Can A Man Be Born Clean Of Defilement? No! Never!
What Defilement? The 1st Original Transgression!

Before we commence, you need to know this: Whenever the word Lord is used in the scriptures, the inference is to immutable, unchangeable laws of nuclear physics. These universal laws govern all the divine omnipotent, omniscient, omnificent, omnia vincet amor, omnipresent atoms that were created from no beginning nor end in the time, space, existence continuum; including in your majestic atomic structure. And trillions of atoms you are!

 As a result you are governed by these unalterable laws of
dynamic nuclear physics.

Ecclesiasticus 1:1. All wisdom comes from the Lord, and with him, the Spirit of God creator source, it remains forever.
4. Before all things were, wisdom
in the universal mind of God was in existence and prudent understanding was from eternity.
5. To whom has the wisdomís root been revealed? Who knows her subtleties?
6. There is but one, wise and truly awe-inspiring, seated upon his throne.
7. It is the Lord
, the immutable nuclear physics laws of the Spirit of God creator. He created her, mother nature, has seen her, and taken note of her.
8. He has poured her forth upon all his works
in the omnipresent time, space, existence continuum upon every living thing. According to his bounty he has lavished her upon all his friends.

Mother Nature: What is mother nature? It is the feminine aspect and the inseparable counterpart of male aspect. It is the Spirit of God creator source embedded, permeated in the omnipresent universal nuclear energy atoms. Without the divine father-son-mother nature God principles, which are continuously united through the sextuple principle, there would be nothing. For nothing can come into creation without the union, the impossible to avoid uniting, operating function of limitless love and sex.

Job 14:1 Man that is born of a mortal woman is short lived and full of trouble, but a woman or man who shall be reborn from the immaculate virgin conception substance of the psychophysical Christ lunar germ seed of immortality, shall inherit the kingdom of God that is within him and in the universe.
2. Like a flower
mortal man springs up and fades, swift as a shadow that does not abide very long.
3. Even so mortal man wastes away like a rotten thing, like a garment that the moth has consumed.
4. Can a man be born who is clean of defilement?
5. There is none, however short are his days.
Even if a child lived for only an infinitesimal moment, his mortal presence is still unclean and defiled. Why? Because the 1st original nuclear transgression, the 1st original sin is present upon birth and throughout the entire lifetime. Why? Because there is an atomic enmity present in every mortal woman and man. And since the very, very busy man has no time to know himself, nor the Spirit of God who is within him, nor how to remove the atomic enmity, he must then suffer the dire consequences in the world of sorrows and crying. Whose fault is it? And the foolish ritual of baptism does not and cannot remove the 1st original sin. The proof of that is that every mortal has to die and reincarnate again to undo the 1st original sin, 1st original nuclear transgression, the defilement, the impure atomic energy, the carbon 666 subatomic atoms he is composed of.
10. But when a man dies, all vigor leaves him
, which is the Spirit of God. When man expires, where then is he?
11. And as his
sexual procreative waters fail from his life and his mankindís ovum and sperm seeds, the sexual river of life becomes desolate and dries up, so man then lies down, does not rise up again from the 2nd death; till the heavens, the Spirit of God are no more in him.

No man can resurrect from the 2nd death, only resurrect from the 1st death, while he is alive, not dead. And there is no savoir to do that for you. You need to be your own savior from the 1st original sin, the mortal death. That is your prime purpose and reason why you are here on earth for. All other endeavors in your life are secondary, a trivia and of little importance.

Matthew 12:31. Therefore I say unto you mankind that every kind of sin and blasphemy shall be forgiven to man; but the sin of blasphemy against the Spirit when you lose your precious physical-spiritual body to death is never forgiven to man, neither in this mortal 3rd dimensional world or in the world that is to come of the 4th Dimension, the City of 4 Square, unless you will overcome the atomic enmity and conquer the 1st and 2nd death.

Blasphemy from Greek means: Indignity or abuse offered to God; or irreverence or disrespect toward anything regarded as sacred; such as when man desecrates, defiles and destroys the sacred temple of God where the Spirit of God resides, within his magnificent physical-spiritual body.

Furthermore, blasphemy means to become insensitive in consciousness, because of excessive abuse and evil use of the senses. Additionally blasphemy means to degrade, defile or allow the body to decay or move away from a state of good health and toward a state of decline, deterioration adulteration, depravation and death.

In other words, man blasphemes against the Spirit of God when he becomes so insensible in his consciousness, that he himself defiles and destroys his physical-spiritual body, the temple in which the Spirit of God resides. Indeed, this is the unforgivable 1st original sin. Blasphemy against the Spirit of God occurs when man exiles the Spirit of God from within himself through death.

Luke 20:38. And the Spirit of God is not the God of the dead, but of the living, for all must live to know him, worship him and love him. These words are also stating that when you die you are going to Sheol, the place of the dead, where there is no milk and honey manna available to you. And you need to have the milk and honey manna available in you while you are alive. Here is proof.

Apocalypse 2:7. He who has an ear, let him hear what the Spirit of God says: To him who overcomes the atomic enmity and the 1st death, I will permit him to eat from the tree of life. And each of you is a tree of life.
17. To him who conquers
the 1st death, I, the Spirit of God that is within man will give to eat the now unavailable hidden milk and honey manna from your body. Within every woman and man lies the latent, dormant milk and honey manna, the Holy Grail. Did you know that?

Apocalypse 20:6. Immortal and holy will he be who shall have part in the resurrection from the first death! Over these the second death shall have no power over you. Did you know that the 2nd death will have no power over you when you shall overcome the atomic enmity? Please know this! You are now living in the days of the resurrection of mankind from the living dead, the 1st death!

 Also, please know this forever more. No one but no one ever did, or can resurrect once you server your silver cord and are dead from the 2nd death.

Consequently, the obstacle to your divine perfection is death! Why?

Because when you are born, you are coming into this mortal world with the defilement, which is the 1st original nuclear transgression, which is the 1st original sin that is never forgiven to you unless you will overcome the atomic enmity between the antimatter immortal world and the matter mortal world. No man can die for you on a cross and remove your 1st original sin. Furthermore, no man can die in the cause of Allah or whomever and go to paradise. These are false belief systems, a fantasy you have been mind programmed. The following Book of Wisdom is not found in all Bibles, only the Catholic Bible.

Wisdom 2:23. For the Spirit of God formed man to be imperishable. In the image of his own nature, the Spirit of God made man perfect, immortal with a nuclear energy light body.

Why? Because the creator Spirit of God, the source of everything is pure, crystal clear nuclear energy and he created you after his image and likeness from atomic energy. The Spirit of God is not some kind of supernatural being as mankind has portrayed him, but the Spirit of God is a Spirit, spiritual, which is the spiralling, whirling, scintillating, pulsating to and fro nuclear energy in the nucleus of every omnipotent, omnipresent atom.

This brings a good question. How did the 1st original nuclear transgression or 1st original sin occur in you? Originally when you came into existence from light energy, you were created a perfect divine being with a perfect atomic structure, which was composed of 144 cubits or 144 atomic elements, which was your perfect original nuclear energy light body; immortal.

Then in due time the divine beings ventured into all kinds of experimentations. Consequently, the blasphemy against the Spirit of God occurred, which is the squandering, wasting, consuming the nuclear energy milk and honey manna every divine being was created with. 

The reference is in the scriptures, that the perfect beings ate the forbidden fruit from the vine, or the allegorical fruit from the tree of life. And each of you is the tree of life that bears the milk and honey manna, the fruit of the vine, the food of the Spirit of God in the Milky Way of life.

When the blasphemy against the Spirit of God occurred, which is the cessation of exchanging, changing and interchanging of the nuclear energy milk and honey manna between each of the divine beings, that is how the forbidden fruit of the vine was consumed, eaten away from each perfect divine being, which is the tree of life. Thus the blasphemy against the Spirit of God, the unforgivable 1st original nuclear transgression or the 1st original sin came to be.

Why is the 1st original sin unforgivable? Because that is what brought you down to the mortal world of death. And as long you do not overcome the atomic enmity and the 1st death, the 1st original sin shall remain unforgiving, thus you shall never reunite yourself to the divinity of the Spirit of God in any other method. In order to have the 1st original sin forgiven, you need to overcome the atomic enmity, the separation from the divine source.

Acts of Apostles 4:11. This is the precious stone, the psychophysical Christ lunar germ seed of immortality, that you, all mankind, the builders of your own temple of God, your physical body have been rejecting, which is the cornerstone, the rock of salvation for mankind.
12. Neither is there salvation in any other way. For there is no other method, under heaven given to man, by which he can be redeemed
from death, except through the Christ lunar germ seed of immortality. Thus there is no other way, by which mankind can enter into the kingdom of God, except through the fusion of the lunar germ seeds. The unchangeable universal law of God reads: Sooner or later, every mortal being needs to overcome the atomic enmity, through the use of the cornerstone, the Christ lunar germ seeds.

Neither is there salvation in any other method!

John 11:26. He whoever lives and believes in me, shall never die. The word me is in reference to the Christ germ seed that is fused in the man, the Christ.

All of creation is composed of invisible and visible nuclear energy light. The key to the universe, the release of micro atoms of light from oxygen is the source of all life. Micro atoms of light in greater unity are equal to atoms. If it isn't atoms, it does not exist. Each atom is the father-son-mother nature, the Spirit of God, the mystical trinity of God, which is composed of matter and antimatter, which are the dynamic protons-antiprotons, neutrons-antineutrons, electrons-antielectrons in the never ending progressive nuclear evolution.

So know this forevermore. There never was a time that you were not in existence, and there will never be a time that you will ever cease to exists. Why? Because you are created in the same image, likeness and love as the omnipotent, omnipresent Spirit of God creator, who is the composite invincible, indivisible, inseparable, crystal clear nuclear energy, the Christos, the Christ.

So! Were you born without defilement in this mortal world? No!

Why? Because you are still a mortal being subject to the defilement, the 1st original nuclear transgression, the 1st original sin, the 1st death and 2nd death. Therefore you will certainly die again if you don't overcome your atomic enmity.

The unfortunate consequence about dying now once again is, this solar system, planet earth and you in it are now traversing into the ultra high frequency of the 4th Dimension, the City of 4 Square, where no mortal being can sustain a mortal body. Thus if you choose to do nothing now, you will die and then your atomic soul, your astral body shall be removed from this solar system and placed into another part in the universe, where then you will need to await another time just like this one to overcome your 1st original sin. It could be another life or few million or billion years before that event comes about again. Thank you Spirit of God for this in advance sacred knowledge.

And I am that I am Limitless Love

If you know me, please don't be a Judas and betray me. Also if you value the planet earth, all mankind and you in it, surely you will not betray me. And when I am ready, I shall reveal myself to the universe through the medium of
Nuclear Evolution as the Christos, the coming of the Christ.

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