Unlearning Hurts!
Is There A God? >>> And Atoms!

 On a pinpoint there are millions of atoms.
So atoms you are! ~~ Forbidden Fruit!
What is it?

Crucifixion Or Cosmic Crucifixion
And crucifixion is not what you think

I am the carbon 666 atom, enlarged so you can see me better.

I am the carbon 666 mortal atom and I rule over death on earth!

What do the above words mean? I am the carbon 666 mortal atom and I rule over death on earth! Everything in the mortal 3rd dimension or 3D is composed of basis carbon 666 atoms. The carbon 666 atom is a composite of 6 protons, 6 neutrons, 6 electrons. Since the carbon 666 atoms and everything on earth is composed of gross matter, these kind of atoms are always subjected to constant deterioration, decomposition, decay, wasting away, disintegration, degeneration, entropy and subatomic death. Presently you mankind in the mortal 3rd dimension are composed of carbon 666 atoms, the gross matter of mass and limited nuclear energy. So trillions of atoms you are!

The subatomic death of the carbon 666 atom is known as transitional death or entropy. The entropy or transitional death of gross matter, is governed by the thermodynamic law of nuclear physics. Within the thermodynamic law, nothing can ever be lost, condemned or exist very long in that state of entropy or transitional death. Why? Because within the thermodynamic law nothing is ever wasted or put out of existence. The law of thermodynamics provides for the reconversion, recycling, conservation, reincarnation again, again, again until the mortal gross matter is refined, purified and then reunited to the original source, the creator Spirit of God, through nuclear evolution.

The 7 electron inertia energy levels are the 7 lamp stands that stand before the Lord!
An enmity I never heard of it. Unlearning Hurts! These are the mysterious 7 wonders of a perfect atom!

Before we get started with the reuniting to the original source Spirit of God creator, here is some new info and a brief refresher. Start in the above horizontal row from left to right:
Image #1 is of vacant 7 electron inertia energy levels, the orbits.
Image #2 is how the mass and energy of electrons and antielectrons moves throughout the atom commencing from the nucleus to the 1st electron inertia energy level. Follow the arrows and you will have a very good understanding of how the atom functions. Also notice how the mass and energy of electrons and antielectrons is constantly returning to the nuclear reactor, the nucleus of the atom.
Image #3 is how the nuclear energy substance and sustenance of electrons and antielectrons moves throughout the 7 electron inertia energy levels. Again follow any of the arrows and you will see and comprehend how any of the 7 electrons inertia energy levels are used to traverse the mass and energy to any part of the atom; from one level to another level, from one atom to another, etc.
Image #4 is of a carbon 666 atom, the atomic enmity, which was caused by the 1st original sin defilement, that needs to be removed before you can reunite to the original Spirit of God.
Image #5 is of deceleration to mortal gross matter or ascension to immortal existence.
Image #6 is of the perfect atomic structure of 7 atoms. It is here in this atomic structure when the 144 atomic element, the mystical 144 cubits are able to exchange, change and interchange with one another. If need be, please refer to the very beginning for a more detail explanation how the fall of the angels occurred. And the fallen conflicting angels are now mortal mankind.

How does the mortal gross matter and energy accomplish the reuniting to the original creator source, the Spirit of God? First comes the understanding of the key to the sacred knowledge of the mystery of life and death, through the receptive organism. Next the gross matter and energy needs to undergo the purification, the removal of all of the impurities, the dross from the gross matter and energy, of the carbon 666 atomic existence.

Proverbs Of Solomon 25:4. Remove the dross for silver, and it shall come forth perfectly purified. These words are stating that before the 2 enmity seeds can be joined together, the pure immortal antimatter milk, silver lunar germ seed, and mortal matter honey, gold soular seed, that contains the dross, the impurities of gross mortal matter, needs to be removed and purified through the XXenogenesis thermonuclear fusion.

When the removal of all of the impurities is accomplished, then at this point the atomic enmity is overcome. Next the uniting begins upon adding the 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th electron inertia energy levels in the atom into operation. Upon adding the 4 additional levels to complete the 7 levels, the 144 atomic elements, 144 cubits commence the action and reaction, the movement of the atomic substance throughout the 7 electron inertia energy levels. It is here after the enduring 10 days  cosmic crucifixion tribulation test, the 1st original sin defilement is overcome

Then as all of the universal 144 atomic elements, 144 cubits are moving throughout the 7 levels one by one, the atomic elements gain entrance to each of the adjoining nuclei through the 7 levels. The movement of the 144 atomic elements, brings on the transmission to each of the adjoining nuclei of the atoms for the process of exchanging, changing, interchanging the nuclear energy milk and honey manna. When that happens, now the atomic structure in your body is in the 4th dimension, immortal, never to die. All this happens at the speed of light.

When that transpires the atoms are reunited to the light energy of the creator Spirit of God, which is the good substance, sustenance of the Milky Way milk and honey manna, the plasma, the ambrosia food of the gods. That is the Holy Grail of the mystery of life and death. For the Father and I are the same essence as of the nuclear energy of the sun and all suns, the crystal clear nuclear light energy. No mortal man has ever unveiled me! That is the reason this knowledge is beyond mortal comprehension. Therefore how can you judge this with your mortal mind?

Cosmic Crucifixion

That is what is known as cosmic crucifixion. No one can be crucified on a wooden cross and die for all the unforgivable 1st original defiling sins of mankind, which still causes the carbon transitional 666 deaths in all humanity. Believing in the fantasy that a man died for all the 1st original sins is preposterous, contrary to nature and common reasoning!

That is why I used my body as a laboratory for the cosmic crucifixion through the XXenogenesis thermonuclear fusion process, to become the 1st Christ on earth. This is not a fantasia. All this cosmic crucifixion knowledge comes from hindsight of being a mortal and foresight of how to overcome the greatest enemy of humanity; death!  Although not completed yet! More to come! The reason why I did all this is, I love all mankind so much, that I desire to share with all of you how I did it. As the pathfinder Bible  states: What I have done, you will do the same; become one of the Christs. And if I as a mortal could do it, so can you!

Here is the difference. It took me from February 2, 1962 to come to this point of accomplishment. That is so far over 51+ years for me, and still counting. Now it will be much, much easier and a shorter time for you. Why? Because of the know how, how to become a Christ. This struggle of ceaseless torture, the reuniting back to the Spirit Of God started when the conflicting angels lost their divinity, and became mortal mankind; about four and a half billion years ago!

The planet earth is a living entity that pulsates with a heart beat. This scientific pulse is known as Hertz, for short Hz. Hertz is a unit of frequency of one cycle per second.

The normal Hz of planet earth is 7.8 Hz, and now it is rising. According to the Schuman resonance when the resonance increases to 13 Hz and maintains it, the high frequency on earth will be too much to bear for mankind, unless humanity is prepared to the same compatible high frequency to withstand it. Now the HZ is over 12 Hz and rising, The estimated time for the 13 Hz to rise and hold or maintain this 13 Hz is near.

But now something is happening on earth. Mankind and you in it are becoming more aware of the changes that are coming. According to the changes, the solar system, planet earth, all mankind and you in it are now moving into a much faster existence into the ultra high frequency of the 4th dimension. Notice how mankind on earth are now running out of time. Some are in a state of confusion, cannot think through to make sound decisions and everything is speeding up in their life. Consequently, no mortal being can survive and live in such an ultra high frequency of the 4th dimension. With the coming of the 4th dimension on earth, which is the biblical city of 4 square, new earth, new heaven, new Jerusalem, no one can prevent it, change it and exist in it.

You have eyes to see, but do you see and understand what is going on!? Look about you, the solar system climate warming, global weather elements, global roller coaster stock market, global recession, tsunami, earthquakes, etc., are now creating a chain reaction of tribulations. These are the days of tribulation on earth. And there is a lot more coming that you can't now envision.

Dictionary meaning of the word Tribulation is: Great affliction, pain, distress, suffering; Test one's endurance. Meaning, test everyone's endurance in your mortal existence. Do you know what is the hardest thing to open in the universe? A crystallized, fossilized, closed mind! Consequently, if you are going to hang on to your unconscious closed-minded, preconceived concepts, you will encounter your own self-held-back resistance in your tribulation endurance.

With what is now on the threshold of destiny, do you think mankind should be thinking about fighting and revolting against this truth? Or do you think the human race should do nothing? Or is it time for you to listen, not defend what you think you know, but should know?

144 cubits is my full measure.
 I Am The Mystery Of The Cube - The Cubit

Now I shall tell you what is and how the crucifixion of the Christ came about. There is a lot more to it, but as you read this sacred knowledge more will be revealed.

I Am The Very Much Misunderstood Crucifixion Of Man

Now in your mind fold the 6 equally divided squares, until this forms the .... mystical cube, the cubit, the metaphoric city of 4 square, the 4th dimension. And one cubit is one atomic element. But the pathfinder Bible in Luke 12:25 and Revelation or Apocalypse 21:17 states, in order to reunite yourself to the original source creator Spirit of God, you need all of the 144 atomic elements, the mystical 144 cubits in your measure. That is what each individual needs to do, assemble the 144 cubit and add to his measure, in order to become one of the Christs.

The above image is from Leonardo da Vinci's painting. A man standing with outstretched arms. The egg and the cross, divided into 6 equal squares in the cross were inserted by this writer. Now the enigma.

The man represents mankind composed of carbon 666 atoms, who consumes the sexual forbidden fruit of the vine, till death do him part. The egg represents the cosmic egg, the atom, which everything is created from the cosmic eggs, the atoms, including you. The cross with 6 equally divided squares represents the cosmic crucifixion or criss+cross+ing matter with antimatter. Or criss+cross+ing, uniting the mortal soul-ar seed with the psychophysical Christ lunar germ seed of immortality, the promised redeemer from death. This takes place in the mortal man who self-elects himself to become the Christ.

And the 2 other crosses in the word criss+cross+ing represents the equating your equilibrium, your understanding the ultimate truth in the unknown sacred knowledge. And before you can attain such understanding, the truth needs to be decoded first, so as to understand what is evil and what is good for you, through the within Spirit of God, which is: Let it be thy will Spirit of God not my will. The immaculate truth always needs to be criss+cross+ed or crucified between evil and good; through the receptive organism! Not ego!

This is from the pathfinder Bible, Genesis, the meaning of eating the forbidden fruit from the tree of knowledge of good and evil. The crucifixion of the Christ and the 2 thieves side by side on the 3 crosses are only a mystical concealment, an analogy for you to decipher and decode the meaning. For you have ears to hear but you do not hear the voice of God speaking to you: Let it be my free will and return to the original Spirit of God not your mortal will, which eventually leads you to death. You think you have a mortal free will to do whatever you please. It isn't so. You have eyes to see but you do not see, that the sacred knowledge of truth is always deliberated, differentiated between the 2 thieves of good and evil.

The 2 thieves on the crosses are the good and evil thieves that rob you of understanding what is good and what is evil. The word evil when spelled in reverse is live, meaning to live a mortal life the way you have been mind programmed fantasia, without a change, and then experience the ceaseless torture of mortal life, the travails and a bout with the transitional carbon 666 death. There is big money to be made in sickness and death.

Furthermore, the 2 thieves represent, that in order to understand what are the immutable laws of nuclear physics, mankind needs to search and find what is good and evil in the eyes of the Spirit of God; not the ego.

For example. What is the sexual forbidden fruit of the vine that humanity till this moment consumes the forbidden fruit till death do you part? To find the good and evil answer, the answer needs to be criss+cross+ed, crucified,  deliberated, differentiated between the 2 good and evil thieves that rob you of the understanding. But with mixed up fantasia mortal knowledge that is impossible to know. But with the Spirit of God everything is possible, even knowing how to prevent consuming the forbidden fruit of the vine from your tree of life, till death do you part. Your EGO or Edging God Out, you can't.

Now how can you as a mortal being know the answer, when you never heard of this kind of good and evil encounter? Please read on and you shall know more what is good and evil in the eyes of the beholder, the Spirit of God that is within you, the tree of life, which you are. This is only an abbreviated meaning of crucifixion of man and the 2 thieves on the 3 crosses. Know this that the pathfinder Bible and all other knowledge in the scriptures are a multiplicity of hidden, esoteric, concealed understanding. And some is beyond mortal comprehension. That is when the receptive organism comes in; after cosmic crucifixion. Not your false ego.

I have been presenting this sacred knowledge in such a way so that all the people of this earth will understand what the coming of the ultra high frequency, the coming of the crystal clear energy, the second coming of the Christ is all about. This is a difficult situation to have, for so many people to comprehend this sacred knowledge. The reason for being difficult is that in the minds of the people, there are various sorts of knowledge and no knowledge of many things that are now being expounded. Not only that but it is also beyond mortal comprehension. Now is the time to be like little children with a probing inquisitive mind. Unless you shall be like little children of the universe with an opened mind, you shall never enter the kingdom of God that is within you.

Furthermore, because magnificent mankind is in diverse stages of consciousness, unconsciousness and various stages of cosmic consciousness, that is the problem. Also mankind is constantly being bombarded and brainwashed with the falseness from all world religions and all those who lead mankind to the grave sooner than they should. Also humanity are infected with social consciousness, consequently reject what they don't understand, desire no change, effects there position where they are, etc. That is why the self importance, the pride, the ego, the unlearning shall hurt!

The acronym for ego is EGO, meaning Edging God Out.
You don't want to edge God out! Do you?

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If you know me, don't be a Judas and betray me. Also if you value the planet earth, all mankind and you in it, surely you will not betray me. And when I am ready, I shall reveal myself to the universe through the medium of nuclear evolution.

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