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Is There A God? >>> And Atoms!

  On a pinpoint there are millions of atoms.
So atoms you are! ~~ Forbidden Fruit!
What is it? 

Arguments And Quarrelling
>"$%?!/#!~$*&< mundane nonsensical egoistic etceteras

This message is from 3/12/10. I was wide awake after 4:00 AM. I laid in bed and went back into deep sleep. I had a dream vision that I was standing above, observing many, many people arguing and quarrelling about the presentation of the sacred knowledge that is now on the Internet.

Job 33:14. For God does speak though one perceive it not. In a dream, in the vision of the night, when deep sleep falls upon men. It is then when the creator opens the ears and eyes of men and gives a warning or reveals a message.

This message is for all those who refuse to accept what is written in this sacred knowledge presentation. It is written for all those who are judging this sacred knowledge presentation with their mortal mind.

The greatest book on earth, the Bible is written in many foreign languages, which is to be used as a pathfinder. But first you need to decipher, decode the enigmas, parables, allegories, metaphors, the hidden meanings, etc., to understand the pathfinder Bible. You will never do justice to the Bible attempting to comprehend it literally. It was never meant to be understood literally. Why? Because it was written in such a style, concealed, until humanity understood what awesome atomic energy power is in the atoms of which mankind and everything is created and structured from.

Physicists know everything is pervasive energy. Nuclear bombs are built based upon innovative techniques of energy transformation and release. Everyday-life is influenced at atomic cellular level. The results are greatly different, but the underlying mechanisms are the same: energy transformation or rearrangement of atoms and release of universal energy, the omnipotent atomic power from atoms. And you are composed from trillions of atoms.

The energy of love, peace, harmony, joy, balance is potentially more powerful than any nuclear bomb or weapon. We just have not yet learned how to harness this most basic pure crystal clear light energy, which lies dormant in the nucleus of every atom in your precious, magnificent physical-spiritual body. Yes this energy needs to be pure crystal clear light energy, before you can use it. Also you will need to add or fuse  the 144 cubits to your biochemistry before you can use this pure crystal clear light energy. Here it shall be revealed how!

Luke 12:25. But which of you by being anxious about it, can add a single cubit, an atomic element to your stature your physical-spiritual body? Therefore if you are not able to do even a very little thing like this, why are you so anxious or concerned about anything else, whatever you are doing? Whereas:
Revelation or Apocalypse 21:17. 144 cubits
, 144 atomic elements is man's perfect measure, for that is the same measure as of a divinity.

A cubit is a mystical, allegorical term used to express an atomic element in an atom. And you are created from trillions of atoms.

In plainer simple words adding the 144 cubits or 144 atomic elements to your physical-spiritual body means, knowing and understanding the function of your atomic spiritual-physical biological organism of your body. Thus implementing the mystical process that is now very much unknown, since you separated yourself from the divinity. That is why presently this is beyond your mortal comprehension.  You live in your physical-spiritual body 24 hours a day, day by day. Here you will know how well do you really know yourself?

None of the world religions has ever told you about this energy!
And it is in your pathfinder Bible that you need to add 144 cubits!
That should tell you how you should believe in your religion!
Also how good is your religion!? A false believe system!

The same atomic 144 elements or Biblical metaphoric 144 cubits, which the atoms are used in formulating the atomic and hydrogen bombs are also used to create your physical-spiritual body. The difference is that the atoms are arranged differently in you. But it is the same universal omnipotent power created after the same imagine and likeness as the creator source, the Spirit of God. Just imagine how powerful is this crystal clear pure light energy, that is in you! But you don't know how to use that powerful omnipotent energy in overcoming death! Now is time you will learn in this presentation.

Therefore, the best book of nuclear physics, the Bible was and is your pathfinder. There was no competition in the past several billion of years to become the 1st crystal clear light energy, namely the Christos or the Christ. The receptive organism was the prerequisite for anyone to become the 1st Christ, to be used as an example; for mankind. Anyone could have become the 1st Christ! Even you! Why not you! Every mortal human being has been created equal, from omnipotent, omnipresent atoms! As stated in the very ancient books of sacred knowledge the opening words are: >>>

As I find a decline of virtue in this world, I shall raise up
one individual to reinstate it.

What Is This Virtue? How Is Your Receptive Organism?
You have eyes to see, but do you see? You have ears to hear, but do you hear the Spirit of God through your receptive organism?

What have you done to your receptive organism? Is it that numb? Unresponsive? Un-receptive organism? Or Is it all mixed-up, brain washed, disoriented, self importance ego?

Therefore, for those who read every day or teach or never open the pathfinder Bible, the best book on nuclear physics, the pathfinder Bible relates and reveals everything you are searching for, or need to know, only it is in concealed analogies, enigmas, symbolism, myths, mystical stories, parables, etc. Here is one example with inserts that are not bold, for better comprehension.

Revelation-Apocalypse 13:18. Here is wisdom: He who has understanding of how the atoms function in the body of mankind, let him decipher the code number of the beast, the omnipotent power of nuclear energy, which behaves that way in your mortal body, viciously, haphazardly, uncontrolled like a wild beast when not harnessed and brought under control, through your receptive organism, for it is the same number as of man, and that number is 666. Take one drop of water it is harmless alone, but when many drops of water are united in a fury of a hurricane, it unleashes its power of destruction, like a beast. The omnipresent atoms are governed by the law of nuclear physics. The metaphor is >>>

The carbon 666 atom consists of 6 protons,  6 neutrons,  6 electrons

Here is another example. Let there be light! That is the first principal of reincarnation, which is governed by the unchangeable, immutable law of nuclear physics, the law of thermodynamics. It means that nothing is ever wasted by the creator. It is used again, again, etc. Recycled! Reincarnated! Your soul is infinite and is forever, but not your mortal body. That is why the mortals are exposed to ceaseless torture of the transitional carbon 666 death and reincarnation. It is because of the 1st original nuclear transgression, which is relevant to the 1st death, which is the 1st original sin. That is the reason the mortals always undergo mortal deaths and reincarnations. But in doesn't have to be that way, once you shall learn how to harness the energy from the omnipotent, omnipresent atoms in you.

The ancient pathfinder Bible informs everyone how to overcome the atomic enmity, which was caused by the 1st original sin defilement. That is the main reason you are here for on earth to overcome death while you are alive not dead and subsequently reunite yourself to what you originally lost, the gateway to the Spirit of God. There is no other prime reason why you are here for on earth.

Just in case you don't know what you lost, it is your heritage, your birthright, the 4th dimension and beyond paradise of empyrean. The 4th dimension is expressed in your Bible, Revelation or Apocalypse as the City of 4 Square. How did you loose the city of 4 square? You ate or consumed the forbidden fruit of the vine from your own tree of life, till death do you part. And each of you are the tree of life.

Presently you have been foolishly brain washed with the gibberish of inaccuracy, false belief systems. You are controlled in every which way imaginable! Now you, yourself is the obstacle, the hindrance to God. How? By your self importance, your mortal ego that is an illusion and does not even exist. The acronym for ego is EGO, meaning, Edging God Out -- out of your present mortal life. This has nothing to do with any world religions. The religions is what got you in this fallacious, quagmire mess!

The sacred knowledge that you are about to read is beyond your finite mind comprehension. Since it is beyond mortal comprehension how can you possibly judge the sacred knowledge negatively with your mortal finite mind? To judge correctly, you need to read and study the sacred knowledge entirely. That means no pick and poke method or preconceived mortal judgment. It took many years [51+ years] to arrange it in such a manner that you will now understand what this is all about and thus find out why you are here for in your mortal body. Now!

Revelation-Apocalypse 2:7. He who has an ear, let him hear what the Spirit of God says: To him who overcomes the atomic enmity the first death and 1st original sin, I will permit, enable, give him the means to eat from the tree of life. And each of you is a tree of life.
17. To him who conquers
the first death, I, the Spirit of God that is within mankind will give to eat the hidden milk and honey manna. Within every woman and man lies the latent, dormant milk and honey manna, the Holy Grail.

Holy Grail? Now if you, woman and man were to read the above words in your pathfinder Bible with your own thinking, and I mean your own open mind thinking, you could ask yourself this >>>

Where does the milk and honey manna come from in my body since I am the tree of life? How am I to eat, digest and assimilate this milk and honey manna? Is this the mystical immune hormone substance IHS from all sickness and death? Is this the unknown Holy Grail? What is the means to enable me to accomplish this?

You need to remove the atomic enmity and the 1st original sin!

As stated further on: When you shall take the fruit of the vine into your physical systems, a marvelous process takes place, by which that fruit is assimilated, digested and transmuted into the blood stream of your bodies. The process involves taking the fruit of the vine, the milk and honey manna into your physical-spiritual system. These words are stated clearly in the pathfinder Bible. Please read again!

> Think hard! Inquisitively! In this writings, you shall now know! <

And if you don't believe what you are about to read in this assembled presentation, which comes from all over the pathfinder Bible, then you should throw out your pathfinder Bible? Why? Because if you read the pathfinder Bible only literally, it makes a lot of nonsense, is a lot of hooey and a waste of your time.

Here are some examples from the pathfinder Bible that you do not know what these literal words mean? To find the meaning of these words, it is revealed as you read-on in this presentation. Now the literal examples from the pathfinder Bible >

Luke 13:15. Oh you hypocrites! Does not each one of you on the Sabbath loose your ox or ass from your manger and lead it forth to water?

1 Corinthians 9:9. For it is written in the law: Thou shall not muzzle the ox that treads out the grain. Is it for the oxen that God has care? Or does God say this simply for our sake? These things were written for us, for our care.

Luke 14:5. Which of you shall have an ass or an ox fall into a pit on the Sabbath and will you not draw it up? And they could not give an answer.

Exodus 31:15. And the Spirit of God said: anyone who does vile work on the Sabbath day shall surely be put to death.

Matthew 12:11. What man is there among you who, if he has a sheep and it falls into a pit on the Sabbath, will you not take hold of it and lift it up?

Matthew 5:13. You are the salts of the earth, but if the salt loses the strength in thee, what are you going to use to preserve yourself? It is then no longer of any use to man, but to be thrown out and trodden under foot by another man.

Now ask yourself, why would you take your time and read the pathfinder Bible of the above literal words? Will those literal words shed more light on your consciousness?

Originally the word immortal is now changed to blessed. Why?

Apocalypse 20:6. Immortal and holy will he be who shall have part in the resurrection from the first death! Over these the second death shall have no power over you.

Did you know that the second death will have no power over you when you shall overcome the atomic enmity? Yes the 2nd death will have no power over you when you shall overcome the atomic enmity, the 1st death, the 1st original sin and become one of the pure crystal clear nuclear light energy, the Christs? That is the Sanskrit meaning of the Christos, the Christ.

Missing Key To The Sacred Knowledge

Luke 11:52. Woe unto you conventionalist. For you took away the key to the sacred knowledge, you have not entered yourself into the kingdom of God that is within you, the reunion with your divinity, while you are alive, and those who were entering, you have hindered. Oh! How cruel, to take away the key to the sacred knowledge. To think of it, all these years you didn't know! Consequently you have been mind programmed with all kinds of fantasies, so you could support such nonsense in whomever!!!

Do you now have the key to the sacred knowledge and know how to enter the kingdom of God that is within you? Positively, Emphatically No! No! Here are some of Nostradamus' quatrains with inserts that are not bold, the interpretations for ease of understanding.

Please, do not throw out your pathfinder Bible! Treasure it now! Why? It will make more sense to you now, since you will now have the key to the sacred knowledge!

C 1 Q 80

From the sixth bright celestial splendor,
Shall come very great lightening to Burgundy,
After which shall be born a monster of a most hideous beast,
In March, April, May and June shall begin great quarreling and muttering.

So that you shall see the light of the universe when it lightens up the sky, you will need a light and a key to find the entrance to this quatrain.

Burgundy: In the beginning of the 5th century, Burgundy was composed of several historic kingdoms, countries, duchies situated in Old France. At one time Poland was under the ruler-ship of old Burgundy, the Old France. My parents were of Polish ancestry. I am Polish American.

And being Polish American and since the word Polish is spelled the same way as polish, I have been using all the expressive Polish I can, to polish and illuminate the words into English, to such a magnitude that you will understand me. Now I will let Nostradamus turn the light on.


From the sixth bright celestial splendor, the sixth planet from the Sun, Saturn, which influences the astrological sign of Capricorn, which the 1st Christ was born under, which is the tribe Judah,
Shall come very great lightning to Burgundy. This illumination shall come to a descendent from Burgundy, which you shall read within these pages, how it will happen.
After which shall be born a monster of a most hideous beast. The monster antichrist shall be born in the minds of the opposing, rebellious segment of people that shall be like a hideous beast, fighting to preserve the corruptive controlling power of the world, and the status quo. The Antichrist is, everyone who is anti or against the Christ.
With the coming of the Christ, all erroneous, deceptive teachings shall vanquish from the face of the earth. Since the monster, the hideous beast, the antichrist shall know that his days are numbered for his extinction, the antichrists shall fight the barbarous Armageddon World War III with all the might of ferociousness and anger. Consequently:
In March, April, May and June shall begin great quarreling and muttering, amongst the people and the antichrists, who are not agreeable with the XXenogenesis unveiled, who shall fight like a hideous monster, who hate God and love the carbon 666 subatomic death and reincarnation.

C 3 Q 100

He that was least honored among the French,
Shall be the conqueror of man who was his enemy,
Strength and terror shall in a moment be tried,
When the envious shall be struck with an arrow.

He who became the 1st Christ, that was least honored and known among the French, the man from Burgundy, the Old France,
Shall be the conqueror of death in mortal man, who was his, mankind's greatest mortal enemy. As a result when XXenogenesis spontaneous regeneration and transfiguration shall happen in the mortal man, the world shall know. Therefore when the XXenogenesis shall be unveiled >>>
Strength and terror shall in a moment be tried in the hearts and minds of mankind, the strength and terror of, who will be able to endure the truth the Christ will reveal?
Thus When the people shall learn what the man did to become the 1st Christ, some shall be very rebellious, while others very glad, and still others envious. Whichever will be the case, sooner or later humanity shall be struck with an arrow, the arrows of Cupid, who is the son of the goddess of love Venus. Being struck with the arrows of Cupid are indicative of love, peace, harmony, balance, understanding, super consciousness, etc.

You must have the seed of love to bridge super consciousness

These words are implying, the psychophysical Christ lunar germ seed of love and immortality that is now permeated, saturated, impregnated with the consciousness of the Spirit of God is now available for transmission to other potential Christs. That means that you will need to be imbued, inoculated first with the Christ germ seed, before you can pass it on to other potential Christs. This is the mystical process of becoming one of the Christs. It will not work in any other way. The process of XXenogenesis has been tested and proven beyond the shadow of doubt.

Imbue or Inoculate: The introduction of an antigenic substance, the RNA DNA into the body to produce immunity from sickness and death. A hormonal substance derived from the originator's biological chemistry, to produce an antibody, the antigen for immunity from all disease, aging and death, thus, immortality through XXenogenesis. Antigen is a substance that when introduced into the mortal body stimulates a production of an antibody. The antigens also include foreign bacterium and blood cells. That is how the genetic Immune Hormone Substance IHS functions! That is how the immortal genes are transmitted from one being to another and another, etc.

Please lock these next few words into your computer mind. The RNA DNA substance from the original 1st Christ is not only different from all other mortal beings substance, but the substance from the original 1st Christ went through cosmic crucifixion, the removing of vile impurities, the atomic enmity, the 1st original sin, the defilement and is now saturated, permeated, impregnated with the Spirit of God invincible, immortal essence. It is now the Immune Hormone  Substance, the IHS from all sickness and mortal death. When the IHS substance is then transmitted to all other self-elect Christs, it has the same distinctive elements as from the original 1st Christ. If you think there is another way to become one of the Christs, then continue living your mortal life unto death. That is the fantasia that you have been mind programmed.

Please read on and you shall know more!

John 16:25. These concealed things concerning the mystical, ancient sacred knowledge, the uncorrupted truth I have spoken to you 2000 years ago in parables, metaphors, analogies, enigmas, riddles, cryptograms, symbolism, fables, allegories, myths, etc; but the time will come again and is here now at this coming of the Christ when I will speak to you in parables no longer; but will reveal the genuine, authentic, uncorrupted sacred knowledge. Therefore I will speak to you very plainly about everything concerning the father-son-mother nature, the creator Spirit of God and the Holy Grail.

Manís immortality is held in his loins and in his womb.

When you shall take the fruit of the vine into your physical systems, a marvelous process takes place, by which that fruit is assimilated, digested and transmuted into the blood stream of your bodies.

4 Thousand years ago. Mithra: He who will not eat of my body and drink of my blood, so that he will be made one with me and I with him, the same shall not know salvation, the redemption from the 1st original sin; death.
2 Thousand years ago. Gospel of Philip 105:4. He who shall not eat my flesh and drink my blood shall have no immortal life in him.
2 Thousand years ago. John 6:54. Unless you eat my flesh and drink my blood, you shall never enter the kingdom of God that is within you, while alive.

Please be patient and read everything, until you will be
struck with the cupid arrow! Equilibrium Ω Balance!

It will take a lot of courage and unconditional limitless love to accomplish what is awaiting you! You are invited to something so extra special and inconceivable, that now you can't imagine! This knowledge is Resplendent! Majestic! Ancient! Mystical! Unknown to the mortal man!

You were born not to die, but to overcome mortal death by harnessing your full atomic capabilities,
while you are still alive and full of life.

If you know me, don't be a Judas and betray me. Also if you value the planet earth, all mankind and you in it, surely you will not betray me. And when I am ready, I shall reveal myself to the universe through the medium of nuclear evolution.

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