunity from every disease, including death. In simpler words you are now immortal, one of the Christs; crystal clear light energy.

At this great moment that is now upon all mankind, who is going to be the queen bee to assist the mortal man to become the total 1st Christ? This will be the example that is needed. Without this manifestation, mankind will not have the coming of the Christ. That is why Leonardo da Vince painted a woman in the symbolical Last Supper. Without the essences from a woman and the 12 strands of the RNA DNA from mankind, the painting would be just another painting; with weak-minded meanings.

The dedicated, pre-eminent queen bee of inquisitive mind and loving heart is needed. This will be a stupendous contribution by whomever and to the universe!!! Please come! Humanity is waiting!

Won't you be my Limitless Love and the 1st woman Christ?!!!

According to Nostradamus C4 Q30 it states: The moon does not have the sun above eleven times, meaning, the moon-lunar seed does not have the sun-solar seed above 11 times, above the 11 strands of the RNA DNA in my present biological chemistry to complete the process as above described. 12 strands of seeds are needed, 1 seed is missing!

Zechariah 3:8. Behold! I will bring the rising of the sun upon my servants. The analogy of the rising of the sun is in reference to the illuminating power of the atoms, to the ultra high frequency of sound and light in the 1st Christ. This occurs when the electrons and antielectrons progressively gain entrance to each of the adjoining nuclei of the atoms in his atomic structure, for exchanging, changing, interchanging the nuclear energy milk and honey manna, with the nuclear energy of the sun.
9. And I will engrave his name upon it, says the Lord of hosts, and I will remove the iniquity, the 1st original sin defilement, the 1st death from his land in that day. Land refers to the physical-spiritual body of mankind. Here is another proof that no man can die on a cross for your 1st original sin, until the Spirit of God that is within every woman and man removes the iniquity of the 1st original sin through XXenogenesis.

The attainment to immortality is meaningless to mortal man who is mind-programmed to the fathomless irrational false belief systems, the fantasy that he needs to die to acquire his place with God. How could Jesus die for all the sins of mankind when the 1st original sin, which causes death in all mortal humanity is still present? That is an absurd foolish fantasia syndrome. You need to reunite yourself to the divinity, while you are alive, not dead! Please wake-up to reality! Now! Before you die again!

John 3:29. He who has the bride, the Christ lunar germ seed united, married to the counterpart soul-ar seed in him is the bridegroom. And the friends of the bridegroom, who stand and hear the procedure of how to become one of the Christs, will rejoice exceedingly at the voice of the bridegroom. This joy therefore is made full.
36. He who believes in the son
, the Christ germ seed of immortality shall have immortal life and he who does not adhere to the words of the son concerning the sacred knowledge of XXenogenesis shall not possess immortal life, because the iniquity of 1st original sin shall remain upon him till death do him part again.

Yes the iniquity of the1st original sin defilement shall remain upon every mortal being till death do him part, meaning no man ever died for the sins of all mankind. If you believe that Jesus died for your sins, you have not searched to know the true facts.

The bridegroom, the 1st Christ will be an example to all mankind for future distribution of the IHS Christ essence. This is the momentous moment the entire universe is awaiting, meaning: And when I am ready, I shall reveal myself to the universe through the medium of nuclear evolution as the Christos, the coming of the Christ.

When the manifestation of the Christ occurs, the barrier between all dimensions shall be opened. That means that the 4th dimension, the world of immortal existence and the Sheol, the world of the dead will be opened. When opened, now you will know, that there is the so called life after death or existence continuum, forever and ever in the infinity!

From the Ancient Sacred Knowledge, the opening words are:
As I find a decline of virtue in this world, I shall raise up one individual
to reinstate it.
This is the glorious time. Gloria in Excelsis Deo!
Fiat lux - Let there be light!

You have eyes to see but you do not see! You have ears to hear but you do not hear! What about all your senses? What do you think that all your God given senses are a piece of dirt, that are not to be used to its fullest Limitless Love Atomic Power?

4th Dimension, the age of wisdom is the time for the removal of mortal ignorance; the social consciousness.

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If you know me, don't be a Judas and betray me. Also if you value the planet earth, all mankind and you in it, surely you will not betray me. And when I am ready, I shall reveal myself to the universe through the medium of nuclear evolution.

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